Settling into Life in Koh Samui Thailand Island Living We Left Bangkok

Settling into Life in Koh Samui  Thailand Island Living  We Left Bangkok

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last time on delightful travelers we were  exploring different neighborhoods in Bangkok   attempting to figure out where and if we could  live in the city in this video we're slowing   things down and trying Thai Island living once  again we made our way down to Koh Samui to see   what the hype is all about I'm Trevor and this is  Anna welcome to the final video in our Thailand   series make sure to hit subscribe and click the  like button so you don't miss a single video   a huge thanks to our channel members and patrons  for making these videos possible this is koh samui well we've decided to leave the big city of  Bangkok and we're back down here in the south of   Thailand this time we're trying out the island  of Ko Samui as you guys might recall we were   recently in Phuket and Facebook didn't go quite  as well we definitely enjoyed it but they didn't   go totally according to what we hoped for what we  planned on we're trying it again so specifically   we are in the town of lamai we've actually been  here quite a while now we just haven't really   filmed that much been getting into Island life  just taking it easy well doing a lot of work but   not doing too much and just you know settling  in so today this video is going to be kind of   like what our life is like here what we do from  day to day well we're starting things out right   on the beach today and I think you can see why  this place is absolutely beautiful and speaking   of beautiful we promise we won't talk about the  weather too much but the weather here has been   stunning that's the only time if you're wondering  what type of year it is it is February as we film   this and the weather has been really really good  beef is beautiful like long it's sort of walkable   easiest is sand to walk in but it's definitely a  long walkable Beach and that's been it's a little   bit wavy it's used to come and go but it's not we  haven't seen it completely calm but we did notice   like the top part of the island yeah the water  seems a little bit calmer if that's something   that you're interested in yeah this town though is  checked every single box with what we were after   so we're actually out on our daily walk today just  trying to get some exercise it's one of the things   we love about this town it's like this perfect  Loop we have a nice Beach to walk on you're gonna   see the town soon can't wait to show you guys  some great food as well now if you guys are new a   little bit of a back story we've been in Thailand  now for three months we had to split it up we had   to go to Vietnam in the middle because the Visas  now we're back we just clearly couldn't get enough   of it so if you are new it's Trevor that's Anna  we're the delightful Travelers hit the like button   that just helps us out also for everyone that's  not new and the ones that are new if you want   to see where we are in real time Instagram's the  place you want to go huh yeah watch our stories on   there as you probably know YouTube you can get a  little bit behind so in a few weeks just because   so much work I've been creating a video and then  you eventually end up behind but Instagram we try   to post stories a couple times a week and you  really keep you updated on where we are here's   the thing right now if you're following us on  Instagram you'd already know what country we're in   next and we can't wait to tell you guys so there's  only going to be one video from here in Koh Samui   which is not usual for us at all we've been taking  a bit of a break don't worry for you guys it's   it's going to be completely normal there'll be one  at least one video uh every single week but for us   it's been nice to take a break I say take a break  we've actually been busy with work we have been   but first uh one of the reasons we decided to take  a break I think we already sort of alluded to this   but our next destination I think we're going to  be filming so much like we're probably gonna be   filming like five videos per week or something  like that really super busy films it's a big one   huh we'll give you some more hints at the end of  this video about where we're going but speaking   of that there are a certain group of people that  get to know where we're going first and no it's   not just Instagram there's people before that yeah  so we mentioned this before in a previous video   maybe four or five videos ago that we're adding  some things to our channel members and patreon   our patreon basically some additional benefits  we not I don't know because I put it putting it   off but it's something we really didn't have time  to really focus on so taking a break has helped   in that sense putting together some things for our  patreons and our channel members going forward one   is there's going to be a monthly newsletter type  format that's going to let you know first very   very first people where we're going to where we  are currently and where we're going to next I just   want to point out that's perfect if you do want  to meet up in case we're in the same location or   you want to give us tips yeah the other thing is  another tier on there we're going to be releasing   bonus videos every month about we're calling it  at the moment like an honest wrap-up of each Place   Not that we're ever not honest but it's going  to be raw uncut now I just want to say there's   probably people watching that think your members  you might be subscribed there's like an additional   thing you can do to support us if you want to but  you don't have to you can become a patreon for a   certain fee a month I think it starts at a dollar  so it's like buying us a coffee if you enjoyed   our content but of course this will always be free  this will always be free we just want to get that   point across but for the ones that go the extra  step you're going to get some exclusive content   now well Town's just over this way and we're gonna  take you guys to it can we just point out how   funny it is that there's a Christmas tree still up  Merry Christmas you guys it is I swear to you you   this is February towards the end of February as  we're filming this though and they light that up   at night so it's also pretty cool that there's