Solo touring - melesat ke garut dari jakarta naik vespa sprint

Solo touring - melesat ke garut dari jakarta naik vespa sprint

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[Applause] asalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh see you again on the traenture id channel okay friends, how are you? I hope everyone is well and healthy. Okay, friends, so today I plan to go on tour again, friends, today at . Yes, at 01 o'clock I want to leave for West Java, to be precise, I want to go to Bandung, friends. Continue to Garut, friends. For the atmosphere this morning, it's cloudy here, friends, let's just say Bismillah. Hopefully

this trip will be smooth and safe. there are obstacles on the road , friends, and I hope the walk will be fun and enjoyable. Oh I, I'm also alone with my wife in the back. Coincidentally, today I'm asking for leave. Yes,

for a week, maybe I'll spend a week there, for going around the city of Garut, I don't know how many days it will be there. Let's see if we have fun. How many days , but if the rainy season continues, how about two or 3 days at most? Here I am leaving from the pejatan area as usual, only this I'm already in the Kalibata area, gangpotlot. Soon I'll be entering Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu . in a moment, okay? Anyway, keep following friends for this trip, I hope you will be entertained by the touring Vlog video. This time we will be going on a

virtual tour for friends who maybe haven't had the chance to tour or maybe don't have the time. Just watch this for fun. Who knows, friends? -friends, Kangan, touring, yes. Even though there may be many other channels that are touring, we are just having fun heading to the city of Garut, friends. OK, let's continue, friends, now we are in front of the Kalibata Heroes' Cemetery. Later, the

route we will take will be the route we will take. We will go via Kalimalang towards Bekasi, friends. From Bekasi, we will go towards Karawang, then Purwakarta. Well, from Purwakarta we will just go towards Bandung, friends, so why am I taking this route because I have never taken the Purwakarta route? Those who went to Bandung , previously via Wanayasa and via Puncak, my friends via Wan and Puncak, well, this time we are going straight from Purwakarta to Bandung. Normally from there we usually go home, but

I haven't been there before. OK, I hope there won't be any traffic jams going there. Yes, coincidentally, today's weather is cloudy, so it's not hot, in fact it was drizzling earlier in the morning, that's why we were delayed in leaving, basically that's it, friends, this time we will be touring via the Purwakarta Bandung route to Garut. I hope the trip will be fun. Okay friends, so that's more or less The atmosphere in the morning in the city of Jakarta is like this, right? Now it's around 3 o'clock. It's on Jalan Raya Budiasih. If I'm not mistaken, this is heading towards Cawang, friends , from which direction is Cililitan? So if it's like this in the morning, many people go to work Yes, go to the office at this time, usually starting from that time, it's busy like this, coincidentally, it's Rebo day, friends, yes, Rebo day is quite busy, only in the afternoon, on the other side of the traffic jam, it's in the opposite direction, but this is the other direction. What's busy about this is that most of them are leaving, yes, in the afternoon when they come home from work, it's the opposite direction, so it's busy. Well, here we turn right, friends, in the direction of Kalimalang.

Well, after this turn, there will definitely be a red light, we'll see W. Yes, we'll get hit. red light, friends, from here we just have to head straight towards Bekasi.

So now we have entered Jalan Raya Kalimalang Bekasi, Jakarta Bekasi. Here, the road is big, but sometimes it tends to get jammed, but do you know if there's traffic jam this morning or not? The thing is, it's on the right side. Above here, the flyover is already a toll road, friends. If I'm not mistaken, this is called a wooden rickshaw toll road or something like that, I don't understand, thank God, it's a bit empty here , oh, for the equipment I brought, I think anything, friends, can do it? I'll see later, I'll include the video, I'm carrying it, there's a bag in the back, friends, with the front bag, what's the name of the bag? Yes, I'm e. Make it look like a small flick, so it's safe, this is a brand from a local product, friends, it's good, okay? From Super Soda, friends, you can just buy Suersoda directly in Bandung Tokopedia on TikTok or on Shopee, yes, I'll add a cool link, basically this is because it's nice to keep it simple, it already has luggage, but it's more like extra luggage, so in the trunk I bring clothes, but in front of me it's like equipment. Bring a charger,

there's a cellphone case, like that. Yes, charger, yes, camera and camera battery, electronic equipment, there is also a cellphone for friends, maybe if you want to go on a long trip, you will definitely need something called a cellphone holder. Well, here I have installed a cellphone holder from Motorolf, friends, you can buy it on Tokopedia later.

