Rozdałem 1, 000, 000 PLN swoim widzom... (tu miała być clickbaitowa końcówka ale nie jest potrzebna)

Rozdałem 1, 000, 000 PLN swoim widzom... (tu miała być clickbaitowa końcówka ale nie jest potrzebna)

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What’s up. We did plenty in the past months. I recently noticed a growing tendency of everyone thanking their viewers. However, if something more comes into the equation, the thing nobody wants to part with… Suddenly, a problem appears.

Surely, words play an important role here, because you – the viewers – may hold us accountable for what we say. But, I find such thankings to be complete only, once the words are accompanied with actions. I therefore present to you, my loves: One million PLN (225 000 EUR) of green ones. And I’m absolutely serious. So then… Right. Why am I showing this, anyway? My loves: Neither the title nor the thumbnail are clickbait.

The amount of zero’s after the "1", isn’t a mistake. Looking at it, I’ll tell you what – there’s quite plenty. I could likely detonate some nice, sports car for this money. Or maybe burn it down – they’d probably talk about me all over the world.

But it’s not about fame at whatever cost, but the actions mentioned previously. Lately, some cash was made. But in the frenzy of producing videos, there was no time to spend it or chill on holidays.

And the thought of retirement doesn’t haunt me, yet. However, I’m very open with you, therefore able to admit that, this money wasn’t only made by me, but by us. And that’s a huge difference, because it is us, together, making this money. You, by building this community, building these numbers, watching the videos or taking part in the events, which I organize for you. So, for the past weeks, we’ve been preparing an event, where we give away a million PLN to you. I’m absolutely serious.

We’re giving away a million PLN to you. Your hearing is correct. Now, to utilize a second of your attention, I want to inform you that, we’re in a midst of preparing a project… Which I hope and most importantly believe to be… The project of my life. And that the dripple, which appeared on your screens right now, will build the strongest community of Polish YouTube.

And maybe not just that, considering what we plan on doing. I’m utilizing your attention, because this isn’t a commentary production. Quite the contrary – we create content, which is constantly full of action, not allowing you to get bored. What that means is, it disallows us to comment on any of the current events. Officially then: None of the lotteries outside of my Instagram or YouTube are mine.

Doesn’t matter if they’re similar, identical or work the same way or another. My loves, these aren’t events organized by me. If I ever organize any kind of event for you, it is likely going to be the last one, from me. That’s mostly because of what’s happening here. Suddenly, lotteries pop up like mushrooms after rain.

Let’s get specific, my loves. The video is basically divided into three parts. Yet, the first one is already done. (1. Intro)

The second one is on the million PLN, which I’m giving away to you, my viewers, mostly in cash. (2. 1 000 000 for you) Then, there’s also the third one. The third one is… Listen it’s a bit weird. Like, a few months ago I fulfilled my dream and ordered a Ro… And here stop, stop and stop. I thought it through and decided to make it a separate video. That’s because these two topics are completely different.

The other may not be interesting to everyone. The idea for this video was first presented to the operators back in August, 2022 - almost 10 months have passed, before it came into existence... There's plenty more of such plans and ideas. Wonder if they call the police? (A surprise crate) Will they call the police? We’ll find out. (A random gas station in Subcarpathia) But if they don’t, it is now 5:01 AM, my loves. That means no other than, I’m gonna call the ambulance if I don’t get to sleep soon. Why would they call the police? Because we can’t do it the normal way.

Besides, we can’t just let them know, it’s got to be a f**ing surprise, right? So we got such a crate. Besides the crate, we got such chains to wrap around it, my dears. And we also got the locks set to the code of “7777”. Now then.

We fill up the crate with the sweets we bought yesterday. That’s various fudge candies, hard candies and so on and many more. Then, we put 100 000 PLN (25 000 EUR) on top of the crate. We then close it, wrap the chains around it and leave it under the orphanage. Why would they call the police then? Because they’re going to get outside in the morning and see a crate wrapped in chains, not knowing what’s inside. All it takes is a single call to 112, saying they’ve got some suspicions… Then, my loves: The anti-terrorists will swiftly fly the f**k over to us, right from Rzeszów to Krosno.

Why? To take us with them. Is it gonna happen or not? Don’t know, but I could guess. Anyway, to help ourselves a bit and not prolong the operation, by like 8 years, we’re gonna leave a note. So, let’s not prolong but really do it. Operation #1 – the 100 000 PLN (25 000 EUR)! Let’s go! Now, the last part of the puzzle. “Don’t be afraid. The parcel is a gift. Nothing dangerous.”

Basically, if there was something dangerous inside, that’s exactly what I’d write. We’re headed to the place. Two black buses full of men.

We appear like people going to “do the job”. We pass the area, even having a tactical map printed out! We switch to a smaller van. The big one however, gets placed on the other side of the plot, equipped with the operators using telephoto lenses. We’re doing it, 5:43 AM. If the neighbors notice what’s going on here, it’s all over.

F**ing hell… I’d get behind a wall of trees, so people can’t spot us from the street. Nice black hoodie, Przemek! Yours is f**ing gray, too! But it’s not a t-shirt. Where do we want to leave it? Behind that car. -So by the very door, right? -Yes. Alright. Wait up, wait.

Gotta catch a breath, my back hurts. That’s like 50 to 60 kilograms, dude. Do we escape running or like, delicately? No, delicately.

Unless somebody gets out, we then run, right? We get the f**k out, then. Alright, go. The security cabin! The door opens this way, they won’t open the door. Now, the most boring part. We sit down and wait for the action to take course.

Half an hour passes, then an hour. One and a half passes and suddenly, some movement develops! He’s out, he’s out. There he is.

Is he looking? No, just smoking. Walking around. But he’s gonna start looking around now.