a  little river over here we should go check that out   look at this how cool is that yeah I like  this place a lot you got the beach there   pretty the River City goes right into  the ocean but not quite almost done we heard so much about this island before we got  here so we were extra excited to visit now you   might be wondering where exactly is Coke Samui  it's in the south of Thailand it's very close   to Phuket in a way so close to where we were  before in this place this little town where   we're in lamai specifically has everything that  you're going to need really there's traditional   shops you can of course get your massages if you  want to do that there's even a McDonald's there's   a gym so yeah pretty much everything so far so  good but it's not exactly our buy business it   isn't I mean no complaints because it literally  has everything we could possibly need yeah but   the vibe probably isn't exactly not exactly it's  a really difficult thing to explain to people like   what we mean by Vibe well not every place can be  perfect we like it here but I don't know if we   come back and book another month but so far so  good here just the vibe could be a little more   upper alley but hey that's gonna happen as we go  around the world trying to figure out why we're   doing it yeah we're trying to figure out places to  live would this be one maybe we need to improve on   a few things it's funny we both kind of agree that  of the places that we've been so far in Thailand   which we spent a significant amount of time in  Phuket here and in Bangkok Bangkok for sure is a   place that we would love to go back to and spend a  significant amount of time and like live there for   months at a time yeah it's easily been one of our  favorite spots and who knew a big city out of all   the locations so far that being said we didn't  off into the north yet and I know a lot of you   guys are going to tell us we have we know we have  to go there we'll get there eventually it's on the   list and yeah Chiang Mai hi don't worry Chiang Rai  we're coming for you at some point at some point   okay well into the uh local market we go we  just love that these are here look at this this   is like just a random weekday yeah and there's  lots of something around lamai there's like a   night market there's a few different like local  markets that happen during the daytime this one   has a lot of food that you can buy to eat lunch  or eat dinner but they also have local products   which is why we're here because we are gonna I  think I just said we're gonna go eat lunch in   a second but I want to get some stuff for dinner  in the meantime this is definitely something we've   really enjoyed about Thailand we've been just  coming buying local produce trying to support   the locals if you're wondering there is an actual  big like think of like a Superstore or a sobies   if you're from Canada or like a massive people a  massively Costco by our local produce yeah and uh   what are we looking for here I'm not sure they  have pretty much everything you need bathroom   cilantro one of my favorites oh it smells so  good luckily it's pretty easy to get cilantro   here oh yeah they put it I think in pretty much  everything or coriander as some people might   refer to it well we found most of what uh what  we're looking for there I just love that place   too I love local markets we got some cilantro  green onion a bunch of little Tomatoes we paid   30 Baht which is what like a dollar I think it's  about a dollar uh U.S for all of that so that's   pretty good but uh here's the problem being in  there I can smell food and now uh I'm hungry we   found a place to eat a little local spot with  I think some Chinese style noodles one thing I   love about this town is they're an abundance  of different types of food from all over the   world of course including Amazing Thai food but  you also can get yummy noodles like this look   at that yeah oh that looks good so in this  we have some broth and there is a choice to   get it with soup or without there is some crispy  pork which I think might be a type of pork belly   and noodles of course some yummy yummy noodles  and there's some greens in there I don't know   if that's celery or something else but it's  got everything all right let's give it a try that's a good sign yeah that pork is absolutely  delicious there's like some pork skin I think   along the edge so it's a little bit crispy  sometimes I find pork belly can be a little   bit fatty but this is just perfect it's not too  chewy it falls apart in your mouth try a little   bit more at the noodles I think the noodles are  like a kind of like egg noodle or Ramen style   noodle kind of those curly noodles they're great I  added a little bit of spiciness into the broth the   thing I love about getting broth in general in the  side of the world is it usually comes pretty basic   and then they give you all this stuff on the side  that'll come on your table that you can add in   to add the flavor to it I think what we're gonna  miss the most about Thailand is the amazing food   yes I know this is more like a Chinese style dish  we're eating Thai food pretty much every single   day you guys but I would say that's the one thing  that I just wish we could take around the world   with this Thai food everywhere we go because you  can't beat it when you're in the country now even   though this is our last video here in Thailand we  will make short of eating Thai food the rest of   our stay here which is really only a few more  days we're gonna eat Thai food every day well   it actually just rained and that was the first  time that happened in a while this Road's pretty   dry but I got to show you the back of Anna's legs  here look at this this is from flip-flop walking luckily it's right back to Sun though so we're  all good here but you might be able to tell it's   it's quiet the minute you get off the main road  I mean we just would have 30 seconds off the   main road yeah and we're staying down this road  it's really it is legitimately quite quiet yeah   we'll show you guys we're going to be taking you  back to give you a tour of where we're staying   because I think you're really gonna like it it's  uh it's quite the spot in a great location but   first we're gonna stop somewhere else before  that because we want a little bit of caffeine   so this is literally the