SICILY Ultimate Travel Guide 2023 All Tourist Attractions Italy

SICILY Ultimate Travel Guide 2023  All Tourist Attractions  Italy

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[Music] Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 20 regions of Italy the region has five million inhabitants with Palermo as its capital Sicily is located in the central Mediterranean Sea south of the Italian Peninsula from which it is separated by the narrow strait of Messina for centuries it has been the crossroads of Europe Africa and the Middle East the imprints left throughout the past centuries from all these diverse cultures has created Sicily's unique identity rich in history and extraordinary food today Sicily is home to seven UNESCO world heritage sites and attracts over 15 million tourists each year [Music] Mount Aetna is the most famous landmark of Sicily with a current height of 3357 meters Edna is the highest and most active volcano in Europe towering above the city of Catania it has been growing for about 500 000 years and is in the midst of a series of eruptions that began in 2013. Aetna has displayed a variety of eruption Styles including violent explosions and voluminous lava flows more than 25 percent of Sicily's population lives on Edna slopes and it is the main source of income for the island both from agriculture due to the rich volcanic soil and tourism appreciated in Summertime by hikers who want to visit the active Craters of the summit areas this volcano offers the extraordinary opportunity of practicing Ski sports during the winter the ski resorts of Nicolosi and P provide good lifts leading to the downhill ski slopes or to the ski schools and equipment rental agencies those who prefer Nordic skiing can find natural routes traced by the Edna Park Authority since 2013 Mount Aetna is in the unesco's world heritage list for its scientific importance and cultural and educational value of global significance [Applause] thank you [Music] Catania is the second largest city of Sicily with a population of around three hundred thousand it lies on the ionian Sea Under the shadow of Mount Aetna Mount Edna is ever present and has to a large extent shaped both the history and the actual existence of Catania on several occasions volcanic eruptions destroyed the city the most devastating of which happened in the 17th century in 1669 Catania was covered in lava and then just 24 years later in 1693 an earthquake shook the town down to its foundations the reaction to this latter catastrophe was amazing the entire old part of town was rebuilt in Baroque Style with large wide open squares and avenues the most remote remarkable aspect however was the building material used lava Catania is essentially a gray City and unique in the world for this the central Old Town of Catania features exuberant late Baroque architecture and is a UNESCO world heritage site tourism is a fast growing industry in Catania lately the administration and private companies have made several investments in the hospitality industry in order to make tourism a competitive sector in the metropolitan City its airport the Catania Fanta narasa airport is the largest in southern Italy [Music] remember [Music] tayarmina is one of Sicily's legendary Resort towns twisting medieval streets in a second century Greek Theater add to its romantic air which inspired the writings of D.H Lawrence and Truman Capote you can take a cable car to the beach or walk uphill behind the church of Saint Joseph for panoramic views the town of te armina is perched on a cliff overlooking the ionian sea and is approximately a 45-minute drive away from Mount Aetna besides the ancient Greek Theater it has many old churches Lively bars fine restaurants and antique shops many exhibitions and events are organized during the summer in tear Mina the ancient theater is the exceptional stage for pop and classical concerts Opera and important performances practice [Music] Syracuse or syracusa as it is known in Italian is one of the most beautiful places in Sicily and in the whole of Italy a historical town with an important past Syracuse has a beautiful city center with a breathtaking Cathedral and an archaeological park with beautiful ruins from Greek and Roman times the city was founded by ancient Greek Corinthians in tanenes and became a very powerful city-state Syracuse was Allied with Sparta and Corinth and exerted influence over the entirety of Magna grishia of which it was the most important city described by Cicero as the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all it equaled Athens in size during the 5th Century BC today the city is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site ortigia is a small island which is the Historical Center of Syracuse the island also known as The Old City contains many historical landmarks ortigia is separated from the city by a narrow channel two Bridges connect the island to Mainland Sicily ortigia is a popular location for shopping entertainment and is also a residential area [Music] foreign [Music] is one of the most picturesque UNESCO listed Baroque towns of Southeastern Sicily like much of this region of Southeast Sicily Ragusa was reborn following the devastating earthquake of 1669. some residents empowered by the loss of their homes sought Higher Ground and built a more modern Town whilst others rebuilt directly atop ragusa's medieval network of narrow streets the result Ragusa became a city of two halves and of two faces Ragusa Superior that sits on top of the hill and the Old Town Ragusa ibla that is on the lower part Ragusa ibla is the magnet for tourists with a wide array of Baroque architecture including several stunning palaces and churches though the upper town is still worth a visit [Music] thank you laughs [Music] 40 minutes drive from Ragusa and nestled within a valley formed by Four Hills lies the spectacular town of Marika one of eight UNESCO Heritage valdi Noto towns and cities in Sicily whose architectural landscape changed forever following the devastating earthquake of 1693 the medieval Old Town once carved into rock has