Snow and Fire in THAILAND / Street Food Hunt at Night / Motorbike Tour in Nan

Snow and Fire in THAILAND / Street Food Hunt at Night / Motorbike Tour in Nan

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Hey hey hey! Welcome back to our hungry adventures! And welcome to the last episode of Northern Thailand series.. Today we begin exploring the most eastern province of Northern Thailand called Nan province.. and here is what we're gonna do in this episode.. Today we will be riding along the most beautiful roads in the country.. enjoying amazing cuisine of Northern Thailand and getting to know local culture.. we also will be visiting ancient landmarks of this region..

hunting for amazing sunset.. and we even will try some local stuff which doesn't taste like sugar at all! And we begin this journey in the mountainous area of Nan province called Bo Kluea.. This district is located in about 750 kilometers away from Bangkok..

it borders with Laos in the East.. This is a stunningly beautiful mountainous area with really fantastic landscape.. However there is another reason why I have decided to come here.. let me show you! Hundreds years ago people found a source of water with really high salt concentration here in Bo Kluea.. here is the salt well..

and they've begun to harvest the salt out of the water.. but what is the most interesting about it.. what is the most fascinating for me is the method that they use..

Local people built this equipment system, made of three poles, bamboo trunk, rope and a bucket.. they lower the lever to get water in the bucket.. then pull it up.. pour water in this wooden log which is the reservoir.. and then water is running down to this area where the ovens are located..

the water is running into these basins.. and people use these buckets to put water in this huge pans.. which stand on a huge oven.. people pour water in these basins and then wait for five six hours till water evaporates and crystals of pure salt being formed... you can see it right here - the process of separation of salt crystals and water.. water on top and salt at the bottom..

so after five or six hours they collect the salt and put it in these baskets.. remaining water is leaking down back in the basin.. back in the pan.. and then they place all the salt in this warehouse.. it looks like snow.. Dear Thai people, if you ever wanted to see snow - come to Bo Kluea in Nan province! Just like a snowball! And local people allow you to try this salt..

Really pure Colombian salt! Oh so much energy! It's better than coffee! very salty.. it is very salty.. it is salt - it's supposed to be salty of course.. all right.. where is tequila and limes?

we need to make this day to be really amazing - we need tequila and limes! And they always have to maintain the temperature - 24 hours a day.. because the heat can't be too high, the heat heat can't be too low.. otherwise the process will be failed.. there is got to be medium fire to form these crystals of salt in these basins..

And they sell this salt right here.. Excuse me, how much for 1 kg of salt? 20 Baht.. The freshest Colombian salt - 20 Baht for 1 kilogram (0.58 USD).. But it doesn't have iodine, right? That one has iodine..

This one contains added iodine, right? how much is it? 25 Baht/1kg (0.72 USD) 5 Baht for iodine (0.14 USD) This one is edible? Ah these are larger crystals of salt.. wow.. it's like flakes..

Salt flakes.. Salt Flakes City.. herbal foot salt.. This one is for spa, right? to make your skin white.. how much is it? One pack - 35 Baht (1USD), 3 packs - 100 Baht (2.9 USD) 35 Baht?? Oh Really? yes, and 3 packs for 100 Baht (2.9 USD) this 2 big packs for 150 Baht..

4 packs of these - 200 Baht.. is this soap? soap with salt? yep.. how much for this soap? the big one is 90 Baht (2.6 USD), the small one is 60 Baht (1.7 USD)..

that one is 90 Baht, and this one is 60 Baht.. I have soap with rice milk - 2 types.. this one is with turmeric, and this one is with coffee..

coffee.. can i eat this soap with coffee? I want one with coffee, because it looks yummy! no, you can't eat the soap.. and what is this? is it also for spa? scrub.. body scrub.. for body? can be used for face? can, sure.. 35 Baht, really? (1 USD) okay, i'll take this one..

I'll take coffee.. 3 jars for 100 Baht (2.9 USD).. 3 jars for 100 Baht? But I don't use it much.. because I am already cute..

the skin is already white, right? yes, I am already white.. I bought 3 body scrubs for 100 Baht.. and the soap with salt and coffee for 90 Baht.. And there is probably only one recommendation I might give you about visiting this place.. it is better to come before 10 AM.. otherwise there will be a crowd.. people taking pictures, taking selfies and etc.

or visit it in the evening after 6 PM yesterday I arrived here about 8 pm at night.. and it was so atmospheric.. they were getting the water out of the well..

they were boiling this water and it looked so mysterious.. so if you want to take nice pictures or enjoy your time here.. visit it before 10 AM or after 6 PM.. because they don't close at night, they work 24 hours a day.. all right, there must be Khao Soi shop nearby.. somewhere there.. and since it is the Northern Thailand tour - we got to eat Khao Soi! this must be the place..

is anybody home? Hello.. I'd like to order Khao Soi, please.. Do you also have Nam Ngeow? Is it tasty? it's tasty! what would you like? Khao Soi? okay, sure.. Nam Ngeow too, I can try it too.. do you want 2 dishes? Okay.. because I am a big guy.. big guy! looks delicious..