He’s looking at us, don’t move. He’s walking towards us. -Do we leave? -Do we? -Let’s leave.

Let’s f**ing go then. He’s surely gonna call the police now, surely! The further development consists of typical espionage. A drone makes for our eyes. Hovering 300 meters above the ground, but the zoom allows us to see everything happening on the ground.

We hide on the other end of the village. The dude roams around, calling people and smoking a cig right after another. A commotion develops.

Meanwhile, we anonymously call them and inform of the lock code being “7777”. One and a half hour passes and a magical sentence pops up: Yo, the police is here. The policemen are opening the crate. They opened it. They opened it! They now witnessed the 100 000 PLN (25 000 EUR)! We reach a happy end, hopefully. Because what happens next, we don’t know.

But, with the budget increased by 100 000, it’s likely only gonna get better. The gas prices are up. But there’s a donor… Prices went up indeed, but luckily indeed, there’s a donor. In my hands – 60 000 PLN (13 000 EUR) right now. Today, it’s me filling up the fuel tanks of my viewers.

We find ourselves in Rzeszów, the 60 000 PLN bill is open. If the budget isn’t enough and the queue remains long… We’ll refill from our magical bag, say 10 or 20 thousand. Wanna fill up with the regular fuel, diesel or gas? That’s only up to you. The only thing I do here is make sure that, the 6 gas pumps constantly fill up your cars, on an open bill. I told you it’s worth following my Instagram. A day before, I posted information for you not to fill up your cars, because I’m gonna do it.

Today, I upload a story informing of the gas station address, where we operate. Considering your engagement as the community, I bet a small traffic jam may develop. What’s going on?! The jam already reaches the junction! Everybody with their tanks empty! Everyone waiting for the free fuel! That’s what’s up! Hello, warm welcome! Greetings! Hello, hello, welcome everybody! I’m guessing you’re here today because of the free gas. We’re putting 60 000 PLN (13 000 EUR) into it, so we’re free to pump as much as possible. However, the way I see it, half of Rzeszów is already jammed… So we’ll likely change said limit and increase it. I think we’re good to get a bit crazy, later on.

If the gas station even has this much gas underground, we’ll likely reach around 100 000 PLN (23 000 EUR). We’ll see how it goes. I invite you, my loves, to all the gas pumps. Where there’s someone from our team, you leave without paying! Huge thanks to all of you, you’re f**ing amazing. Three, two, one… Pump them! Ten gas pumps simultaneously and 100% certainty of absolutely wrecking the 60 000 PLN budget. Quoting the classic: “Pretty high up here, pretty high.”

F**ing high up here, pretty f**ing high up here! Let’s do a street survey, then. Let’s see what’s up with the clients today. Today, driving is absolutely the best, why? Because it’s basically free, right? Exactly the way she said! Very clever. What’s up, homie! What are those gauges you got here? They likely inform you of the earthquakes too? Exactly so! F**ing hell! But we’re not only gonna hang out at the gas station.

The jam’s gotten so long, that out of respect towards the people sitting in it… I walk out to give a high-five and talk to at least most of them. -Hi, homie! -Cool event! Thank you very much. There’s the E46 and girls! Sincere greetings, it’s an honor, hello.

Hands kissed. Hello! Hi! Will there be enough fuel? If the gas station doesn’t run out of it, I think we got some budget. Hi there! You’re making such a f**ing ruckus! The whole Rzeszów is blocked by you! The whole Rzeszów is jammed? It reaches f**ing Podkarpacka street! Listen, I only said there would be free fuel! It’s you who’ve done the jam. Everybody takes everything for free! Respect as f**k! Cheers! Homie! The 98-octane already ran out! Noo! There’s only 95, diesel and gas left.

At the moment, we already spent over 30 000 PLN. F**k me… From this point, I’d like to mercilessly laugh at the keyboard warriors, who say: “Budda? The one only watched by kids.” Nice kids around here. Thousands of cars waiting in traffic, because 12-year-olds have gotten behind the wheels and taken over the city, my loves! They’re out for gas, exactly so, right. I’ll tell you what, sir – pretty good, pretty good! So you’re coming prepared? (Canisters) Gotta be prepared.

Right, let it be. You need it for the lawn mower, right? No, for the tractors. For the tractors then, alright. -Which one? 95, 98? -This one! 98! Let’s give it some. Boom, poof and it pours.

-You know how much? -About 50 liters. That means a full tank! There’s a buzz, a lot of f**ing buzz! The fuel is pumped and the budget is out. We keep on going, moving towards the 100 000. There’s a guy, whose Peugeot’s motor has cooked from sitting in traffic. Uncle Budda won’t leave him and his girl like that, but that comes later. Keep on watching.

Entertainment starts to arise, too. I’m burning the rubber till the end, but require tire money. You’re asking if the Pope’s Catholic. -How much is such a tire? -300 PLN (67 EUR). -I’ll give you 1000 PLN (225 EUR) for it. -Alright.

-Do I hand out what? -Some coupons to fill up fuel later. -Have you filled up, miss? -Of course not, do you know where the jam ends? I don’t. The only coupon I got is the cash, I can give it to you, to fill up. 300 PLN for a full tank. -And for me? -And 300 PLN for you, sir.

We thank you a lot. -500 PLN? -Why so much? Why not? Keep the hundred. What’s in your head, handing out money like that? I simply know about making it because of you.

Two brothers even decide, they’d like to get a classic cut. The Budda haircut, such a patriotic style. But the event is about sharing money, so an offer is made. Listen up, let’s do it like so: Reach the gas station, we got an AMG Sprinter there. There, find either Grażyna or Rafał Haznar. -Tell them, I said it’s 10 000 PLN (2500 EUR) for getting a haircut. -Alright.

