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Rainbow on Bangka Island indonesia

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Bangka Belitung is located in the eastern part of Sumatra Island, close to South Sumatra Province. Geographically, Belitung Island (Malay; Belitong) is located at 107°31.5' - 108°18' East Longitude and 2°31.5'-3°6.5' South Latitude. Belitung Island is bordered to the north by the South China Sea, to the east by the Karimata Strait, to the south by the Java Sea and to the west by the Gaspar Strait. Around this island there are small islands such as Mendanau Island, Kalimambang, Gresik, Seliu and others. Attractions that you must visit include: - TANJUNG TINGGI BEACH - TANJUNG KELAYAG BEACH - BEAHU HILL - PUNAI BEACH - SAND ISLAND - KAOLIN LAKE - SAMBONG BEACH - CITY MUSEUM - WAVING NYIUR BEACH Charm of TANJUNG tinggi BEACH Tanjung Tinggi Beach is one of the beaches in Belitung which has a very unique and beautiful natural charm.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach is increasingly famous for its beauty when it is used as the location for the Lascar Pelangi film, thus making many visitors curious about its natural beauty. At Tanjung Tinggi Beach you will see hundreds of granite rocks that are spread out in different sizes. In addition, this beach has a stretch of soft white sand and clear sea water and very beautiful turquoise green and blue. By having an area of ​​about 80 hectares, it allows visitors to explore Tanjung Tinggi Beach. Where each point has a different natural dish.

Many visitors sit on the granite rocks and then look away towards the sea,and see how beautiful the beaches in Belitung are. The next attraction is the many exciting water rides that you can do while on Tanjung Tinggi Beach, namely: Play water and Swim, snorkeling, Playing canoe or inflatable boat, diving, playing Jetski, In fact, many visitors, especially foreign tourists, sunbathe on the white sand. Tanjung Tinggi Beach waves are quite calm, because it is in a bay.

Tanjung Kelayang or Kelayang Beach The Enchantment of Tanjung Kelayang, A Piece of Heaven on the Belitung Peninsula Tanjung Kelayang Beach is one of the beaches located in the Bangka Belitung Islands. The location is in Sijuk District and is about 27 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan which is the capital of Belitung Regency This beach has dozens of giant granite rocks, whose shape is very similar to the head of an eagle. The name "Kelayang" can be said to be a name taken from one of the types of birds found on this beach. Tanjung Kelayang Beach is one of the beaches in Belitung which is crowded with tourists.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach is often used as a stopover for tourists who want to visit the small islands around it. The wide beach and fine sand texture make Tanjung Kelayang a suitable place for a leisurely walk or just lying down while enjoying the breeze. The sea is no less stunning.

The gradation of clear greenish sea water on the shallow shore is slowly turning into a dark blue color. The waves on this beach are also not too high. That's why many visitors do not hesitate to swim. has white sand and a long coastline, this beach is also a beach with beautiful sunrise views. The name "tanjung kelayang" was given to this beach because around the beach there are many swallows. The view of the swallows that adorn the beach sky can be enjoyed in the morning, making the sunrise view even more beautiful.

Rows of giant granite Like other beaches in Belitung, Tanjung Kelayang beach also has rows of giant granite rocks in some corners. One of the most famous is the giant granite pile that looks like a bird's head. It is said that the shape of the rock located off the coast is the origin of the name Tanjung Kelayang For the brave, try climbing one of the rocks to see the whole view of Tanjung Kelayang. The uniqueness of its shape makes the bird's head stone one of the favorite spots to be captured using a camera. From Tanjung Kelayang Beach, visitors can see the view of Babi Island (pig island) and Lengkuas Island.

right around it. Pulau Lengkuas or Galangal Island Galangal Island. The island, which is famous for its lighthouse building, which was built by the Dutch colonial government since 1882, presents a magnificent landscape of waters and coastal rocks from all directions.

In the middle of this area, there is a spot known as Telaga Bidadari (angel of the lake). This point is a natural pool that will fill up when the sea is high tide. To get here, visitors can rent a boat from Tanjung Kelayang which takes about 20 minutes or from Tanjung Binga or Tanjung Tinggi which takes about 30-45 minutes.

Along the way, tourists can see clusters of granite rocks and a number of small islands. The view of the clear sea water is also not to be missed, especially because a variety of coral reefs and fish will be clearly visible. If you have arrived at Lengkuas Island, tourists can play on the beach or swim to their heart's content. This beach is formed from flakes shells and coral reefs that shimmer in the sun. In addition to the lighthouse, snorkeling spots on Lengkuas Island are also a must-try for those who like to explore the beauty of the underwater world. pig island or Pulau babi In the past, this island was used as a place for raising pigs by the Chinese.

