Qalandar Episode 13 - [Eng Sub]- Muneeb Butt - Komal Meer - Ali Abbas - 25th Nov 2022 - HAR PAL GEO

Qalandar Episode 13 - [Eng Sub]- Muneeb Butt - Komal Meer - Ali Abbas - 25th Nov 2022 - HAR PAL GEO

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Uncle, I have always kept you in place of my father. I have considered this home, my home. I am leaving from here right now, but never close the doors of this home for me. You surprise me, how can you even think that the doors of this home will ever be closed for you? Huh? You come and visit me, okay? The parents’ home is every girl’s honour, right? This home and you are my honour. Okay brother, come on, let’s pray. Come on. Come on, child. We are getting late.

Uncle. Yes, yes, we have reached safely. Oh, I am badly tired. My back is broken.

Hey Safia, I had told you not to dance so much, your back will hurt in this age. Oh. Your back hurts now, right? Sit. What can I do? I cannot resist seeing the drum. Yes, the drum is Safia’s weakness.

Here they play the drums, and there Safia loses control. Oh Safia, your in-laws’ home is really far. You break your bones on the way there, and you break your bones on the way back.

God forbid. Yes. Where is Shabbo? Shabbo, take out the food from the car. It has come from sister in law’s home. I am really hungry, let’s eat it.

Heat it up and serve it. The bride is here, bring flowers. Yes, bring it. Bring it. Give me a plate too. Give it. Give it. Yes. Okay then, you have come home for the first time today. Congratulations.

Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. Juhi, come. Congratulations. Congratulations.

He must have gotten an important call. Right? Yes. Are you hurt? Tabraiz is just like that. Don’t worry. Come on sit. Come on sit. Go Shafaq, take her upstairs. Fix her make up. We have to complete the customs as well.

No, no, no more customs now. I don’t have the strength. We are really tired. We will do them in the morning. Yes, we will do it in the morning. Are you not tired? Yes, aunt. Leave it. Come on, child.

Oh God. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations Who was on the phone? Errr….Juhi, child, come on bring the broom, gather the flowers. Me? Hey, she is wearing such high heels. How will she clean the place? Hey, so she is wearing heels, she will take them off.

Leave it. Come on. Mama, have food now. It has been so long, you have not eaten anything. Come on. Eat something.

Now the Dur e Adan who used to get scolded by you. This is what you wanted, right? A pearl of the heaven, this is what Dur e Adan means, right? The home is lonely. Who will help you out now? Okay no problem, she went from one home to another. My responsibility has been fulfilled. Thank God. I didn’t find her to be that bad.

I don’t know why I was so bitter towards her. Or maybe I was scared that she will take my Chemo’s place in your heart. I don’t know.

I am human, I don’t have a good nature. Okay, they are our own children. You can be bitter towards Guddu and Chemo now. May God make it easy for Tanvir too.

Ameen. Go Guddu, go Cheema, you have to take care of your mama. Go get something for her to eat. Go. Oh God, mama, I am badly tired. My feet hurt. Oh my love, remove your shoes. To hell with it.

Listen to me, pick up these clothes and keep them in my room. I have removed them from the bari, what will we do giving her so much? Whatever is there is enough. Fine. They will be of use to you. Here. Secondly, the sweets that are there.

Yes. Yes. Keep it all in my room. Both your aunt and Shafaq have an eye on it. I will do it. Okay? They shouldn’t find out. Pick it up quickly. Take it. Take it. Take it. Take it. Here. Take it.

Mama, are these all mine? Run. Run. Run. I will just come. Keep it safe.

Yes? Yes, so you finally brought your daughter in law. I was not interested you really were interested in it. Now tell me, what is the plan? Hey, the plan is simple. What is that? We will keep Dur e Adan as the daughter in law of this home, but we will not let Dur e Adan become Tabraiz’s wife.

Huh? What does this mean? Hey, idiot. You don’t understand something so small. Look, if the girl in the city treats us well, we will remove Dur e Adan from our lives, and if that girl from the city, tries to take away Tabraiz from us, then it is necessary for one wife of Tabraiz to live with us in this home. Do you understand? Wow. Amazing,

you know. You know, I trust your thinking a lot. Whatever you do, will be right. I trust you.

Wife from the city? What is this? What are these people talking about? I am really tired. Bring me a cup of tea. Yes, I will make it.

