Our 1 Week Luxury Yacht Vacation in Croatia for an Insane Price

Our 1 Week Luxury Yacht Vacation in Croatia for an Insane Price

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Imagine a place where time stands still. A place with stunning natural landscapes, pristine beaches, and perfectly preserved medieval towns. All connected to each other by the turquoise blue waters of the Adriatic Sea.

- [Mitja] God gave them 1,200 islands all put together very closely so that the action from destination to destination is very short. So when you combine the destination, the beauties, the history which they have, you really get an incredible combination of perfect holidays. Welcome to Ohana, a charter experience unlike any other in the world. At a price that makes the dream of a private yacht vacation accessible to almost anyone. For seven days, we got to experience everything yachting in Croatia has to offer. With the help of some of our friends, we'll be exploring some of Croatia's most beautiful locations, both onshore and offshore.

All while indulging in delicious food. Water sports. And unparalleled service, Ohana has to offer. There's so much to see and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. All right, everyone. Welcome on board Ohana.

We're going to start our tour with the beach club. This place is so beautiful. The color of the water, our surroundings.

I am beyond excited to be in Croatia. Now, right in front of me, we have the floating island with all the sea toys, jet ski, seabob, Radinn jet board. And you're going to see us use these toys throughout our tour. Now, coming back to the beach club. It's super wide and spacious.

We also have the passerelle here, which means this is where you get on and off board this amazing vessel. I also really like the Ohana name sign here. Below that, we have two outdoor showers. And the color of this yacht is so unique. It's a different take comparing to some of the other yacht that we've toured in the past.

But personally, I really like the way it looks. Now, I'm going to take the steps here so we can check out the main deck aft. Now, this entire section is covered, built in seating area on my left hand side. This door opens up to a dayhead, and the center staircase takes you up directly to the upper deck. This is technically where you would bring your guests on board and welcome them to Ohana.

- [Mikey] Yeah, so far, this has been an incredible experience. When we first got here, we got quite a welcome, and Croatia is beautiful. I haven't been here in years. The color of the water, just the landscape is a lot different than anything I feel like we've seen so far.

- [Enes] And we have a lot of friends with us too, this time. We do. So it's been a hell of a trip. So far. Yes. Now, let's continue our tour. Long side deck here that takes us to the center of the main deck where we have the landing. Now, between the staircases and the hallway here, you can access all the cabins, and we're going to cover them later in the tour.

But for now, I want to go through these glass doors so we can check out the salon. This is the heart of this motor yacht. We have a seating area here, multiple dining areas, bar on the back, massive windows looking out to these views. Phenomenal space. And before I go into more details here,

I want to talk about the specs of this yacht. So it's 49 meters long, eight and a half meter beam, 14 cabins in total that can accommodate up to 30 guests, which is insane. It's available for charter. Price range is between €80,000 to €100,000 a week, depending on the season. We'll have more information about the yacht in the description of this video.

Obviously, make sure to check it out. And big thanks to Goolets, the listing brokerage, for putting this trip together. We are staying on this yacht for seven days. It's a proper charter experience, and I'm beyond excited. - [Mikey] Not only are we in this yacht for seven days, but we're in Eastern Europe.

This is our first time chartering in Croatia. And they have a few different rules here. So we were able to invite some friends.

Why is that Enes? - [Enes] Well, number one, we have 14 cabins. And every time a yacht is chartered under a country or in a region, they have to follow their local rules. A lot of times these yachts are built for international standards, which means a 49 meter yacht would have five to six cabins.

But because this yacht only operates in Croatia, they only have to obey by Croatian rules. And with that comes with more flexibility. That's why on a 49 meter yacht, they can pack 14 cabins, which is insane.

- [Mitja] Normally, a ship this size. Around the globe would have five, six cabins. It would be optimized for the groups of 10, 12 people.

But in Croatia, they have the possibility to make this 11, 12, 14 cabins yacht. And because of the four decks, it gives you still plenty of space to get lost in the ship. But it really brings down the cost per family, for example, or per person when you calculate everything together.

And this really makes it an incredible value for chartering yacht. A 49 meter yacht in Monaco would cost you three, four, even €500,000. - [Mikey] With six cabins, that's 12 guests max for their charter rules, right? - [Enes] Correct. So I want everybody to think about that throughout the tour because this is really the value you get in Croatia.

And this is really what Goolets provides you if you want to have an amazing charter experience like this. - [Mikey] Yeah, and it's been amazing so far. - [Enes] It's been amazing so far. Couldn't agree more.

