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Seeking Asgard Vlog | Ski Touring in Kerlingarfjöll  | Iceland | 4K

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[Applause] [Music] thank you [Music] welcome to Iceland it's currently Friday the 9th of December and we've just been in Reykjavik this past week hosting the world premiere screening of homeland's latest film seeking Asgard ski life stories from Iceland thank you so much to everybody that came out and supported the event we were thrilled to see a full house at the bo Paradise in Reykjavik and really delighted to share the film for the first time on the big screen with the people of Iceland today we're actually heading in our camp easy Iceland campervan to ketling you fall in the highlands of Iceland which was a place that was supposed to go to back in April when we originally shot the film but we couldn't access because the road was closed so with all being well the road is now clear and the weather's looking good we should have hopefully blue skies some good snow and maybe maybe just maybe some Northern Lights so I'm about to pick up good Monday jakobson who appeared in the film and he's going to take us to this very special place in the Icelandic Highlands that has meant so much to him growing up so this was the trip we were supposed to do back in April exactly this is the April trip so this is the real one this is the real one now we are going into actually I know it's not that much snow on the way up there but we will have some problems but I may have to use the day because the daylight is not just three and a half four hours maximum so we have to use the day very well and enjoy -20 and no win tomorrow metals I'm gonna have them close to me do you have an extra typhoon do you have an extra type of hole now we are happy to cutting of it we should have done that in April but it was too much water and that snow but now we're gonna go up there it's gonna be cold and we have plenty of snow and that is the real housekart for me to get out there this is a big part of my life and getting up above good Force then they changed the Rhythm in my body because you're coming after the Highlands and there is nobody there it's just you and with the nature [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you foreign stations so you have to go and have the things that you want to have with you I have a small routine I used to stop here best bakery in in town and you can cast off you have a grocery store here and you have a liquor store so basically you have everything if you have the clothing with you the rest is here [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] nice and famous for hot dogs because of the president of the United States yes but did he why what did he do did he bring them over here or he was here listening and he was working through the chef who's selling hot dogs and the woman was selling hot dogs the corner he called him do you want some hot dog yeah okay so our picture we're meeting is all over the world [Music] now we are ready to go foreign they have been building up since 1961. and most of people want to have good weather and not bad luck when they're going skiing they put a stone in there and that is a traditional thing that I've been doing since I came here the first time when I was five or six years old or something foreign [Music] foreign how is it driving in Iceland is crazy the road is insane uh full parts and you were saying yeah just uh what this is madness just uh yeah experiencing all conditions on this road up into how's my pronunciation coming up it's getting better it's getting better How's my driving coming along oh it's getting better it's getting better everything's getting better the car and the moon and yeah alone the middle of Iceland in December this is usually close notes I think you're trying to kill me yep relax now it's uh from there the line all the lights we are getting to auscard [Music] [Music] what a view welcome to the highlands now we are nearly up there we are at the Crossroad of the Kellyville and then it's time to have on Christmas beer because close to Christmas oh this is nice cheers so we made it up to uh ketling u4 up that crazy Mountain Road but a lot of our stuff didn't quite survive the journey in the same way uh have a little looking out van here yeah yeah everything's gone everywhere it's all gone a bit [Music] all gone a bit crazy on the roller coaster road but we made it so the place that we're staying here in kettling you fall isn't even finished yet the hotel is still under construction and won't be open until summer 2023 so we're getting real behind the scenes kind of access so I'll give you a little bit of a look around thank you and uh yeah as you can see it's a bit of a building site at the moment still lots to do for it to be ready in time for next year the TV up there she's got the World Cup on and uh yeah let me take you down and I'll show you into the room where we're going to be staying is all a little bit unfinished at the moment relationship Welcome to our humble Bose this is all pretty nice really warm nice and cozy and uh yeah the perfect place to lay our heads for the night before we have a day country skiing in the highlands of Iceland well we are at the for the main house are and all the the hotels and we are cutting about 600 meters and we are around the Thousand 1100 meter and that's about eight kilometer and the snow has accumulated not so much but then we are good the elevation is around 500 meter that we are going to walk but we will see if the at the start of the the moon will help us so we are quite lucky at last big car went up here and make the trucks type each of us so yeah this is easy so it's not so much problem to go up to the ski area [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you guys foreign I think it's been done before not that many one or two questions [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] let's take a look at this [Music] foreign [Music] Hot Springs which I believe is one of only two places in the world where it's possible to do that and there's an absolutely nobody here it's Dead Calm just so quiet and this small group that I'm with today we're the only people for Miles right in the middle of Iceland I think it's calm still peaceful excuse Paradise really is [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] everywhere is like a photo a picture postcard for you I had trouble last week and to go home because I need to stop so many times it took me about usually take a four hour with our six hour to drive I was always stopping it was always a new mountain with a beautiful red and we all have the same when we are driving home tonight it's like this balloon a landscape and like the moon could almost be like another planet yeah now we are having like the color again and then there's the sulfur coming from everywhere as well it's like you're New York it's like skiing back in time it's like going in the time machine before when everything you know is just forming and new and putting on a pair of skis and experience in the sport I mean like a totally different way [Music] this landscape I come here every summer and it's completely it's a two two kind of landscape this landscape under summer if I had my feeling is it's it's born again in the winter yeah you know everything is you know smooth out everything is new everything is untouched and you are you are like Pioneers you are first in the market your feet in the snow and just you know for me it's just yeah fantastic understand why in part the beauty as well is just the remoteness it's obviously been so many like a tourism boom in Iceland they don't come here you know that's really nice right because it's important to have these places that are away from the tourism Trail and because when everything begins busy and it's like tapped out and it's like mature and saturated then it takes away a little bit from the beauty yeah exactly you have to take a photo foreign [Music] all over the place here from three to 12 13 years old and it's just you know you know this was just explanation all around here it was a new thing every day and the difference grown-up child today is we just was we were just go out and play and this was our playground today you'd never do that with your kids let for me to come here it's still it's just you know really close to my heart and and home when I could see the mountain especially when the silhouette of the mountain start to emerge like we are seeing today then I'm coming home because in a different ankle it's more like a cluster but when you have the see it from the rest to the to the East and then the cell lot of the of the all the Mountain Academy event that's just stand out and that's when I'm home [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] connected but they're always something special about getting a girl and to come out and be there usually you don't want to go back to Reckoning just stay one more day especially if it's good weather for the future of the of getting a vehicle I hope that the younger [Music] the people of Iceland can go up there enjoy the environment and find something that are different from those daily life even though everybody can take their phones with them or computers or whatever I hope people when they come out there and they turn off the phones and just enjoy the environment and feel the energy and be listened to the silence of the all the wind or the rivers or the mountains they are talking to us [Music]

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