Open To Meraviglia e Cringe: l'analisi dei tanti, troppi errori, di una campagna che svilisce #1140

Open To Meraviglia e Cringe:  l'analisi dei tanti, troppi errori, di una campagna che svilisce #1140

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Open to Meraviglia, the by now famous campaign by Enit, which sees, entrusted to Armando Testa, who is keen to underline it again today with a beautiful page in the Corriere, which we will then go to see, promoted by Enit in the Ministry of Tourism, which sees the Venus of Botticelli as a new influencer, a virtual influencer who moves within the places to visit in Italy. A campaign with an investment of 9 million euros, with somewhat particular creativity , we won't talk about creativity. I may or may not like to do the Breeze of Terror, but a lot of people I know tell me it's a very original idea, we're not going to talk about that. Instead, we will talk about sloppiness and carelessness in the making of so many parts that have jumped out little by little and we will talk about them because they are things that should not happen at this level within the world of promotion, advertising, especially when a customer is important, like it may be that of the dignity of an entire nation, in this case, of its representation in the world. It took me hours to find everyone who reported something, I have a lot of links in the description, I must have surely forgotten something and someone, and I could also have attributed something to someone else who relaunched it, who found someone else yet. So forgive me for any errors, there are really, as you will see, so many things to see.

I waited until now because I was waiting for Armando Testa's reaction, which appeared this morning with a page in Un Quotidiano and which we will also analyze there as a way of managing the crisis. Get ready, make yourself comfortable, it's an incredible journey, from a certain point of view exciting, within a series of errors, of executions so vast, as to make it almost seem like they're there on purpose, but no, they're not. I'm Matteo Flora, I analyze the success and failure of campaigns for work with a company that does this and this, well, this is Ciao Internet. Hello Internet, let's start from the beginning. The campaign,

as we have already said, by Enit, which aims to relaunch the figure of Italy in the world. A campaign costing 9 million euros and we'll stop there already. No, the creativity didn't cost 9 million euros, they didn't pay 9 million euros to make a few videos and 4 images, 9 million euros is the total value of the investment, which also means buying advertising space, which they can be buying billboards, buying commercials around the world, then running this campaign. Normally creativity is a traction of all this. It's not known, from the data that I know at the moment, how much

is the value of creativity, so no, it's not 9 million. 9 million is the investment which in any case is a low figure for an international investment, but considerable for an investment of this type, above all if the image we are going to convey is a bit peculiar. Let's start from the beginning, let's start with the video. Yes, because together with this a video is launched

with great pomp and published around all social networks throughout the Ministry, Enit, etc., which has now disappeared and we will see why. There it is, Italy, 0.50% of the earth's surface with 0.83% of the earth's inhabitants and the largest number of sites included in the list of World Heritage Sites. 58, a dot in the middle of the world, which the whole world has in its heart, because it is warmth that resonates in words and gestures.

Ah, and we stop here. Beautiful spectacular images, beautiful, you may or may not like the narration, wonderful. And here we begin. Let's start with what? What you saw in the video is nothing filmed, real, okay? They are all clips taken from a service that gives them in archives, let's go and see Umberto who talks about them, for example Le Montagne, which is an available stock video. All we see is stock video. Not even Italian,

yes. Because if we go back to this part, we see some bottles and a cellar, we realize that it's not Italy, it's Slovenia. No, I'm not kidding. Here we also have the same video, okay? The clip is Hans Peter Schepp, we are in Slovenia, in a Slovenian cellar. Let's start well with Open to Slovenia. It's not me who found it, this is a few other things, these are things that Selvaggia has unearthed, Lucarelli, who talks about it on the fact newspaper and is the first, I think, to launch this thing. So it's not flour from my sack, it's flour from someone who has started studying. But not just that, eh. If we look at how the campaign was done, it's also the influencer herself,

