SAILING! MUST SEE places in Vanuatu. Ep. 132

SAILING!  MUST SEE places in Vanuatu.   Ep. 132

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We are Pierre, Lisa and our furry crew member Tiller. We  are sailing around the world in our Outremer 5x   catamaran and we just sailed from Bora Bora to  Vanuatu to rejoin the Outremer GLYWO rally after   spending a full year in French Polynesia please  subscribe to join our adventures and a big thank   you to everyone who's already subscribed. Hello and  welcome to BioTrek sailing. In our last video we   had sailed from Bora Bora to Tonga to Vanuatu and  we were in Tanna which is an island quite visited   by visitors even though it's southern-most  Island because it's got an active volcano We arrived in Port resolution before any of  the other rally boats and that was kind of   fun because we had a chance to catch up with  Luc, the organizer who knows Vanuatu really   well. I think he lived here for I think it was  six years and so he knows lots of Chiefs   and we were really looking forward to the program . And here he is uh giving me my fishing present   for winning a fishing competition and also talking  about the stay we're going to have in Port Vila   we're the first boat here and it's very unusual  to see a single boat.That's right this is pretty  

amazing to have only one ship, one sailing boat  in Port Resolution and you are the one in fact all of the rally is going to be really the first  sailboats coming back to Vanuatu since  COVID. So maybe Stanley just say who you  are working with the rally. And you're wearing   an ARC shirt. See your  shirt from the ARC, that's another rally,   they go around the world like we are, We are now 18 boats   from many different nationalities many   French. Canadian, Americans, British Dutch, German.  We had an Italian who s no longer with us. We are a big group going around the world but we take more  time than the world Arc. They go fairly fast. We want more time to discover more islands and meet the people. So we take about three years and a bit

so this is a prize for the fishing  competition. Actually I believe you were the   winner of the three boats. I don't remember. No 2 Canoes had a bigger one but we had more fish   Anyway you deserve one of the three  prizes for the best fishing between Panama   and all the way to Bora Bora. So congratulations. Thank you. Delayed gift but wow what a   gift! And this this is made in French Polynesia. The whole thing. And the tourism office   of Vanuatu is very excited too. Actually they are  going to give us a formal welcome in Port Vila  

wow because they say okay you are kick-starting  the tourism and the nautical tourings Yachts nice   Yachts nice people is the way to go. So it's  going to be a fantastic program in Vanuatu We were warmly welcomed back in the rally by all of the different boats. Now I have tell  you they were about    I think there were 33 boats that started out. Some  boats leaving from France Europe and other boats,   like us, joining in Martinique. And right now there  are 18 boats in the rally. Why do boats drop out ?   Well it's for a number of reasons. Some some just  can't keep up with the maintenance. I mean sailing   these kinds of distances is hard on the boat and  rigging has to be checked there's maintenance on   the water maker, the motors ,all the electronics and  so we're lucky on BioTrek because Pierre is so handy he  can fix anything, he's really a MacGyver on the  boat. And other people are learning along the  

way, But it's been challenging for some boats to  keep up with the constant repairs that are always   required. Another reason why some people dropped  out is because they were they were only planning   to sail to either Tahiti or to New Zealand. And  then some boats have dropped out sadly for medical   reasons and they've either sold their boat or  they have had it shipped back to their home port   and at least one boat is decided they  wanted to spend more time in the South  Pacific because they didn't figure they had  seen enough because they had to go back and   forth to their home country. That's one of  the reasons we stayed in French Polynesia   for a year. We just really wanted to experience  the cruising lifestyle in French Polynesia and   we'll go and see New Zealand and Australia  by plane after we finish doing this rally We watched as the rally boots arrived,  including Tiller. They had spent the  

last eight months in New Zealand and  traveled to Vanuatu via New Caledonia In the last episode I showed some of the volunteer work  the rally did in the villages including   repairing solar power systems that  were damaged by the recent cyclones   children in the village of Port Resolution are  really special. Friendly and smiling and always   helping you, not asking for anything. Here they are  helping me launch the dinghy. Oh you're so strong Pierre fixing the sail  because he noticed it's got a weak point and  he's gonna fix it before we have a problem so there's our boat in Port resolution we can see the smoking volcano  from our anchorage and when the   wind blows from the West it was  putting ash on the boat so when   it was time to leave Port Resolution  we were glad to head up to Port Vila I didn't take any videos of our sail from Port  Resolution in Tanna to Port Vila because I had   a little bit of a GI infection. I wasn't  really feeling well and didn't feel like   picking up the camera. I  just have a few shots of Port   Vila and particularly interesting in the  market and some of the rally activities   but the really interesting things to see in  Vanuatu you have to see by boat because that's   when you sail north from Port Vila. It's easy to  get an airplane to Tanna because there's the active   volcano and there's lots of tourist flights there. And Port Villa is the city with the international  

airport. But once you go north there are many, many  islands, not all of which have an airport or maybe   there's only a flight to it every couple weeks and  not really any tourist facilities for staying. So   it's really fabulous to see these places by boat . And the people are just delighted when you come   and visit their village. There's a bit of a  custom to do an exchange of fruits and you give   them some gifts. The kinds of gifts we give them  our clothes maybe some cooking oil we've been   giving solar lights. Things that they need in the  village. It's it's really quite a great experience

