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the best things come in small packages or at least that's what my mom used to tell me and while we fellas may be guilty of adding a few extra inches to our dating profiles the truth is size really doesn't matter and these little people are here to prove it from small superhumans to petite protagonists stay tuned as we check out some of the smallest people in the world so before we kick things off we need to understand what the medical term dwarfism refers to first and foremost a dwarf is medically defined as a person who grows to four foot ten or less however it's not that simple in fact there are more than 300 conditions that can cause dwarfism and that being said there is one condition that accounts for about 70 percent of all cases achondroplasia a condition that results in the person having a disproportionate head arms and legs it's difficult to say What specifically causes dwarfism but the majority of Medical Specialists agree the conditions are related to genetic disorders passed down from parent to child another important thing to mention is how exactly to refer to someone with dwarfism well dwarf is a medical term it can often be seen as offensive instead many prefer terms such as little people or per person of short stature so now that we've covered a few bases let's meet some of the smallest people in the world he ping ping 29.1 inches even at just 29.1 inches tall he ping ping is actually the biggest little person in this video but don't let that fool you he's technically only the height of an average one-year-old which up until 2010 earned him the Guinness World Record for being the world's shortest man for Mr ping ping life began in Mongolia in 1988 it was immediately clear to his parents that he had some form of dwarfism so much so his father claims that when he was born he was so small he could fit into the palm of his hand later down the line ping Ping's condition would be defined as osteogenesis imperfecta a rare disease that affects the body's connective tissues and causes brittle bones there are variants of this disease not all of which cause dwarfism however type 3 does and those it affects rarely Sprout Beyond four feet but in spite of this Mr ping ping never let it hold him back for from documentaries and public appearances to his crowning moment in 2008 when the Guinness World Records anointed him the world's smallest man but if you need any more proof just check out this moment when he met the world's tallest man Sultan Kosen with hands measuring in at 11.2 inches the length between this guy's wrist and middle finger was more than a third of he ping Ping's full height however just as life was treating ping ping well things took a turn for the worse as 2010 rolled around ping ping was admitted to hospital after falling ill from chest pains due to low lung capacity which comes from having smaller rib cages people with osteogenesis imperfecta type 3 often endure respiratory problems which at times can be fatal plus he ping ping was a regular chain smoker adding to the prognosis in March 2010 he ping ping sadly passed away way at just 21 years old but luckily his legacy lives on dor bahadur kapangi 28.8 inches even at 28.8 inches tall almost half an inch shorter than he ping-ping 17 year old dor bahadur kapangi still isn't the smallest person in this video but nevertheless he is small enough to have bagged himself one of those all-important Guinness World Records how well as of the time of this video he is officially the world's shortest male teenager that is at least for the next three years born in the sinduli district of Nepal in 2004 door initially seemed like any ordinary child and with dwarfism not being prevalent among his siblings there was never any suspicion of the condition existing in his genes in fact the suspicions only began around his seventh birthday when it became apparent that he wasn't sprouting quite like his Pals dorr's parents sought medical attention but due to financial difficulty they still Bill to this day haven't been able to get a proper diagnosis for him now this may come as a shock but I'm not a doctor that said from my research it seems to me that it could be possible that door has a type of dwarfism known as proportionate short stature this is a condition that causes the person's body to grow incredibly slowly albeit proportionately not only that but this condition can typically go unnoticed until later childhood or even puberty but to restate I am not a doctor I am a YouTuber which is basically the opposite of a doctor foreign 28.5 inches

all right now it's time for one for the girls team we have Turkish born and leaf Pokemon measuring a miniature 28.5 inches tall it's no surprise that at one time a leaf actually reigned as the world's shortest woman when she came into this world in 1988 Elite weighed a tiny three pounds and 10 ounces almost half that of an average newborn at seven pounds six ounces however her mother claims that she was an otherwise normal baby that was until around age one when she showed a lack of growth they say by the age of four she'd completely stopped growing and by age 10 Nate accepted a leaf probably wouldn't grow any further the family searched for an answer for a Leaf's extremely short stature however doctors were unable to determine the problem unfortunately in 2021 at age just 33 a leaf unexpectedly passed away after falling ill having never been given a die diagnosis whatever the case all that matters is that a leaf lived a fulfilling life In fact when crowned by the Guinness World Records in 2010 she had this to say I always hoped one day the world would recognize me I am famous because of my size so it makes me feel like I am much taller for all her size those are some big words Edward Nino Hernandez 27.6 inches stacking up at just 27.6 inches tall it