They’ll know I said that. -Do you really wanna get a Budda cut? -Surely. -Dude, easily. Budda, you missed your role in life! (Brother #1) Maybe the “hedgehog”? (Brother #2) -I’m a professional. -Oh yeah? Cool.

Well, it’ll come in handy. Incredible feat, no doubt. Truly. Eventually, 97 000 PLN (22 000 EUR) was spent on fuel. Additionally, 20 000 PLN (5000 EUR) on barber service.

On top of that, fuel money given away to the elderly couple or the kids – we could sum it up to 7000 PLN (1500 EUR). In the end, we summarize the pool at 124 000 PLN (28 000 EUR). Get a driving license, seriously. Not just seriously, but 100% funded by me. 135 000 PLN (30 000 EUR) – that’s how much I paid for the vouchers in my hands.

135 thousand for the 50 driving license course vouchers! I’d therefore like this segment to pace at 1 second equal to 1000 PLN (250 EUR). So that we finish this whole part in 135 seconds. Right now, in the very middle of Cracow, I’m uploading an Insta Story on my Instagram, with my location.

And the information saying, I only invite the people reaching 17 and 18 years old this year. So that you enter adulthood with the driving license. Without prolonging, let’s begin! Action, action and action! It’s meant to be 135 seconds, so we gotta hurry.

Some have interesting stuff to share and at times, the general event is filled with joy. There they are, homies are running. -What’s up, where are you running from? -From the Cracow Gallery, dude. What are you saying? -Do you have driving licenses? -No.

I got them free, for you! Jesus! Thank you. Three thousand in the pocket. There it is! Listen up, there’s a homegirl somewhere in here.

Where is the homegirl? Listen, homegirl. I haven’t asked if you’re from Cracow, so there’s three thousand for you. (The homegirl wasn’t from Cracow) Do the license and later do each roundabout sideways. Thank you a lot. You’re welcome.

-Got a driving license? -I don’t. -Want one? -Yep. We’ll get you one right f**ing up. This is for you. You call them, cite this code and get the course for free. Oh s**t.

The door, door, door! Hi. -Are you 17, too? -18. -Got a driving license? -No. -Want one? -Yeah. That’s perfect! Got to be 17 or 18 years old and have no driving license.

I’m 17 and an ID. You’re 17? 17 year olds look like this, now? You f**ing look 25, man! -Here you are, dude. -Thanks. -How old are you? -18 but without an ID. Don’t even have a f**ing photo? Photos can be organized. Three thousand PLN, dude. Ask for a pic. Send me two sides of my ID.

How many times did we do that? 22 minutes have passed since I uploaded the Insta Story. For now, the Story has 78 000 views. A queue is beginning to form and the vouchers are starting to run out. The number of drivers in Poland is slowly growing. Where will you drive on your first trip, homie? Oh f**k. -You’re free to think about it for a while. -I don’t know.

-Will do a roundabout? -I will. Now, that’s Uncle’s way. I’ll get a bimmer as my first. Our time is running out, so I’ll use the last seconds to tell you, that during our giveaway… And giant limo managed to break down, then out of nowhere: A giant, American tow-truck appeared… The Bachelorette party women dropped their cake and Jędrys decided to eat it.

135 thousand in 135 seconds, let’s go. Let’s trade. Another day begins and the fun fact is that, all the things you saw in the video so far, was just yesterday. We began at 4:00 AM and ended at 9:00 PM. Even today, we were able to read plenty of articles from various media, on what we did in Subcarpathia.

A metal crate – The metal crate – A mysterious parcel Quite a large, metal box “7777” But, moving on! Three cars are behind me. These are still mine! But in a moment, it’s all going to change. Allow me to explain. I bought three cars in a similar price range. All of them found in the best possible condition. Fresh after servicing, as cheap to maintain as possible.

Counting down: The Audi S3. 2.0 liter, 280 horsepower, Quattro drivetrain – 52 000 PLN (12 000 EUR). The BMW E92 – a legendary 3.0 diesel. 380 horsepower, 700 Nm of torque, 62 000 PLN (14 000 EUR).

Lastly, Renault Megane 3 RS – 2.0 liter, 250 horsepower, 2010 – a very fresh copy – 58 000 PLN (13 000 EUR). We loaded the three cars on three tow-trucks and kept on going – headed towards Silesia. The scheme of what we’re about to do is f**ing insane! But, I’m stoked about it, like a kid! For the viewer, with some car in a mediocre state or simply giving him trouble… Worth less than 10 000 PLN (2500 EUR)! We’re going to exchange it for him, with the one he chooses from the tow-truck! The person who wishes to exchange, has to win in Rock, Paper & Scissors against me. Such a game for 50 000 PLN (11 000 EUR).

The viewer won’t know that, even when he loses, the car’s gonna be his anyway! We’re doing it! If it goes on like that and the weather keeps doing its thing… I’m gonna travel the whole Poland and give the million away, all wearing slides. But, listen up! We got a homie here, who didn’t make it for the free fuel. He texted me on Instagram, saying his car just broke down. I asked him, where he was from and he said – Poznań.

I told him: Listen, come over to Katowice, any parking lot you like. Sit there and ask no questions. You’re not gonna regret it.

The guy’s here, he made it. I’m putting my flip-flop on and we’re out to talk to him. Hi! Warm greetings to you! I’ll approach the lady first - hi. Hi, I’m Martyna. -Listen up, homie. -I’m listening.

-You wanted to come for free gas, but your car broke down. -Well, that’s right. -Is that so? -Yes. You see, we’re doing such a big event and in it… I got some dope surprises for my viewers, that means you. That means us, correct. Tell me something about this car.

It’s a B3 Passat, 1989. I mistreated it. Mistreated it badly. And simply, when I stopped… I like it very much! I like this reasoning very much! I mistreat it, can’t deny that! Into first, floor it. Into second, the gearbox gnashed.

