Seoul First-Timer? Don't Miss These Must-See Places with This Ultimate Itinerary | Entry 9/3

Seoul First-Timer? Don't Miss These Must-See Places with This Ultimate Itinerary | Entry 9/3

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Hi guys. Good morning. Welcome to another video. We are here in front of the hostel I am staying at for the whole 9 days. First first nine days maybe.

So. Yeah. I'm heading to the most touristy places here in Seoul. I think the only bad idea is that it's a Saturday, so definitely it's going to be crowded.

But yeah, just really want to show you guys around with an itinerary that I really recommend. This is something I really do, if I'm back here in Seoul. An itinerary that only needs a whole day, and see the best places, that is next to each other. This is that itinerary. What is good about this itinerary, you guys, is that these are all famous itinerary.

and at the same time, it's very cheap. Because you’re just walking from one place to another. Just set your expectations, we're riding the bus or train from from Hongdae area. So if I were you, I'm going to stay in Hongdae. Because that’s really the hippiest area. At least for me.

Because everything that you need is there. So it's just like Myeongdong. But cheaper because it’s a student area.

So I'll be staying. I recommend that you stay in Hongdae, rather. And then, from here, we’ll go to the itinerary I was saying earlier. So, let’s go! So, we are heading to Yonsei University. And then, that’s where we’ll ride the bus bus going Gyeongbokgung Palace.

This bus will go straight there and no need for us to transfer. Also, guys, we are now wearing our mask, as you can see. Apparently, air pollution is crazy today.

So just to be safe let's wear a mask the whole day. Good luck. Hey, it's me. Oh, I can’t.

You can’t see me. There! That's me. That was a fun stop, guys! Aren’t Autumn trees beautiful? We’re already here, we just need to cross the street. My bus stop is just over there. And then we'll head on to Gwanghwamun Square. Let's go! Okay, we're now here in Gyeongbukgung area.

Guys, I forgot that I am a tourist as well. After seeing a lot of tourists, I realized that I am, too, a tourist. And you should enjoy this travel as well. That was funny.

It's. so beautiful here. It's like... around South Korea, it already looks curated. But, this area in particular, looks much more curated. It looks as if it was curated. Guys, wow beautiful is this? What? What? It look so gorgeous here! Guys, here in Gyeongbukgung Palace Area If you rent a hanbok, Which is Korea's traditional clothing.

The entrance fee for the palace would be waived. If I were you, that's already 2 experiences in 1. So go and rent Hanbok to enter Gyeongbukgung Palace for free.

But for me, I'm not going to do that anymore because I've tried that during my first visit here. So, we'll no longer do that. But yeah, that's just a tip that I think not everyone knows. So, go and do it! Oh my gosh, guys! I almost forgot how many tourists are there Earlier, I was reminded that I am, too, a tourist.

Now, I failed to anticipate that all the places we'll be visiting are touristy places. plus, it's a weekend! It's nice, actually! It feels good considering how long we're stuck in our homes because of the pandemic. A lot of us miss traveling.

So, it's really refreshing to see all of these people– sorry, I am trying to louder my voice. I think there's a rally happening. But, yeah! There. I just really want to take a video in front of the entrance of Gyeongbukgung Palace before we go to my favorite spot.

Which is Cheonggyetchon Stream. So, let's go there now. Since it's so noisy out here. Let's go! So this is the entrance. And then, the change of guards happens here.

Over there! I will put on the screen the change of guards' schedule for your reference. But, I think it's happening now. Yeah, it is happening now. Oh, no. Let's go.

We're now heading to see Cheonggyetchon Stream and maybe see Yi Sun-Shin Park first? Let's go! We already crossed the street. As you can see, that's Gyengbukgung Palace. This is the way going to Yi Sun-shin and King Sejong's statue, who invented Hangul. But here, on this side, I am going to Cheongyetchon Stream. See, there are a lot of tourist attractions you can already visit If you go to this area.

There are a lot of tourist attractions you can already see. So, I'll be going to Cheonggyetchon Stream first because that's like my favorite spot in Seoul. Again, guys! Gyeongbukgung Palace.

And then, there you go, King Sejong's statue. And then right here, Yi Sun-shin. Let me try to louder my voice. We're at Exit 4, over here. And this is, like, the perfect subway station and exit that you can go out to.