cutest little coffee shop  that you were going to find in alumni we will put   a link to their Google listing below so you can  come find it it's a little bit off the main beaten   path but they also have the best coffee that we  found so far here look how adorable this little   coffee shop is the lady that runs it is the  nicest ever we got our iced coffee I'll try it   if you're wondering when all that commotion  is in the background we asked the lady we   always wondered we didn't know what this  was back there it's actually uh men Thai   men watching chicken fighting on satellite  television that's something I never would   have thought that in fact she told us one  customer thought it was like an international   school back there or something like that so  no just some dudes watching chicken fighting   what you do in Thailand this thing is incredible  best coffee hands down in lamai dare I say close   to me but we didn't try them all but if you're  coming to this place lamai specifically come here   and support this bill it is amazing plus she got  a cool logo well here we are we're going to show   you where we're staying this place is called Zeba  home suites and uh yeah we're pretty big fans of   this place huh yeah something really important  for us when we are picking a place that we're   gonna stay for a long period of time even a short  period of time having a pool I know we are in a   Beach town so you don't necessarily need a pool  but for our lifestyle and the way our days kind   of work it really really helps to be able to pop  out spend some time at the pool go back in yeah   it's pretty quiet here as well you can kind of  see there's a couple of kids down there we love   it it suits our lifestyle like you said we try to  sneak out here at least once a day briefly when   we get work yeah we get like an hour maybe two if  you're lucky and come I will come out and say and   read a book for a little while and then pop back  in do some work you know try to get out here when   you can and how cute is this place all right time  for a quick tour of our place as soon as you walk   in here you're going to see the TV we've actually  been watching shows again we're stoked about that   we'll fill you in a little more later there is a  giant couch which I think acts as like a second   bed and you might be able to tell like this room  is very very big back here we have a a table or a   desk now this is an outdoor table they're supposed  to be getting a desk for us we just asked if they   could we could use something it didn't matter  what it was just because we work online a lot   so they came through there and then voila you'll  see the kitchen as well so we're all set up we   have a fridge nice sink and then there's also a  two burner cooktop so that means we can actually   do some cooking and then follow me this way  so it's kind of a one bedroom but it's like a   studio there's this big arch you can see beautiful  looking bed here there's AC as well and then some   storage areas I will take you into the bathroom  always the hardest part to film in any place   you've got toilet area over here a pedestal sink  on this side and then you have basically like an   open kind of walk-in shower on that side they can  see me for sure hi guys you're gonna see me in the   mirror but yeah here's here's the shower so it  does the trick no curtain or anything but that's   just how it is another thing I want to show you  guys is the speed of the internet here very very   happy with this we actually asked the host to do a  speed test before we got here and you can see they   came through so we're getting in the what are we  200s close to 300 down wow that's insane let's see   what the upload speed's gonna be yeah and just  crazy numbers for upload as well I also want to   say one more thing about this little guy this  little little tiny plug surge protect director   saved our laptops I'm not even joking so in most  tropical climates you know sometimes the power can   flick on and off and of course that happened here  just like it's happened in many many other places   that we've been in the world but when it happened  here like a week or so ago the power went out and   when it came back on this basically blew up I can  still smell it but it saved our laptop you guys   From This Moment On well actually I should say  from the moment on that Max and Marin Voyager   Guru our friends they have a channel as well  they told us about this we know about surge   protectors and things like that in the past  but we just never traveled with them but am   I ever happy that those guys kind of forced us  to get that because we would have been without   Max right now they lost their Max at one point in  the Dominican Republic when it happened it's only   ten dollars can't recommend it enough we'll put  a link down in the description uh to an Amazon   product if you want to purchase one because you  guys you just should From This Moment On We're   just making sure we have one now speaking of links  if you want to book this place we're also going to   put a link down below you don't have to ask us a  reach out via email or a DM or whatever there's   a link below in this video if you just want to  book this place we're not working with them but   we would highly recommend it one thing to keep in  mind though there's a lot of mosquitoes I've been   bit by more mosquitoes here than I think maybe  anywhere in the world be prepared for that but   you can get some bug spray which we bathing  ourselves in this and it's going to help but   this is the time of day where we normally go out  to the pool we're gonna try to get out there do   a little bit of relaxing and pick you guys up in  a little while it's a few hours later we did take   a little bit of a break and now it's dinner time  we often eat out as we alluded to earlier we often   go over Thai food green curries become a bit of  an addiction something you're gonna miss a lot   but tonight we're making this little not coming  some fries too well if you want to know us making   like Mexican bowls I guess like tofu rice bowl  there is some tofu right um yeah tofu right there   but yeah it's gonna be a yummy dish but we we  meant to tell them like how we've been here   for a month and like how the day-to-day life was  going especially with things like laundry yeah so   it's something that someone like you guys asked  