Now, welcome to the salon. Like, Mikey said, multiple dining areas, built in speakers. We have a really nice bar. Typically, few of the crew members are positioned here ready to serve us with whatever we want. You want an espresso? Thirty seconds later, you get your espresso.

And on top of that, this opening right here gives them direct access to the galley. So when you're having a lunch here or dinner, they can efficiently serve all the guests. Let's talk about food for a second. Like Mikey said, this is the place we've been enjoying most of our delicious meals. You have a buffet spread with eggs, fruit, and everything else you can think of.

- [Jack] That's very good. Thank you. - [Enes] On the spot, hot review. - [Jack] I have not had Nutella in years. It's a lot better than I remember. It's very very good. And the mix of the Nutella and the fresh strawberries.

To die for. Look at this. I could be a food reviewer. - [Enes] At lunch, we were served on the upper deck. It's amazing to be able to look out and see the blue waters of Croatia, feel the amazing breeze, and be able to sit down and enjoy a curated meal by this amazing team.

I love the alfredo style pasta, and the fresh berry puff pastry for dessert was fantastic. The crew wanted you to be well fed, and they made sure of it, especially at dinner. Each evening, the chef, with the help of the crew, would present and serve a stunning multi-course dinner.

Inspired by Croatian cuisine. Salt baked sea bass with seasonal vegetables, a light gazpacho soup with avocado and mint, and my favorite, Fusi pasta with parmesan and smoked tomato, top with olive oil. Every single dish we get is paired with a drink. First one was paired with a rosé. Now, the second dish, this pasta is paired with a white wine.

And I'm assuming based on the layout, you have one more wine to go. Graham, you and I are getting drunk tonight. - [Graham] No.

- [Jack] You see that? That's my third plate of pasta. I've eaten two already. It's absolutely delicious. Probably one of the best pastas I've ever eaten in my entire life, honestly.

I'm ecstatic to be eating a lot of it. - [Enes] It's so good, right? - [Jack] So good. It's fantastic. Every dish we've been served has been exquisite. I love that everything was inspired by the region we're in. I'm so glad to see this place filled with our friends enjoying each other's company over a meal and taking in such a unique experience.

You feel spoiled here. We have our friends, Jack and Graham on board, and they've never been on a yacht before or experienced a charter like this ever. And they were just blown away by the fact that we have 11 crew members constantly serving us.

They're like, everybody's on constant standby. - [Mikey] Yeah, I've really gotten the kick out of watching Jack and Graham slowly become accustomed to the the level of service that is provided on these yachts. They were hesitant at first. Yeah. Jack, when he first got here, and Graham were like, Can we get an espresso, please? And since then, they're constantly walking around with ice coffees in their hand.

So they get it now. - [Enes] Yeah. And they're on a jet ski, they're enjoying the yacht, and this is what this experience is all about. Now, we covered the bar here. There's actually a service countertop, and this is where they put some of our buffet food here. This is where we've been enjoying some of our meals. It's just a really fantastic space.

And on the other side, we have the staircase landing and a long hallway that takes us to all the cabins on the main deck. So because we have so many levels, and so many different cabins on this yacht, at the entry of each one of the hallways, we have these cabin signs. This main deck hallway houses cabin number 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. And we're going to start our tour here with cabin 7. Now, this is a really nice space.

We have a double bed here, looks super cozy. And I'm going to stop talking here because I want to get behind the camera since this is where Mr. Ayers stays. I feel like we've been doing this a lot lately. I'm getting more and more comfortable on camera. I feel like every time we do this, but. Quick room tour.

The bed is fantastic. Obviously, you have to have a desk in each space. Another thing I really like, and I always talk about this, each room has independent air conditioning. So I like my room cold at night. Enes, Erman, some of our other team members might like the room a little bit warmer. And it's something we always argue about when we share rooms on trips, so.

- [Enes] Not anymore. Not anymore, yeah. I love waking up in the morning and looking out of these windows.

You get these incredible views of wherever we are. As you all know, Croatia has a lot of islands and there's a lot of stops on these charters, so. Each morning you wake up and you get a totally different view. But it's so beautiful and the water is so clean and blue and clear. It's just fantastic. But my bathroom in here. Let's go in.

Putting on my Enes hat for a second. We have these tiles on the wall. It's almost like a sandstone feeling. Enes, you probably know what this is more than I do. It's just a nice textured tile. Just a nice textured tile.

You have a nice big mirror and then you have a nice big shower. The water in this yacht gets incredibly hot. - [Enes] And pressure is great too. - [Mikey] And the pressure is great too. This, what is this called? Textured tile, like fluted detail, I believe.

Fluted tile. The hairdryer, I don't use that. I don't have much hair. But yeah, it's been fantastic having this room. And because of the number of cabins on this, all of our crew get to stay in their own cabins.