And it wouldn’t move from the traffic light… A safe area, but with traffic lights. No, of course! Good that you mention that, the only way to do so. -So, you’re launching at the lights… -I’m launching at the lights, I get above 2000 RPM and it starts jumping! But like, ruthlessly! -F**ing roughly! -F**ing roughly, very much! So I tried another gear and again. And then again. So I got angry and f**ing smoked it again.

It wouldn’t work, I had to drive like a grandpa through the city, people were laughing. I reached my house and just left it. Listen up, dude. I got an offer for you. It’s pretty good and I told you on Instagram, you won’t regret coming here. That’s right. I’m holding up to these words.

Listen: Right now, three cars are appearing from behind of these trucks. -You’re joking. -Can’t you see them? No! Oh f**k. Now, my dude. -You choose the one you like. -I see it already. We then play Rock, Paper & Scissors, best of one.

-I knew it! -Martyna, Jesus! I literally told him: It could be the case, it’s gonna be Rock, Paper & Scissors! You either win it or not! -I’m having goosebumps, dude! -Me too, me too! -Oh God! Sure thing it’s the bimmer, right? -The bimmer? The bimmer! F**ing come on then, let’s see what they look like from the back! An RS Megane, E92 3.0 diesel… The 335! That’s the engine of my f**ing dreams! I wanted it in the E60! Two f**ing turbo’s! And a diesel! -380 horsepower and over 700 Nm of torque. -F**k me! And the S3, 2.0 liter with Quattro. As long as I don’t like the A3, this one’s amazing. -So you’re choosing the E92? -Correct, we’re exchanging.

That’s what I f**ing thought! I thought so, my friend! Which one of you is going to play? Who’s the deputy? The boy, it’s his car! Best of one. No… -F**k… -Maybe I’ll try? -Homie, f**ing why? -F**k… -Why did you f**ing lose in Rock, Paper? -F**k me! F**k! -What are we gonna do now, man? -I don’t know. Do you watch my videos? F**ing of course! Yesterday I watched your whole video with that BMW, I thought you’d come with it.

But if you watch my videos, you know I’m not gonna leave you like that. You lost, but it’s yours anyway. No! No, no, no!! Oh that’s f**ing right! F**k!! I love you Martyna! I love you!! F**k me… I love you!! Hand me the keys. I don’t believe it!! The homie’s so f**ing happy! I can’t believe it.

We’re taking it off of the tow-truck, loading your car up and you’re driving it back home. No, no!! No! Seriously, it’s f**ing yours. No, I don’t believe it! I really don’t believe it! -In total, we paid over 60 000 PLN (13 000 EUR) for the car. -F**k me… Grażyna has all the papers for you to hand us the Passat over.

I got everything, even the documents from the first, German owner. And we got all the documents from the E92. The civil tax is on us, too. You’re f**ing amazing. Thank you for fulfilling my boyfriend’s dreams. You’re welcome, come on.

You’ll cruise around together. Give me the key, I’ll bring it down and never put my ass inside it again. Oh God, my dream! One more thing. Just now, when I was taking it off of the tow-truck, I noticed the tank fuel not being full.

Hence, as you like traveling, here’s a 1000 PLN (250 EUR), get yourselves two tanks of fuel… And this car – with two tanks of fuel – is really gonna take you far. The E92 has got a new owner. A really powerful reaction. The homie goes back to Poznań and we’re out for another job. -What’s up! -I’m in shock. You’re in shock? Why? It’s so abstract to me, being here since yesterday.

But I told you: Come over. -And you’re here! -And I’m here. -And you towed it here, after it broke down yesterday? -Yes. (His Peugeot broke down by the gas station)

-And you don’t know what’s coming? -I don’t know anything. That’s better, after all. -What’s going on? Let me hug you some. -Everything alright. Oh s**t, there’s tinworms here! -Tell me more about this car. -No, these aren’t tinworms.

-It’s called a dynamic system of weight relief. -Okay. It’s not rust. No way anything’s broken in this car. -Everything’s got its purpose, everything works as it should. -Oh yeah? Maybe besides that radiator. And power, at the moment.

And a few other things. But besides that, everything works. So basically… Clean title, brand new, perfect condition and never used? French owner cried, when he sold it.

The Frenchman chased it till the border? Till the very border, until they caught him. Listen, I got a case for you, which may sound a bit abstract. Right now, you do not look behind you. It’s happening behind our backs. Now, two tow-trucks are entering the parking lot.

These two tow-trucks are carrying two cars. Pretty cool ones, too. You’re gonna choose one of them and we’ll play Rock, Paper & Scissors for it. If you win against me, this car becomes yours and I take the Peugeot. Come see the cars, you may win. Oh my… My God... No… I’m probably not gonna believe it all happening, now.

It’s just all very… -You got goosebumps, dude! -I do. Check both cars out and decide, which of them you want to play for. The choice is likely gonna be the Megane, immediately. Don’t even know what to say, I’m in such shock now… Ask which one does louder crackles. Poof. Both are cool. It’s hard to decide…

Stand a bit further, check them both out. -We’ll take the lady too. Come, lady! -Come, come. -How long have you been together? -Gonna be two years… -Then you’ve got something to say here! -Yay! I like the Megane’s looks a lot, the interior too.

So, I’ll likely choose it, not to piss off the village neighbors too much. And you? Which one would you choose? A moment please. Okay, give me a moment, just a while.

Oh gosh. Now, she’ll surely move the seat all the way back. Told you. Love, the other one’s more comfortable. More comfortable? So we’re playing for the Megane? Playing for the Megane, right? So, I’m gonna win a car now. Best of one.

What’s the market value of such a Peugeot? I’d say 1500 – 2000 PLN (300 – 400 EUR). We bought it for 2300 PLN (500 EUR). I bought the Megane for 58 000 PLN (13 000 EUR) and the guy went down from 61 000 PLN (13 700 EUR). You just made 60 000 PLN (13 500 EUR).