been replaced by stunning Baroque facades extravagant churches in beautiful palaces the old and new connected by a maze of narrow streets and staircases Modica is known as the city of a hundred bells and a hundred churches and its most famous buildings are the Baroque San Giorgio Cathedral and the San Pietro Church Modica is also known for being the very best place to enjoy authentic Sicilian chocolate the chocolate here is quite different often flavored with chili cinnamon or vanilla for Die Hard chocolate lovers there is an annual Chocolate Festival and even a chocolate Museum foreign [Music] [Laughter] foreign [Laughter] [Music] if you're trying to escape the tourist crowd in breath some fresh Mountain Air Anna is your best choice unlike most of Sicily's attractions This Charming little town is Inland and not on the coast indeed it's located right at the center of the island Anna occupies a Hilltop position on one of the highest points on the island with an elevation of 1000 meters sitting high above the detaino valley the town offers great views over the craggy landscape dotted with Hill towns and Villages at the top of the town and dominating its Skyline is the huge Liberty Castle it is considered to be one of the most important military buildings in Sicily and is one of the largest medieval castles in Italy the layout of the narrow streets in the historic Center gives a medieval feel to this city and the archaeological sites are a testimony of the Greek and Roman period ultimately Anna's economy is essentially based on agriculture so you can be assured that you will be eating delicious fresh food when you visit [Music] thank you foreign [Music] to is a city on the southern coast of Sicily and capital of the province of aggregento it was one of the leading cities of Magna grishia during the Golden Age of ancient Greece abrigento is a major tourist center due to its extraordinarily Rich archaeological Legacy it also serves as an agricultural center for the surrounding region the large complex of temples and tombs and Agri gento dates as far back as 500 BC and includes Sicily's best preserved Doric Temple the Concordia temple one of the most perfect to survive anywhere along with it in the Eastern group is the Juno lachinia Temple almost as large and in the western group is Temple of the Olympian Zeus the largest of them at 40 meters but toppled by an earthquake the circular Dora caracles Temple also in the western group was destroyed by the carthaginians and rebuilt by the Romans only to be partially destroyed in an earthquake the entire group is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site foreign [Music] about 20 minutes drive from the Valley of the temples the Scala day Turkey is another must-see if your trip to Sicily takes you in this region this white Limestone Cliff is famous for its particular shape it looks like erosion has carved steps and if you add the turquoise color of the Sea and the fine sand beaches that border it you will understand why Scala day Turkey is a very popular Place several dozen people gather here at the end of the day to watch the sunset probably hundreds in High season it's a show you really shouldn't Miss [Music] thank you [Music] thank you celanunta was an ancient Greek city on the southwestern coast of Sicily at the mouth of a small River of the same name it was the most westerly of the Greek colonies in Sicily and for this reason they soon came into contact with the Phoenicians of Western Sicily and the native Sicilians in the West and Northwest of the island the seaside village boasts a strategic location well linked to the surrounding tourist attractions easily reachable by car from the main towns of Western Sicily today celenota is Europe's largest archaeological Park walking around it you will not simply find yourself among a load of ruins but feel the sensation of finding yourself in an old Greek city where the temples but also the walls the streets the burial grounds and the small family dwellings are easily recognizable it takes around three hours to visit the Acropolis on foot but there's also an electric train running across the park oh [Music] foreign [Music] tripani is a beautiful city on the west coast of Sicily founded by elimians the city is still an important fishing port and the main gateway to the nearby agati Islands stretching out below montia Richa Trapani provides a variety of attractions that will satisfy every taste it is just one and a half hours from Palermo and the ferries travel to the volcanic igati islands as well as to pantaleria Sardinia and France it has an airport and access to the northern and southern coasts from the west of Sicily there are lovely beaches in a nice Waterfront walkway along the ancient walls but also plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy the Sea The Old City of Trapani dates from the later medieval and early modern periods there are no more remains of the ancient city and many of the city's historic buildings are designed in the Baroque Style thank you [Music] sandito low Capo is a small Resort Town situated in the northwest of Sicily with crystal clear waters of the terenium sea the San Vito Beach is a gorgeous stretch of white sand beach at the foot of montemonico and is part of what has made the town send Vito locapo so famous in Italy and Beyond the wide three kilometer long stretch of soft white sand palm trees and clear blue green waters sheltered by a soaring Headland at one end make the beach at San Vito low couple look like a postcard scene no wonder that it's one of the top beach destinations in Italy the surprise is that it's less crowded than many others in the summer [Music] foreign [Music] foreign Palermo is the capital of Sicily and is over 2 700 years old the city is located in the northwest of Sicily by the Gulf of Palermo in the terrainian sea Palermo's history has been anything but stable and the city has passed from one dominating power to another with remarkable frequency its strategic position at the heart of the Mediterranean brought wave upon wave of Invaders including the Phoenicians the