Actually, Mikey, why don't you show the one across from you. Across the way, we have cabin number eight. This is where Erman is staying. It's basically a replica of your room, right? Yeah, it's basically the exact same thing, just flipped. It's on the starboard side. Inverted, yeah. So very similar layout, awesome views, and there's really nothing to complain about.

And, Mikey, can we talk about the doors and how you can access your room? Like Enes said, it has a very hotel like feel. So each room, I actually have Erman's key with me too, each room comes with a key card. So it's that hotel experience. There's a lot of cabins on here and there's a lot of common areas and there's plenty of exterior spaces if you do want to get away from everyone.

But I'll take that back from you now, Enes. There you go, Mikey. Let's do a nice smooth little rotation here. All right, so those are the first two cabins on the main deck.

Now, follow me this way. We got cabin number six, comes with two single beds, pretty spacious, of course, has its own bathroom. And across from that is cabin number five, where Shelby and Sam are staying. I want to give everyone a quick brief on our guests on the main level.

Shelby Church, a good friend and a fellow YouTuber, was a prominent figure in the tech and lifestyle scene. Also on this trip, we have our longtime friend, Graham Stephan, and his fiancée, Macy, along with his one and only right-hand man, Jack. Their room is at the very end of the hall, but first, let's talk to Shelby and see if she is enjoying her room.

- [Shelby] Hey, guys, it's Shelby. Come on in to my room. This is where Sam and I are staying. And it has been lovely.

A couple of things I love about this room, it has really good lighting. The windows are so cool. You just don't forget that you're on a boat. Even though it does feel like a hotel room, it's a pretty good size. Another thing I like, they have full length mirrors cleverly put over here so you can check your outfit and everything.

And there's lots of storage in here, so. I put some of my clothes and stuff in here, actually. You could actually fit a whole suitcase, your backpack, so it's out of the way. I've seen some hotels do that, and I love that. And then the desk is really nice for getting ready with the natural light, the window and everything, getting a little bit of work done. One thing I found surprising was it's not super rocky.

I assumed we would be feeling more movement, but I think because the area that we're in, there's islands everywhere, we're not out in open waters, so it's really comfortable in that way. - [Enes] Awesome. Can we see the bathroom? - [Shelby] Yes. You've got quartz countertops. You've got everything you would have in a home, really.

It's very modern. I like the finish they chose, all the tile and stuff. It has a natural feel.

And having a window in the bathroom is really nice too. Big fan of natural light, so I really like that. What has been your favorite part of the entire trip and the entire experience? My favorite part of the trip is hanging out with everyone and especially hanging out in the hot tub because I just love hanging out in the hot tub and probably jumping off. It's so fun.

But yeah, after this tour, I'm definitely going to go do some flips. Awesome, all right. Well, thank you so much for showing us your cabin. It's one thing for us to share what we see and what we experience with all of you, but it's also very rewarding to share the success and opportunities that we have with our friends.

It's almost refreshing to see them react and share their tales with us. And I hope you guys are enjoying having them with us as well. Now, let's continue.

Cabin number 4. This is where Graham and Macy are staying. - [Graham] Welcome. - [Enes] How do you like your room? - [Graham] I absolutely love it. It's incredible. Tell us about it. Well, first of all, when you walk in, it's extremely spacious.

You have how many windows? Four windows, two on either side. The AC, believe it or not, works incredibly well. It cools down the entire room within seconds. You have a TV and actually fairly large bathroom.

I wasn't sure what to expect in a place like this, but you have a walk in shower, toilet, sink, mirror. Everything you need is here. I have some questions for you. Number one, is this your first time in Europe? Yes. Crazy.

- [Mikey] It sounds like you already knew that. Yeah, I did know that. I can't believe that we were the triggering point for Graham to finally say, You know what? I'm traveling to Europe. We invited them, what, three, four weeks ago? Two weeks ago. Okay, never mind. We move fast.

What can I say? And Graham was like, I'm pretty sure it's a yes, but give me a few hours. And he literally got back to us in an hour. He's like, done deal. We would love to come.

Sign us up. It's also your first time on a yacht. Correct. Staying for a few days, right? Correct. He's doing the entire charter experience with us. What has been the most surprising thing about this yacht charter experience for you? Probably the level of detail.

I've never seen anybody so meticulous throughout every single experience, from the meals to whatever you need, to even going up and asking for a coffee. At any time, someone's there and within a minute it's ready for you. A lot of times hotels brag that you have butlers. And here you have 11 of them. Everyone's a butler. Everyone is a butler, basically. Whatever you ask, they just bring it up to you, which is amazing.