Nam Ngeow made with pork, right? yep.. And is this blood? Pork blood? yes, correct.. It's done..

It looks a bit unusual.. Khao Soi is a coconut curry soup.. this time with chicken.. but noodles look a bit different.. probably they are handmade.. and another one.. Khanom Jeen Nam Ngeow..

Khanom Jeen is fermented rice noodles - here they are white colored.. and "Nam Ngeow" is a liquid curry, usually pork curry served with pieces of pork and pork blood.. chunks of pork blood.. it is considered as a traditional Northern Thai Cuisine..

However some people believe that it comes from Burma.. from Shan state in Burma.. which is Myanmar nowadays.. Nevertheless, if you are traveling to Northern Thailand it is a dish that you have to try along with Khao Soi.. Personally I prefer Khao Soi but this one is great too.. and tasting local food is always a great chance to experience local culture.. because in every province in Northern Thailand - they cook dishes a bit differently..

but it is always tasty! There are actually two wells with salt water.. another one is bigger, it attracts more visitors, more tourists.. which is why I've chosen the smaller one.. but we still can take a look at it.. Iced Americano, please.. Add salt in it? What did you say? Add salt in the coffee? Is it tasty? You should try..

Okay, I will try.. for you.. thank you.. Coffee with salt.. very unusual.. something very different..

interesting.. is it tasty? I don't know.. Never tried it before, so I don't know.. interesting taste..

thank you.. And these are ther buffalos that in the old times had been used for transporting and for distribution of the salt.. now we've got cars and motorbikes.. There are quite many resorts and guest houses here in Bo Kluea district, most of them are located along the river.. there are luxurious resorts where you need to pay 2-3-4-5 thousand Baht a day..

and there are more simple, more basic types of accommodation.. I've chosen this place to stay - it is called "Ban Nong Ma Feung Homestay".. one night here costs 590 Baht and the room looks pretty nice to be honest.. There are two wooden houses here and each house consists of two rooms.. Here is what you get for 590 Baht..

nice bed which is soft and comfortable.. nice windows which protect you from cold air.. air-conditioning which you can use in the daytime.. TV, fridge, kettle.. and it was very quiet at night.. however if you will be coming on Friday, Saturday or Sunday..

it's better to book your home stay, resort or any other place in advance.. because Bo Kluea district has become quite popular.. in fact entire Nan province is becoming more and more popular with every year.. which is why if you will be visiting this area on weekends - just book your hotel, book your stay in one or two days..

Feels pretty exciting to be honest.. because I can't remember when was the last time when we were exploring a night market.. however today we can do it again right here in the city center of Nan.. among this stunning ancient beautiful temples which are hundreds years old..

There is a Walking Street from Friday to Sunday which opens around 4 pm.. And something tells me we can find something interesting here.. I've got a feeling.. And I just can't wait to begin the destroying all of the delicious local street foods in the volcano of my stomach! But before we have begun our street food hunt.. we need to visit the most legendary temple in entire Nan province.. it is called "Wat Phumin"..

I think it is not closed yet and we are lucky because in the daytime this area is just filled with people.. it is so crowded in the daytime.. However now I think we can get a clear footage of the most famous mural in entire Nan province or maybe even in Thailand.. The temple itself was built around 400 years ago.. but what makes it so special is the murals inside of this temple.. especially the one mural called "Whisper of Love"..

it is a depiction of a man whispering to the ear of a woman.. and according to old local traditions - man must have tattoos.. and also there are red tattoos of human figures which show his prestige and social power, his social status..

because the more human figures tattoos he has - it means the more rich he is, the more servants he has.. and this iconic painting "The Whisper of Love" has become the symbol of Nan province.. and we can find this symbol literally everywhere - in hotels, restaurants, bus stations..

there are t-shirts with this symbol, there are different accessories and souvenirs with this symbol.. so let's take a walk and find something with this symbol.. maybe even buy something for good memories about this place.. wow.. really magical place.. even though the temple is not that big itself - it attracts really many visitors and many tourists around entire country.. Am I right? very good! Okay, my hunger is calling.. volcano is awakened!

Not easy to do everything with one hand.. excellent herbal aftertaste.. very tasty.. I don't know.. I really hope you can hear me because the music is pretty loud.. but this is the thing about night markets and about walking streets.. you are not allowed to enjoy the silence or a conversation with someone..

you have to increase the volume of your voice all the time.. but the food is tasty though.. come on, just relax! Okay this is something interesting and some something unknown for me..

it looks like Khanom Babin or Khanom Krok.. What is this dessert? Do you know? Khanom Babin.. Oh really? Doesn't look the same as Khanom Babin.. wow.. that's a lot of coconut.. I had to wait for a while maybe 10-15 minutes.. because today is Saturday and there are quite many people around..

and everyone knows that this Khanom Babin is very tasty.. I've never seen such Khanom Babin before, because it looks like a burger.. coconut burger.. two coconut burgers cost 50 Baht (1.45 USD).. and now we need to find a place where we can try this coconut burger..