carthaginians the Greeks the Romans the Arabs and the French the result of this quilted history is evident today in the vast range of architectural Styles and in the many place names whose etymology bypasses Italian linguistic traditions in a world where so many places have become tourist friendly to a fault visiting Palermo is still somewhat of an adventure you won't find many restaurants with menus translated into five different languages you may have trouble communicating in English in many places and some parts of the Old Town Center have remained untouched since they were bombed during the war Palermo is the main seat of the UNESCO world heritage Arab Norman Palermo and the cathedral churches of cefalu and monreal the city is also going through careful Redevelopment preparing to become one of the major cities of the Euro Mediterranean area [Music] thank you [Music] cefalu is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy but also one of the busiest holiday destinations and resorts on Sicily it's located on the northern coast of Sicily about 70 kilometers from Palermo the town has a population of just under 14 000 but despite its size it attracts millions of tourists from all parts of Sicily and also from all over Italy and Europe the historic district clings around its Beating Heart which is undoubtedly the Duomo a gigantic cathedral built by Roger II the Norman the cathedral which is a UNESCO world heritage site begun in 1131 in a style of Norman architecture which would be more accurately called Sicilian Romanesque the exterior is well preserved and is largely decorated with interlacing pointed arches the chefila beach is long and Sandy and the sea is perfect for bathing the town is also full of narrow and pretty roads with interesting shops and restaurants overlooking the beach [Music] foreign [Music] Islands lie off the North Coast of Sicily these seven islands are all of volcanic origin and some still active the best known is perhaps Stromboli whose pyrotechnics like the sky each night much to the Delight of passengers on cruise ships which time their departures for the display the volcanic activity has created beautiful coastlines of craggy rocks water sports of all kinds are another draw for tourists who find beaches boat rentals diving in Scenic Boat excursions to get to aeolian Islands you will have to take a hydrofoil or a boat from milazzo Palermo or Messina for example the boat from milazzo to volcano takes about 90 minutes once on the islands cars are forbidden and reserved for residents exclusively foreign [Music] [Music] is the third largest city on Sicily and the 13th largest city in Italy with a population of more than 230 000 inhabitants it is located near the northeast corner of Sicily at the Strait of Messina and it is an important access terminal to the Calabria region Messina's well-protected natural Harbor and its position close to the mainland have determined the city's history from the earliest times but its location as the gateway to Sicily has also meant that tourists tend to hurry through it on their way to the many other attractions of the island a devastating earthquake in 1908 destroyed many of Messina's historic monuments though the city's cultural cachet doesn't quite match that of its more coveted Rivals it does claim one of Sicily's finest Cathedrals and an outstanding Regional Museum but also some interesting festivals that fill its streets with music and color foreign [Music] the best time for the most enjoyable sightseeing in Sicily is from April through mid-june or mid-september through October during these periods the sun will be out but it's unlikely to be uncomfortably hot and there will be fewer tourists than during the peak summer season months if you want to avoid the rain visit in the spring no matter when you plan to go every first Sunday of the month throughout the year all state-run museums galleries parks and ruins offer free admission the official Beach season in Sicily begins in June the time when most tourists begin to arrive however the sea is usually warm enough for swimming in May so those who want to enjoy it without the crowds may want to come then especially during the latter half of the month September and off in October can also be ideal as the sea won't have cooled much yet many of the tourists will be gone Mount Aetna can be visited and hiked all year long but the best months to visit is when temperatures are pleasantly warm and crowds won't be extreme May or late September and October more important however is the time of day you plan to come arriving early in the morning not only means a more tranquil experience but better views as clouds tend to form later in the day [Music] foreign [Music] the best way to get around Sicily is by train as it allows you to quickly and affordably get from the Island's various cities while still enjoying the scenery be sure to validate your ticket before boarding to avoid fines buses are another affordable Transportation method and may be your next best option they're less expensive than trains however they don't get you there as quickly you can purchase bus tickets in many places including news stands bars and tobacco shops But be sure to bring cash to pay for your ticket cars can give you more freedom when traveling throughout Sicily but you'll have to contend with traffic confusing tolls limited traffic zones and parking since Sicily is surrounded by water you can travel by ferry as well though service may be limited in the winter months you can fly into Sicily via three airports including Palermo Trapani and Catania airport during the 90s the Italian government planned to build a strait of Messina bridge to link Sicily with the Italian Mainland the bridge would have been the longest suspension bridge in the world but the project was canceled in 2006. [Music] do you find Sicily as fascinating as we do let us know in the comments if you love this video hit the like button and subscribe you should also check out other great travel guides on our Channel [Music] thank you

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