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Hey you don't believe what just happened. The police just drove by here and said: "Yeah, okay, I'll write you a ticket now." Hi! We are Tina & Dirk from “Let's get otter here” and since May 2019 we are traveling the world with our campervan. We are currently traveling on the Iberian Peninsula and absolutely fascinated by both the breathtaking coast and inland destinations. We've been touring Portugal for a good 6 weeks now. Among other things, we looked at the lovely port city of Porto and the picturesque palaces of Sintra, spent many nights on lonely, secluded beaches, looked out at the sea from steep cliffs and experienced magical sunsets on the Atlantic coast.

In the last week we took you to the Alentejo, the region south of Lisbon, where we visited beautiful dream beaches as well as spectacular stretches of coast. In today's video we make our way towards the Algarve, enjoy the sound of the waves, go for a walk along the coast - but are also stopped by prohibition signs and unfortunately have trouble with the police. Here we go! Good morning from Comporta, a small town on the west coast of southern Portugal in the Alentejo region. This place, the pitch on which we are standing and above all the surrounding beaches, we have already presented them to you in our last video. And we stick to it: we are absolutely fascinated, for us it is by far the most beautiful region in Portugal that we have been able to visit so far. It's really worth seeing.

And yes, we're excited to see what happens next. There are still almost 200 km down to the Algarve. We don't know how far we'll get today, because there are still a few supposedly very beautiful beaches in between. That means we probably won't be going that super fast. But let's see, let's go. We drove around the village again to look at the old fishing port.

It should be worth seeing. There is something cool about these many branched bridges. There are definitely 100 of them that go off to the left and right here and are brought together at this main lifeline. Kind of cool. Here someone has decorated their hut in a very interesting way, in any case elaborate and with exciting details. Here we go.

By the way, we haven't been able to solve our problem with the charging booster in the last two days, which is why we are now driving with the electronics compartment open and the fire blanket at hand. Let's hope this lasts until we get a replacement and that we can get a replacement quickly. If you should be wondering where all the storks are in winter, then we now have an answer for you: here.

Because we are in this small village right now and so frankly there are 30 storks within a radius of 200 meters. Yes, absolutely beautiful. Super many nests. Absolutely, yes.

Oh, he's about to rebuild his nest. Let's see if I can get that on camera. Then I'll put it here. And I'll put that there and now it's better. Uh, I still have to get that over there... I've always wanted to do that anyway. We are now at Praia da Alberta Nova, I think it's called.

It's super nice here. We saw that there is a beach bar here. Let's see if it's open and if we can get a coffee here. This place is also marked at park4night. Apparently you can spend the night here, at least here on this upper parking lot, not on the lower one.

It also says that RVs are not allowed in the lower parking lot. But up here it is tolerated if you don't show any camping behavior. Of course we can't confirm that now because we didn't stay overnight, but if you want to come here, it's really really nice. Unfortunately it's closed. Yes, unfortunately we have no luck with the coffee and unfortunately no luck as far as dolphins are concerned, so far none have shown up.

But we are lucky with the beach, which is very beautiful and definitely not closed due to overcrowding. And with the weather...despite the weekend. Yes, the weather is a dream. The weather is again an absolute dream for the beginning of November, it's amazing, it's great. We'll enjoy this a little longer and then we'll continue straight to Sines. Yes, we drove straight to Sines now, but only to stock up on our food supplies. We are right here in the Lidl parking lot.

Otherwise the city doesn't really seem worth seeing. Well, I've rarely seen so many factories and pipelines around a city. That's why we'll go straight out on the other side afterwards. Aha.

What must be must be. We don't have many Christmas traditions but we try to buy an advent calendar for each of us each year and Tina just found a Kinder Bueno... ah that's a mirror image now... a Kinder Bueno advent calendar and Tina loves Kinder Bueno.

That means, even if it's only the beginning of November, the choice has already been made. I'm a bit surprised how many mobile homes and campervans are parked here on the beach. That makes it seem a little bit like maybe you could stay the night here too.

So maybe it's just surfers who are somehow here during the day, we can't say that yet. You don't know, you don't know if you should do it. Small feast.

Good morning. We often say that we spent a quiet, comfortable night somewhere, but I don't think it has been as quiet as tonight for a really, really, really long time. There's really nothing here, no major roads nearby, no wind, no cowbells, and above all, of course, no sound of the sea. It's just super super quiet. Not even really a bird...

Birds chirping ... There's birds chirping here. I thought, there are a few power plants back there that you have a great view of, that they pollute the air and that even the birds don't want to be here anymore. Anyway, we had a very nice comfortable night. Yesterday we drove about 10 minutes inland from the beach and are now standing at this reservoir.