Because if you go out from this exit, Gyeongbukgung is just over there. And, like I said, just across from here are the statues. And then, over there is Cheonggyetchon Stream. Okay? Exit is over here. Exit 4. Guys, too bad there are a lot of things happening now.

So, maybe we can just go to Cheonggyetchon quick. I'll just show you how to get there. What are the things you can do there? And then after that, let's proceed to the other itinerary. There are so many Polic around. And it's making me a little uncomfortable. So, I think I'm leaving early.

I just really want to show you real quick. Okay, guys! We're already here at the Cheonggyetchon Stream. Again, Gyeongbukgung Palace and the other ones are over there And then, across from here is the stream. The main rally is here. So, anyway, This is the beginning of the Cheonggyetchon Stream.

And what I love about this area, is that it's very dynamic. By dynamic, I mean, a lot of things are happening here. What you can do here— did you know that there's free here? And it's free! And then you can get maybe food from a convenience store, and just eat here. And then, during summer, guys.

You can dip your feet in the stream, just remove your shoes or slippers. And it's a very, very nice feeling. And then, what I love doing here, really, is to get coffee and read my book. I can spend hours and hours just sitting here and watching people. Here, you'll be seeing kids doing a field trip.

And then, on the side, someone's painting. And then, what else? There are guys on lunch break, they're drinking beer while it's covered with a paper bag. So, there are a lot of things happening here.

That is why, I really, really love this area. And it's just so peaceful to be in here. I am not even kidding.

This is my favorite. Up until now, it's still my favorite. As you all know, I have always loved Cheonggyetchon. I feel sad before because I didn't take many clips. And now, I am taking as much as I can.

You know, when I am no longer here, I can always playback the memory. Oh, this makes me so, so happy. Because this is one of the consistent things I do on every visit. There's no single visit I did that I failed to visit Cheonggyetchon Stream.

This feels great. Looking back, you're a different person now, compared to the person who last visited here. So, there, since my visit here is consistent, It kind of reminds me of who I was and who I am now. Comparing that person from the past.

It feels great. I know it's not good all the time to compare yourself to the past because we have the tendency to hold onto it. But what I'm trying to say is, if you truly just really appreciate and acknowledge your growth, it's going to be helpful.

That's what I'm trying to say. And it's a really, really good feeling. I love it.

You know what, guys, even if I keep on saying that this is my favorite, I don't think I have walked from the beginning to the end of this stream. So I think we're doing that right now. I'm actually very thrilled to do it. I am sure that it's going to be long.

What I am not sure if I'll regret it. But, I'll try it. I'll try it! Guys, this tour is so refreshing. You can hear the water flowing.

Right? And it's just so crazy that it's in the middle of tall buildings. So, it's in the city. It's literally the calm at the center of a busy district. Beautiful! It was just 2003 when they modernized, or renovated this place. It was renovated, or, what to call it? they fix it since way back.

Wow. But, one thing that's worth highlighting is how they retain the aesthetic of the place. I am not really sure if "aesthetic" is the right term. How I understand it is they tried to pay homage, right? They want to pay homage to the old design. Hence, the stones. So, I've already read all the information about Cheonggyetchon Stream.

It's more than ten kilometers, so I don't think I can finish that. Ten kilometers, you guys. That's like my whole day already. So, I don't think I'm going to do the end-to-end tour, like I said. I'm really sorry about that. But yeah, so I think one good thing that I have learned from the information I read, is apparently the conversion of this area was really interesting.

It was way, way before. Back in the Dynasty era. This area is really helpful for the people of Seoul, Because it cleanses the whole city. It's the main source of water, something like that. So it was very important back then, until there are problems, war happened, a lot of challenges rose, so this area became an eyesore. It became so dirty, it turned out to be a slum.

With that, Cheonggyetchon is a testify that Korea became poor. And when they finally can go back to their feet, they converted the whole place. And I think that's really inspirational. And I think that's what South Korea really means to me.

They really represent progress. They really represent modernization. And I think that is like the representation of this, like how they converted this eyesores situation to a better and amazing view that we have right now. Okay, guys, I think we're officially done with the Cheonggyetchon Stream tour. and I think I'm going to get brunch.

