Pending Trip FT. Sarang Sathaye and Rasika Sunil - भेटूया एकदा | #Bha2Pa #PawnaLake

Pending Trip FT. Sarang Sathaye and Rasika Sunil - भेटूया एकदा | #Bha2Pa #PawnaLake

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Ohh..... Hi! Hii! Hiii! Please don't hump him on video. - Do anything else you want. - No, he's not doing anything. Spread love.

Hello, hello. That's my aunt. That's Dad. That's Rush. That's Aadi.

Okay, bye. Be right back. Bye, bye. Look what we have. We have biscuits, water... Rasika, how many times have we met in life? - Thrice? - In life? Yes, thrice.

- This is the fourth time. - Yes, we're meeting for the 4th time. And we keep saying, 'Let's meet once' again and again. Now that we've met, Somesh isn't letting us talk.

No there's an issue with Tascam. Till then, tell her the Sparrow story. Why don't you~ Which story? The Sparrow one! A taxi driver hit my car from back when I was going to a rehearsal.

So suddenly my abuses have been unleashed. Which I don't do usually, but one might slip out. So beep 'em all. That's all I wanna say. I mean, you'll get which one slipped out, - No, our show is named, 9"Unfiltered with Sarang" Unfiltered with Sarang. Just like Samdish, same.

We met once saying, 'Let's catchup' and only once chilled properly. I mean, she came near our house in Bandra, then she came to our house and we chilled. - That chill sesh never ended. It kept on going. - Yeah, it was never-ending. - We became friends due to that~ - Instagram conversation. Yeah. Actually due to that clip of mine that we used in a short film. On that topic, Somesh had a question. Do you wanna ask or not?

Just ask it already. Why would I ask? It didn't pop out in my head. I know the answer anyways. He wanted to know, 'why did you start with television?' I haven't started with TV. Not many people know this, I didn't start with TV. Then? I used to do theatre before that. I worked in a commercial play. Then I slowly started to feel more about acting.

So I wanted to start from the theatre. I started with theatre. Then, serial was something that happened to me. I didn't go for it somehow. I still remember, the day I got selected, I was about to cry.

Like, why did they select me? And you haven't done modelling in your life, have you? I did it on small levels in college like everyone does. I represented Pune once, on a national level. I represented Pune in Kothrud, that's it. Your existence is representing Pune. And I haven't represented anything else in life. Still, yes. I've got that Pune tag.

All because of one video. Yes, the standup. Right, right. Where are we stopping? McD. We're stopping at McD and I have a strong recommendation, I've recently eaten Mc Cheese Chicken Burger. It has a cheese patty in it and there's a chicken patty. It tastes very delicious.

I know I've hyped it too much. People in our office are gonna be happy watching this vlog because we have a big class of people who eat Shezwan rice, McD, Subway, Domino's Pizza. No, I'm saying this on cam. If you like this burger, I'll give a burger-treat to your whole office. One burger each! It's on me.

Just so that you don't get the party, I can say that I didn't like it. Editor~ Who's gonna edit this? Kaushal. Kaushal, keep this in mind, your burger is in my hands. One coffee please, - Cold Coffee? Yes and what are the options for smoothies? - Mango and Mix Berry.

One Mango and one Mix-Berry. And nothing. We'll be there to pick-up. They're giving it for free. It's nil. We have those chips~ - What do you want? - He's still there. What do you want? We can take it from there. Come on sit.

Listen, the thing is, at Drive-thrus~ We place the order and we drive through. We don't stop there. I was like, they took the order and didn't take money. Like, how? We pay it all at the pickup. What do we do with him? There isn't an McD in Jaalna. Don't tell me there isn't an McD in Jaalna. You don't even go out of the house yourself.

Jaalna people, comment below to tell us if you have an McD or not. I haven't bought this many burgers in my life. Never from an McD. What do you have against McD? I'm just against fast food.