Coconut explosion in my mouth.. Amazingly tasty! one more.. oh.. chicken chicken chicken.. chicken can fly! chicken can fly! this one was cooked here too? looks very juicy! You are from Bangkok land, right? Yes, correct. I am from Bangkokland! oh the smell is amazing! wow.. delicious.. and very tender.. can i buy a half? a half of this piece..

or this one.. what is more delicious? okay, that one, please.. I'll give you some more free.. all this for 100 Baht.. ok, great.. what is your channel name? Mickey Stotch..

on YouTube and TikTok.. thank you.. Do you have a phone? This one.. thank you..

Will you subscribe? excellent! thank you so much! Buying pork instead of chicken.. Who are you man? Who are you!? But it was really tasty! And I got some more for a 100 Baht (2.9 USD) you know what I find the most pleasant here? This is the Walking Street and people are supposed to walk and eat..

there are not that many tables around.. so people remove the mask and you actually can see the faces of people.. because in Thailand - 80% of people are still wearing masks..

in Bangkok - almost everyone.. in the North - not that much.. maybe 50 percent of people.. However in such places where there is a lot of food - food wins! People get rid of these masks and they walk, drink and eat.. they smile and it's a pure happiness to see faces of people after two years in masks.. and again this symbol on t-shirts.. We are fan club on Tiktok..

everywhere "TikTok TikTok".. Thai people don't watch YouTube, they like TikTok! We saw you were in Chiang Mai.. Yes, I went there..

Hello, please welcome.. thank you! Excuse me, these blue shirts - is it the style of Nan province? yes.. why everywhere they are in blue color? handmade.. OTOP - "One Tambon (sub-district) One Product" natural.. ahh natural.. yes sir..

made with flowers? yes made using flowers.. there are 4 kinds of flowers.. that's why they use this color? no no no.. flower.. indigo flower.. this one.. Dye..

ahh okay, I understand now.. You have it in Nan province? Nan, Phrae, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun provinces have it.. It's beautiful.. thank you..

is it for men? yes.. it is for you! but it's a small size.. small, medium, large, extra large.. large.. short sleeve ot long sleeve.. can try long sleeve..

L size.. I think you can try XL size.. for balance.. because I've eaten too many Northern Thai sausages - I should wear XL, right? Size XL for those who like beer..

I like.. Do you like it? Need bigger size? No, no, this one is good fit.. It's XXL This is XXL? XXL? Not US standard, this is XXL Thailand standard.. beautiful..

Okay, good deal.. good sale! Okay.. now I look like a good man from Nan province.. Like this? Yes.. Okay.. Where are the girls from Nan province? The market is divided in 2 parts.. The Walking Street..

this part near the temple has food, accessories and clothes.. and there is another section with food only.. and I've noticed that this Temple is open and people walk in and out..

I've never been inside.. and even though it is 8.30 PM - it is still open which is quite amazing for a beautiful ancient temple.. usually they are closed around 5 or 6 PM - so let's walk inside! So what is the plan for today? Well, there is no plan! This is the last day in Nan province and I just want to get away from the city.. because in the city it's simply unbearably hot in the daytime! so I just want to ride to the mountains, find a beautiful road, a coffee shop..

and at the end of the day find a great spot to enjoy the sunset.. because sunsets in Nan province are really beautiful.. This is definitely not how I pictured this day in my head..

I thought okay I'm gonna choose a longer route, which is probably going to be without cars, without bikes, without tourists.. and actually there are no cars, there are no bikes, no coffee shops, no restaurants no anything at all.. just a couple houses along the road.. I wonder why.. but it's too late to turn around and drive back.. oh man.. you wanted some adventures - you got it!

OMG.. tarmac.. it's a two-lane road! hello.. 40 Baht (1.15 USD) Welcome to Doi Samer Dao! probably one of the most popular places forcamping in Nan province.. looks really beautiful.. this sunset..

This is our final destination, guys.. Our last stop in this Northern Thai Journey.. The trip is over.. the trip to Northern Thailand.. And I want to thank you for being a part of the journey..

it was a really exciting adventure.. and actually what is the recipe of adventure? long motorbike rides.. beautiful roads.. bad roads.. meeting cute and friendly people on the way..

meeting and knowing nationalities you've never heard before.. wearing some traditional outfits.. enjoying fantastic delicious foods..

finding something unique, something really special.. witnessing sunrise over the mountains on the border between the countries.. and here is the sunset.. yeah, real adventure.. Thank you for being a part of the journey.. If you want to support this channel you can join me on Patreon, I post there some updates from the trips or share some plans..

Patreon is another platform.. or you can become a member of this channel - always welcome! Smash the like button, subscribe to the channel if you aren't already.. and I'll see you in the next video pretty soon..

I don't know when, Idon't know where.. but I'll be back! Bye bye!

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