it's nothing more than a fake head stuck to one place, to a fake body whose background images are also archive images, like archive are even the clothes, the models, the outfits. You are unfortunate because, this Simone Alifrandi that I sent, I don't know if it is the first or not, you are unfortunate and that you noticed it, they had even reversed it between left and right. Incidentally, it doesn't end here, almost all the outfits are made on this part, there are quite a few, even in the video to launch the incredible Italian beauty, the charm of culture, etc., etc. They are videos of a famous, very cheap, non-Italian fashion house . But oh well, anyway, they don't have to promote Italy, right? But are we also talking about creativity? I would take up the words of Anna Maria Testa, who says, the Venus of Botticelli, influencer, little logical analysis and a lot of superficiality. Good creativity cannot be improvised. Yeah, superficiality where? Everywhere, actually. Do you want to understand, for example, why the Venus of Botticelli in one of these images is on Lake Como and eating a pizza, you can find it on the right, more or less the same shot, the same inspiration, the one that also came to mind me at the beginning, this is Chiara Ferragni who relaunches it, yes, absolutely, the inspiration is pizza on Lake Como, almost yes, since it's not the first thing you would eat on Lake Como, there's some wonderful local fish, etc. Then,

nothing prevents the pizza on Lake Como from being good, but the idea is clearly recovered from here. Ah, because the claim is rather imaginative, isn't it? Open to wonder, apart from the cacophony in English, they'll tell me wonder, though, a little bit that sounds hard to pronounce around the world, but it doesn't matter, but it's very, very, very creative, isn't it? Yes, even the definitely highly creative one, where does it come from? I don't know, there is a case that just recently, this, even if I play the relaunch joke, Diana, who takes virtual influencers who are works, never seen before, what a wonderful thing, what will they say, what they talk, right? Incredible, this thing of using artworks as influencers is an incredible thing, and the claim of this campaign? The land of everyday wonder. Wonderland , every day. I could close here, that would already be enough, but no, let's continue, because it's wonderful, what emerges during the analysis, some start looking at the campaign site, etc. Let's start with French-Russian, which in

my opinion is one of the funniest, the images that are sent via whatsapp the day before the launch, already the images that are present on the website, which actually have a low quality, which I didn't understand why, because they passed them via whatsapp. When you save the image that comes to you whatsapp, the name of the images has that format, whatsapp minus image, minus year, month, day, hours, etc., and the campaign images are made directly with whatsapp. Come on. Not only that, but if we read the press release directly to the ministry of tourism on the countryside, we read that Venus is the protagonist, ok? Also on the instagram profile veneritalia23, on the website, ok? And on other social platforms. Yeah, too bad they didn't register them on the other social platforms. No, I'm not kidding, really. The other social platforms are totally free, so much so that

someone is taken, for example, veneritalia23 on twitter and is doing an excellent job of irony on that. This alone would be enough to understand all the other platforms, there are others, but let's see it a moment later. Indeed, there is a profile on instagram. At first it had little popularity, thank goodness it then had a surge in popularity, which we don't know exactly what to attribute to, but open tells us how instagram profile followers are fake. He tells us about it by taking up a tweet from Jacopo Melio,

in which he shows that there are actually a lot of completely bogus users, throw yourself in, get stuck in the instagram account. Definitely, definitely not from the agency. So, a start with a bang also with social networks. Then, that's my professional information , I deal with content protection, but when you run a campaign and say it will be open on social media, the thing you do is something called brand protection. What does brand protection mean? It means that, in order to avoid various and possible messes, you register the name of the campaign and the name of the brand on the various platforms. Not because

you want to do something, no, you don't need to register a Youporn account, because you want to make a strategy based on Youporn, of course, but because to avoid someone arriving with your logo and people thinking you're there, at least on the larger. And that actually was… no, it wasn't done. The Open2Meraviglia website was bought by Marketing Toys, which puts us in its advertising and makes this thing very funny , with, among other things, the deranged and unequal reaction of Sant'Anche, who says, ah no, but the site is so only, yes, but the brand you are launching and the name

you are launching is that, you should and could have thought about it. The accounts, oh well, Telegram, if you want, Umberto again, the Telegram account was taken over by someone who put the phrase Hey, did you want to? Up to a little funnier stuff, like, opps, this doesn't get to me, OnlyFan account, I think, with the title deleted in this case, oh well, it doesn't matter. For the website, yes, it's actually quite heavy that someone hasn't thought of registering it. Website, come on, let's start there. Assuming that in this case the website has little to do with ArmandoTeste and the campaign, most likely, the campaign is one thing, the website, but the goal of the campaign was to draw attention to the website and the attention there 'it attracted, with a number of people who went to see a few things. Let's start from the first, in my opinion the most serious of all, apart from the comical ones, but the most serious of all writes Roberto, Roberto Scano, who tells how the website is not actually accessible. And that's quite worrying, actually. The other thing that makes it a bit sort of understandable, but it's implemented really