I'm really, really hungry and then get coffee like we always do. And then after that, if we still have the energy to walk, because I just really want to chill today because it's a long day for tomorrow's itinerary. maybe later if we still can, let's go to Anguk area.

That's where Insadong and Bukchon Hanok Village is located. Again, you can just walk from here to there. It's really far. It's really far. But, you can! I have tried that twice.

Travel hacks! Only here in Rafroads'. Wow, as if! But, yeah! I haven't seen anybody recommending these kinds of tours. See, I'm just walking. I just want to quickly share about the food.

It's really good. It's just like Goto, but unlike that, it doesn't have that strong ginger taste. And It's a little bland, because... it's purely the beef taste you'll get. It's not our MSG-driven food in the Philippines.

But it's a good experience. I like it. I actually enjoyed it. And, there are a lot of side dishes as well.

Right? It's really good. I really liked it. Now, we're heading to a cafe. I think we'll be staying there before heading to Insadong or Anguk area, because it looks like it's gonna rain.

Oh no, we don't have an umbrella. Send prayers! Hi Guys! So, we just finished here in this cafe and it's already 5:15PM. and I don't know, how long we stayed inside, but... I'm, I'm really happy.

I enjoy that cafe. It's one of the best cafes I've been to, for sure. And it's not as cold. I'm just wearing my jacket because am too lazy to put it inside my bag.

Just really want to share that up there– can you see the big globe LED? It's a tourist, what do you call it? Center? What's funny is that I'm the only in there. I enjoyed the mhool, mhool? The whole area by myself! So, I think, since it's still early, because around 7PM, I have to meet up with my roomates. We'll be eating dinner. We'll be trying Samgyeopsal. You see, one of our roommates, German! is leaving for Japan tomorrow. So we just want to do like a farewell dinner.

For a proper sendoff, we'll be eating Samgyeopsal coz he hasn't tried. And then, from here I'll walk to Insadong. I haven't seen Insadong... at night time, so that should be fun. As I said, this is just Chonggyetchon over here.

So I'm going to prove to you that it's walkable. Near that place is Bukcheon Hanok Village. So, let's still continue this touristy, tourist attraction hopping, whatever you want to call it! Let's go. Okay, guys! Upon checking the Naver map, it says that it's 12 minute's walk from this area. So, Let's go. I told you that it's walkable.

I am very excited because this is my first time to see Insadong at night time. And then, I have this tradition of writing on the walls of Jim– I forgot what it's called. Ssamzigil (쌈지길)? I'm not really sure if that's how you pronounce it. But, it's inside Insadong. So, I'm going to show you my tradition. Wohoo! I am so excited! Let's go! It's my first time seeing a rainy day in Seoul.

Wow. It still looks beautiful. Oh, my God, guys, apparently we're already here. Let's less than 15 minutes. It's just 8 minutes. I guess we're already here.

So I really want to share with you what I love about this area. Let's start! You will not see any single English signs here. Even Starbucks as you've seen. Starbucks is in Hangul, right? That's so amazing. Okay, so it started raining, but it can't stop us from vlogging, right? The second reason I like Insadong is it's a souvenir heaven.

The deal here is you get everything in bulk. There are keychains, T-shirts, and stuff like that. It's cheaper because you're getting it in bulk. So, if you're looking for a place to get a lot of souvenirs, Insadong is the place to be.

As you can see, the rain is getting heavier. So, maybe I'll share the 3rd reason here. What I really, really, really, really love Insadong is that there are a lot of amazing and traditional cafes. You can find them here, in the very streets of Insadong. I am not going to share that with you just yet, because we'll have a special episode for that.

Okay, guys. We're now here at Ssamzigil (쌈지길). Where's the sign? Oh, there's Ssamzigil (쌈지길). Over here, it's more visible here. There! So, we're now here in Ssamzigil (쌈지길). And, first things first! Oh no, it's already gone! Guys, it's really gone.

I am certain that it's supposed to be here. I usually get here Poop Bread, that's what it's called in English. And then, there's Sikhye. Oh no, my experience is no longer complete. All the time, whenever I visit, I usually get that.

Oh, man! I guess we'll just proceed with the other tradition. Poop Bread and Sikhye is really no longer available. So, we'll just do the writing on the wall for my wishes for this year. Okay, guys, that's where we are earlier, the place where the food cart used to be located, And then, here on the 1st floor, there's a stair and we'll just go up.