You call Tabraiz, ask him, what he wants. Oh, okay. Call him. Tabraiz. Hey, Tabraiz. Leave all this and tell me, when are you coming? No, I will not tell you this.

What do you mean by this? I am waiting for you here, and you are in no mood to come. Look Tabraiz, if my mood gets off, then you will regret it. Hey, what? Why are you getting upset? I just wanted that I surprise you, that is why I was not telling you.

Relax. Calm down. Oh, I see. Not a bad idea. Okay, come on, I will talk to you later. Bye. Bye. Brother, who are you secretly talking to at this hour? No one. A friend of mine. What happened?

Brother, tell me something. Do you have another wife? What are you saying? Are you out of your mind? You are tired with all the work in the wedding. Go rest, come on. Go. And you plan on dying here? I am also coming after having my coffee. You go. Come on.

Where will the prayer mat be? Look, son. Son, you married the girl and brought her. Even if for the world, you will have to live in the relation. Remember this, no need to give her a lot of importance. No need to give her too much importance. If you control her on day one, you make an impression, then you will have peace all your life.

Yes. Son, just remember one thing, and that is, that your real marriage will be done with the girl in the city. Yes. Isn’t that correct. Right?

This is what is worrying me, papa. I didn’t want to be so unjust with Dur e Adan. I had told you to say no to this proposal, but you didn’t listen to me. My love, it was a difficult decision.

It was the matter of the community. The community was sitting outside. But it is fine. You don’t have to worry.

You don’t have to worry at all. I am here, I will handle it all. Come on, my son. It is really late now. Go now.

Why are you going there? I had got a present for Dur e Adan, I had kept it in your cupboard. I am going to get it. This is the limit, you know. There was no need for this.

Whatever she is getting is more than her worth. Rest is up to you, son. I have thought of something, you know. I will not let him go too near Dur e Adan. If he falls in love, we will have another problem. It is better if he stays far, right? Yes.

Prayer at this hour? Were you thanking God on your marriage? That’s what I was doing. The God who has blessed me more than I could think, I need to thank Him. Even I spend my whole life in prostration, it will still not be enough. Listen.

I…the custom that the groom gives something to the bride on the wedding night. It is really precious, keep it safe. You have no idea how precious this is for me.

It is really priceless for me. I know. The type of life you have spent, you must not even have thought of this life. You should be thankful to my parents. They have made you their daughter in law. I will speak the truth to you, Dur e Adan.

I didn’t want to marry you. This was mama and papa’s insistence… I… I…I will never give you a chance to complain. Leave me. Take care of my parents. I shouldn’t hear a complaint about you from them.

Sure. Oh, there is no water here. Water? There is no water.

The kitchen is downstairs, get water from there. Kitchen? The kitchen is right in front when you go down the stairs. Oh, fine I will just bring it. Hey. Hey, Adan, you are here at this hour? What happened? Is everything fine? Yes. Yes. Everything is fine. I wanted water, so I came to get it.

Water? Haha. Madam Adan, if you wanted water, you should have asked Tabraiz, he would have come and get it. No, it is fine. I will take it.

Hey, why you? You are a newlywed bride. You know it is all my fault. In our home, making the bride work on the first night of her wedding is considered a big sin. You know it is all my fault.

Hey, I was decorating your room, so I should have taken care and kept a glass and water bottle. The bride and groom can also feel hungry. Should I pour it? No. No. No. I will take it. You take it, or I can come along…No.

No. I cannot come with you. Thank you. Thank you too. Adan, if you need anything, then tell me. I am checking the homework at night, I am awake. Sure. Listen.

Have you gone to sleep? I had brought water. You… All the trouble are for me, I am a sick woman. No one even realizes this that I have been going around since morning. I am working alone.

Hey Juhi, come on. Cut the onions for the omelette. Hey, mama, what is wrong? Why did you make me dress up early in the morning and now you are making noise? What noise have I made? Go wake up the prince and princess, tell them breakfast is ready.

How? The door of the room is locked till now. Yes, it will be locked. There is a soft bed, they are having fun sleeping till late. The AC is running. The father has to pay the bill, that’s why. She considers herself a princess that I have come here as a queen here.

Here you go. Hot breakfast is here. If you got breakfast, you didn’t do us a favour. The breakfast has been bought with our money. Her family didn’t send it, her home didn’t send it. It is our breakfast. Go and wake them up and your in-laws, look at them. Both the mother and daughter should have stayed here last night too.