Even Mikey. Mikey, come over here. Get over here. Shout out to Mikey. Mikey basically created this entire shooting structure here. Three cameras. I even brought the cheese plate.

He brought the cheese plate. I felt like someone commented on of either Graham's or Macy's photos, and they were like, wow Graham is finally splurging. And Graham was like sponsored by Enes. Oh, I did. I remember that. What would we do without you, man? I don't know. No, I'm glad that we could participate in this.

Also, we're doing an ice coffee hour. Yes, podcast. Podcast. If you guys could see this set up right here, that's the nicest camera I've probably ever seen in my entire life. And they're just so graciously letting us use all of their equipment. I know. On this yacht that they've also sourced. I mean, it's absolutely amazing.

So I couldn't thank you two enough. Really appreciate it. Shout out, Mikey, in the comments. And Goolets as well. Goolets is down below in the description if you guys want to check out this yacht for yourselves. First podcast on the yacht? Yeah. Perfect.

So you guys should definitely check that out. It's going to be a lot of fun. And dude, thank you so much for showing us.

Thank you. And this is the part of the video where I really got hungry. The good thing is we're on a yacht with an amazing crew, and once the staff gets word that you're hungry or ready for lunch, they already setting up something amazing for you. And that's why I'm really excited to see what they got for today, but we're going to have to go to shore to find out. All right, picnic time. Look at the color of the water.

It's fantastic. Wild Graham and Jack. Graham and Jack in the wild. They just brought us here with the tender.

Just because we're on a yacht, it doesn't mean you cannot enjoy the land. Yes, you can, but you can just tell them the beach you want to eat a food at or just check it out. They'll bring it to you, right, boys? Right. This place rocks. All right, buddy. As if this backdrop wasn't picturesque enough, the crew made this picnic set up perfectly to complement this tranquil scenery. It's so pretty, I don't want to eat it, but we're going to eat it.

Jack, what's the obsession with dry meat? Dry meat? Here's the thing. Sounds really gross, tastes really good. So if you can separate what it is with how it tastes, I think you'll enjoy it. Should I try one? Absolutely. Yeah. Give me the camera. - [Sandra] It's pretty good. It tasted better than I anticipated.

I gotta give it to you, Jack. It's a vibe. Once we finish eating, we got up and did what anyone else would do on a desolate beach. What are you looking for, Graham? This place rocks.

- [Jack] This right here, perfect rock. As always, it already got competitive between me, Jack, and Graham. We all try to skip.

And Jack realized the key to a good skipping competition or key to a good performance is a refined rock. Rock that has a purpose. I've always known that. I saw one. Get out of my way. Look at that beauty. Let's see how it goes. Very clearly, it is not a refined rock as shown right there.

I think you know what? It's all in the technique. It's in the throw. All right, guys.

That's it from the picnic. It was a vibe. It was the mood. Now we got to get back to Ohana. We got to indulge ourselves back in this yachting life. So the lower level is broken into two sections.

We have this side where we have two cabins and two unique rooms. And on the other side, we have more cabins, which we're going to check out in a bit. Now, cabin on my left hand side is cabin 10.

It comes with a double bed, spacious room, two portholes, full bathroom. And on the other side, we have cabin 9. Let's go have a quick look.

Two single beds, more portholes, definitely good size, full bathroom. And it's crazy to me that even the cabins on this level are so spacious. Now, coming back to the hallway, we have a cinema and a playroom. I'm going to continue with the playroom. Now, considering the fact that this yacht comes with 14 cabins, and the probability of families coming here with their kids is really high, and that's why having a room like this for kids is perfect. We have a nice unique built-in seating section here, a small table with a few chairs.

Mikey, what would you call this? Like a jungle gym? No, maybe like a bird's nest? Whatever Mikey calls it, I'm going to take that. It's just a nice play area for kids, and it's just a fun room to have on the lower deck. Now I'm going to to the other side because we have the cinema, or you can call this the screening room, has a sofa, few bean bags, nice wood clad and padded walls, three portholes, and then you have a TV on this side. Now, I know, Mikey, you're probably going to hate this because you hate light change, but I have to show this detail to everyone.

So these portholes are really cool, right? You open them up. I did not know those opened. Yes, they do. And we're almost at the water level. It's just fun. I mean, look at the screening room here. When you're ready to watch a movie, you lock them in place, and depending on how much you tighten them, you can seal them off where you cannot even see the light coming in.

With that, we're done with this section of the lower deck. Now, let's go to the other side so we can check out the cabins on this wing. We have four of them here, and we're going to start our tour with cabin 11. Come on in. Now, this is where Jack stays. And on top of that, few days ago during a dinner, Jack and I were vlogging each other, talking about our experience.