Okay? Okay, guys! On this area, those are souvenir shops. They have stickers. Actually, any arts and crafts. Apparently, Insadong can be also called an Art Village. There's a lot of artsy stuff here.

Look at this one, it's a canvas bag, right? Over here are frames. This stuff, which I don't know what to call. There is globe stuff, right? What else? Over here are rings and necklaces. All silver works are right here. Over here, I don't know what to call it. But here, as you can see, there are a lot of these in here.

Wallets! Lots of bling things. Stuff like this. There's a lot here.

Cute keychains for sure. But here, there are so many. Oh, here's the perfume place. Okay, apparently, you don't need to use the stairs to go to the higher floors.

You just go around over here. So, if you go through that route, it'll go up already. So I was shocked that I am already on the floor I'm going into.

Let me show it to you. Here it is, guys! In 2015, I wrote that as a message to Anna. It was Anna who inspired me, she introduced me to South Korea.

Also, she's the reason why I have a lot of Korean friends. So, I made sure that my very first wish is for her. Because I think she's gonna lose it if it happens to visit the country. That's 2015 when I wrote it. 09.05.15

But, sadly, she hasn't been. Guys, it's been 20 minutes. I still can't find my 2019 wish. I remember putting it up there. I can't find it though.

So, maybe, someone replaced it? I don't know. Maybe they changex this board. I can find it.

It's right here. I remember that there was not much writing there. That's why I wrote mine there.

Guys! In all of my visit, I didn't have a marker with me? That's why I am usually using a normal pen. So, I made sure this time, I brought with me the thickest marker I can bring so that I can write it more clearly. Let's go! I think I'm going back to Hongdae now and meet up with my roommates and we'll have a Korean barbecue.

I think it's just a barbecue because I am already in Korea. I think it's already redundant if I say Korean barbecue? You know what I mean, Okay? Let's go. Let's go home! How crazy! I arrived at the same station as the one, I left earlier. See, there's Hongik University.

And then, we'll pass through that cute tunnel again. Here are the stairs you've seen earlier. Do you remember my video earlier? This is it. I think it's my first time to...

leave and arrive in the same place. Does it make sense? You see, the usual option I selected from Naver map is usually just one route, I mean, no transfer. So, it's not usually the same. It doesn't mean you leave here, you'll arrive here as well. So, it's really interesting that, I have the same route as earlier.

So crazy! So yeah, let's go back to the Hostel first. Let's meet up with our friends June and German. And then, we'll have Korean barbecue and then drink Soju! Let's do this! Wow! This is delicious. Okay, here at the Hostel, there's a girl that gave me this. It is so good! Very delicious. It's a Russian snack, she said.

Taste test! Very bananus! Very good. Very good. Very tasty banana. Out of 5 bananas, how many bananas do you want to grade this? 4.5 bananas! What's bananas in Spanish? Platanos.

Platanos? Platanos. Okay, back in the Philippines, we are not the kind of people who walk under the rain. But, this s**p*d s**t wants to do it! Hello. I'm not that impressed. In Spain, it f****ng rains a lot. Oh, yeah. Okay.

But in the Philippines, you know rain is so common. But, yeah! So in the name of Samgyeopsal, we're overcoming the heavy rain so we can eat good food. Bye. Bye! We're wearing slippers because all our shoes are wet. Oh. What? Whaaaat? What? What happened there? Didn't they know? Didn't they know? Oh there, we can cross now.

Look guys, it floods here too. Oh my gosh! It's really fun to record all these s***y things! We survived! We survived, right? I'm singing in the rain. I'm singing in the rain. As you can see, there's a build-up of traffic because of the heavy rain. Wait, where's Hongdae? Do you know where to go? Yeah, it's like...

I know it's this way, okay. I'm just following the guy. I hope he's heading to the right place. Anything for Samgyeopsal. You know the feeling. And he hasn't tried that.

Because he was denied entry, because he's alone. Apparently, in Korea, you're not allowed to live if you're alone. I am just kidding! Oh my god! That's right, we're now here, (News anchor)! We are live here in Hongdae, The rain is very heavy here. Yes, that's right! I think it's better if we start by saying that it's such a great idea that we opted for Korean Barbecue.