Until finally the people of Belitung gave the name Babi Island for this island which is overgrown with coconut trees around it. As soon as you set foot on Pig Island, you will immediately feel the atmosphere of tranquility. Walking on white sand with clear sea water can give its own comfort effect while on this island. The large granite stones that are widely available on pig Island are also another attraction that can be enjoyed. Climbing the granite rocks and watching the view of pig Island from the top of the rock is an option for relaxing activities.

Just across from Pig Island, you can see the green scenery of Kepayang Island. There is one interesting thing when you are on Pig Island. Pig Island looks so long protruding into the middle of the sea so that visitors who come here can walk to the middle of the sea and enjoy the clear and calm sea water. Pig Island or called Kepayang Island is an uninhabited island. This is the island that became one of the best hoping island when in Belitung. These rocks are numerous and neatly arranged.

So it can be an unforgettable moment. Also find a giant granite crevice. For your holiday experience, then you can enter the rock crevice and feel the sensation. Shallow clear water. If you go to Kepayang Island, don't forget the beauty of the sea water. The water is very clear and clean.

You will also find various types of fish that can be seen due to the shallow surrounding waters. Although the island is small, the facilities are complete, specially built for tourists. Outbund area is also available. Most of the buildings are made of wood and planks so that tourists are closer to nature. This is the true charm of tourism on Babi Island. And the best way to enjoy it is with your beloved family or friends.

Thus, closeness and beautiful moments can be assembled in this place. On Pig Island there is the Belitung Environmental Care Group. This is the turtle breeding area. There are turtle nesting sites, hatcheries and ponds for the maintenance of growing turtles. Starting from baby turtles to adults can be found at this tourist location.

Feel the Calm Atmosphere at Bukit Berahu Beach Berahu Hill Beach Its location close to the fishing village of Tanjung Binga makes Bukit Berahu Beach has views of fishing boats, For those of you who crave serenity and comfort from a beach, maybe Bukit Berahu Beach on Belitung Island can be an option to visit. This beach presents beautiful views and a quiet atmosphere that you may have been yearning for from a tourist spot. This white sandy beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the Sijuk Village area. The calm beach waves and the beautiful beach atmosphere make anyone who is on this beach feel at home for long. This beach is located in the village of Sijuk Belitung and is located adjacent to Tanjung Tinggi Beach. The granite stones that are on the beach seem to be the right mix with the calm waves of Bukit Berahu Beach.

Visitors must descend 87 steps before reaching Bukit Perahu Beach. This beach is also the right place for couples who want to honeymoon. Rocks and green trees decorate Bukit Berahu Beach. Lodging overlooking the beach is an attraction when you are at Bukit BerahuPantai Beach. Bukit Berahu is the right beach for visitors who want to find peace.

Bukit Berahu Beach is located right next to the fishing village of Tanjung Binga. Bukit Berahu Beach is an alternative to visit after Tanjung Tinggi Beach. PUNAI BEACH The name Punai Beach itself actually comes from one of the names of many bird species that live freely in the green trees in this coastal tourist area.

The name of the bird is the Punai Bird. This unspoiled white sandy beach has granite rocks scattered on the beach from large to small sizes and clear blue sea water and palm trees waving along the beach. For those who have vacation plans in Belitung, this island offers quite a number of selected tourist destinations that can be visited, one of which is Punai Beach.

Punai Beach is a beach located at the southern tip of Belitung Island, precisely in Tanjung Kelumpang Village, Simpang Pesak District, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Province. Punai Beach presents a very amazing natural scenery, especially at dusk. Visitors can watch the panorama of the sun setting behind the high seas. Golden yellow light shining on the clear sea water adds to the exoticism of Punai Beach.

From this beach, visitors can also cross to a small island on foot in shallow water. In the past, this island was the habitat of the Punai bird so it was known as the Island of Punai. The calm atmosphere and the waves are not big, making this Belitung tourist attraction very suitable for those who want to enjoy "me time" and away from the crowds. This unspoiled white sandy beach has granite rocks scattered on the beach from large to small sizes and clear blue sea water and palm trees waving along the beach. This place is not as beautiful as Tanjung Tinggi, but the atmosphere here is really quiet, except on weekends, you might meet some visitors Belitung Sand Island or Pulau Pasir Belitung The name Pulau Pasir Belitung is a small island formed from mounds of sand in the middle of the sea Feel stranded, but don't want to go home. Especially when you meet this beautiful marine life You can find this adorable starfish on the outskirts of Pasir Island, Belitung. You can also take pictures with this starfish against the backdrop of the beautiful natural surroundings.