I'm not a big fan of fast food. See, he's saying this while holding a burger. Would you give straws? Want sugar for Capaccino? Yes, we do. Just give one. Not much. He has a sugar problem. Thank you. I don't understand. What's with the anticipation for this burger?

Because I like it. That's the only reason for now. Oh, this really has a whole cheese patty. [Excitement and drum-roll inserted] [You might say 'How's it?' In Marathi, we say, 'Haa?'] Better than other burgers at McD. Means? Can we even call this a compliment? Better than Leni, I think~ Just look, this water body is nice too.

Let's stop here and jump right in. Okay, there's no water. Just the body. Just the body. There must be something tho. The view is so~ So alluring. Just like the JVK says.

No, Je-Ki-Ve. What does he say? JKV calls it Alluring View. Please don't splash on my pants. Feels like my esteem is tainted. Turn on the camera...

Can you swim? No. Can you? Yes. Pav-na mag. (Then go swim) [Pun intended]

[Disgusted by the pun] The camera was turned on just for this! Just this Pun-y pun. When Paula and I started dating, but we were not sure about it. I became sure when she~ Once we woke up and she was singing right in the morning, for me. The, 'Tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kahi' song. Wow, okay. And then I was like, 'What can I say after this?' I was already a fan of Rang-de-Basanti.

And this Sue came and started singing... So I was like, my game is over. Teri bahu...

Yes, 'Teri Sue-n, teri bahu' So it was game over for me. I said, now that you have sung it for me, so we go now to the place I say. Don't ask where we're going. There's this boat. We had a picnic at that place. And we swam to that boat and stuff. This was our first date.

I mean, a proper one. That's the story. - Looks really romantic. - yes, it does. That spot is nearby. Right here. Stop ahead, on the right for a while.

Near the parked cars, the photo is from here. Let's see. Do we have network here? Photos. Albums.

Indian summer. Yes... Found it? Show your pic. No, ours isn't on her public profile. The date is 19th November.

I got it wrong, it's 20. You got everything wrong. Everything? You were saying 22-25 October. Wait, I'll call Paula. Let's clear up this confusion right now. I might be wrong.

Maybe the photo is wrong. Paula: Hi... Paula, Yes? You remember at Pawna, there's that picture that we took. Yeah...

Which defines our Anniversary Date. Yeah... It's the same one with the bike, right? Yeah. It says 19th November.

Is it right? That's when it was uploaded. And when was it taken? Umm, I don't know what. 22nd October, that's the anniversary date. Okay, okay. Okay. I just wanted to prove myself right by saying that we both don't remember it, that's all. Yeah. Okay, okay.

We're right at that spot right now. Alright. - Yeah, okay. - Send me a photo. I will. Bye, bye.

- Love you. - Love you. Bye, bye. See? We might be completely off track. In that direction. Right, right? Can you try left for once? Just for a bit? Let's see what happens. [Poli**cal Joke? IDK. Let's see.

At max, we'll be tricked, right? But what's the name of the show? Ekda Bhetuya. (Let's meet once.) Let's do whatever we want. Hey, boat...

Can anyone see it? I will definitely find it. Come on, don't stop. It's not too far. - That's how the road is, right? - Yes, exactly the same road goes there.

Till the edge. And when we reach there, we can swim. That's where the boat is. Should we ask that guy? [Asking the guy about the spot] Yes, stop. Yes, yes. Bravo! Finally, we found the boat. He asked if you wanna do a pre-wedding shoot there.

That's the boat. We struggled for this boat. But what about the content we got there? This is how it should be. We wanted to be on the boat, we came here. Capturing whatever we can. If not the boat, we shoot our desire. I think the first time we... [ I guess he forgot the script ] Strangely, only Marathi words are coming out. Usually, I'd say this in English, but now in Marathi.

We have close ones. So when we travel without them for the first time... Like, the close ones, not just family... extended family... then where I grew up... It's all an orthodox part. I grew up in Sadashiv Peth. So as conservative as it gets. So my ideological structure is conservative.