After running in the rain, right? We're so cold. And warming our bodies with the barbecue is such a great idea. What we ordered here is just really Samgyepsal and Pork back. Which I forgot what to call it in Korean.

But, these are amazing meat, you guys! It's really tender. It's such a great idea especially since it's German's first time. And this is his reaction, you guys! I am just really glad that he approved this order. Because I am honored that I was the one who introduced him to this amazing culture of Korean Barbecue. I also introduced him to the Ssam culture.

Which basically is just wrapping the meat with vegetables. He's not really a fan. So, he just grill some meat and eat it straight with those sauces. Apparently, German's a fan of those dipping sauces, which I am not. Another funny story I want to tell you guys is how we manage to order this steamed egg. We actually just saw it from the other table, and it looked so delicious! So, we immediately call the staff and ask them if we can order one.

We tried to be subtle because it's just the next table, right? So we whisper. But, maybe because we're speaking English, they don't understand us. So what she did, She went to the other table, point to the food, and asked us, in Korean, is this the one you're ordering? We are so ashamed, you guys! We're just glad that they're cool about it. And that they understand that we're just two growing boys that needs their steamed egg. And of course, Korean Barbecue is not complete without Soju.

When we're doing shots, we actually shared our drinking cultures from our respective countries. And, it's just crazy to realize that, in the Philippines, we really don't have a term like, "Jang" in Korean. "Kampai" in Japanese. Then, "Salute" in Spanish. All we have, We call it "Tagay!". Time flies so fast when you're having a great time.

When Jun arrived, he was just really so sorry About being late. But we told him that it's understandable, Super Sorry. It's okay, come on! It's okay. But you know, boys will always be boys, so we teased him that he owes us a lot of Soju. And he did! He treated us to some Soju and later on beer! You have to wait for that part. Hi, guys.

So we just finished Samgyeopsal in this area. So, we just enjoyed the best Korean barbecue they have. We just really enjoyed our time. We had about three Sojus, I guess.

So I think we can say that we are drunk. I just really want to record what's happening. I'm just really having the best time of my life. So, guys! That's the reason why I always opt for Dormitories.

That's why I go for shared rooms. That is for me to meet a lot of travelers. So, we can share our stories. Why do we travel? We exchange information, and I think that's one of the best ways for you to grow.

So imagine, touring around Hongdae, right? And meeting all of these tourists. Sharing their reasons why they love to travel. it's is really inspiring. You know? This is already the result of our hard work, guys! And this is... like, and inspiration for you guys to work hard. The music is so loud! Where are we going, sir? What's happening? There's a bar where my friends I visited.

Okay! There's San Miguel! There's San Miguel? Yeah! You're f***ing right! I told you! It's Filipino. I told you. This dude doesn't believe me that San Miguel is from the Philippines. What's better than a free beer, dude? That's free beer! Thank you, sir! It's okay, no problem! Wow! Kamsahamnida! (Thank you!) Guys, what's better than a free beer? It's free! Come on. You're going to go to Japan tomorrow. I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry, man. Too bad! We're having such a great time. And look at this dude! He's treating us to beer, what the h**k! Thank you, Sponsor! Hey! Hey! Cheers! Jang! Jang. Hi, guys! So... This brand is apparently Korean. It tastes like the Super dry San Miguel Beer.

So... this German guy is actually living very early tomorrow. I don't want to leave.

I don't want to leave, man! Did you enjoy it at least? Did you enjoy it? Yeah, I enjoyed it a lot! That's really good. At least, you enjoyed! Okay! How about you? Thank you so much for the free beers. I appreciate it so much. You are the best! He treated us to beer.

Free beer. Free beer. Ne, kamsahamnida! Kamsahamnida! So. Yeah. So, I really want to document that. That I am having so much fun. I think I'm going to close the vlog here.

Just really want to thank everyone for supporting me on this series. If you have questions, please let me know any comments below. But so far I am enjoying this whole series and I hope you guys are too, while watching this. So please communicate via the comments section because I really want to hear your thoughts about this. So thank you so much for watching, guys.

Please support me by subscribing. Please do so. And yeah, I guess that's it. See you in tomorrow's video.

Thank you so much. Bye.

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