probably comes as no surprise that Edward Nino Hernandez has had his five minutes in the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame swiping the title from Hee ping ping he was officially declared the world's shortest man back in 2010 born in 1986 Edward like many other little people didn't immediately show any signs of dwarfism his parents claimed he was developing normally until the round age four when they began to notice his short stature naturally they sought medical attention but wouldn't receive a proper diagnosis for another 20 years after two decades they finally had an answer hypothyroidism essentially an underactive thyroid this is when the thyroid gland fails to secrete enough thyroxine which is a hormone responsible for digestion brain development and physical growth too but in spite of all this Edward maintains a a positive outlook on life he says he uses his smile to conquer the world and that size and height doesn't matter as he can achieve anything up until 2011 Edward reigned as the world's shortest man man with a wardrobe like that I'd argue as the most stylish as well Bridget Jordan 27.1 inches all right guys next up we have a show off here Bridget Jordan doesn't have just one world record but two which records well besides being known as the world's shortest woman in 2011 she and her younger brother Brad also held a joint world record for being the world's shortest siblings born with the same condition the brother-sister duo from Illinois suffered from what is known as microcephalic osteodist plastic primordial dwarfism type 2. what a tongue twister we'll just use mopd for short with Bridget being only 27 inches and Brad a respective 38 the pair had a combined height of about five foot four which is roughly the height of the average American woman what makes mopd so rare and differentiates it from other types of dwarfism is that it causes brain and skeletal abnormalities due to this the adult-sized brain of those with mopd is comparable to a three-month-old though intellectual development is usually normal other characteristics can be high-pitched voices caused by a narrowing of the voice box prominent noses and even blood vessel abnormalities which can increase risk of suffering from a stroke sadly in 2017 Brad passed away at just 25 years old and then only two years later Bridget would follow at the tender age of 30. however throughout her life Bridget maintained a positive attitude she said it's great to be small I believe that everyone should be confident in themselves what an icon Charlotte Garside 26.7 inches at just five years old Charlotte Garside from the UK was already making huge headlines after becoming locally known as the world's smallest girl but with her once 26.7 inch stature born in 2007

Charlotte has what's known as primordial dwarfism meaning she showed signs of dwarfism right from the very first fetal stages of her life as she came into the world she weighed an unbelievable two pounds and measured a miniature 9.8 inches and just for comparison check out this picture of Charlotte next to an average sized baby to put into perspective just how rare this condition is though less than 200 people are believed to live with primordial dwarfism in the entire world and the variety Charlotte has is so uncommon doctors didn't even have a name for it when she was born yet even with this super rare unnamable condition Charlotte leads us happy and healthy life as possible which amazingly for doctors never expected considering they predicted she'd never make it past the age of one and she continues to defy them as in 2022 she celebrated her 15th birthday and has sprouted to a staggering four feet tall ah take that doctors Lucia Zarate 26.7 inches okay so for this next little lady we're gonna have to take a journey back in time all the way back to 1864 in fact to the exceptional story of Miss Lucia Zarate born in Veracruz Mexico it's not clear whether Lucia's condition was fully understood at the time however it said that she had the same condition as Bridget Jordan and her brother mopd which if you recall causes brain and skeletal abnormalities while modern scientific Endeavors have established that mopd sufferers grow at a very slow rate an 1894 article in strand magazine claimed that Lucia had reached her full adult height by just age one and while I'd like to say Lucy I had a happy ending from the age of 12 she would spend the rest of her life in a traveling circus exploited for her disability cruel stage names like The Marvelous Mexican would come to Define her as she was paraded from one show to the next she even featured in the famous circus of PT Barnum and became the highest paid little person of all time earning some twenty dollars an hour that's roughly 452 dollars an hour in today's money ultimately this would be her demise when her circus got stranded in the cold snowy Rocky Mountains in 1890 at just 26 years old and 26 inches tall Lucia would contract a fatal case of pneumonia and perish however during her short life she traveled the world brought joy to many and made bank that's a life well lived by most standards Lin Yu Chi 26.5 inches so if you haven't noticed yet there's a bit of a pattern emerging most of the guys in this video at some point or another have had a Guinness World Record and Lin yuchi is no exception only what sets him apart is that he currently is the world's shortest mobile man like some of the other people I've already covered Lynn has osteogenesis imperfecta which as we know is a disease that causes brittle bones and eventual dwarfism yet that doesn't hold back Lynn who's worked tirelessly to establish his own charity for those like him the osteogenesis imperfecta association yet even being the do-gooder he is Lin's had his fair share of Scandal in 2005 the then 33 year old dabbled in the world of internet video chat rooms and woman struck up an intimate relationship and the lovebirds would let's say perform for one another that was until the girls alleged boy friend caught their little Rendezvous and threatened to tarnish Lynn's squeaky clean image with some not so squeaky clean images the guy held a ransom of 150 000 Taiwanese dollars at which point Lynn realized that a criminal scam gang was probably behind the entire thing he bravely went public with the ordeal all to help save other people from getting caught in similar traps how incredibly selfless is that but besides this there are other ways that you can have fun on the internet like subscribing to be amazed of course it's informative entertaining and certainly won't cost you 150 000 Taiwanese dollars so what are you waiting for done cool let's get back to it foreign 26.3 inches