I'll include the link, this is really cool, it's strong, it can rotate 360, friends, it's good for navigation because it can fit cellphones up to 6 inches, yes, up to 6 inches, so it's easy for friends to navigate or see Maps, right? Look, it's better, friends, I installed another holder from the motorbike, also on the front right, this is the rearview mirror, I installed it from the Wolverine motorbike, it's for the GoPro, but I never use it sometimes, but this is very useful if, for example, I'm alone and want to look at the OK, then I'll try Ca in the future. Well, friends, you can see that the traffic towards Jakarta is quite congested because they are going to work, actually they should take the right lane, but I don't know why entering via this route might be diverted, OK, let's continue again in Bekasi City, friends, it's more or less to the Malang River like this, yes, the traffic is quite busy because of Jakarta and quite smooth towards Bekasi, now we have arrived in Bekasi, friends, yes, this is at the Stadium intersection. Go left to right. In which direction What kind of mall is that, MN? Well, let's go straight in the direction of Tambun towards Karawang, friends, it turns out that Bekasi is quite busy, right? In the morning, it's already 800 o'clock, right? 1 hour from Jakarta to Bekasi, petrol has also decreased by one friends, we are heading towards the terminal, friends, in Bekasi City, we will just stop by for a drink first, friends, OK, friends, I'm going to rest first, I'm going to buy yellow rice, breakfast first. Breakfast first so that's

okay. I'm so sleepy, it's like there's no coffee, OK? So let's rest first OK, guys, let's have breakfast first with yellow rice for a while. Yes, how about it, Enang? Well, let's have breakfast first. After that, we'll continue with that. Let's rest so we don't get sleepy. OK, friends, so have you had breakfast? Yes, it's good to have a 15 minute break and 15 to 20 minute breakfast, but now it's 23 o'clock, where are you going to get to, please check which part, I don't understand whether this is in the direction of Tambun or Cikarang, yes, it was written earlier that for breakfast, yellow rice for two is Rp. 000, this is quite cheap for you. It's just that I'm having trouble with my stomach because Dar. It's difficult to find a food stall. Yes, the important thing is that we've eaten, then we'll look for a big meal somewhere else . We're now heading towards Tambun. Now where do we go to Purwakarta? Of course it's unique to Bekasi itself. There's a traffic route. This is quite smooth,

friends, because it's already 0.30, maybe people have already gone to work, so it's already less, compared to this morning in Jakarta, it's quite busy, so what is this we're going to, Goodbye to Bekasi City, which means we're going to Tambun this time, okay? Well, now we are entering Tambun, just head towards Cikarang, friends. Well, now we have arrived in Cikarang, friends, let's turn right here, then usually there will be traffic jams ahead at the market, but I hope not, actually if there is a traffic jam, it's okay. what, but sometimes I like to check, I'm so lazy. Well, from now on we are heading towards Kerawang, Karawang or Kerawang,

so after breakfast I'm actually sleepy, friends, if I'm not sleepy , my wife is sleepy. Later we'll stop by again at Alfa, right? That's not the case. I was going to go to Alfa, I wanted to have breakfast, right? Well, let's go to this first, Alfa to Mar. I think it's available, let's just stop by first, buy coffee.

OK, guys, let's have a coffee first. I'll buy a cold Kapal Api coffee, so it'll be fresh. If My wife is late, let's have a coffee first, after that, let's continue, friends, because it's a pity, my wife was really sleepy, okay, let's continue, friends, we've had coffee. that's it again Eh, it's getting cold, here's the toilet over there, OK, let's continue again Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, while I didn't wear gloves first because I wanted to look for a petrol station because it was getting cold. OK, friends, we've arrived in Karawang. OK, we're going through the ring route as usual. don't go through the city so it's faster. Well, here we P go left, friends, go to the ring route, then this will cut the road. Is this really the route or not? I'm afraid it's the wrong way, friends,

it should be right, okay, let's just gas it, so here we are. At the end of this road, yes, we turn left, friends, at the end of the ring road, we turn left towards Cikampek, friends, if we go right to Karawang City, yes, we go left to Cikampek, so there are lots of passages to Purwakarta, friends. You can take any route, it's free, but if I have a favorite route, which I think is the fastest, Min, later there we will turn right, friends, crossing the road, let's stop by, friends, go to the toilet first, OK, petrol. Wait a minute, let's stop by the toilet first. OK, friends, let's continue , after going to the toilet, let's continue again, okay? Well, now we have arrived in front of the C Kampek mall, friends, but it looks like it's about to get old, the chat is really long, yes, it seems like it used to be good, it's already closed, so it's quiet there and it's quiet. Also,

