Season Two Episode 7 The first day on the "Rock"

Season Two Episode 7 The first day on the

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foreign [Music] of our little mishap [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign just finishing breakfast on the ferry and her report about us [Music] we're on the ferry now about to depart [Music] should be fun [Music] [Music] Jim had texted us earlier that there was a change in plan of where we were going to meet up the new place it was a kilometer east of the ferry terminal at a Highway Maintenance Garage [Music] foreign [Music] are you there 470 Highway 470. curbside didn't get the memo clarification on which highway to take [Music] foreign we had a bit of a meet and greet they're supposed to be about 12 or 14 Riders however there were some complications one fellow had an engine failure in Nova Scotia some other people just couldn't make it happen and from here we are going to Rose block [Music] I'm experiencing technical difficulties my mic wasn't working and I had that bug with me again [Music] curbside and I paradar pactoc bowls on the ferry the night before and he was such a joy to communicate with fortunately the rider lost something off his pack and I was dispatched to chase him and get him to turn around [Music] foreign a few minutes later I finally caught up to him I tried all sorts of things to get his attention flashing my high beams waving at him standing up wasn't until I pulled alongside him and did that police thing pull over he stopped [Music] foreign [Music] I had to run back to where he had stopped and let him know that he had lost something off his pack and that he had to turn around [Music] now I had to go catch up with the leader and let him know what was happening foreign [Music] laughs now to get Jim up to speed and explain to him what happened and soon we're off again [Music] now I get to relax a bit and enjoy the scenery and I can't help but remark to myself that this is so much like where I grew up in my hometown in Sudbury in the lying area with the kettle lakes and the and the rocks and the Cambrian Shield [Music] it's quite pretty here [Music] I had only met curbside Andy the day before we took the ferry and we just got along he's such a great guy lots of fun made me laugh so many times on this trip it's just a hoot [Music] [Music] after months of planning it was hard to believe I had finally arrived on the shores of Newfoundland and this ride was just amazing just so much to see the ponds The Rivers the streams and the landscape was just blown away [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] we're now making our way to the Rose Blanche lighthouse [Music] [Music] [Applause] thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] [Laughter] [Music] I just can't get over how beautiful it is here everywhere I turn it's just amazing foreign [Music] foreign [Music] phenomenal [Music] I know Jim has photographed this filmed this number of times and it and he's right cameras just not cannot capture what we see here [Music] see rivers and streams and lakes [Music] foreign [Music] and then you see another pill [Music] age just amazing [Music] go from three four hundred feet right down to sea level back up again pretty good [Music] this is spectacular you come around the corner and what you see is a big wall of trees as they climb up a mountain and valleys and it's just amazing country and then you see mountains in the distance and [Music] you know the Rockies are kind of like the same too higher of course but this terrain is just amazing thank you for riding here it's not so bad there's hardly anybody on the road which is nice it's curvy so it's a bit exciting I'd say that no it's two parts come to me [Music] beautiful rivers over here it's today's been quite a day since getting off the ferry [Music] I gotta say [Music] hey we are now approaching grossborne National Park Canada no hunting I can't fly my drone in a national park so there will be no drone flying this foreign [Music] [Applause] over here back there there's snow on top of the mountain here in Newfoundland and it is July 18th [Music] that shouldn't surprise me I just wasn't expecting to see it so the elevation of these mountains which are truly mountains where snow is remaining is quite something [Music] let's see if we catch it around the corner here [Music] wow oh look at this [Music] oh that's clouds look at this View [Music] well maybe it is still it could be clouds [Music] there's no way you can see this road winds in and out up there [Music] no there's snow there that's snow that is snow clouds [Music] thank you [Music] new appreciation for Newfoundland [Music] foreign [Music] you can probably see behind me I'm going to do that when I review the footage what's behind me probably see it tomorrow because we've come back up this way [Music] and 15 meters above sea level and I'm still going down oh look at this look at this well now foreign this morning we were just in a rocky landscape that I said was like Scotland and even like Sudbury before we had vegetation well or I should say if somebody had vegetation that's what this morning was like and now oh and now we are in the mountains and valleys oh I'm so glad I made this trip [Music] I'm gonna try and see if we can get behind me because I can't well the creek my neck I can sort of see [Music] over my shoulder Wicked egg and when we came down to sea level the temperature increased by three and a half to degrees Celsius [Music] this is called Shoal Brook can you imagine discovering this [Music] and the peoples that were here already [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] potholes are bad there were two Andes curbside Andy and Andy Andy was the one that hit a pothole and it made the bike slide away from him and he slid and the bike got damaged Andy was a little bruised he managed to tape up his bike and was off and running the next day a real trooper he was [Music] [Music] that was the scene of our little mishap [Music] unfortunately Andy had a bit of a fall [Music] oh this is just amazing this View Snow White so [Music] I saw over here amazingly [Music] crazy [Music] oh well [Music] okay in the shade of the mountains there's snow there we go is that something [Music] yes truly faithful [Music] there's the ocean folks look at this [Music] [Music] bless the town of Detroit River I'm assuming we're going to the campground which is somewhere over there [Music] foreign [Music]

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