Nice, nice. Now, to make it official. The card, which is a key of the RS, is yours. And I’m handing you the keys of my car.

We’re left with the S3. Let’s take a break from the cars for a moment. We’re moving towards the scooter-o-bicycle. Not too far to Berlin. Half an hour, one tops. Remember how during the trip to Bosnia, we took along a guy called Łatwogang? Who was challenged to count to 100 000? The challenge however, got the best of him. This is a psychopathic challenge.

But I promised not to leave him like that. I bought such a Łatwo-mobile for him. Partially a bicycle and partially a scooter.

I made an appointment with him in the park of Silesia. Now, listen. -What’s up, homie! -Hi! -Listen up, without the camera for now. Here’s the thing. -Yeah? (GoPro on my head has the light turned off, to appear like waiting to be turned on) You got to reach a very far destination on this thing. -With this? -Yeah. I’ll do it.

But you know, it’s far. -And that’s not electric? -No. -Know where Gibraltar is? -Gibraltar? -The strait? -Rings a bell. -Know how many kilometers that is? -Like a thousand? -No… -More? -Yeah. -Really? Yes. -More than 2. -More than 2?!

-Yes. -With this? 2998 kilometers. -To ride on this? -Yes.

I think, that’s f**ing… Awful, this can’t be ridden. -How do you ride it? -Like a scooter. -3000 km on this? -Yeah! I won’t make it alive. You’ll have my blood on your hands. The operators are coming.

Alright, I’m joking, homie. You got to reach Berlin on this thing. Oh f**k… I already thought it was the end for me, honestly speaking.

Yo, I don’t know, really. I was speechless. I stood there, thinking: Nah, I’m gonna die. 500 kilometers – four days, without sleeping. Continuously. From here, it’s way easier, road being downhill. Uphill is gonna be a bit more difficult.

How much time do I have? -There’s no time limit, but 50 000 PLN (11 000 EUR) to win. -Okay. Damn, thanks. It’d be nice to get it done in two days, but that’s probably impossible. But in three, may be doable in three. If I tried hard. I already heard your “easy” once. I remember that.

Ladies and gentlemen: Too easy. The young one understood his task and it’s time for a test ride. Wojtek the photographer has his take, as usual.

-The bicycle’s trash as f**k, right? -Tragic. It's dope going downhill. The backpack gives you pace.

Łatwo-mobile strikes down! The game for 50 000 is on and we’re moving back to the topic of Audi. The third person has to be found by us, so to say: Randomly. Somewhere in the street. There are cars suitable for the exchange, but I jumped outside as a decoy. They aren’t the channel’s viewers.

There’s an old A4, an older guy – not a viewer either. We drive around, searching. We even reached Szobiszowice.

After an hour, a magical sentence is heard from the walkie-talkie: Hello, hello! The dude at the lights is being towed. -What happened here? -Don’t ask! Pull over somewhere! Finally, there’s a guy being towed in an old Clio, behind an old A-class. I’ll jump into the passenger seat. Hi, homie. Can I? Feel free, take a seat! I’m Kacper, pleased to meet you. Oh f**k! He pulled so hard! Couldn’t be better.

The dude’s got a malfunction and is being towed. Well, it’s starting to f**ing rain, perfect. Cool, great. What’s going on, homies? What happened here? Know what, it’s probably the starter. We already replaced the battery. -Is this your car? -Yes.

-How long have you owned it? -Gonna be 2 years? -Quite cool. So what, you drive it to work, school, college? What year are you from? -2000. -Listen, I got an offer for you. -Right. -Right now, a tow-truck is gonna enter the parking lot. -Okay. With a completely different car. I think you’re gonna like that car. -We’re gonna play Rock, Paper & Scissors, best of one… -Okay.

-If you win, you take that car and I take yours. -Oh s**t! What’s going on here! The homie will confirm it’s true! Yeah, that’s usual stuff. An S3, 2.0 liter, 280 horsepower. An economic engine, manual gearbox and all-wheel drive.

280 sounds more like my heartbeat right now. -Is it worth it, Jasiu? -Worth it. I’m not an Audi fan myself, but… But the deal is… I keep the wheel cover.

-You keep it, no problem. -Alright. Rock and Paper, best of one. We take it off of the tow-truck, sign the papers.

-You give me yours, I give you this one. -Okay. I don’t believe it!! Homie, I’m serious! Where’s the key? Suddenly: A randomly met homie, being towed by an A-class, in an old Clio. Now, you’re becoming an owner of the S3. We paid 55 000 PLN (12 000 EUR) for it.

Who’s gonna believe me, anyway? And I was crying about buying the battery! Oh and it’s got no inspection. Yo, Jasiu! The foolish are always lucky, right? Years of experience in Rock, Paper & Scissors are finally paying off, in form… Of car keys. I talked with Kacper on the phone and went like: It’s some scam, we’re not pulling over. The next plot requires us to drive all the way from Silesia to Kalisz. Long routes being the way they are, allow for various accidents to occur.

Sometimes, even literally. We take a look and there’s a guy in the ditch. Listen up, I put an effort to tell whether he’s drunk or not, but he wasn’t. Purely sober, nice. -Sir, you’ve even cut down the roadsign. -As you see, right…

What happened here? Hell, it’s suddenly gotten dark for a moment. Damn, too bad about the car. It’s quite damaged, you must have been scared, sir.

I was scared a bit. I hit it here and bounced off there. -I’ll tell you what, sir: We’re now driving through whole Poland now. -Right. -And we help people, as we go. -Oh. So, we looked and saw you in the ditch. I’m not gonna take much time from you.