This island is located between many other islands that are very close together, there are Pig Island, Kepayang Island, Batu Berlayar Island and Tukong Kelayang Island. To surround this island does not take long because the island is very small but even so, its beauty is undeniable.Actually Pasir Island is not an island in the true sense. However, this island does not always exist and can be explored for its beauty. The piles of sand that make up this island will be visible when the sea water recedes.

The island, which is only about half a football field wide, will be invisible or sink under the sea, once the tide returns. Usually, as soon as the sea water recedes and this Sand Island appears, immediately many tourists come and stop at this island, enjoying all the beauty and other fun here. They are usually tourists who go on island hopping trips, by renting fishing boats. When walking to the surrounding islands, and then finding a situation where this Sand Island is visible, immediately stop here for a moment. The opportunity to play, enjoy the beauty of the fine white sand on this Sand Island, it can't be determined when. This Belitung Sand Island does not always appear to the surface, due to the influence of the tides. When the tide is high, the Belitung Sand Island will sink. But when the sea recedes,then this island will appear as a sand dune in the middle of the sea.When visiting Pulau Pasir,

enjoy this rare and exciting opportunity to dive in on the beach on the north side of the island.is on the north side of the island. On this side of the area, you will feel very clear water with a fairly shallow depth at the bottom of which there is fine white sand that is gently sloping and wide. is on the north side of the island. On this side of the area, you will feel very clear water with a fairly shallow depth at the bottom of which there is fine white sand that is gently sloping and wide. Usually tourists take advantage of this moment by playing with the starfish and capturing it to take pictures. This starfish is non-toxic and does not bite so it's safe to hold directly. Well, very rare and unique, being able to take pictures with big starfish, even holding them.A relaxing activity that is no less exciting on Pasir Island is sitting relaxed on the soft white sand, seeing this amazing natural beauty.

. Looking out into the middle of the blue sea, very clear green, while listening to natural music, namely the waves that are so melodious to enjoy. From here, you can also see beautiful islands and clusters of granite rocks across the island. To enjoy the charm of Pasir Island, you have to use a traditional boat like a fishing boat. There are many fishing boats that rest on the shores of Tanjung Kelayang that can be rented for this trip. And to be able to enjoy this Sand Island, you should come around April - September, this is summer, so sea conditions are safe and Sand Island usually appears often. Because if during the rainy season, this island sinks Kaolin Lake Kaolin Lake originates from a long-abandoned former tin ore mine. Kaolin Lake is often referred to as Kulong Biru.

Although a former tin mine, Kaolin Lake has fresh air without being disturbed by the smell of sulfur, because this area is not a mountain crater. Kaolin Lake is a lake that has a clean white land color and bright blue water. This lake does not come from a mountain crater such as Ciwidey White Crater Lake or White High Raja Crater, the lake is formed from an abandoned Kaolin mining site and nature perfects it with its beauty.

A little knowledge about Kaolin. Kaolin is a mineral as an industrial ingredient such as cosmetics, paper, food toothpaste and Kaolin is popular because of its smooth, white, strong, smooth and low electrical conductivity and heat conductivity. Kaolin Lake has a different view compared to other lakes. This makes Kaolin Lake look unique compared to lakes in general.

When arriving at this lake area, tourists will be greeted with a stretch of beautiful blue and clear water and white hills. Tourists can follow the pedestrian path or wooden bridge that is connected to Kaolin This path provides its own sensation. Contrasting views emerge from the clear turquoise blue water with white sandy mounds that become small hills surrounding the Kaolin Lake area. This path provides its own sensation.Contrasting views emerge from the clear turquoise blue water with white sandy mounds that become Meanwhile, the color of the water will change according to the air temperature and sunlight. The view of the lake that is different from the lake in general can be captured with the closest people in every corner of Kaolin Lake. Panorama of Kaolin Lake is able to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Kaolin Lake was also nominated for the Most Popular Unique Destination at the 2019 Indonesian Enchantment Award. For those of you who like photography, this is the most suitable place to look for shooting objects.The combination of the blue color of the water and the stone walls that are white like snow make a very amazing color combination.Kaolin Lake is often used as a prewedding place for young couples who will undergo their marriage PENYABONG BEACH The view of the islands in the middle of the sea is a beautiful dish on this beach. One of the islands that can be seen from here is Belatuk Island which is elongated in shape and overgrown with green trees.