In the parts I grew up, it's so rebellious that I'm in a Live-in for 10 years without getting married. And if I ask the 18-year-old Sarang if he is okay with this in life, the answer would have been, 'no'. I remember, once my class 9th teacher called my mom and complained, 'She only talks to boys and talks a lot.' This was a complaint against me.

I was like, "Okay". But it hasn't changed yet. I still have more male friends. I still talk to boys more. Actually, it's very interesting that you only talk to boys. When that gender difference fades away, it changes a lot.

Because I was in one of the boys' gangs. All the boys. In fact, I had 13 friends while doing CA. 13 boys. We had this team. Even in the theatre group, we were all boys. When I came out of that circle, started making female friends... Radhika Apte is probably my first female friend.

Especially due to Paula and Anusha, I have more female friends now. My whole perspective changed. Flipped. Like, how should we look at things? As we were saying a while ago, 'When was the last time you cried?' To cry... It's so easily possible to cry now. And it's easy to lift the weight off your chest.

That BFF thing isn't there in boys. My male friends don't know what I'm going through. But my female friends do.

I won't say it's depression. Depression as such... I mean, I don't know if it was, I was extremely demotivated for the phase of 8-9 months. You said that female friends talk about things. So I have a friend named, 'Prajakta'.

I talk anything and everything on the face of the Earth with her. It's not like we talk about different things, we sometimes keep talking about the same things. Sometimes we only listen and just let each other express. So while talking, I found my childhood trigger point myself.

I was like, "Oh duck, that's where one of my behaviour patterns is coming from." in my relationships or whatever... I realised it and I cut it off immediately. Like I've to stay away from this thing and it worked really good for me. It's built so well.

How are the rooms? Here's one. It's a really beautiful place. It's really good. Yeah, we'll sit here at night.

Phone... Biggest reason for my mental health is phone. Last time this shoot was much more fun because the phone was left aside. Or else, I would be shooting things. If I'm on a set, I keep shooting. So for the first time, the phone was left aside, and the thing we were talking about back there, they didn't get it on record.

I can't look at the phone for long. I'm very bored of looking at the phone. Really! I like to be 200% where ever I'm. So I don't look into the phone at all! That's a very good habit.

I wanna get rid of this habit. Do we take a lot of pressure to keep hustling and struggling constantly? Yes. Now my brain is conditioned that way, unfortunately. I get the guilt if I take a leave or just lay around for a day. I feel guilty in enormous amounts. Which is not great. There's an old interview of a filmmaker, and it's about how especially artists, they should be allowed to be lazy, they should be allowed to not do anything~ - Do you remember it? - Yes, yes. It hit me so hard when I watched it again.

In a reel format. Interview on a reel format. I have so many friends, they have not been anywhere. Yeah... That is just very sad.

In our office... He'll definitely watch this episode. He must listen to this. We have an employee named Akshay, who works a lot and the boy is hardworking. When we went to Pune for B.E.Rojgaar shoot, he said, "For this reason at least, I got to see Pune." I was like, 'You stay in Mumbai and you hadn't visited Pune?' He said, "No, on holidays I go to Konkan, spend May in Konkan and come back to Mumbai."

There's no pull to go somewhere else like I wanna go there and work. There's no need to do anything extravagant like going out of the country. No, not everyone can go. Which is okay. Going to that lake and seeing everything is more than enough.

And without any of those people. I mean it's no fun sitting there with a girlfriend. Either alone or they should be random people. They shouldn't have much place in your life, met a few minutes ago, - Talking to a stranger is such a great thing. I recently asked someone this question.

I don't remember to whom I asked this question. But have you ever talked to a stranger like exchange a life story of something... Yes... And it's so great knowing that you are not gonna meet that person, so we tell the entire truth. Because there's no tension, fear, judgement, we don't have to meet them again, we aren't answerable and it's such a great feeling...

