Secret Japanese Garden in a Los Angeles Mega Mansion!

Secret Japanese Garden in a Los Angeles Mega Mansion!

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(serene music) - Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode. Today, I'm walking through this Japanese garden with this pond. And you may be wondering, "Enes, where are you at?" I'm actually in Los Angeles. I'm in Bel Air. And this is a stunning property that is situated on this 1.9 acre lot.

Comes with these beautiful grounds. House was recently remodeled. Looks stunning. And it features seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, on the market for $36,950,000.

And I wanna give big things to the listing agents, Sally Forster Jones and Tomer Fridman, for making this video possible. And now, let's go have a look. (lively music) (lively music continues) All right, everyone. Welcome to Bel Air. We're gonna start our tour next here. Gate opens up to a half motor court. We have the second gate on this side.

This motor court has this really unique brick pattern that really compliments the traditional look of this house. If you follow this driveway, it also takes you down to the lower motor court where we have the detached guest home and access to your four-car garage. Now, coming back here, landscaping looks stunning. House is in an immaculate condition, recently remodeled, and on the exterior, we have a brick facade, bay windows, shutter details.

You have all these copper gutters complimenting the color palette very nicely, and this is your entry. Now, let's go this way. Double doors open up. We have these stained glass details on top and on the sides.

Then, we have this hallway taking you to the grand foyer. This is a beautiful space with parquet floors. Then we have these steelcase doors, open up to the covered patio that faces the backyard, ton of natural light coming in. Beautiful molding details throughout. We have the chandelier right in the center, wall sconces. This entry sets a great tone for the rest of the property.

Now, we have the curved staircase here going up to the second floor. Wings carving on the walls, railing looks stunning, another chandelier, and going this way we have a powder room on my left hand side for this level. Then these double doors open up to the formal living room, two couches, solid wood coffee table right in the center.

Then, we have this exquisite marble fireplace with all these details complimenting this room. Hardwood floors, bay windows bring a ton of natural light. They have placed two chairs here to kind of dress up the room, art pieces on the walls all these molding details. More of these steelcase windows. This room is very elegant.

This house is very elegant, you know. - Yeah, something about bay windows. I've always loved bay windows. - Well, they maximize your view corridors and allow the openings to bring more natural light to the space. Imagine, if we just had a one piece of pane of glass right there, you can only get so much out of that opening versus if you place bay windows then you just maximize the opening. - [Mikey] They have some dimension, you know? - Exactly. - Yeah.

- And just bring more natural light and it goes really well with the kind of timeless design of this home. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now, welcome to the family room. Another exquisite chandelier right above, that looks stunning. Coffee table, two chairs, marble fireplace, rooms are very cozy and warm, and although this house has more of a traditional architecture, you still get all these openings for steelcase windows French doors, exterior doors to bring as much as natural light possible to the space. Now, welcome to the wet bar.

You have a sink here, ton of cabinetry, marble countertops these open shelves, steelcase window here. Then, we have this door opening up to temperature-controlled wine cellar. And as if that wasn't enough, you even have wine for a chair. Pretty cool. - Very nice.

- Let's continue our tour. That's it for the family room. Now, I'm gonna take everybody back to the entry.

Again, we have these columns, molding details, beautiful parquet floors, and now we're on the right hand side. Let's see, the door here opens up to a very elegant powder room. Mikey, can we go inside? You have marble mosaic floors, dressing area here. Then vanity is on this side, nicely fabricated into the wall and we have this door opening up to a powder room.

I mentioned it earlier, this house has more of a traditional architecture and that's why this powder room is so well taught out with multiple areas. Now, let's go back to the landing. We have this staircase going up to the top floor. This is your secondary staircase.

Then, we have these double doors opening up to your informal dining area. This is like your breakfast nook. You have a beautiful table here, seating for five, chandelier above, more bay windows facing the front. It's a really nice space. Now, let's continue.