Climbing granite rocks and seeing the open sea are fun things at this beach. enjoying the breeze and the cool atmosphere of the beach makes visitors want to linger on this beach. The name "penyabong" comes from the word "connector". This name is based on the granite stones that are here.

The rocks are interconnected and connected to each other. To the south of Belitung, precisely in the Membalong area, you can find several beautiful beaches. One of the beaches that must be visited in this area is Penyabong Beach. To get to the beach which has lots of beautiful granite rocks, visitors must pass through a long and winding dirt road. You can see the green scenery of trees and hills along the way to Penyabong Beach.

Visitors can also see the view of Batu Baginde which stands firmly on the side of the road to Penyabong Beach. The winding dirt road becomes the terrain that must be traversed to get to Penyabong Beach. The view of the islands in the middle of the high seas is a beautiful dish at Penyabong Beach.

The granite stones at Penyabong Beach are not only on the beach but also in the middle of the sea. The view of Baginde's stone is a dish that can be seen before arriving at Penyabong Beach. The granite stones that adorn along the beach make this beach look so exotic to enjoy. The beach is also surrounded by trees that grow around the beach, making a cool atmosphere so felt here.

Pengabong Beach is one of the beaches that must be visited when in the Membalong area, Belitung, Penyabong Beach has big waves and this is a little different from the beaches in Belitung. Standing on a granite rock and looking out at the open sea is a pleasant thing at Penyabong Beach, Penyabong Beach has a connecting meaning taken from the interconnected granite rocks on this beach. Nyiur Waving Beach This beach, which is located near Bukit Samak, has different characteristics from most beaches in Belitung in general. Nyiur Melambai Beach has its own natural charm, without granite. As the name implies, the waving palm beach is decorated with rows of coconut trees, which when the wind blows, every branch of this coconut tree will sway as if waving.

According to local people, around the beach there are rocky hills known as Bukit Samak because it is overgrown with shrubs. In the 18th century, the Dutch installed binoculars on Bukit Samak to observe the coordinates of tin mining at sea. To be able to enjoy the beauty of Teropong Beach and can be accessed via Nyiur Melambai Beach and Bukit Samak. Nyiur Melambai Beach, people often call it Lalang Beach, is located in Sawah Hamlet, Lalang Village, Manggar Belitung Timur District. While the name Nyiur waved itself, in the past there were many coconut trees or palm trees that waved when the wind blew.

But now the beach with white sand and pine trees makes this place a comfortable place to visit and relax. The best time to come to Lalang Beach is in the morning and evening, because the air is still cool. In addition, this beach is decorated with shady pine trees, so it is very comfortable and able to give a cool impression. Not only that, this beautiful beach also has the charm of a wide stretch of white sand, of course adding to the exotica of the waving palm beach. This beach has sloping land contours, for those of you who miss playing in the water and bathing on the beach, it is perfect to spend your holiday here.

Because it doesn't have granite, of course the view that you can see from the beach is much wider and maximum. Nothing blocks your view to see the sunrise and sunset on this beautiful beach. Museums in Belitung Island Must-visit Bangka Belitung Museum Besides being famous for its natural beauty and cultural culture, filling out your holiday list by visiting the museum will also be fun While on vacation in the Bangka Belitung Islands, it never hurts to stop by some unique museums to get to know their history better.

In addition to refreshing, this vacation can also increase your knowledge of course. The museum in the Bangka Belitung Islands occupies a building that was built during the Dutch colonial era which is certainly unique to be immortalized. For those who like old buildings, it's perfect for a museum safari in Bangka Belitung. The unique museums in Bangka Belitung offer a collection of historical objects ranging from tin mining equipment, traditional fabrics, to weapons from the Japanese and Dutch colonial eras. Like passing through the passage of time, with all the museum collections you will be transported to the past.

1. Muntok Tin Museum This museum building is a tin mining office during the Dutch colonial era which also serves as the center of Dutch government on Bangka Island. Typical European architecture is still maintained and looks magnificent must have existed since 1915. Opened to the public since 7 November 2013, this museum has 176 collections and 9 galleries showing tin mining, Bangka history, World War II to the history of Bung Karno's exile. Various inscriptions to hundreds of years old tin mining tools are neatly displayed in this museum. Oh yes, you can also enjoy audio-visual shows of historical events in Bangka Belitung here 2.