And everybody on the table commented that Jack and I are like the next Enes and Mikey. They said we had a great chemistry, and that's why, and since this is Jack's room, he decided to do the tour. In fact, I'm going to grab it from Jack. Here it is.

How's it going? I'm Jack. This is my room. And I've already told Enes this, but this is the most luxurious thing I've ever done in my entire life.

It's absolutely amazing. And I love this room. It's extremely comfortable.

One thing that surprised me, though, is that they have two comforters. I don't know if that's a standard thing here, but in the United States, it's very rare, but they have two comforters right here, no sheets, didn't like it at first. Now I absolutely love it. You're like, this is what I'm going to do at my own house now. Yeah, this is what I might do at my own house now.

I also love that you can see out these windows right here. And also what's great is if Graham ever wants to visit me and look out these himself, he has a little stool right here so he can walk up on there and look out of these himself. So that's super nice. One thing that also really surprised me about this place is that the water gets hot immediately. Even at my house, I live in Nevada, and in my house, it takes 40 seconds for the water to get warm.

But here it's immediate, which is amazing. Every time I leave the room, everything gets made. These towels get perfectly assigned right here. Everything's folded beautifully.

What else would you like pointed out here, Enes? How has been your experience so far staying in this room? How about the overall yachting experience? Is it everything you expected? More than that, less than that? Well, it's been yeah, it's more than everything I expected. I already had very high expectations because it's Enes here that invited me. Of course, I'm going to have high expectations, but it exceeded them in every way possible. I feel like this is when I was a baby and my mom was taking care of me like she was following behind me, picking up my mess everywhere I go, times 10.

I can go to the bar, ask for anything that exists. They'll have it and they'll have it made in 30 seconds. It's ridiculous. I didn't know what I did to deserve this.

Why did you invite me? I love it. Thank you so much. Well, I'm glad you guys are enjoying it. Jack, I'm going to give you the camera back so we can continue our tour on this level. Follow me. Right on the other side is cabin 12 that comes with two single beds. Then on my right-hand side, cabin 14 comes with one double bed and one single bed.

And on the other side with cabin 13, we have an exact replica. And this is the one that I want to show to everyone. The fact that lower level cabin can be this spacious with this many sections.

Seating area, that's also a convertible bed. Then you have a double bed in the center. Built in mirrors with LED lighting. Two portholes.

We gave this room to Collin because Collin also runs most of our equipment. He charges all the batteries, everything, drops all the footage. So we're like, Collin, you know what? Have a moment. Enjoy an amazing space like this. Comes with a full bathroom.

We've seen a couple of these bathrooms at this point. Vanity, walk in shower, toilet. And this is it for the lower level. Now let's check out the upper deck aft. I really like this space.

The entire section is covered. Obviously, you have your recessed lights, built in speakers, this massive built in seating section, multiple tables, perfect place to have meals, hang out with your friends, get some work done. And like we said earlier, the way they designed this yacht is really unique. It's between a luxury super yacht and a hotel.

So you have the looks, the common spaces of a superyacht, but some of the common areas is designed in a way to optimize for a lot of usage for a lot of people. That's why we have multiple tables here. On a superyacht, you would just get a one massive table that can accommodate 12 at max versus here, you can have meal with 20 people. Easy. Yeah, and everything here is very functional.

And I feel like this tour, although we haven't edited yet, is going to be a little bit different because this yacht is a lot about the experience. Without a doubt. All right, let's continue our tour. Let's do it. So we have side decks that take us to the wheelhouse and then to the bow. But instead of going that route, I actually want to take everybody here, open up this door, so we can check out the upper deck bar.

Now, we have curved walls here. A lot of windows, bring in natural light. Seating is nicely curved with the walls. Tv is on this side.

Then on the corner, we have the bar, displays, dual elevation. This is where we get our drinks and cocktails made. This is just another intimate spot for you to hang out and spend a good time with your friends.

Good thing about this yacht is the fact that it comes with a lot of common spaces. We're currently utilizing upper deck bar. It's this nice, intimate space. We're having some drinks right now and living the good life in Croatia. It was actually a lot of fun.

And this is the upper deck bar. Follow me this way. Now, we are on the main hallway. On this wing, we have two cabins.

Cabin number two is on the starboard side. It comes with two single beds, built in desk, and a full bathroom. And cabin number three is on the other side.

And this is where Zoe stays. This is insane. This is Zoe Claire, a fellow YouTuber and our good friend of four years who also has the meanest food channel on the planet.

