Sahara Desert first impresion, 4K #coliseum #golden_yasmin_hotel #tunisie

Sahara Desert first impresion, 4K #coliseum #golden_yasmin_hotel #tunisie

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Are we gonna drink a coffee here, next to the Colosseum? We will, but after we visit the monument Look how beautiful this is! How is it called? Bougainvillea (paper flower) It looks very nice this coffee shop Look up there, our flag is there as well Look, Romania .. right here In the left side it's the El Djem Colosseum We will take some photos soon We gonna feel the highest temperature ever Too hot already It's a little bit cooler in here What did you understand in the end about this location? Talk louder's only 2 of us now. Until now we had to speak with a lower tone voice because we were in a group The guide was talking to us as well... So tell me...

So, this Colosseum was built by the local people And the Emperor from that time, Gordian, destroyed a part of it because... The Colosseum was closed, as a circle, now is a part missing exactly in front I don't know if it is visible from here There, where is that part missing and the sky is visible ..there a part is missing because the Tunisian Emperor from those times ... decided to demolish it because the people refused to pay taxes And then, he took them the "toy", the fun They used to organise all kind of contests: with animals, with gladiators Exactly.... all kind of "powers" (let's call them like this) were fighting here and no one was paying taxes, nothing at that point, the Emperor decided to demolish a part of the "toy" as a revenge As a mention, here it were filmed couple of scenes of the Gladiator movie If you watched it ... I did ...if you did you should be able to remember this. It really nice here, it's cooler then the outside Let's go on the right side You can see the city from here This city has around 35,000 habitants The monument looks pretty height from here We gone up another 2 floors.. You can see we are much higher now

This is the entrance There is a camel as well, Tunisian "taxi" We can see the spire of the mosque a bit better now The whole city is much more visible from here No way...come on, let's carry on. Let's go much higher Really nice. Look at the sun how is rising after that wall. Yes, nice..really nice, but we didn't eat anything from last night, so let's go to look for some food Listen, do you trust to eat from here? From these gladiators? If I trust to eat from the hotel where are we staying... 0:05:08.016,1193:02:47.295 On those stairs, you go underground where the gladiators were getting ready for fight

.... and these stairs I don't know where they go...under the ground , somewhere Under the ground is a tunnel where the gladiators were getting ready and than they were going up again from that pit in the middle of the arena Exactly as in the film. The price per person is about 3 dinars, which means 3 Did I say 3 dinars? No, is 12 dinars, 3 English pounds, 3 Euros, 3.5 Dollars. It's not too expensive (as a mention, we had the price included in the trip's price) Done, you made friends here as well. She's pregnant. Her belly is huge She will "explode" soon...

We are in a craft shop, but Andreea is making friends from the animal's world, as always. Magnets and a lot of home decorations. This is the city vibe: a lot of scooters people are sitting at coffee shops, bars. They don't drink alcohol, but they having a coffee, tea, glass of water Coffee shops everywhere Let's see what we gonna have as a drink, because I'm very thirsty.

Everything what you like as drink and food. They also have toilette here if you need it. What did you buy? I bought pastries. Kind of roll with cinnamon on top. 1 dinar (0.31 USD/EUR; 0.27 GBP) From a brasseries really nice and clean. There are also nice things in here, if they want, they can. All beers are alcohol free. That's a lemon beer, a cherry beer and a normal one. I'll get one with cherry, I never tried it before.

Get one, you not driving anyway.. Try it ! Taste like juice Kind of mojito Has mint in it Let's switch I'm not drinking after you It's so good. It is really tasting as a mojito beer. And mine is nice..It's suits me better this one. Let's feed the baby camel He seems to be hungry. Leave the baby to eat!!! Let's give some money to this guy Baby camel wants some more milk This is the Star Wars Hotel (Hotel Sidi Driss – Matmatat-Al-Qadimal) Let's sit at the Romanian table Beer is cold and tasty Salad with ... something

Let's try it! Rice, chips, grilled chicken Bread Have some rice Victor (background): this pie is made with camel cheese Camel cheese This is interesting. It was left here from the film It looks like. Star Wars was filmed also in Jordan Victor: yes, in several locations. We are now at the troglodytes house, local people.

Do you see how the jasmine looks like in here? It is different than ours That one we bought last night is lovely. Smells amazing! I thought I'm not gonna have enough light in here, but this tunnel is not too long. Let me take a picture of you, in here This is the master bedroom One bed with a hard mattress (made of wheat straws) And this is the shower room 2nd room: guest room Nothing else matters now This one is so lazy 3rd room: Kids room Here, the way it's smells looks like being a kitchen Smells like garlic They have a gas hob I found the storeroom (..) This is the storeroom Some wooden barrels stored in here Smells like soil, the same way as it was smelling when you were going down the cellar at your grandparents So much garlic they have! They have beans and something which I don't know what it is Would you like some honey? I like that the wind is on Yes, it is a comfortable temperature Let's go upstairs People are already on the roof We'll take a picture from the roof This is a coffee shop, kind of stoppage (services) Wow, such a nice view Really nice. There is an oasis, but has no water in Is a donkey between the palm, but is no food for him.

This is the palm forest in from of the hotel Let's see the entrance Really interesting and nice decorated the hotel's entrance A lot of palms both sides 2012 is our room. Looks better than the other one (our main hotel in Hammamet) The flooring is all marbel or granite, whatever it is, This is our room from the desert, for tonight, This is the toilette Can I mention something? Room no. 2013 doesn't exist. This is the shower room, nice, clean and tidy This hotel is called Golden Yasmin and is positioned at the "desert border" The hallway has a wardrobe, mirror... Moving forward to the room. This is the room, funny with that TV there, but..Looks like the LED tv didn't arrive here yet We didn't come to watch TV, so it doesn't matter too much A bed which are actually 2 single ones, pictures... Let's check the windows now, it is a single one and a double one.

Let's open this and check the view. Palms..a lot of palms! Reception at this hotel looks good and clean. It's OK overall. A mosquito net added to the window for stopping insects to come in... How do you feel dressed like an Arab? ..... Are you nervous? We will ride the camels People are already leaving This pictures are so cool! It's over now. I was so afraid of and then in the end I was taking pictures on my own.

I wouldn't repeat it !! My legs are shanking

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