Here’s 10 000 for you. -Take it, ask no questions and repair the car. -You’re joking, sir? -No, I’m serious. -But no, no. Wish you all the best! Farewell! And don’t worry about anything. Thank you so much! -Have a good day! -Good day to you too! Next, we’re cruising down the country road and see a lady, bravely pedaling. So, it’s appropriate to lend a helping hand to a woman.

Excuse me! Excuse me. -What’s up, where are you going? -I don’t know, ahead. -Just cruising around? -Yeah.

Wonder if she watches the channel? Probably not. -Do you recognize the channel I create, or not? -No. -Got a boyfriend? -Why are you recording me? I’m stressed out! -Because you look cool while riding this bicycle. -Alright. -Are you local? -Being on a bicycle, I got to be local, right? She’s so right! -I wish to give you money. -Why? -Just like that, buy yourself something nice. -What…

-What?! -Have a good day. Kisses! -How much did you give her? -10 thousand. A chick rides a bicycle and receives 10 thousand, nothing to be added. That’s such a f**ing level, the scale breaks.

Dogs enjoy walks. A thousand, thousand, thousand and thousand. And in total, we got fifty of these thousands. But besides that, we got fifty thousand here. And this whole part is meant to show you two different approaches to helping a dog shelter. So, the 50 000 #1, which was just licked by a cow for me… Is the 50 000 I’m giving to this shelter.

Using it, they may do a renovation, feed the dogs… Or cows. And the other 50 000 was divided into one thousand parts, not without a reason. Each of the volunteers who came here after my Insta Story announcement… Will get 1000 PLN (250 EUR) for taking a dog for a walk. That’s meant to show each of you, that if for some reason, you’re not able to adopt a dog… You may simply visit a befriended shelter and take such a dog for a walk. Let’s go then and for starters, let’s hand them the fifty thousand.

We walked through the whole structure, all the way to the yard. Lots of dogs all around, that makes the best conditions for me, I reach for the magical bag. What do you need the money for the most, right now? At the moment, we’re collecting funds for, well… Buying out Wojtyszki, to end the slaughterhouse. Put straight forward, it’s gonna cost 5 000 000 PLN (1 120 000 EUR). We’ve got some part of it collected from the fundraiser.

To make it an animal heaven, not a slaughterhouse – the way it’s been for the past few years. Listen, we’re not gonna prolong. We’re in the midst of traveling through the whole Poland, got such a modest bag here. This bag is meant to be shared among whole Poland.

During this campaign, we wish to show two things. The first one being us, able to hand you the funds. -Don’t know what you’ll do with them, but here’s 50 000 PLN (11 000 EUR), which we leave you. -Okay.

Here, we got some divided into 1000 PLN packs, for the people who come here. To have them walk the dogs. The next step is to let 50 viewers in and allow them to walk the dogs. The 1000 PLN (250 EUR) is meant to be treated as a form of making money for a walk.

The town is really tiny. An additional thousand in the budget may bring pleasant stuff in. For example, a beginning of vacations. Thank you, great initiative. God, I’m so happy for these dogs. Really, it’s so amazing here.

Come over more often then, walk them even without the 1000. I live here, so you know. Every day, then! Arrange it with the boys.

The first batch of strollers gets out onto the open field… And I’m out to take pics and give a high-five to those, who are in the queue after the first 50 people. It all goes smoothly and nicely, so I get to walk furry friends, too. A cow! I’m walking a cow. I love dogs.

-Are you the one steering it? -Yeah. Let me steer. A remote controlled child. Look, going backwards now! Is it nice? Alright, I’m handing the “child remote” back.

Everybody’s aware I’m about to roll it over soon, better keep the child’s head in place. We’re adding 100 000 to the counter. Helping the dogs is a very important matter. Very important. A paid subscription A paid subscription, just a bit different than usually.

For a good start, 20 000, two tens. And Wrona, who’s walking through Sopot and asking people: Do you subscribe to Budda? If you do, you get a tenner. So if you don’t already, click it – might be your turn some day. We’re all seeing it from a distance. We got the long barrel, meaning the telephoto lens. Besides that, we got glasses with a mounted-in spy camera, doesn’t show.

They’re worn by Wrona and off we go. We put an earphone in to stay connected and lift off with the drone, the one with mega zoom. For starters, Wrona tries with the lifeguards. Hi, excuse me, got a question.

I see there’s a short break, got such a question – Do you subscribe to Budda on YouTube, or not? Well, yeah. Show me. I’m not sure whether you’re not doing a check-up on me, right now. (Work related – editor’s note) The lifeguard says he does, but doesn’t want to show. -(I just want to see it)

What’s going on then? Dude, I just need to see it. He’s out. He’s looking for his phone in the backpack. Good thing he didn’t approach them saying: What are you doing here, gentlemen? What are you up to? You’re subscribed, right. Have this, dude.

Throw it! Talk normally. Have a good one, see ya. Look how scared he got. -He didn’t even take it. -No, he’s got it.

No! He threw it on the ground. He stepped back and is now standing, not knowing what to do, look! He’s looking, he’s looking. Looking what to do with it, man! Doesn’t know what to f**ing do.

They’re explaining to the guy high-up. They look at it like at the crate from the orphanage. He brought out a glove, he’s putting on a blue glove to pick it up. Look. Basically, the homies are a bit shocked.

Grażyna went to ask them what’s up, with me on FaceTime to show them. What’s up! I heard you’re subscribed. If you do, you deserve a tenner. The cash is nice, it’s gonna feed the lifeguard’s budget.