Wisma Ranggam Besides being able to see the seclusion room, you can also freely take pictures in the very large courtyard. Because of the unique architecture of the building, the Wisma Ranggam area is referred to as the European Village in Bangka. Because of its beauty, Wisma Ranggam deserves to be made one of the cultural heritages of Indonesia. Well, it takes about 2.5 hours to reach this place by driving from downtown Pangkal Pinang In the Muntok City area, apart from the Tin Museum, you can also visit other museums such as Wisma Ranggam. Wisma Ranggam or Pesanggrahan Muntok is a historic building in Muntok City, West Bangka which was built in 1890 by the Dutch colonial government.

This European-style building is a place of exile for many important figures such as Minister of Foreign Affairs Agus Salim and Deputy Prime Minister M Roem. This guesthouse has sixteen rooms, one of which was once occupied by President Soekarno 3. Cual Museum The name is Cual Ishadi Museum. This museum is a museum that displays various motifs of cual cloth. Cual cloth, is a very beautiful traditional woven cloth from Bangka Belitung.

This fabric is a combination of songket and ikat techniques. The Cual Ishadi Museum is the only weaving museum in Pangkal Pinang which makes it one of the historical tourist destinations of Bangka Belitung. The distance is only 2.5 km from downtown Bangka or 6 minutes by driving. There is a total collection of 20 types of ancient cual cloth with an age range of 150 years to 200 years. The pattern of the cual woven fabric is usually flora and fauna made of silk and 18 carat gold thread.

Wow looks luxurious 4. Badau Museum The next recommendation is the Badau Museum. This museum stores objects from the Badau Kingdom which were respected in Belitung in the past. Collections of jars, earthenware pots, and pottery barrels are neatly stored in a glass cabinet. His most famous collection and are said to be able to move on their own are two spears called the Luk 13 Spears.

This spear is one male and the other female. The two can't be separated Apart from spears, there are various other weapons that are well kept in this museum such as swords and kris. Even the old wedding dresses were also on display.

You can also walk around the museum yard which is quite beautiful because of the many trees. In addition, there is a statue of a brave Badau Kingdom soldier with his spear. Very good for photo spots 5.Tanjung Pandan Museum If you want to see a collection of traditional Belitung objects, you can go to the Tanjung Pandan Museum. You can find various collections of weapons from Japan and the Netherlands, such as long-barreled weapons, to swords Royal weapons such as lade spears, kris and machetes are also available.

There's even a 700 year old samurai In addition, various historic metals, jewelry and ceramics are also neatly displayed in the glass cabinet of the Tanjung Pandan Museum. Complete The distance of this museum from the center of Tanjung Pandan city is only 4 km and can be reached in about 10 minutes. and there is a small zoo also in this museum complex. You can also see preserved estuarine crocodiles and Arapaima fish 6. Garuda Museum For those of you who want a vacation to a museum with a strategic location, this is one of the recommendations.

The Garuda Museum is located close to Tongaci Beach which is famous for its turquoise blue sea. When you visit, you will see antique collections that will amaze you. The collection is decades old! The name Garuda is pinned because there are so many beautiful statues such as the Garuda Bird statue which was imported directly from Bali. Next to the museum, there is a 2-story wooden building containing a gallery and library.

Rows of books from ancient times to the present are neatly arranged on the first floor. For the 2nd floor, you can enjoy a variety of beautiful paintings and some important documents before and after independence. 7. Andrea Hirata's Word Museum The Andrea Hirata Word Museum in East Belitung. This museum is the first literary museum in Indonesia which was founded by the novelist himself.

The Kata Museum is about 68 km from the city center of Tanjung Pandan. It takes about 1.5 hours to get there by motorbike. At the Kata Museum, you can see photos of scenes from the Laskar Pelangi film as well as inspirational quotes engraved on the walls of the museum. There are also 200 literatures from various genres such as music literature, film, to architectural literature The museum building is also very instagrammable because it is unique and painted in rainbow colors.

You can also send letters or postcards from here. If you're satisfied with walking around, just stop by at Warung Kupi Kuli to enjoy Belitung's specialty coffee. that's where the tourist attraction of Bangka and many others too Let's protect and preserve our culture and natural scenery, which is truly extraordinary, so that our children and grandchildren can experience the beauty and richness of this extraordinary nature. Thank you for watching.

enjoy your life enjoy the world greetings to all of us See you again

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