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We have marble floors installed in this checkered pattern, massive subzero commercial fridge. Then, you have the main section of your kitchen here with a massive island right in the center. Marble countertops, bar seating, pendant lights above, more bay windows. I feel like we're gonna keep seeing bay windows throughout this tour, but it's a nice detail and I like that they're steel cased, so they kind of give the house a modern and kind of contrasted feel. - [Mikey] I'm curious, and I'm sure the audience is too.

- Uh-huh. - [Mikey] You have your preferences, you have things that you like, you have things that you don't like also, but do you prefer traditional homes like this or do you prefer like some of the more ultra modern homes that we tour? - I think I'm more on the traditional side. I like traditional contemporary homes. - Yeah, earlier- - Like Villa Peduzzi was a prime example. - [Mikey] Yeah, Villa Peduzzi- If it's- - Which we will release soon. Yeah. - Yeah.

We went to Italy, you all will see that episode. Earlier, Enes was walking around the backyard, which is really cool. You all see that in a minute. But he's like, "I would just, can you imagine how much work I could get done here, you know?" - I mean this would be a fantastic property to call it home, you know? And it's just like, the views are great, grounds are so amazing and we're gonna check them out in a second.

Then you have this traditional layout, but the house is remodeled, so everything is modern. Cabinetry looks beautiful. You have this section here with two dishwashers, farm sink, window, and then your gas range is located here. Vent is above, more built-in appliances.

These are shaker cabinets with chrome handles and they have the insta detail as well. Overall, beautiful kitchen. And coming this way, we have another staircase that goes down to the lower level and this hallway takes you to two spacious bedrooms.

These bedrooms come with their own bathrooms and the layouts of these bedrooms are pretty similar to each other so I want to point that out. They're located on this wing. Now, let's go back to the kitchen so we can go check out the room that is right next door, which is the formal dining room area. We have a gorgeous solid wood table here, seating for 12, crystal chandelier above, another fireplace, more of these steelcase windows. We have a door opening up to the covered section here, another formal space that feels so elegant, so warm. You have hardwood floors installed in herringbone pattern.

Then you have all these molding details wings carving, curved ceilings. It's pretty special. - [Mikey] Yeah. And again, I love this bay window. - And it faces your backyard. We have the pool over there, which we're gonna check out in a bit. Now, let's go back to the landing again on this wing because we have this door here, opening up to a staircase that takes us to the lower level.

All these doors are opening up to storage closets. The door behind Mikey opens up to the four-car garage and from the four-car garage, you can also go to the laundry room. Now, let's come back here.

We have this door opening up to the entertainment room, billiards table right in the center. Then we have these hardwood floors and they use the same material to fabricate these built-in seating areas. Above that, you can see the dark navy paneling that warms up the space and gives it a kind of a fun entertaining look. Again, billiards table here, bar is on this side, countertop is beautifully curved.

Your bar seating, sink, open shelving on the back. It's just a great spot for you to come down here with your friends, play a game of pool, be detached from the rest of the first floor. With that, we're done on this level. Now, let's go check out upstairs. (bright music) Now, let's go check out the top floor.

I mentioned it earlier. Staircase curves beautifully, brings you to the landing which is very spacious. More windows bringing natural light.

And talking about those curved details, we even have some of the walls here, curving really nicely. Two bedrooms on the left wing. I mean, I'll start our tour with this one, king size bed. Again, trim details are throughout, built-in bookshelves on each side of the bed.

We have all these windows bringing natural light. This room is very spacious. Hardwood floors, massive rug to cozy up the space. This room is really cool.

- [Mikey] Yeah, again, I love these windows. I feel like I'm all about the windows here today. - Well, we're almost on two acres here. Grounds are fantastic.

I've been staying quiet on the grounds because I think that's the best part of this property, which we'll tour last. And you can see some of them from here. All your neighbors, we are in Bel Air. You know, Bel Air is one of my favorite areas in L.A. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Standing here is just really, really nice.