They could have done some work with me in the morning, but no. They went home. They will wake up comfortably in the morning and they will come at the time of breakfast.

Mama…Mama, how will she come? Now you don’t be mistaken that she will do any work, their mission is complete. No, no, mama, there is nothing like that. You know well what sort of a girl Shafaq is.

If you had told her once she would not have stayed, but also done all the work too. Here you go. She has still not come to this home, and see how brother Irfan is taking her side. Look Irfan, listen to me.

No need to take her side already. There is still time. I will end everything. I will end the relation. Useless action. Okay mama, why do you get upset, I will do all the work. Leave me, I will do it. Mama, I am telling you. My lovely mama. This is the limit. Everyone thinks that I am a fool. I am stupid.

Juhi, I… I will have to start everything from scratch. Greetings. Hey, greetings. You are not opening the door. What happened? Is he still sleeping? Yes, he was awake till late at night.

Okay. So when did you wake up? I have been awake since morning. Hey, so you should have fixed the room. I don’t know when he will wake up. You come on,

come and have breakfast downstairs. Actually, he was talking on the phone last night. He told me not to wake him early in the morning. Who was he talking to? I don’t know. He went out of the room. Okay, let him sleep.

You come with me. Come on have breakfast. And you should have tied your hair, you have left your hair open in the morning. Sure.

You come on, come downstairs, let him sleep. I don’t know when he will wake up. Come have breakfast. I am not hungry.

When he wakes up, I will have breakfast with him. Look, listen to me. I know everything. At your uncle’s home you would get whatever was left over after you made breakfast for everyone. Okay? I don’t like repeating myself again and again.

Understand what I say. Come with me, and tie your hair. Come on. Sure. Master. Master. yes. Yes. Yes, papa.

Go make your mother understand. Tell her to look at the time. Tell her that it is not her breakfast, but her daughter in law’s… Oh God. Okay. Come sit, sit. Madam Dur-e-Adan, you sit. Please have a seat.

You know the manner is that, when you come the next day of the marriage… no one must have told you… you greet everyone. And if not anyone else, you need to greet your father in law. Right. Greetings uncle. Greetings. Live long. Sit. Sit. Quietly get up and go sit on the sofa there. The groom has to sit here. Come on get up.

No. I am telling you, get up. What is wrong with you? No. Hey, why are you making him get up? It is his place. Let Nomi sit there, he won’t come right now.

Mama, he will come later. Leave it, sit calmly. Master, buddy, give me a cup of tea. Without sugar. Here you go, papa.

It doesn’t have sugar, right? No. No, papa. You know, usually, breakfast comes from the girl’s family on the first day, but it won’t come from your family, so we got it from the market. Greetings. Greetings.

Greetings. How are you? Live long child. Live long. Sit. I have done all the work in the kitchen. Come on, now breakfast is ready. We had breakfast before coming. Really aunt? Since when did you people start making breakfast early in the morning at your home? Madam Shafaq doesn’t wake up before 12 noon. Right, mama?

Aun…aunt, you come and sit. You come. Yes, come sit. Okay. Shafaq, come. Buddy quickly get a chair. Go. Run. I don’t see the prince groom.

My son is resting. If he gets tired even a little, he gets a headache. He is resting. He will wake up in a little while. Adan, child… Yes? Once you are done with breakfast, prepare two to three dresses of Tabraiz. Okay? He has to get up and get ready. Yes.

If she has to do it from tomorrow, then she should start today. This is the actual truth. Come on, start. Give it to your aunt. Give it.

Child, you ate half the fried flat bread without anything. She ate it just like that. Greedy girl. Master. Yes?

Hand me that. For God’s sake brother Hanif, get me out of here. Hey, you don’t worry, I am trying my best.

You will be out on bail in a day or so. Don’t worry. Brother Hanif, has a lot of contacts. He is running around, he is trying. Anila, I feel that all this is a result of my own doing.

I got someone’s curse. Did you meet Dur e Adan? Meet Dur e Adan. Tell her the condition I am in, only her prayer can do something for me. Tell her to forgive me. Tell her to pray for me. I forgot to tell you, Dur e Adan got married.

Huh? Come on. Come on. Time is over, leave. Let me talk for two minutes. I told you, the time is over. Leave. Come on, Anila. We will go.

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