This is amazing. She joined us on our Europe trip, starting with Le Grand Jardin and now with Ohana. Let's see what she thinks of her room.

- [Zoe] So we're going to start out with this insane view. I mean, we have this triple window, which I absolutely love, waking up in the morning, looking out into the ocean. I like to indulge in self care and relaxation on this trip.

And speaking of self care, I'm going to take you guys into my bathroom. One thing that I love, you're going to the bathroom, what are you looking at? You're looking at the ocean. What more can you possibly ask for? Another thing that I love, not only is this rainhead shower, but the fact that they have a handheld as well.

I'm a girl. I don't like to wash my hair every single day. So having the ability to just pick up the handheld, give myself a little rinse. That's what it's all about. Yeah. Zoe, thank you so much for showing us around.

We really appreciate it. Thanks for having me. Well, I'm glad you're enjoying this trip. We got to continue our tour. Let's do it. All right, back to the hallway. I'm going to bring everybody to this staircase case landing, which is on our right-hand side. Left, we have a door opening up to the side deck.

And cabin number one starts here. And this is the primary cabin, which is where I stay. Now, instead of giving my usual tour and talking about some of the quirky features and details, I actually want to share my experience with everyone. I love my bed, super comfy, ceiling height is great, massive windows looking out to the views.

And this is one of my favorite things to do in the morning when I wake up, roll up my built in shades and just realize the fact that I'm on this yacht. Fantastic. Now, let's come over here, Mikey. This door opens up to the walk in closet. Tv is nicely recessed in. Another fun fact about this yacht, WiFi speed has been incredible. Spot on as if we haven't left mainland.

Yeah, that is, I'm going to sound spoiled complaining about million, multimillion dollar yacht, but that is something that I found that can be improved on some of these charters is the internet speed. But this one is extremely fast. Built in desk, this is also where I get some work done.

Back of the bed is just nicely decorated. We have some metal panels, leather, built in reading lights, LED lighting, full beam bedroom also. So you get a lot of interior square footage.

Like I said, I've been really enjoying staying here. Now on the other side, since this is the primary cabin, they have placed this really nice freestanding tub. Ask me if I'd use this tub. The answer is no. Do you plan on using this tub? Maybe, but although I have a tub here, we are in the middle of the sea. I just enjoy waking up in the morning, going for a little dip, drinking my espresso, and that's how I've been starting my day.

It's a fantastic way to wake up. The water is nice and refreshing. Nothing gets you going like diving in there. Absolutely. We also have a built in seating area here. Captain just walked on the back. We're going to check out the wheelhouse in a second.

And now I want to show everybody my bathroom. Now, some of the interior finishes on this yacht are very uniform. That's why all these bathrooms are very similar to each other.

But depending on where the cabins are located, their layouts are a little bit different. In this case, this is my bathroom. It has a massive picture window.

Wall mount toilet, vanity on this side, walk in shower is here. Again, finishes are very similar. And two things about this walk in shower. Number one, my water gets hot almost instantly.

Love that. Number two, great water pressure. I've been really enjoying my showers. I've been really enjoying this room. Another important thing that I want to mention.

Some of you may think that staying on a yacht for seven days can be uncomfortable because yacht is rocking a little bit, you're on sea. For me personally, it's totally the opposite. I love sleeping on yachts because number one, these yachts are really airtight. They're built very well. You don't see any dry walls, so the rooms are very dense, very isolated. When I when I close my door here, it feels like I'm in a capsule.

It's so quiet and so peaceful, so I sleep extremely well. Number two, the fact that my surroundings constantly change and the fact that every morning I could wake up to a different view just makes it so much more exciting. And I got to say, if you ever considered chartering a yacht, you should definitely do it. At least stay on board for a night or two. That way you can try it out yourself and I promise you, you'll really enjoy it. So one of the most important parts of this experience is this tender.

This tender right here. It gives you access to be able to explore nearby scenes, which is fantastic. Unfortunately, Mikey and I need to finish some work, so we thought we'll send our friends to shore with a camera for the day. - [Shelby] Cool thing to know about this town, it actually used to be a naval base and there is a castle up there you can go. The view is supposed to be really cool. I believe you can walk up to it.

Might be a bit of a hike. We'll see. I don't think we're going to do it this trip, but you should definitely do it if you come here. We found a cool little rooftop here in Hvar. And the view is insane. Normally, you have to take a ferry to get here, but of course, because we're on the yacht, we could just go on that, which is pretty cool. It's a really cute town.