I don't know if you can see the one in the background. There are several possible parking spaces here. There are two other vans back there and yes, that was definitely a good decision I would say.

In any case. And today we continue along the coast and we reach the Southwest Alentejo Natural Park already mentioned in the last video. I think that's how it's pronounced. The best preserved stretch of coast in Europe. And there are said to be otters there too.

Let's see if we see any. We picked out a little hike or a little walk in the border area to the Algarve and we'll take a look at it today. Go on. Here we go. We just passed this beach and it looks really cool. Motorhomes are not allowed in the parking lot here, but we still stopped here for a moment because there is simply no alternative far and wide.

And it's worth it. We're going for a walk. And now we drove only five minutes further and already again at the next beautiful beach. Portugal, I like you. Very, very nice here and the water is not so cold that you could almost think about going swimming again.

I find it particularly interesting how high the waves are back there, but yes, how flat they are here. Very cool. Hey, you won't believe what just happened.

The police just drove by here and we had only parked here for ten minutes and then they came by here and wanted to see our passport and car documents and asked how long we had been here. And I said: 10 minutes. And then he said, "yeah okay, I'll write you a ticket now."

What?! Then I said, okay, I can prove with video material that we didn't stay here, that we were somewhere else ten minutes ago. Then they drove again. But they weren't really that friendly. What?! And they took pictures of the other campers here. Well, I mean, I understand that they have something against campers, but... against the campers who kind of leave their dirt here.

But what's that supposed to mean? Look, imagine if we hadn't filmed that and all, then we would have... Well, I mean. he didn't want to see it, yes, he believed us anyway. But what are you supposed to do then? ok wow And by the way, there is no parking ban for mobile homes here, just for your information, that's allowed here.

Alright, let's keep going. So now we drove around the corner and now there are ostriches, zebras and buffalos in a meadow. I still don't know what that's all about. Almost feels like we're back in South Africa on safari. Of course with the very crucial difference that the animals are fenced in here.

Yeah, we still don't know why they're fenced in here, there's no sign or anything. Yes, nothing will come of our planned hike, because several kilometers before the parking lot on the only access road, mobile homes are forbidden here. And we are here, yes we are not in the Algarve yet, but a few kilometers from here is the Algarve. Well here the river is the border. Yes the river. We are now on the edge of a small place that we are showing you here, because I can't pronounce it correctly.

But it's super nice here. So here is a river that leads into the sea over there, and above all this river and the valley through which it flows are super, super beautiful. On the other side is the parking lot, where we actually wanted to go to hike from there. That is not possible right now.

We can't go into the village itself either, because, as you can probably guess, access for mobile homes is forbidden. But we're going to see if we can find anything on the side of the road and then go in on foot. We've now decided to go for a walk first and then we'll go down to the village and look for a small bar there for a sundowner. Yes, that's a sign, I can do something with it, I think that's okay. But I just don't think a general parking ban for mobile homes during the day is appropriate, because...

at least in parking lots where there is space. How many kilometers do you have in your legs today? 100. 100 kilometers? Yes. It's very beautiful here. Yes, where are the otters? Um....

Let them wave at us. Yes, I agree. By the way, we are currently on the way on a section of the Fisherman´s Trail. This is a continuous hiking trail of over 400 kilometers in length through Portugal. And it is divided into daily stages and in between there are also circular hiking options from time to time.

And we are currently hiking on such a section. The path is very well signposted, so there is a sign every few meters so that you know you are in the right place. And yes, definitely worth seeing. And up until two weeks ago, we weren't even aware of the existence of the trail until it was pointed out to us by one of you.

I don't have the name right now unfortunately, but thanks again for the tip. And um yes, let's see, if the sections all look like this, then I would definitely like to walk a few more kilometers of the Trail. After the great day and evening on the coast, we drove back a bit inland again for the night, mainly to get out of the nature park, where free standing is not only forbidden, but has also been strictly controlled for some time. In a forest or a eucalyptus plantation only 10 minutes from the sea we found a suitable place. It is very nice here.

And certainly better than on the coast. Yes, I think so too. It's really nice how it all glows pink. You dressed appropriately, right?! We spent a very quiet night here and because we liked it so much, we stayed the next day and a second night. We are very curious how the search for camp spots will turn out in the Algarve. Above all, however, we look forward to the beaches, stretches of coast and postcard motifs that the Algarve is so well known for.

Next time we will tell you whether we can get there with the camper or whether we are stopped beforehand by bans on driving through. We end this video here. Thanks for watching, greetings from Portugal and see you next time! Here we see a wild Tina changing into her winter plumage. It's not that easy for wild Tinas. The process can sometimes take several hours.

They also sometimes injured themselves in the process. It's logistically difficult, okay?! If you need help, let me know, right?! No. Very beautiful.

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