friends arrived at G contact, well, I want to try this route, but I can't go through under it, right? I'm going to be confused, put it upside down, let's try going under it, can it or not, turn right? It should be possible, friends. OK, I hope it can be done. Friends, if we can't, we'll turn around again, but the route is a bit muddy, oh wow, we can't, TII friends, in the opposite direction, okay, let's just follow it, okay ? Well, let's go this way, actually, friends, you can't go this way . So, let's go this way, but people have already passed that way. Yes,

let's just follow L, that's okay. We are now heading towards Purakartan, friends. Yes, if you keep going straight, you can also go there via the top, yes, this is just us turning right. Just going through here is the same, in fact, at the end there will be a meeting point there, approximately 5 kilometers from here . Well, this is to Purwakarta, more or less, 15 to 30 minutes at most . Yes, it's not far from us. Before Purakarta City. It's actually drizzling, guys. That's it. It's starting to drip, it looks like it's getting cloudy like this. When we're older, we

'll put this on, then we'll put on the rain jacket , how do we want to use it first , OK guys, let's stop wearing the raincoat, because it's raining , and as usual, we just put on the raincoat. It immediately stopped raining, friends, I thought it was going to get bigger, but then it became clear, but it stopped again, it stopped completely, you know, there are no more streaks, so you don't need to use it, okay ? But if I take it off, it will definitely rain again, usually that 's the problem. it's hot if it's not raining. Wear this, coat , yes, this if you go left to Subang, friends, yes, if you go right, it's to the toll road, so straight, we'll go straight towards Purwakarta. In a moment, we'll arrive at the flyover underpass, and I'll show you guys. friends, you want to go to Lembang faster, which way, friends, you can go through

this, Wan Yasa, so Wan Yasa, turn left, if it's here, it'll be the front, but we'll go up via the flyover. For those who want to go to Wanasa, friends, you can turn left before there is a gate, the front gate, what is the Indung gate, Karah haayuan, friends, turn left if you want to go to Wanasa, you want to go to Lembang, yes, it's closer, but our goal is to go to Bandung, because Bandung is the city, then if we continue, we will go to Garut. Well Let's go straight. Well, that's it, friends. Left to Wanayasa, we go straight. Enter this gate , this is towards the city of Arana friends, you can go to this, friends, yes, to Lembang or you want to go to Subang. Well, by the time we get here, it's no longer raining. Noah is wet. that's all

Just for a moment, it turns out it was raining when we went there. Just went to the alun-alun, to Purwakarta alun-alun, we turned right to Bandung. We're still straight, so we just follow the road signs. If you go left, friends, there are lots of people who can go to the alun-alun. The question is here: That's the square, you can see the gate here, we turn right, friends , if we go left to Wanayasa, we go right towards Bandung. So from here we just go straight, friends. No more turns, just follow This road will definitely go to Jalan Bandung, you will definitely reach Bandung, OK ? Well, here, friends, there is a T-junction. If you want to go to the Jati Lihur reservoir,

turn right, because we are going to Bandung, so go straight, friends, don't turn right, you'll end up going to the reservoir, okay? We just have to go straight at this junction. Okay, we'll continue again later, friends, if you go via the Purwakarta route, it's nice, right? Yes, the route continues to be a bit wide, which is nice, so there are trucks when we first get here, but it's not quiet, right? Min, there are certain hours or what, right now it's quiet, friends, so you can speed up if you go this way, but be careful because there are lots of corners, friends , now take the downhill route, friends, okay? but so far it's still empty , the route isn't very RAM, friends , it's about 1 hour, what's this ? Yes, we have just entered this area, friends. If I'm not mistaken, going to Cikalong, friends, Cikalong is also quite busy. Eh, the area on the right is V. Yes, it's a bit bumpy. The road here is on

Ameles, well, this is above the toll road, OK? Well, we arrived at a place where there are lots of fininis trees, friends, and there are lots of stalls there too . It seems like it would be cool to rest, let's just continue , uhuh, it looks really fresh. Rest there, but it's not time to rest yet, friends, we'll rest later if In just a moment, we should rest and now we've arrived at Cikalong, friends, if I'm not mistaken, we're here, turn left, if I'm not mistaken, let's look, the direction is Mandalasari, West Bandung, at the ban. Well , let's go left, this is Da Kalalong, yes, this is I don't know if it's Bandung yet or not [Music] but it's quite busy. OK, it's uphill again here, friends.