Wrona strikes again. Hey, excuse me. Do you sir, or maybe you, have Instagram? Could you load Budda up? Recognize him? -What do you need? -That YouTuber… A live-campaign is on, he’s adding stories and my phone died. What’s the campaign about? He’s uploading his location, likely to be somewhere around. He’s uploading his location, likely to be somewhere around. (Budda in your vicinity, simply around, check and receive money for free, no scam. click here>>)

Oh dude, you’re following Budda. Keep this, dude. Wish you all best. You’re kidding! Look, look, look! You got it? We do, we do, we do! We’re checking what they do. Is he holding the money or did it drop in the water? No, no. He’s holding it, he took it in his hand.

He put it into his pocket and is probably explaining to his mom, right now. Yes, there’s his mom with him, man! That’s probably mom, dad and son! And the son just got a tenner to his hand! Dude, they’re walking like nothing happened! The young man played it so well, hid it in his pocket so the parents don’t realize. The family simply keeps on walking by the coast. I’m a bit shocked. They don’t even count it or see if that’s real money.

Maybe they didn’t want to do it in a public place. The end of the story: I’m here and they reached over there. So we were closer than they thought.

We’re having a glasses malfunction, they broke down. And the Ginger, being a stuntman… (The Ginger Stuntman) Gets a great idea. He’s gonna take a scooter and pretend to lose control over it. Once somebody helps him, it’s gonna be a perfect reason to talk. I’m serious. I don’t know how he came up with that, but he’s been a stuntman ever since we met.

My God… Oh s**t. Ouch. F**ing of course! Everything f**ing hurts! -Hope you aren’t hurt. -No, probably not.

-Are you maybe subscribed to Budda? -Yeah. -Show me. -I’m thinking… Damn, not sure. I might not. I surely know him, but… No, I’m not subscribed. You’re not subscribed. -(Maybe on Instagram, Instagram!)

-Maybe you follow him on Instagram? -Surely not there. -And what are you giving away? -Nah, what giveaway? -No, I don’t follow him. -That’s f**ing pity, follow him then. Might come in handy some day. The next few attempts failed. The homies neither subscribed nor followed. A dozen minutes later. What’s up, I got such a question to you.

-I see you smiling nicely. Do you watch Budda, by any chance? -Yes. -Are you subscribed? -Likely so. -Or maybe follow on Instagram? -That’s a yes, then.

Show me. Will it work? Or will it not? What an emotional moment! -It’s gonna work, right? -It will, on Instagram. There it is! Nice, dude! It’s worth subscribing. Keep this, homie. For your vacation.

I got to go. Have fun! We’ve handed 30 thousand out. I therefore equip myself with such two bricks of 10 thousand each and take off. I remove the hat to stop being incognito and a homie with a lady stops me. They appear like wanting to go on nice vacation.

Are you subscribed to the channel? Of course. -I check if someone’s subscribed, when somebody wants a photo. -Of course I am. Look here, I got such a thing for the people subscribed.

F**k me… Oh f**k, thank you. Do something fun during the vacation. Meanwhile, a volunteer collecting money for a boy with cerebral palsy, approaches.

He’s not a viewer, but his cause is noble. Five thousand into the chest. Next up, a homie who knows me, appears. Sadly, though...

By the way, could we do a photo? -We could, homie. Are you subscribed to the channel? -Of course. -Show me. -I don’t know if I’m logged in. -If you’re logged out, it’s surely not gonna be. -Right. -Check the Instagram then, do you follow? -Yeah, I do, probably.

-No, f**k. -Right then, dude. -We’ll just take a photo, then. -Alright, we’ll just take a photo. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. But soon after, the situation gets saved by these two.

-What’s up, homie? -Can we shoot a photo? -We can. -Hi. What are you doing around here, riding with Łatwogang? No, Łatwogang’s headed to Germany. Meanwhile łatwogang: (Seems things aren’t looking good) The łatwo-mobile likely wasn't made to cover 500 km, but worry not. We'll get it fixed. -Are you subscribed, dude? -Of course I do, how could I not? -I don’t believe it, gotta verify. -Of course, I’ll show you. -Now what? -You know what? This is the wrong account. -He watches you every day though!

-I got a few accounts. -Got another one? -Five. -Show me on Instagram, maybe you follow? -I surely do on Instagram. Look, you’re always the first one appearing on the list here. Surely I do follow.

You do follow, so then: A fiver for the follower. For a vacation. -Thanks. -Jesus! See you! -Keep tight! -See, it’s worth to follow. While walking away, the young lovers record videos, showing what happened and the money they got. The Tricity – thank you for your hospitality. I’ll try to visit more often.

It was nice to leave 50 thousand here. The way it works is pretty simple, let me explain. The stake consists of 50 thousand. Eventually, it’ll change to 60. The capital.

I upload my location to Instagram – the parking lot of the spot we’re at. The first 200 people to show up, form a classical queue. Our community is incredibly engaged. Everybody knows, when my Insta Story says: “We’re playing for 50 000”. It’s not any kind of joke.

Yo, who is this? Borkoś? I was at work. I threw the keys on my boss’s table and said: Listen, we see each other tomorrow. I’m leaving, bye. I smacked the door and ran up here. The pool consists of 200 ping-pong balls. 50 of them are marked with the number “7”.

150 – another, random one. Each person from the queue, may draw one ball from a covered container. The people who are lucky and draw a “7”, are invited by us inside the specially prepared building. That’s the game area.

The middle line is a red stripe, that’s the neutral zone. Moving forward, means the answer of “YES”. Moving backward, means the answer of “NO”.

Each question is answered by only one of the options. A trial question, to make sure everybody follows up. Is Cracow the capital of Poland? The players have 10 seconds to choose the side they wish to choose. The last player standing – wins.

You’re now seeing the list of the first ten questions. Of course, I’m not going to show you the whole gameplay, it’d take an hour. However, to my surprise, lots of players parted with the prize at question #8. Was Lamborghini Huracan offered only with the V10 engine? I’ll tell you what, plenty of you dropped out.