All right, come on in. This is technically your walk-in closet. We have some built-in cabinetry here. It leads you to a bathroom. Vanity set up on this side, same shaker cabinetry.

We have the tub here. Tiled wall, good sized bathroom. Now, let's go back to the entry of these bedrooms because we have the second one right on the other side. This bedroom is facing the views. Comes with a king size bed, sitting here looks really nice. Hardwood floors, extremely spacious also.

I mean, look at this, king size bed looks so small in this room, has its own fire place. More of these windows, more of these views. By the way, this has got to be one of the best days in L.A., this year. Like it's so clear outside right now. Weather is perfect. I know you're enjoying it.

I'm really excited to go outside. - [Mikey] Yeah, and my cameras are not doing this justice out, these windows guys, but we're gonna be outside in just a second and you can see just how nice the weather is. - Absolutely. And there's another bedroom on this level. Now, let's continue. Of course, built-in closet on my right hand side, full bathroom on my left hand side here and come in back to the landing, let's go to the other side so we can check out the primary bedroom.

Even have a small seating area here facing the front. This is the back staircase that we showed earlier on the main floor. You even have a small laundry room here so I wanna to mention that.

Then, we have this door opening up to the primary bedroom suite, which is this entire wing. First, Mikey, let's take everybody here to start our tour with the first bathroom. Oversized slabs on the floors.

We have the vanity on this side, again, with more of these traditional details, corner fixtures. Then you have a spacious walk-in closet here cabinetry on both sides. And I really appreciate that they kept the windows over here because we're facing the views, we're on the top floor.

You can see Downtown Los Angeles all the way to Wilshire Corridor. It's pretty awesome. And this is the first bathroom. We have another one. Now, let's go back to the entry.

Walk-in shower here with this really unique tile design, rain head above, your built-in bench, water closet is here. Overall, this is a really good sized bathroom. Now, it gets better.

Coming here, there's a small closet and then this opening takes us to the bedroom itself. Obviously, being the primary bedroom this is the biggest bedroom in the house. And look how spacious it is. King size bed looks so small massive chandelier above me, multiple seating areas. We have chairs that are positioned in front of these windows, marble fireplace.

And since we're on the top floor, look at these views. Again, Downtown Los Angeles, Wilshire Corridor, it gets better. Mikey, follow me. Let's go to the balcony (door creaking) that we have on this level. This is a fantastic space.

Outdoor seating area is here. We can see some of these traditional exterior details here with steelcase windows, copper gutters, brick facade. And then we have these views. Down below us we have Bel Air Country Club. It's peaceful and tranquil up here. These views are breathtaking.

I really like Bel Air. - [Mikey] Yeah, I know you really like Bel Air. You've always really liked Bel Air. - I've been talking about it over the last four years.

- [Mikey] Yeah, that's right. - All right- - On this channel. - All right, back to the bedroom. King size bed is here.

Same molding details throughout. Then we have these double doors. By the way, Mikey, can we get a close up? We have all these interior doors with these ornate hand carve details, so I wanna point that out. Then we have the second walk-in closet here. Again, built-in cabinetry, massive island, marble countertops, chandelier above.

This is a front facing room, gets great light. And right on the other side, we have the second bathroom, walk-in shower on this side with the rain head above, this really unique mosaic tile on the floor. You can see the stone slab fabrication here. Then on this side we have the vanity, same shaker cabinetry marble countertops, more of these chrome fixtures and this bathroom, or what makes this bathroom so unique is this section right here.

We have this glass enclosed section here where we have the freestanding tub. This is really unique and obviously, because we have glass throughout, it gets fantastic light. Freestanding tub is on an elevation here and once you're in the tub, you get great views of the city and the surroundings.

And this is just a cool, I feel like this section here reminds me the home that we toured at Marbella. - [Mikey] I was literally going to say that. It's called what, Gratitude? - Gratitude, Villa Gratitude.