OK, guys, let's stop for a rest, now what time is it, it's 12 o'clock, it's already 138 km, so after this, we'll just fill up with petrol, coincidentally Opposite this is a gas station, so let's just sit down, here we will fill up with petrol. It 's really dirty. The original motorbike is 60. Yes , so I've filled R0,000, friends. Yes, the tank is full here, OK, let's continue again, so the total petrol filling is already 70. + 60, how much is R130,000, until we reach Garut, it's still very dark, okay, bismillah, let's continue, friends. Now it's 1223. We continue from the area. What was the name of this, I

forgot Cikalong, yes, Cikalong area, but it's already close to Bandung, if you don't see Bandung, don't look at it. There's only half an hour left . Actually, if there's only one left, usually there's still enough, friends, there's still enough to reach Bandung, but I think. Eh, when we stop there's petrol, so we'll fill it up first, IDR 0,000. A full means that's what it's called. There are still 2 Lit Seteng in one bar

. Now it's 1242 , friends, we've arrived at Pandalarang. Soon we'll be in Bandung, so I went to Gar, it's been a long time , yes, how many years ago, if I'm not mistaken, 3 Last year I went to Garut, yes, when I went to Bandung, I went back and forth a lot, but in Garut, it's been a long time, the last time I took a motorbike, guys, it was a Xmax motorbike , yes, it's already 07 o'clock, friends, E is there. Cimahi area, yes, just past Cimahi square, my friends, keep going straight heading towards Bandung city, yes, if the traffic here is quite congested, there are really meetings with friends. Yes, I understand that if Bandung is always like this , I definitely want it. In the morning, afternoon and evening, it seems like there are always meetings. Yes, if I'm here,

the road is quite wide, if I look at it, but it's very busy. here, the sky is getting darker, friends, it's like it's going to rain heavily, it's really scary, aren't we? We're passing this flyover, friends, it's really busy below, it 's crazy, traffic jams are really bad here, yes, in Bandung, it's really busy, it seems like it's everywhere. It's already dark, friends, if you look from here, get ready for more rain, friends, huh, because it's already time. see 15 still 1 hour Halfway If I'm not mistaken, if I'm not mistaken, if I'm from here, where are you going from Garut, Garut, 3 o'clock or another hour. Yes, it's

over because it's raining. Let's take it slow. No, it's raining slowly, raining even slower, friends. OK, friends. my friend is wearing a sarong, uh, a rain case cover because the rain suddenly got really big, huh, and as usual, we just put on the raincoat, it immediately became clear, su su anj Oh, I was really lazy, it was really big, now it's immediately clear, it's strange , it's really still an hour, 55, 56 minutes. Yes, it's immediately clear when we use it , huh, it's really very bright, friends, huh, let's continue, friends, it suddenly rains, isn't it really big? Then I wear a sarong. Uh, I put on a sarong, put on a

rain cover, just after using it, it immediately becomes bright like this, right? Ouch, that's strange. it's really really strange that the rain is doing something to us, let's just use it L, who knows, it's going to rain, this is a white motorbike, friends, so it 's really dirty, we want to eat first, we want to eat first, friends, we're hungry, E, this is still in the Bandung area, OK, friends Let's just stop by to eat. Now it's time for me to order fried chicken and sotoend. Same with fried food. Yes, this is on the side of the road. The price is relatively standard. So, let's eat first. After that, let's continue,

friends. Let's eat first, nasi keprk and sotou, eat soto. great, friends, enjoy your meal. [Music] okay, friends, I've finished eating, it's not bad, 1 hour of rest here for the meal cost Rp. 80,000, it's a bit expensive, friends, the price is just enough, it seems really cheap, but how come it turns out to be expensive? also two pieces of fried chicken with soto, that's right, that's how it is, OK, let's continue, bismillah, it's not raining anymore, friends, I've taken it off, for this I've taken off the raincoat, I hope it won't rain again, but I haven't taken off the trousers yet, okay? There was an hour and a half earlier, I ate at .30, this

took 0.30 too long, it took a really long time to cook, I waited almost half an hour before, B, that's all and it's not busy , never mind , it's getting late, friends, .30, at least it's sunset, so that's going to be crazy. What used to be 6 hours turned out to be 12 hours Anjay, it's okay. What's important is that we just have fun with my wife, right? In the back, just take it slow, uh, meeting here , okay? What's the name of this area? This one just left Bandung, yes, it's busy. really

