Pending Trip FT. Kishore Kadam and Sonali Kulkarni - भेटूया एकदा | Cafe Bambini, Pawna | #Bha2Pa

Pending Trip FT. Kishore Kadam and Sonali Kulkarni - भेटूया एकदा | Cafe Bambini, Pawna | #Bha2Pa

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Where is Kishore? I don't know. Where is he? Have you all followed him here? Hello Sonalee You were hiding here! We'll eat something in between. We'll have Pohe.

This is good! Nice! Probably, this is the first time that I'll be meeting Kishore so casually. We haven't met~ We have been missing~ This was pending since years. - No doubt! - We haven't travelled together ever Not only travel, but we never even sat together and talked! Yes, never. I don't remember~ When I slept peacefully, woke up and thought this is a new world. I don't remember feeling this way since years Why think of a new world? Kishore, someone like you~ should be able to sleep well.

I should. I know but~ I do sleep but I don't get a peaceful one. I don't know why. I have lost that sleep ages ago.

Don't worry. I'm not going to recite a poem now. Your sleep could be your poem but no! After waking up, I have a different book in my hands while drinking coffee. Hmm And after going out~ For example, if there's a bill to be paid or if I have to wait in the office While waiting, I'll have another book with me.

And the book I selected for~ To read seriously will be a different book as well! Simultaneously, I read three to four books. -Outstanding! Huh? I feel jealous listening to this. - Yes. I read four books simultaneously. - So good! And.. Before sleeping at night, I read something light. I don't like Science Fiction.

I do not like Science Fiction. I like fiction, I like Latin American Authors I like non-fiction. I like books based on books. Process of~ Process of anything. Like poetry or like novel - That I like. - Kishore, how did you start reading English? I have a friend.

Ajay Joshi. He's from Indore. And he's a different breed! My most favorite friend! "You must read Kishore! Read!" "Read English Yaar!" And I got the correct book at the correct time by that guy at the correct age! He correctly met me when I was 16-17~ When I was 18 years old. And then, he gave me a book. - Which was Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. - Oh And I opened it.

And that Howard Roark is standing naked, And his body language, And he's in his own zone, And he was recently thrown out of college. He walked home. And the owner looked at him sympathetically knowing he was thrown out of the college. But he wasn't bothered about that. I liked his body language so much that I thought I am Howard Roark myself! And then I read that thick book of Ayn Rand's TILL THE VERY END! And I got the confidence that I can read a thick book like this! And then! I started walking and talking like Howard Roark. - Ohhh - For some days.

I haven't read it yet. - I haven't yet. - Areee I like.. I like simple books as well~ The one I liked recently was Nadishth. - Amazing! Outstanding! - You liked it? I have commented on his Facebook! I'll read that.

- Amazing! Mind blowing! - I liked Nadishth a lot. काय आहे ती नदी, त्याचं पोहणं. तो तृतीयपंथी त्याच्या बरोबरचे - And I like that zone of his. - Yes, yes. - It doesn't seem like a planned book. - No, no. It's not - And that tree and those monkeys. - Areee How is that, right? I get goosebumps while reading it.

I want to do something on Milind Mokil's story. Can both of us do it? - It's a story called 'Videsh'. - Videsh? - Why not? Let's do it. - Let's do it. We'll get the same Poha. Who knows? Every KandePohe ep is different.

Pohe, Sheera. - But you~ - You like sheera? I like sheera a lot. Kishore, I cook a really tasty sheera. But, until the very end Dubey Ji insisted that I can't make it as good as my mother. - I really make a good sheera - Oh really? I love sheera. I'll make one for you.

I could've brought a tiffin for the whole day but then I'm trying to behave myself. - Look who it is! - Aree What are you doing here?! Hiiiii - How are you? - What are you doing here? - I'm going over to my farmhouse. - Really? To Alibag. To Alibag? On the farmhouse? Yes. You're caught on camera! A construction of mine is going on there. - How are you - Very well! Where are you two going? We are shooting a monsoon episode.

- With Bhadipa. - With Bhadipa? - Hello, Sonia Ji how are you? - I worked with her recently. - Really? - She's in it. - Areeee How's it going? It's such an ambitious project yaar! It's a superb project. These pohe are so good. Why did I order Misal?!

- Should I ask them for it? - I have~ I have a wish. One day, I want to travel all over Maharashtra avoiding Misal. Really? Wherever I go there's misal everywhere! - But I never order it.

I forgot his name. Amey. Should I cancel the Misal? I also acted one day Yeah, Ravi just mentioned. It's a secret. This is not a promotional video for Did you mean you planted Ravi here? It's casual.