You can walk to everything. Another cool thing is this is a shooting location for a lot of the Game of Thrones series. So it could be fun to walk around and try and identify some of those spots, but it's just a good spot to go on a walk. There's a little beach actually right down over there if you wanted to lay out. But we're going to head back to the boat and jump in the water. All right, let's check out the exterior of this yacht.

I mean, it's a massive vessel. We have lower deck, main deck, upper deck, and sun deck. Like I said at the beginning of this video, I love the color of the yacht. It's different, light blue contrasts nicely with the white section on top. It's this beautiful two tone.

And even the main deck bedrooms get these massive windows, which is super nice. Now, let's go towards the bow section a little bit. It has a very proud and voluminous bow, and that's how they can place that junior primary cabin that Graham and Macy are staying. Perfectly designed to accommodate as much people as possible. While giving them the privacy and the common spaces that they would need. What do you think, Mikey? It's a hard camera angle to capture, but it looks really cool.

And we've never done this before. Well, I figured on this tour, we spice things up a little bit. I was like, I'm going to take the tender and, I want to show everyone how this yacht looks on the exterior. Look at the amount of covered seating sections and everything else you get. It's fantastic. Radar on top. Beautiful looking yacht.

Now, continuing our tour on the upper deck on our left hand side is the wheelhouse. Mikey, let's go in. This wheelhouse, I'm just going to take a seat here, is a little bit different than the other ones that we've seen. It's more authentic. Keep in mind, this yacht is not built to go across the oceans.

It's built to operate in Croatia in these calm waters. That's why they put their focus on the spaces that really matters while keeping some of the other aspects simple and to the point. You still have a strong engine. At the end of the day, it's still a 49 meter vessel, but it's not as high tech and it doesn't need as much navigation equipment as some of the other vessels that are built to go across the ocean. And again, this is all about maximizing space for the guests, and there's a lot more to come.

Absolutely. We also have a split AC unit. I feel like if you were the captain of this vessel, you would have really enjoyed that, Mikey.

I would for sure. Now we have a nice built in seating area in front of the wheelhouse. I've been actually hanging out here a lot. Anytime I want to get away from you guys, have a little bit more calm environment to get some work done, I've been just quietly hanging out here.

Captain is also extremely nice. This is where we did his interview. He is the owner and the operator of this yacht, which is something we've never experienced in the past. One of the unique things of such a yacht like Ohana is also that the captain is also the owner of this ship. Which means he's incredibly incentivized to make this really the best possible experience for the client because it's his ship.

- [Josip] Yes. So my family, we started in the 2000s. Earlier, we had the one day excursion boats from the island of Brac. My father started the business in the 90s and we just changed it to yachting in the 2000s. When you changed it in 2000s, was it building yacht or was it operating yachts? Operating. We had the first yacht was completely of wood, 30 meters and my father built it by himself. Wow.

And then after three years, we started with steel boats, steel yachts. Now we own three yachts in our family. We are three brothers and each brother is on his own yacht as a captain. And it's how we work and how we operate and that's how we keep the high quality of experience on yachts and for the guests.

So it's really exciting to have you and your team on board. And we are giving also our best to show how it works on the yacht when the charter's because of the boat Ohana means Family. So we wish all the guests and the journalists who comes on the boat to be a part of our family. In fact, we are actually the first group that is staying on this yacht after it was refurbished. It was built in 2020. He did some modifications to it.

And we are the first guest of this season, which is also super cool. And of course, I got to give big thanks to Goolets for putting this trip together. The fact that we're enjoying this yacht, enjoying Croatia afor seven days, and we have all of our friends joining us, it really doesn't get much better than that. Just as we finished filming on the upper deck, our friends returned from Hvar, eager to get back in the water.

So we took a break and jumped into these crystal blue waters. We had jet skis, jet boards, sea bobs, and even a slide. And best of all, we had access to this everywhere we anchored. And with these calm waters, you just glide across the sea.

How was the jet ski. It was awesome. There's so much open sea to travel on. There's a lot of yacht and different things to see as you're traveling through.

And a lot of different little islands over here. So I was able to go through this little alcove in the back and explore all around. You definitely go down quite a bit.

This is my ideal day. Jumping in water, like cliff jumping off the boat and then hanging in the hot tub. It's so fun. It's like thrill seeking, but also really relaxing. Jack? This is the most luxurious thing I've ever done in my entire life.

You a little dead from that banana boat? The banana boat was... Guys, it may have not looked very hard, but it was quite challenging. Me and Jack were struggling on that.

It was very, very challenging. Being able to access the to see so easily, being able to interact with your surroundings and get on a jet ski, get on a round jet board, get on a banana boat, get on a tender, check out the islands around us. You have friends that are enjoying the sun deck. You have a drink up there you feel like going in the water, you do that.