The people standing at the front – remain. People slowly drop out of the game and the number of players slowly shrinks. #17 – Is the #hot16challenge2 the most popular upload of my channel? We didn’t expect such a scenario, each of you should drop out. But, we foresaw this case and you’re lucky about nobody breaking away, because that means you all get back in the middle. Seriously? Oh damn. #18 Was the new Toyota Supra the first car picked up on the channel? #19 Is it true that, back in 2019, one of the operators crashed my A45 AMG into the traffic barriers after a meetup with viewers? #20 Is it true that, the Nissan 352 JZ was taken for a trip to Paris? #21 Is it true that, it was the skier who won the race against the Lancer, on the ski slope? Sure? Congratulations to this man! Subscribe to Budda, homeboys! Because you may later attend such contests! I totally don’t believe it, but damn! Homies, there was a race, but it was won by the Lancer, by three seconds.

50 000 PLN (11 000 EUR) goes into your pocket, bro. F**k me!! Yo, Kamil!! The homie’s won five tens. Let’s hold on though, because I pity the multitude of players who lost at the Lambo engine question. It wasn’t planned, but I offer to them: We play Rock, Paper & Scissors. If your deputy wins, we’re playing for the additional 10 thousand.

But Rock, Paper & Scissors ends up in a devastation of 3:0. Despite it all, I invite everyone back in the middle. F**k that, I’m not listening to anyone anymore. Only listening to my own instinct. I’ll close my eyes and just walk where the answer is. Again, after each question, the number of players shrinks.

We’re reaching the final. Remember though: With each additional question, its difficulty rises. #34 Was Grażyna’s Toyota GR Yaris spray painted? Our friend already knows. It was painted with a marker.

Eventually, just like I told you – we went from 50 thousand to 60. The homie bought an E46 the same evening. I thank the players and take photo’s with the people waiting outside. It’s time for the final. 9 meters, 275 000 PLN. Feel the pressure?

9 meters, 450 000 PLN. Feel the pressure? So, Grajewo by the Ełk river – Podlasie. And Warmia Grajewo – the local club. We’ve come to play football with the boys, I’m the keeper.

Know what? (5 grand for a goal) Let them know. Actually, they’ll find out in a second. We reached the final stage, things are getting really serious. Don’t close the video now, homie. We caught good pace. -Hello, gentlemen. -Hi, Budda.

We came over to play some football, because of your club celebrating its 100th birthday this year. -Is that so or not? -It is. Gentlemen, we’re here with a simple task.

I’m the goalkeeper and you take penalty kicks. The case’s extremely simple. I know for a fact that, some of you will try to f**ing kill me, when you find out.

Read it from my back. Five grand for a goal. Each of you may take a penalty kick, get five grand and then another and another one. Finally, each of you may shoot five penalty kicks and each of you may win the 25 thousand. Got the f**ing dough here.

Oh, mother**er. Alright, we’re in, we’re in. If some of you don’t shoot the penalty, there’s a 1000 PLN (250 EUR) consolation prize. If you succeed with three shots, you get 15 thousand.

-Is it f**ing alright? -Alright! -But is it?! -Alright!! Let’s f**ing go! Now hold on, gotta pick it all up. Call me **ing Jerzy Labudda. Jerzy Labudda is a relative of Jerzy Dudek. I’ll do a Dudek dance here.

-Make sure there’s no B-roll of you being carried out, up next. -Could be the case. Could be the case! 1, 2, 3 – Warmia!! The boys wanted to scare me, no f**ing way. I’m ready. Get over here, come on! Zero PLN! That’s my shout. Sergio Ramos, here in Grajewo?! Famous penalty of Ramos (+1000 PLN of consolation) If the guys keep on shooting so poorly… They initially had 18 players, not 11.

We’ll take the additional 7 of them. We’re taking the guys who were here earlier, but didn’t make it in. We’re taking the guys who were here earlier, but didn’t make it in. -Rock, Paper & Scissors, best of one for another try. -Alright.

Come on. -F**k! -Alright, come. No, wait. You wanna give me the CBR money?

Yeah, yeah. I honestly want you to have a motorbike, man. We spent 98 000 PLN (22 000 EUR) and some budget still remains.

The substitute players are coming in. For grabs… How much? Another 175 000 PLN (40 000 EUR) to be had! -How much that CBR? -20 thousand. -Gotta hit 4 of them. -I surely f**ing got to. I hope you let mine in! *As you see, I really want the dude to have his CBR I’ll save up the 5 thousand myself! Very well then! Thanks! And poof, the dude’s got 15 thousand for a CBR, he didn’t deliver one of the shots, got to save up 5 thousand himself. We got a new sport bike on the roads.

I had a close connection to football, back in childhood. The dreams of being a player, making money from it, gigantic stadiums and so on. Of course, 99% of cases are verified by adulthood. Hence, we chose the guys playing in Warmia Grajewo.

Dope. A total of 18 people. A total of 198 000 PLN (44 000 EUR) stays in Podlasie. Keep on playing, gentlemen. Wishing you success. Boom! And thus, a million PLN (225 000 EUR) was broken! Actually, 50 thousand out of that million is still on hold. Not on hold anymore, ladies and gentlemen.

-You did it. -That’s right. So if you did it, then the 50 thousand officially isn’t on hold anymore. Thank you very much. Could you clean it up? I’d like to do an ending. -Yes sir. -Thanks. He did it.

He did it! What is there to say at the end, anyway? I think this video spoke for itself. Or actually did its own thing. It was very pleasant for me, to share that million with you all. I hope in the future, there’s gonna be such an opportunity again.

F**k, I knew there was something more. There’s a meetup with Dose. I spend a week cruising through the whole Poland, handing out money… They’re gonna shoot me. They’ll surely shoot me, there’s a board meeting, after all.

F**k… I’m telling you, there will be trouble. Surely.

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