as we've already discussed back in 2010 Edward Nino Hernandez was the Guinness World Record holder for shortest man that was until 2011 when cajendra tapa magar swiped the Accolade from him however it would be short-lived as that same year and even shorter man hit the scene and swiped the title from him but more on that later born in the baglung district of Nepal kajendra weighed an extraordinary 21 ounces when born which for context is roughly the weight of a medium cheddar cheese block kajendra was affected by primordial dwarfism which interestingly is typically caused by a mutant Gene inherited from both parents AKA an autosomal recessive condition for kajendra fame found him at just age 14. when a traveling salesman discovered him and took him to fairs where he'd apparently charge children to have their photos taken with him after game gaining tractions small town cajendra hit the big time as he would go on European and U.S tours but sadly cagendra's days were to be short-lived as by age 27 back in 2020 art problems asthma and pneumonia claimed his life it's sad but often common in sufferers of primordial dwarfism who often have a life expectancy of less than 30 years like turning 30 wasn't hard enough already madgebester 25.5 inches

with no more than 25.5 inches to her name South African woman Madge bester was at one time the world's shortest woman also a sufferer of osteogenesis imperfecta it was a condition Madge had inherited from her mother however her mom grew to an average height of five foot eight how well as I might have mentioned osteogenesis doesn't always result in dwarfism but certain genetic mutations can be passed down to babies of parents that carry the genes similar to Lynn yuchi Madge used her disability to spread awareness and became an activist for disability rights in fact in 1998 she and Lynn actually joined forces don't worry it wasn't an online video chat room the pair organized a conference and discussed the challenges and inequity that disabled people face sadly in 2018 at the age of 54 Madge passed away still having dedicated aided much of her life to activism her Legacy lives on and will inspire many people for generations to come yoti AMG 24.7 inches all right so we're in top five territory now and coming in at number five is none other than Jyoti amgi a 28 year old Indian woman who proudly stands at 24.7 inches tall which

FYI officially makes her the shortest living woman according to the Guinness World Records born in 1993 Jyoti is another person with primordial dwarfism which we've covered extensively already but even with a limited life expectancy of 30 the 28 year old is living life beyond all expectations and has achieved more than many able-bodied people ever will boasting just under 1 million Instagram followers she has quite the impressive resume from being crowned a world record holder in 2011 to plenty of acting gigs including a feature in American Horror Story and multiple documentaries about her life better yet Jyoti even has a wax figure displayed in sunil's Celebrity Wax Museum in lonavala but if you were in any doubt about her miniature size just check her out next to the world's tallest man Sultan Kosen who stands at eight feet two inches more even next to a soda bottle what a bubbly pair foreign musters 24 inches once again we're gonna have to hop in the time machine and take a trip back to the 1800s to pay Miss Pauline musters a visit a Dutch woman who stood a remarkable 24 inches tall much like Lucia Zarate Pauline's condition was exploited due to social norms at the time the petite Pauline would be carted around Western Europe and the U.S during 1895. at the age of just 19. it was then that she would be branded with the derogatory names like might and Lady dot still if anything she came to learn impressive skills such as dancing and acrobatics however while Touring that same year in 1895 she would contract pneumonia which as we now know can be fatal 21 with reduced lung capacity sadly Pauline didn't make it but amazing photos taken of her at the time still live on in the history books 23.5 inches claiming the Guinness World Record back in 2015 the then 22 year old generaling was officially the world's smallest man not to be confused with Lin yuchi who is the world's smallest mobile man as genre was unable to stand or walk without being assisted neither way at just 23.5