Everything's casual. Kishore, what are you doing? I was just~ - Aree they'll do it. - Old habits die hard. As if Sulabha has him working day and night. You're great. We had convinced Vijay Tendulkar that if we don't eat McDonald's Burger Then that burger will feel bad. To which McD had you all gone? To that one? In Parbhani? - That one. Yes.

Before Panvel. There I made him wait. He was eating it thinking what is this. Life is incomplete without that. Let's gooo! Let's go. Let's go.

Bye bye. Byeeee From this rain I felt~ I suddenly felt this. Like. You have watched Dithi. Well, in Dithi~ Actors rarely get such a chance. He totally is in that character.

Surrounding atmosphere is created for him. People speak softly. Sumitra maushi was like that. And that much~ And that got~ It got many prizes~ In that the joy I felt in working So, like that~ So, which role is that in which you thought you had surrendered yourself completely, and you felt really good? For me Gulabjaam.

And Kachha Limbu - Yes Yes. Kachha Limbu. It was a breakthrough for me. - Yes, yes. But in every actor's life there is breakthrough, right? Surprisingly, it came back to back. Yes that's right.

I worked in both films with a gap of 2-3 years. - Yes, yes. And both roles were diverse completely. Like, an innocence of ours is lost. Like now I want to give my best. Let me get a role in which I can be best.

Such phase of mine has passed by now. Now I feel like whatever may come, I know I'll enjoy myself. Exactly you are talking my things. I also feel like~ Now see Natrang, Jogwa, Fandry, Dithi, Conductor in Ek Cup Chaha And that one too That film with Iravati in which you were a driver. - Yes. Kasav. - You were so good!

You did such a good job Kishore! -I really liked that film a lot. - Because of that now challenging, I'll show everyone, that isn't there now. Now we just~ - Speak. Yes - We just do it. Yes. Like there's joy in being present - Yes, definitely.

So, I was curious like who is this Sonalee. That's why I came to watch your show in Pune. - You came to the show at Tilak? - It was that~ First time in my life. And you know that Dubey Ji had asked me to write a poem for it. All of you used to perform it.

"Write a poem on Kusumagraj for that play." That's why I wrote a poem. Don't you remember? Who used to recite it? "For All Huge Poets". It must be here.

Let's search. - Yes. How come you don't remember. It is in here. I'll read it to you. For all huge poets. You're reading you're own book's index. This is a historic scene! I really~ That poem was in here. A poem called For All Huge Poets. So, Dubey Ji said to me, " In Kusumagraj's section your poem~ I said why my poem in his section? "Write it and abuse all of them". What?!

That's why, to critise all huge poets I wrote it saying you guys may be huge but~ ते सारं खोटं असेल, अथवा आहे. पण तरी. आम्ही तुम्हाला नमन करतो. म्हणजे तुमचं सगळं माहितीये आम्हाला. ते सारं खोटं असेल, अथवा आहे. पण तरी, आम्ही तुम्हाला नमन करतो. To be or not to be ह्या फंद्यात पडणारच नाही आम्ही! आम्ही सरळ मोकळे होऊ. तुमच्या कवितांचा आम्हाला अर्थ लागेल तो काढू.

आम्ही मोकळे होऊ. तुमच्या अर्थातून अनर्थ शोधून! आणि तुमच्या अनर्थाला ज्ञानेश्वरीचा अर्थ देऊन आम्हीच मोकळे होऊ हे ही लक्षात असूद्या! Wow सरळ ओळीत शिरून बसायला आम्ही शब्द जरी नसलो तरी ओळी बाहेर राहून उगाच प्रश्नार्थक पाहत राहणारे बावळे ही नाही आहोत आम्ही. काय म्हणालात? परंपरेचं काय? आम्हाला नाही ठाऊक परंपरा म्हणजे काय. आम्हाला फक्त तुम्ही ठाऊक आहात. आणि ठाऊक आहेत तुमच्या कविता.

ज्या आता तुमच्याही राहिलेल्या नाहीत त्यांना आता आम्ही आमचे संदर्भ दिलेत. आमची स्पष्टीकरण दिली, आमचे अर्थ दिले. हो, आहोत आम्ही उनाड! पण कधी कधी संध्याकाळी आम्हीही होतो एकटे. आम्हाला ही पडतात प्रश्न जे तुम्हाला पडले असतील. पण तुम्ही वाट तरी करून देऊ शकलात कवितांतून आम्ही आमची वाट शोधतो आहोत आता तुमच्या कवितांतून.