- [Mikey] Villa Gratitude, I was gonna say that. I mean- - It feels exactly the same way. - Yeah, you beat me to it though. - There you go. And it's just a nice touch.

And with that, we're done on the top floor. Now, let's go check out the backyard. (bright music) All right, everyone, let's go check out the backyard. We have all these steelcase doors opening up to the covered section, glass table here, seating for eight, more chandeliers. And then, we have these steps taking us down to the main section of the backyard. Views are fantastic.

House is in immaculate condition, grounds are meticulously maintained. Yeah, mature trees, roses, flowers, plants. And this is the main part of your backyard or main part on this level. Now, let me take everybody this way. Multiple outdoor seating areas.

Pool is right in the center, right on the other side we have the pool cabana with a covered seating area that comes with a wet bar. And next to that wet bar we even have an outdoor shower dedicated for your pool area. More lounging areas. I really appreciate that they brought some of these brick details around the pool as well to create more architectural continuity. The structure on this side is a detached guest home. It comes with a living room, full size kitchen and two bedrooms.

So I wanted to mention that. You can access the guest home through the lower motor court where we have the four-car garage which I mentioned at the beginning of this video. Overall, this is a phenomenal space. I love the pool here.

Simple plaster. This section is super private and I feel like this outdoor space compliments the house really well. Now, this backyard doesn't end here. Let's continue.

We have another outdoor seating area here with a fire pit facing these views. And you may think that's it for this property, but it's not. What I wanna show you next is what makes this property so special. (serene music) Now, this property is situated on 1.9 acres.

It's actually combination of two lots. And the lower part of this property has these Japanese gardens. And through these gardens we have walkways, staircases, bridges, like the one that I'm standing on right now. And you have water features that run through the entire property. We have never seen a backyard setting like this before. We're gonna take you guys on a quick journey so we can show you guys this space.

We have mature trees, plants, landscaping looks so beautiful and they maintain this property at a level that I have never seen before, especially for an outdoor space. Like we mentioned, we have these walkways. There is a Japanese tea room, there's a meditation room, multiple outdoor seating areas, and the variety of trees, plants that we have in these gardens are so impressive.

And since this property is on a hillside they terrace it really nicely with these retaining walls. And again, we have these staircases or walkways taking us through the property. We have another water feature here and it keeps giving. Now, we're getting closer towards the lower section of these grounds. Another outdoor seating area here.

Mikey, can we turn around? I mean, look at the space here. This is phenomenal. I'm speechless. It's so peaceful and tranquil up here.

I can't believe that we are still within the property, house is all the way up there. And look at all these mature trees around us. Then you have these walkways, which are serving as retaining walls and create different elevations within the property, so you can enjoy every bit of this backyard space.

This is fantastic. - [Mikey] Yeah, it looks like you're in Japan right now in that backdrop. - And we have a Japanese garden down below. Let's go have a look.

(serene music) (water spattering) I can't believe we're in Bel Air right now. And as part of your property, you have this tranquil pond, which is just incredible. And then you have these walkways that take you to different part of your Japanese garden. Look at this, look at my surroundings here. This is unbelievable.

I love this. - [Mikey] Again, this is, it looks like you're in Japan right now. I can't believe that this exists in the middle of Bel Air. - I feel like if I owned a property like this, I would utilize these grounds all the time. I will come down here, have my cup of coffee, relax, read a book, maybe meditate, spend time with yourself.

And I feel like these grounds are a very important aspect of this special offering. (bright music) (bright upbeat music) - All right, everyone. That's it for our tour, stunning property. The remodel has been done so tastefully, but my favorite feature of this home are the grounds. They're spectacular.

And without a doubt, this is a very unique offering. I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Sally Forster Jones and Tomer Fridman for making this video possible. And as always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video.

Lastly, if you enjoy the tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (gentle music)

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