us all the time is how we do laundry when we're   traveling a lot of time it's in the sink or oh we  try to rent places that have a washing machine in   them this one does not but funny enough right  down the road probably one minute walk there is   a little laundry mat you can take your clothes in  and they can do everything for you I don't think   it costs very much but they also have two washing  machines right outside right on the street outside   costs 30 Baht 30 bucks throw your your laundry in  it takes about an hour so we often like what we   did today we will go throw our laundry in go for  a walk and by the time we get back it's done and   we bring it back and it just dries quickly in  the sun another housekeeping item we took care   of while we were here because it has been for  a while is our teeth I know you guys probably   commented already we're talking about how nice  your teeth are so much better right okay so I'm   kidding but no we did go to the dentist here in  lamai just to get a cleaning and uh and a checkup   um no cavities that's great and our teeth are now  clean do you remember what it cost it wasn't that   much money I want to say it was 1800 1800 bod what  is the conversion on that 1000 bot is about forty   dollars so it was a Canadian so it was probably  about 60 US Dollars uh each to go get our teeth   cleaned and it was a perfect state of the yard  dentist office so if you're ever wondering you   can get that stuff down on the road there's a lot  of countries that have dental tourism Believe It   or Not turkey is one of them we did that before  when she had her crown uh break off when we were   in Greece but yeah it's really good to know  that but very convenient that we can get our   teeth cleaned while we're here we're also getting  ready to watch more shows tonight not friends but   we've we've been watching oh that's kind of uh  relevant not breaking bad but something else   last thing we just finished Better Call Saul and  I know we're late to the game on this but oh my   what a tie-in to the original Breaking Bad series  let us know what you guys watch on Netflix we're   always looking for shows whenever we stay for  a month in a place we get time to finally like   watch something so we're always looking for  recommendations we're thinking we're going to   start Obi-Wan yes we're a bit of star Wars nerds  so we want to watch that again that's been out   for a while but yeah we're behind on everything  basically for like I feel like a year we barely   watched any shows and now we're just trying to  catch have you know how's the meal going here   it's almost ready I think I'm good to Plate it  all right so we're gonna give our final thoughts   here on Thailand this is it this is it you guys  we're not going to be uh tasting our food but we   promise it's good but we'll wrap it up right now  because what a time it has been in this country so   Thailand as we said we've been here approximately  three months on and off not consecutively really   really loved it it was all right it was our first  time here I can't believe that now I feel like   we've definitely well introduced into the country  we definitely want to see more in the future oh   yeah not everything went as planned or as we  hope but in general I know exactly what does   but in general we've really loved it Bangkok is  now one of our favorite cities ever yeah we got   to see some beaches we got to see some friends  like it's been amazing it's been great we met   so many people here uh to any of you that are  watching it was so nice to me you guys got to   meet up with our old friends jumping places we  just had a great time first time to Thailand like   the south of Thailand is amazing there's so many  more coasts or Islands we need to go so see down   here but we know we need to get to the north but  I think kind of like what we didn't expect is how   much we'd love Bangkok yes we've heard a lot of  people say this now like a lot of Travelers but   Bangkok is just such a world-class City and we  love it I can't and I think one thing we haven't   actually touched on in this video is Thai people  as well they are the nicest friendliest people   ever so incredibly nice so we're definitely gonna  miss the Thai people so you're probably wondering   what happens next I know we mentioned earlier we  are going to another country we're not about to   reveal it it's a country we've been to it yeah  we'll give some hints right now there's a lot of   people new around here but there's a lot of people  that are not new thanks to both of you guys both   of you groups we're going back to a place that  we haven't been in quite a while and we need to   let's say finish a story right yeah this is the  first time we're gonna get to visit this country   might we say on our own terms on our own terms  we had to leave this country last time not on   our own terms this time we're going back it's  a big hint for all you guys have been watching   but I know there's a lot of new new people going  like what are you what are you talking about so   we're going back to continue a very big story and  we can't wait to show you guys you're all going   to be excited and I think all of you guys have  just figured it out right now are going yeah it's   about to happen so if you're new here thanks for  watching getting this far in the video it's Trevor   and Anna delightful Travelers hit subscribe click  the like button leave us a comment if you're not   new great to see all you guys again we appreciate  each and every one of you especially our patrons   and channel members speaking of that there will  be a wrap up Thailand video probably about 10   minutes while I'm just wrapping up our thoughts on  different categories category true uncut thoughts   about Thailand yeah be on our patreon and this is  a channel new thing we're doing but it's where we   really give our honest thoughts about like if  you're looking to travel this is for you this   is why you want to sign up we just give uh our  insights let's say to what we would want to do   if we were coming back again but what a time has  been I can't believe you believe it all right   our food is getting colder we should wrap this  up food time okay we gotta go eat you guys all   right guys that's it from Koh Samui Thailand  wishing you delightful travels see you soon

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