inches tall this guy is all but a little bit taller than a chicken born into a poor Philippine family in 1993 jenry's dwarfism didn't present immediately it was at around the age of one when his parents began to notice that he seemed to have stopped growing however with the family not able to cover medical bills genre went without diagnosis until the age of 12. by which point he only stood at 23 inches tall and was unable to stand or walk without assistance and suffered from a speech defect in the end the doctors believed that junry's dwarfism was a result of a mouth functioning pituitary gland which is essentially the gland responsible for growth hormones unfortunately in 2020 junry passed away that said at 27 at least jenry made it to the legendary 27 Club Mohammed 22.4 inches coming in at second place we have another former world record holder Mr ghoul Muhammad but just how short is 22.4 inches well imagine about four and a half cans of coke stacked on top of one another and you've got yourself a ghoul born in 1957 in India's capital New Delhi gol Muhammad is the second smallest person in recorded history there's little information about his early life and upbringing however it's said that he sadly spent his adult life on the streets in attempts to make money he tried to run a roadside candy and biscuit stall but it was often looted due to his size he would apparently try to make ends meet with the help of friends and voluntary organizations however with a long-term struggle with asthma and bronchitis plus an unhealthy smoking habit a fatal heart attack unfortunately claimed goal's life in 1997 at the age of just 40. and while his life may have been short at least there were parts of it that were definitely sweet honorable mentions okay so before we reveal the shortest person in the world let's take a look at a few honorable mentions first up we have some of the world's smallest babies born in Singapore in 2020 quek weighed a meager 7.4 ounces

roughly the weight of a single Apple now quack wasn't a full-term pregnancy in fact she was born at 25 weeks almost half the full gestation period due to this quack had a string of ailments which she needed to be kept in hospital for but unlike everyone else in this video she isn't affected by dwarfism so all being well she should grow to an average sized adult another miniature baby was Emilia grabartzik who was also born just 25 weeks and weighed in at a feather light eight ounces the german-born girl was initially assumed to have no chance of survival however Against All Odds she is now said to be thriving and healthy next up we have some of the world's smallest families here in America we have the Johnston family every single one of which has a type of dwarfism husband and wife Trent and Amber have a chondroplasia dwarfism which if you recall is the most common type of dwarfism Trent and Amber have two biological children Jonah and Elizabeth who also have the same condition better yet the couple have also adopted three other children Anna Alex and Emma who again have the same condition making the johnstons the largest little family in the world with there being seven of them they even poke fun and call themselves The Seven Dwarfs boy Halloween must be fun at their house elsewhere there's the baros family or better known as the world's shortest married couple according to the Guinness World Records Paulo who is 35.5 inches first met 35.1 inch tall katusia back in 2006 when the pair were on an online dating site after years of Romancing the pair tied the knot in 2016 which inadvertently made them the world's shortest married couple with a combined height of around five foot eight and finally at the heart of every family is mom only this next mom is the world's smallest mom yep Stacy Harold from Kentucky measures just 28 inches tall and has had not one not two but three children like many people we've covered in this video Stacy was born with osteogenesis imperfecta and even against the advice of her doctors who warned her that having children may crush her lungs and heart Stacy had three children now that is a super mom foreign we've all been waiting for let's reveal the world's shortest person Chandra bahadur donkey 21.5 inches born in Nepal way back in 1939 Chandra was born with primordial dwarfism which as we know is a condition that rarely sees sufferers live past the age of 30.

so with that in mind it's amazing that Chandra lived to the grand old age of 75. not least considering the average life expectancy in Nepal is just over 70 years according to the Guinness World Records before becoming known as the world's shortest man Chandra had never left his hometown of rimkoli in Nepal he would instead make a living by weaving traditional Nepalese garments it wasn't until one day a forest contractor was chopping timber in the village and was stunned by chandra's size he spread the word to the media and before long Chandra was being declared the world's shortest man in 2012. and with this newfound recognition came a wealth of opportunity for Chandra Not only was he showered with gifts and adoration but invitations overseas meant that Chandra could travel the whole world and meet a variety of new people one of those being once again Sultan Kosen the world's tallest man sadly in 2015 at the respectable age of 75 Chandra passed away but with a reputation being the world's shortest man ever recorded he certainly leaves a tall Legacy behind so there we have it the smallest people in the world whose story did you find the most interesting let me know down in the comments below and thanks for watching [Music]

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