You jump from the top. And being able to do that without having to obey a schedule is I think what's special about yachting. Honestly, the fact that you can just jump off this boat into the ocean is amazing. The water here is so beautiful, so blue.

It feels so nice. I mean, I'm loving this. That's enough swimming for now. Let's check out our final level. Welcome to the sun deck. This is a 160 square meter, partially covered, outdoor space, built in seating area, some lounges, these really cool chairs.

Right in the center is the main outdoor seating area or multiple outdoor seating sections. And we actually spend a lot of time here because your elevation is fantastic. You get to enjoy the views a little bit more. You have a gym here with a treadmill and it's covered. You have your outdoor speakers. I feel like this space ends up drawing everybody up here.

Have you used that gym yet? As of now, no. But starting from tomorrow I'm going to start running. Well, I know Erman, one of our shooters has been using it quite a bit. Yes. So hopefully he's your inspiration.

You need to match his enthusiasm you know. I just need to get a little bit more sleep first, and then I'll get on my workout. Fair enough.

All right, let's continue, Mikey. On our right-hand side, we have a built in barbecue. We're supposed to have a barbecue night as our last dinner on this yacht. I'm really excited for the barbecue night. Food has been fantastic so far. Chef is amazing, crew is great.

Again, it's just a very pleasant experience to be on board. Now, towa rds the aft section of the sun deck, we have this raised jacuzzi, which is fantastic with built in seating around it. This might be the most used area of the yacht. I feel like everybody goes for a swim, goes for a dip, and then they all come over here. It's nice and warm, constantly ready for you, and you have more built in seating here.

And because this section is not covered, it is a little bit more open, a little bit more free. You get to enjoy the scenery, the weather, the breeze. It's been just so great.

Enjoying Croatia, being on board Ohana. And I really don't want to leave. How could anyone want to leave the scenery? Relax in the hot tub, have a drink with your friends, and appreciate these colorful sunsets. It's a perfect way to end the day. On the final morning, I thought I would take the Raddin out one last time to check out this cove the captain recommended that's a medieval coastal village. Erman also wanted to join and film but he had to get himself rigged up first.

Too tight? Too tight. Okay, how's that? Yesterday, it took like 10 minutes. Really? That's great. With Erman rigged for success, it was time to roll out.

Hold on, hold on. This jetboard, I have a special love for it. It's so much fun. The way you get to explore places, it's just fantastic.

It's on another level. It's so intuitive. You're going 30, 40 miles an hour, you can feel the breeze.

Then you're just carving this beautiful crystal blue water. You can just feel the moment and feel the sea and it's fantastic. Thank you so much, Radinn and their team in Croatia for putting this together, getting us one of these boys so we can use it for our entire trip. I'm really going to miss this thing and I'm really going to miss Croatia. As our trip begins to wind down, I cannot help but wonder where the time went. Although I love and miss LA, it's such a busy city, but here on the waters of Croatia, the concept of time disappeared.

All that matter was enjoying our friends and the scenery around us. But the trip is not fully over. We still have one more meal that I'm looking forward to.

So this is our last night on Ohana. We're back in Split. Our views are fantastic. For our last night dinner, they're setting us up with a nice barbecue night. I'm really excited. Everybody's up on sun deck.

Let's go check it out. If there's one thing Americans do absolutely better than anybody else, it's burgers and barbecue pieces of meat. But I have to say the staff in Ohana hosts a pretty mean barbecue.

Just look at those thick steaks and burgers with melted cheese. The sesame buns are the European twist, but they complement it so well. I eat a lot. Food was fantastic. Thinking about eating more, but maybe it's not a good decision. Jack, what are your thoughts on that? Probably going to eat more. I shouldn't eat more, but probably will. Probably will.

Fair enough. There you go. And with a backdrop like this, it's surreal to enjoy our final meal with views like this. There you have it.

What an adventure. It's funny that two friends with a camera touring houses would lead to a moment like this where I can enjoy this yacht in Croatia with a group of my friends from all around the world. Where do I begin with Croatia? The picturesque views, the food, every moment we spent on this yacht, experiencing this country and what this country represents was truly unique.

Not only that, but knowing that the Goolet team cares so much about our experience made it even even more special for us. It humbles me that we got to share this incredible journey with all of you. This will be a memory that my friends and I will cherish forever. All right, everyone. That's it from motor yacht Ohana. Hope you all enjoy this tour.

I want to give big thanks to Goolets for putting this trip together. And as always, you can find more information about them and Ohana in the description of this video, so make sure to check it out. Now, if you enjoyed this tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys on the next one.

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