Peru #3 - Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu - Day 2 - hiking & hot springs - Conde Travel April 2022

Peru #3 - Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu - Day 2 - hiking & hot springs - Conde Travel April 2022

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Every morning we start with coffee! Then coca and we can start a day If you get hit by lighting 3 times, you can become a shaman [to become a shaman] you must to be a catolic and believe an Andian [Shamans] are also connected with spiritual (sacred) mountains and with all the Gods Shaman throughs coca leaves and say 'your wife is with another boy' I don't know how they read very well, but they are gonna give you everything what you want to know -That's for me, right? -Yes. -You are here. Good travel. Aha! This year you will find your boyfriend. You are a healthy woman. You are a strong woman... You are gonna still travel around the world. Yes, this leaf represents you. Yes, see in December.

Aaa.. now it's around the coca leaves... Good luck! Good luck in your life. It's a natural pigment. We call it achiote [Bixa Orellana] Look at this. Now, we are gonna paint our faces to be a warriors.

Oh, wow! Snakes, what do people put snake into a bottle a snake? They call it Inca tequila After lunch or dinner you drink a shot of tequila and it's good for your digestion. Also, some people eat a snake. But, why? Some people in the jungle eat a snake and they don't age. They are always young. Look at me! 70 years... Later you will repeat after me, but first I am gonna to pray to Pacha Mama in my language I think I got lost now. I lost the goup. I am going down, but I don't know where

I FOUND THEM! Oh yeah you can fee the seeds. -The seed you eat or not? -No, throw away. It prevents cancer. -Do you want more? -No, too sour. Refreshing, nice.

-Did you like it? -Mhm. (That dog was throwing stones from the cliff. ) Job done? Good job.

We are going to explore a new way to our destination. Local people called it a SHORTCUT. Keep going, keep going. It's a little bit difficult, but we have to try to walk very slow. Let's try. Be careful, please. Watch your bag. -And we are walking....? -Doooown thereee.

- Are you guys okay? -Yeah, all good here. Testing group, right? Are you fine? Do you need a hand? We are almost there. We're trying a new way along the river. Even our guide is going here for first time in his life. Just recommended by local people. We are a testing group.

Be careful, that one is moving. Okaaay, that's a proper jungle I believe. AAA!!! It was just a leaf, don't worry. :) AAA!!! Guys, if you quickly can say, what is happening now. -Whyy you are here? Where is your guide? yyy...

-We are in middle of nowhere! -So What do you think, how many days we can surrvive in the jungle? - I have few protein bars. - I also have some nuts. And I have a lighter, so we can boil some water. - Do you want to go back? -NO! -We have 4 hours of light maybe.

-Uuu... Right! - We will make it through this. -Maybe... -Beds? -Bed.

-Bed. -Yeah, from those leaves. -(...) we can put them on the ground... - What to do? - You wanted adventure, right? - Yeah. - Yeah. I love it.

- Guys, it's very high. Yes, but the other side there is slide, but it's very hard to cross. I think we have to go back. -Noooo, please no. -Because, it's very hard to cross.

-We can't do it. - Are you serious, yeah? - Yes. - But another option is to take a bus from a restaurant. [that means 1,5h walking back the same way] [Speaking Spanish] BTW. How he had a signal there? - HAKUNA MATATA! - Hakuna Matata. - Do we have to go back the whole way? - Yes.

[Chewing coca leaves] - Break? - Yeah. [Breathing deeply...] It's hard. It's hard... - How are you, guys? - All good. - All good. - Five more minutes. - Five more minutes.

- Wooow... - I was a porter* when I was young. *Person who carries bags on the way for tourists. - We made it! Look at him. (he was caring 3 bags) -You bet him.

-Islaaa-yun-ca. - oh f*uck... - We made it. - Doggo! - High five! - Go, go, go... [guide is throwing a stone] There is a dog, another dogs...

It doesn't seem to be safe. But we are getting there. - How is our group? - How is our group? - Amazing? - Yes. Yes...

- What's there? - This what we did. -Okay. -Hello. - That is why... - Even I cannot show you. We were there. We stopped even there. We crossed there and all the looong way there. Up to hill.

And yeah, that was amazing. Really. Intense. - How many steps? - 28,351 steps - 21,44 km - Nothing. - Nada. - There was a train. There was a railway from Macchu Picchu to Santa Maria and Santa Teresa. - It was...? - In 1960 the weather destroyed everything.

- What did you say? A SHORTCUT?! - Buenas tardes. - Gracias. - Were are we?! - He is going to pull us out. - Muchos gracias.

This is amazing! (It's me being excited with nature) Good job. - Sit down first? - Yes, sit sit sit... Sarveza first.

- Cheers! - Salud! - First sip for Pacha Mama, to say thank you. - Sorry Pacha Mama, cheers. - Cheers. Thank you. Where are we? Let's go there. Just [try] with one leg.

I think it's warmer that one. Santa Teresa by night.

2023-01-07 21:27

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