OK, so this is it, friends, have you ever felt like this or not, when you want to rest for a while, ah, a little later, is that right? Sometimes there are things like that, friends, actually, rest really really affects our bodies after we really get fit. At least half an hour, friends, take a break if you're on a long journey. Don't just take it for a while and immediately unplug again and then what do you mean by that? In fact, the levels are different, yes, human physiques are different, some are strong, some are not, but even if they are strong Yes, you should stick to this, friends, yes, you still need to rest, don't force it too much. Usually, if you have to push it until you want to reach your goal, your body will be sore , if I apply a concept like that, it's because tomorrow I can walk again, so I can continue touring. again, if there is still time , to be honest, the process is a bit confusing, friends, yes, it's a bit different, isn't this from catinagur, friends? Turns out, I hope it's true, I'm going there, okay, guys, so what's it called, we're wrong, guys, yeah, we're going to the wrong target, I'm turning back again, I don't know if it's far or not, but it's already starting to rise, friends, after earlier Is it true that Jatinagor is supposed to be on the right, not to the left, that's okay, huh, but it's fun, E Jur, it's fun here, so whenever we come here, where did you say it was, Sumedang, yes, Sumedang, if this is towards Sumedang, well, we Now I'm on the normal route, guys, we 're heading towards Garut, it turns out we made a mistake earlier, right? Putting the W upside down was like a really PD, it turned left, but after turning right, I got lost, if I remember something, I passed it. Wow, like It's foreign, that's right.

Wow, it turns out I've never been through here because the road isn't. As far as I know, it's not that narrow to Garutak. It was narrow. It turns out it's in which direction to Cirebon, which makes you know what it is. To Sumedang.

OK, friends, so now it's there. on the Nagrig route, yes, this is a place for souvenirs, friends, yes, I remember forgetting to remember the way here, I don't really understand the way here, so that's why I just opened Google Map, it's strange where I'm going, I'm afraid I'm wrong. Because in Sinius, there's still 48 minutes left, right now? ah, what time is it , friends? Wow, this is the derivative, this time I remember the derivative at 4.12, yes, friends, it should be 5 o'clock, but I missed it a little, yes, what time was the target? Yes, it turns out it's more than an hour. It's now 4 o'clock. In fact, I really remember what time it was here at night . It's been an hour since I got here, basically I've been here and I'm confused about where to go. Well, here in front, there's a T-junction, we'll turn right, if it's straight, we'll see the BTI, if not, it's going to Cirebon, friends. Uh, the incline is quite good. here, yes, E is the derivative. Well, here, don't

take the left, let's take the one to the right and go straight, it's really nice here, how come it's a bit cold here, friends, what's the plateau here? Well, is it high or not? The problem is, I'm going down, Wow, friends -Friends, I hope you can still pass, wait a minute, guys, so there's this truck, it's really scary. It's really scary, it's scary when you get off, it 's really, really true . Let's give you the road first, friends, because the traffic jam is not bad. Yes, the risks are really big for drivers like that. The one that pulls isn't strong enough. This truck, we just arrived at the entrance gate to Garut Regency, friends. Yes, it's just the border, so we haven't reached the city until the city, it's about an hour, because we're slow, not speeding, at least 1 hour and a half to arrive. 1 hour , .30 [Music] In less than half an hour we arrive and I haven't found accommodation yet, we'll just look for it there, we'll just register here, the route is really good, friends, it's close to Garut, but in It looks nice here, I think it's also thick, but there's something being dredged next to it. I don't know. I think Ma's flattened the

mountain. That's human greed. Yes, even the mountain wants to be flattened . It's already pockmarked. The mountain has been dredged up. OK, friends. Finally we've arrived at Dodol Kota. Garet, yes, the city of dodol is famous, friends. Yes, there is a roundabout here, we turn right, friends, there are also lots of people selling dodol here, souvenirs, yes, here we turn right, friends. Welcome to the city of Dedol,

Garut. Well, if you are in We've reached Garut city, OK? We just have to look for accommodation near here, friends, because it's already close to the central city . Yes, I also used to stay in this area, so it's not too far if you want to buy food or something, okay ? There's another roundabout there, we want to go left, take the left, look for what you want there, Garut, Garut , Garut, how many hours do we get to the top? If we go up the mountain, 1 hour. Half an hour. Half an hour back and forth [Music] Heeh, we're going to the friends' room- The friend you brought in has already registered at here, well, there's a swimming pool and then it goes straight to the mountain [Music] well Thank God we're here [Music] our friends and friends [Music] foreign

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