People should feel this and do this. I feel like just suddenly leave and go to somewhere no one would recognize me... Don't cut your own fingers. Is my bell pepper getting cooked? Hmm? My bell pepper's getting cooked, right? Hmm. Good. Best. I can cook, right? I haven't eaten such a bell pepper in my life. You know Sagar Deshmukh, right? So it's said that every forty minutes in any conversation, there's a silence every forty minutes if the group is too big.

Everyone must have experienced it, right? No one speaks anything. There's a Western theory that angels are passing at that time. So we become silent, it's a Western theory.

Someone told Sagar this story. So if a group goes silent after forty minutes, he does this- He shoos the angles away. Because people must keep talking. Why do angels matter? That's what he says. Sir, it's so good. Great.

Superb, the spices are on point. Not too spicy, yet spicy enough! It's really good! Tejas, leave it. Dig in! Ever since we woke up at 5 AM, this buddy is whistling to us. Shilhaak. - We had to wake up at 5, all thanks to them. - Thanks to them We can't see it anywhere. I wish it had rained.

That's what's left. Yesterday when we went off cam, we were chilling after dinner, many topics came up during that. I don't know for what reasons they became so deep, I mean, downstairs, the boys are playing darts with their girlfriends' names. And upstairs we reached Buddha's topics.

Like, from, 'What's the philosophy of Buddha?' to, 'Who believes in which spirituality?' Unfortunately, we couldn't record this, but I think not all conversations are meant to be recorded. Yeah. - Is it done? - Is it? Let's see.

This is who was shooting us from behind the camera... What did you do last night? Slept in the evening itself. In the evening? What time? When did we sit? Sit? Where? What's this? While sleeping, we were hearing noise from here. What was going on here? No, we were just playing.

One who gets the correct answer for a GK question, gets to throw a dart. Nothing else. - What were the questions? - About love, taking a name before you throw? Okay, let's end it on this note. Take someone's name with love and let's see if you hit. - Rush. - Yash?

- Rush, Rush. - Rush? My doggy. Yes, Rush. He doesn't have love for me. Whose name did you take? - Rush only. - Rush, again?

Only one love? Umm, Aditya. Hmm. My beloved husband. Oh, god! Rush and Adi have competition. No, but Rush has got 3X2=6.

Aditya, are you seeing this? Sarang! Let's see. Everyone wants to go there! She doesn't have a special appreciation, or special love for anyone. It's equal for all! I love everyone equally. First of all, Mogambo. He doesn't love anyone. It's my cat. Cats love no one.

Now, Paula. Ooohhh! Oh, god! OG! He's blushing, he's blushing. But it's good. See... Paula, do you realise, that's almost Bullseye love. Mogambo, do you get it? Last night, our crushes were finished so we three took Sarang's name. All of them hit.

Yes, all of 'em. But mine was the closest. We end the episode on this note. Hi, I hope you enjoyed the episode. It was a very interesting ending, I must say...

Thank you so much for watching. Tell us who you want to see in the next episode of 'Ekda Bhetuyat'. And also don't forget to check out our merch.

If you noticed, Sarang was using this nice Nista Wanderlust Thermos. To keep his coffee hot while travelling. Very useful. We have these cool Bha2Pa hoodies, we have it in green and pink... and check out the back.

Amazing, right? - Right, right? - Yes, yes. Isn't it? Now I want you guys to just, first of all, accept the mistake that you've made. Yes.

Only then, I'll untie you. And till then, read this. Th- Thank you, Safar Holidays for hosting us. And this beautiful home is designed by Gabha architects and interior designers.

We have given all the details in the discription. Done. Done. Hmm? And, and what? And our new~ No! What? Please subscribe... And uh... Say it properly! Like this... Sorry! Give a like to this Bha2Pa video. And subscribe to Bha2Pa and all the other channels we have.

- And~ Sha~ Share it. - Share it as well! Yes please. Great, thank you...!

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