कदाचित लागणार नाहीत अर्थ आमच्या हाती पण आमच्या डोळ्यात मावणारा आकाशा इतका तरी मर्यादित अर्थ आम्ही देऊ तुमच्या कवितांना एवढा विश्वास आहे आम्हाला. आम्हाला जे दिले तुम्ही त्याचाही अर्थ आम्ही आमच्याच पद्धतीनं शोधणार आहोत तुमच्या कवितांतून. तुम्ही बुजुर्ग म्हणून आम्ही तुमचे पाय धरतो आशीर्वाद द्याल? नाही दिलात तर आम्ही पुढे जाऊ. I remember it now. नाही दिलात तरी आम्ही पुढे जाऊ. तितके उनाड आहोत आम्ही! हे तुम्हाला ही ठाऊक आहे.

हे सारं खरं असेल अथवा आहे. Dubey Ji got me to write this poem. -Yes, I remembered once you read it. - Yes. This poem was in it. - Yes.

Who used to recite it? Was it Amit Vaze? - Amit Vaze! Yes. Amit Vaze used to read it. This is a good poem Well, this isn't the place to talk about my own acting and writing But I loike to write a lot! I like writing letters. I like receiving them as well! You don't eat fish, right? Not much. You mean like not at all. I eat 2-3 dishes at Gazali but I don't eat much.

I cook super tasty fishes. - Really? I'm a cook! -What?! I truly didn't know. From potatoes to puranpoli, up to sheera, I can cook everything. - Then our~ - From pomfret to prawns. I can cook everything.

I can cook mutton. I cook Sabudana khichdi well Listen. But I~ We'll do one thing. If we don't get any acting work then the hotel we'll~ Like, the hotel that I'm going to open~ - Even I want to open one! - Then both our dreams have aligned! I want to open a hotel! You handle the non-veg department. I'll handle veg. Pune's~ And Sachin will. What do they call it?

And Sachin will cook authentic golbal dishes. - Other than that. - Yes. I do~ I cook methi really well. -What?! Really? Yes! Why are you laughing?! You can ask Sulabha! - Seriously I didn't know - Really? - Yes! And later on I started feeling that she hasn't married me cause I'm a poet or an actor but because I cook well! Cause before marriage we knew each other. I tried impressing her with my cooking and that got me in trouble! I only cook at home now! She relaxes in the bedroom.

No. What happens is Once we start like cooking ourselves, that taste becomes habitual for that person. Yes.

He's so cute, right? Because of my daughter, I have started liking animals. I used to be so scared of them. I never was interested in them. Will you please bring my bag. Such a lovely place. Okay, okay.

It's raining, right? Yes. Only a little. How are there tender leaves here already?! For the first time that I'm talking to you so much Your way of speaking.. Listening to it reminds me of Sandesh. Sandesh also speaks this way. But he's my elder brother. Remember that.

Sandesh is not my younger brother. Honestly, I didn't even think that he's your elder or younger brother. Only brother. He's your brother - That's good.

Sibling. It's Nilgiri! My God! These are games from my childhood. I feel like a path now. How are paths never crossed. They did cross! Many times.

But we didn't have time to wait. Didi that Nationl Award funtion of yours happen? Happened way back. Last year? What did you wear for the award? Kurta. I wore a good kurta. - I can't remember your photo of the function. I didn't post it anyways. Why? What why? What yaar?! Post it.

You got the national award. Do you remember you got the Sant Tukaram Award at the Pune Festival? - Yes, yes. I was in the audience.

- Yes - I felt so proud of you. I came with makeup on from Natrang Shoot. You were on stage! - You remember? - You were on the stage! You got that award for which film? Jogwa and one was based on Rangnath Pathare's novel For both the films I got that award. After that, at the Pune Film Festival I got awards three times for two films. - Class - And for one film I got once.

I've received it like seven times. That's why, Jabbar Patel has decided to not allow more than ten awards to my film. Because if he comes, we have to award him.

And he thinks the new kids should get it. Even I'm going to take a stand cause I'm such a typical punekar Cause they never~ Well, sometimes my films are screened at the festival. But they just casually say that she is one of us. - Let it be - But this is wrong. No, it's out of love.

Okay. But I~ Sometimes, what I feel is Gurunath Dhuri, the poet who went missing What happened to him?! An important figure in Marathi literature! And still nobody could trace him. Is he dead or alive? What happened? Did he commit suicide? Or did he go somewhere? To which unknown place he went? What happened to him?! That's how I've been feeling lately. To go missing.. and this may happen. Went into some jungle. Adivasi~ Got caught by adivasis and lived with them.

And Never came back. Forgot the past and started a new. It doesn't happen that way. But it can like at least.. I admire you. You at least have the guts to think in this way. That something like this might happen.

That perseverance.. you have an obsession with it. I can't guess for myself. Is it that I'm a person who runs away or do I have an obsession over something else.

I'm still figuring that out. Because, Kishore I've never felt anything like this in years. I'm happy but I I'd like for something un understandable to happen in my case. I get lots of joy through my daily life. I really feel good.