The rally was officially welcomed by officials  and the tourist office of Vanuatu and   Luc had a chance to tell them what  cruisers bring to the tourist market   which is very different than cruise  ships because we spend money in the   supermarkets restaurants and lots of  places where cruise ship people don't go We were welcomed with  gifts and necklaces and then it was   time to socialize and enjoy some local dancing next we sailed from Port Vila to the  island of Epi where we were going to   meet the local people and enjoy racing with them The Village was large enough to have  a high school and also a small market town is graced with Norfolk pine and also  a shade tree Barringtonia Asiatica is   also called the fish poison tree because all  parts of the tree are poisonous. As everywhere   in Vanuatu children always like to help the  cruisers bring their dinghies up to the beach Luc knows the Chief in Epi and when we travelled to Epi with the rally they had organized to give us a super welcome   reception and organized a day  of racing which was super fun thank you then it was time to prepare the canoes for  the races and to let the races begin. First it   would be the men's race then they would have the  women's race and then it was the children's race   as always Tiller is a big attraction for the kids That is nice. She likes it very gently I went in the women's race with Tiller  the local people thought it was hilarious   to see a dog on a paddle board but  I don't have any pictures of that after the races the locals had put on a dinner  and there was prize giving. The best prize of   all was a paddle board given by one of the rally  boats to the local winner of the children's race.

That was one happy kid! After  dark the villagers put lights   all along the beach. What a beautiful sight! the next day we took a boat to a neighboring  small island to visit another Village and then   have a snorkel to see the dugongs. Dugongs are like  manatees but they're really not the same species   their tail is more like a whale tail but like  manatees they're vegetarian and they feed on grass The Village Chief explains some  of the signposts of taboos   and some of the reasons maybe not to  pick the fruit because it's not ripe   yet and then the woman of the village  put on a feast of fruit and vegetables the visit ended with the woman singing for us then a children's song all together in French We are just leaving Epi. That is the Island where we were yesterday they  said there were 600 inhabitants on   is going to be a nice and quiet ride Are you excited Tiller? Are you excited! We had 2 fish on. Pierre landed his fish and then he  came over to help me because I was all   tired out. It was such a big fish and  it was taking a long time to come in That was a big fish but a shark got it oh my God the shark got it first two fish one half gone the other  one is still here let me show it   to you so exciting it's a super nice  tuna and we're using Tim's method Interesting right! Wagging tail.

so we're anchored here all right hello come on over I'll give you I have   these little tiny cakes you can come and taste it Do you like it? Yes ! It's sweet. You gotta brush your  teeth afterwards right? Yes. Do you brush your teeth   every day? yes . Good because you don't want to have  some cavities, right, or lose your teeth wherever we go in these islands the custom is  to give gifts and so we had this barbecue on   the island near where we're anchored now  we're not in the same bay where the rally   went we decided to come here because we're with  the boats that like to do water sports the   wing board and kiting there's a good bay  where everyone's off doing that right now   I'm not I'm not a winger. I like paddle boards. So I'm here working on my videos. Some of the   boats organized a barbecue on the beach and so we  went and asked at the island if that would be   possible and they said fine. So we first went  to the main village to give them some gifts   and to meet with the chief. And then when we had  the barbecue we brought some gifts. It turns out  

there's only one family that lives on that  island. A family. A couple Brothers they said   it's just really not very many people and  they came and joined us at the end of the   barbecue and they were really excited to taste  our food. We had made some fish marinated in   oriental spices I made some shish kebab. There  was bean salad and all sorts of things that   maybe they don't eat or prepared a little bit  in a western way or an Asian way. Very fun

so we're anchored here it's very nice and  calm you can see the main island here this   is the island where we had the barbecue and  then the the main village is on this island   and you can see some of the other boats here   because they're doing some water sports  they're doing wing board and such today Can I see your chief? We asked to see the chief and then we were   taken through the village to find him. After  we had given them the gifts the children   took us on a tour of the village.   There were lots of children with   the Melanesian blonde gene evident and  my son-in-law, who's a geneticist, tells   me that it's a different gene than that  from northern Europe blond gene, It evolved separately okay beautiful boys Aline is showing them the pictures hey never opened the presents in front of  us it was clear that they liked the presents polenta, more fish, sweet potatoes..

Tiller do you like it peanut sauce. This is tomatoes. yeah  tomato. You don't get it too often right We got them from Port Vila Anna , you made the pie! We gave the left overs to the family living on the islands and they folded into  the most eco-friendly package I've ever seen look at that! It is like a little package I'm not sure where I'm gonna end this video. I'm  working on it today. Not a lot of time when we're   back in the rally to work on video editing. But I  have today to do that and hope to show you some  

of our favorite shots and favorite places And the  people here are fabulous. I mean there's children   everywhere. Young children and they're they're  always smiling and they just want to they just   want to be close to you and see what you're like  they're so curious and it's really a lot of fun   we make these videos to share our enjoyment of  our ocean world with you we really appreciate   it if you subscribe and give us a like  and if you like these videos consider   a donation to The Alliance to cure this is a  foundation that we support. They are trying to  

find a cure for the disease of cerebral  cavernous malformation. And you can find   more information on the the links in the  comments below and also on our website   100% of contributions go to the foundation  and the foundation can give a tax receipt

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