Simple things that we do like cooking or watering the plants. - Reaching a location - So many little things.. you bring chutney~ But I~ The mundaneness in saying your lines Mundaneness is a wrong word.

Not even monotony. A strong need of doing everything correctly. I get angry with that sometimes. Like, why to rehearse?! Couldn't say that line. Then~ I don't know if I'm getting this.

That I'm trying to find. How to break free from doing things 'correctly'? I felt good while shooting Gulabjam. In that, the Radha Agarkar character that I played That I felt was easy Forgetting the past is much better than losing further away.

Yes, exactly. That I really liked. I have a clean slate. Like Radha, I don't want to remember the past at all. Tell me one thing, look at that guy sitting alone in the boat. What must be he waiting for? It's going to rain. - He's waiting for you!

No, no, no! Let's go. We'll go for lunch. - Let's go eat something. - He's waiting for you! Come on. Look. Krushna Tulsi. Black tulsi is rarely seen. Tulsi seeds are on it.

These flowers blossom specially in shravan. These trees as well. These small raplings are of Balsam. These only grow in the monsoon.

And now the Adhik month has begun but they grow in shravan. In our family, my grandmother was quite religious. She used follow all Marathi festival traditions.

She used to follow Navratra as well. That's why I know these things. I used to help my mother a lot when I was a kid.

तुला मी, मला तू.. आता पांघरावे So good! How did you write this Kishore? You were so young when you wrote this. Yes. Even I don't know how I thought of it. The way you write shows your trust on yourself.

Hmm Something like this happens. Some kind of magic does happen. What do you think We talked here so much saying we do this and that. We get happiness etc. And still For something different to happen we wait for something, right? Right? What is the driving force? Honestly, I can't think this deeply many times.

I... like developing happiness from little things. Archana, a garbage worker who works in our building..

She She told me that She got 73 percentage. At that time, 10th standard results had come in. Her kids are in a hostel. She is a single mother. She doesn't have a husband.

And I thought that this is so good. Her kid got 73 percentage. I congratulated her. While saying something She said to me that her kid very little. " I sat for the exam." "My exam was remaining" So, I can keep crying for a simple joy as this! Amazing! That her~ She doesn't have a husband.

She's young by the way. Like 30 years old at least. But she was so behind on her education. Ten years at least. Fourteen years back! She has two kids. Both are little kids. Looking after their education, taking care of her work she completed her 10th standard education! Amazing! And to feel that what's going to by completing my education? As if I'll get a job in a huge company. I want to do it.

I want to do it for my own happiness. I feel really joyfully listening to such stories. And I always feel that every day After going into a book store I choose novels with interesting titles and read the first sentence from them. Because I feel that the book that in its first sentence itself gave me something! Or something came in me through it. Then I'll think that I'm going to get more from it. Whenever I write, I don't have to make myself think.

If that happens then only I can write further. It should be like that only! You know, for G. A. Kulkarni - Yes, you did that. - Yes for his Birth Anniversary

Nanda Tai has written it. In it there's a really beautiful sentence. In it. One publisher. Not Parchure.

Another publisher. We don't know him. G. A. and his friendship happened. Why it happened? Because he never talked to G.A. about his writing.

Right. He just talked about something else. Oh He talked about other matters. About life - Oh That's why, G.A.'s friendship with him was the strongest. Amazing! - Wow - I find this interesting.

But I feel extremely happy that due to this Because of BhaDiPa, we got out. We got together. Because the thing I never dreamt of A dream like got completed.

What a tasty dish they have served here. I haven't eaten maggi since years! Like, will I eat alone and you'll just~ No, no. I'm also eating. I'll take a spoonful.

Wait, wait wait. This much.. Yahoo! Come on everybody. Let's take a lunch break. Wow! Yummy! Hello! Kishore and I have come with Bha2Pa at Café Bambini. This place is near Pawna Dam.

It's amazing! Our time here went really well. It's a really good place. Lovely food, and you can stay here as well. If you would like to come here.

If you want to book then we have provided the link in the description. Please check that. And book your slot here as soon as possible. Watch our episode for sure! After that, book your slot at Café Bambini. Whatever you liked about this episode You can share in the comments section.

And like us, who else would you like to see next? You can suggest us. And Bha2Pa, the channel of BhaDiPa Bha2Pa - Bhartiya Touring Party Don't forget to subscribe to our channel. Because it's free! Okay. Thankyou so much! - So, this gift is for you. - Thankyou! Some BhaDiPa merch.

Wow! Notebooks for the wanderlust. So nice! - Thankyou! - And of course we have our Sippers. You can keep hot liquids, cold liquids. And this tells you what the temperature is So nice! -Jagaat bhaari! Thankyou! - Wow. Nice. - Thankyou so much!

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