very very very badly, is Claudio who writes to us how the website is chock full of tracers. Chock full of tracers which is a problem, a privacy problem. Well, I actually understand it, because if the website becomes the basis on which all the advertising that you invest will arrive, in those 9 million, I suppose there is a good part of digital investment, in this case you need to have tracers for understand if it's working or not, what's working, where they come from. I get it, I'm not that Taliban I don't get it. But I don't understand one thing, because of all this stuff, in the website's privacy policy, there isn't even, not even, even a shadow. Nothing. Of all this, of all tracers, there is absolutely no trace. And this yes, however,

is a lot more serious, even if only for transparency towards the citizens. Website obviously came into the limelight for another thing, not exactly for this. There are things a little more technical. For Cynophallic translations. No, but I'm not kidding. The translations were evidently made with an automatic system, so, for example, Camerino becomes Guardaroba. Wardrob, guardrob. And Brindisi becomes Toast, which is the toast you make with the glass around. But there are an impressive number of them. If you're interested, I'll leave you the links in someone's description. Paolo Attivissimo has made a whole series

of lists that tell you if someone is interested these are all the various things. From Tagliacozzo to Potenza, etc. The translations. No, I really liked the staircase that is Treppe. Oh well, Prato, Terasen, I don't mean. Indeed, indeed. All of this is beautiful and tells of the care and precision that goes into telling Italy around the world. Wanting to be annoying, there would be more to say. The site is a WordPress, which is perfectly fine. I am very happy with the choice of WordPress and to see it used often in public administration sites. Maybe I would have made a slightly better system for

this Ministry of Tourism is not ItaliaIT, so as not to leave the login part open to everyone. But those are nerdy stuff, never mind. Speaking of nerdy stuff, I had my moment of glory during all of this too. Why? Because I started playing with Mid Journey, creating a campaign saying that for me that campaign was horrible and I started having the name of a campaign drawn, which came up with Infinite Wonder, infinite wonder, among other things very similar this too to the Danish one, and a few generated images, which depending on the point of view some say are beautiful, others say they are very ugly, others tell me ah but the brief has nothing to do with it.

It was 20 euros for a Mid Journey subscription and a few minutes of play to show what could come out. Among other things, to those who accused me of not being able to make Venus like Venus, because I simply hadn't told Mid Journey, you can find the result of Venus like Venus here and also the shot of the same face to make one a little more modern influencer around Italy. And I like them a lot, are they stereotyped? Yes, I like them a lot. This troll worked so much that I ended up on the Art Tribune. The Art Tribune is one of the world's art goths

who does an article talking about this thing. One yes, thanks Livia, I don't know Livia Montagnoli, the journalist, but thanks for posting. One does serious things half of life, then does some bullshit at the end of the day and ends up in something like this. But come on, we're talking about Italy, we who speak in Italy, the things that come to Italy, all that in Italy, how does the rest of the world see it? Maybe the rest of the world sees it very well, no, the rest of the world perculates us. Yes, meaning, this is the Guardian

saying they are kidding us that the Italian campaign shows Slovenia, same thing with CNN, ridiculed for BD News, even Reuters saying the official Italian tourism video promotes Slovenia, dozens and dozens of things of this type which obviously tell how the whole thing has been somewhat ridiculed. He's right, however, come on, let's face it, I'm sorry, but he's been ridiculed absolutely, absolutely... he's right. Come on, let's try to close for a second, let's see for a second, how does he respond, because I said I had waited for an answer, how does Armando Testa respond? I tell you this in a childish way and on paper. Let's see what they write in the press release, this is it, when a tourism promotion campaign breaks the wall of indifference, but what kind of indifference? And it manages to give life to a cultural debate, but what a cultural debate, they are percolating you, as lively as the one ignited in just 5 days, it always represents something positive. All right, thank you, because it hasn't happened for years that the news of an institutional campaign aroused an echo of this magnitude, it's true, since there was Veribello, it's another good piece of shit, by the way, Veribello, it's it's nice to always approach the best, then when it comes to a campaign that has only been presented, but not yet released, probably of a unique scope. No, the same thing happened

with Veribello too. Thanks to thousands of views, I'm making thousands of views with one of my videos that's wrong... that doesn't work, it's just to give an idea, comments, memes, for the passionate discussions of these last few months have made us feel truly the largest Italian agency with a huge creative department of millions of people working on the same concept. Well done, more for less. Thanks to all those who imagined that the video intended for the presentation of the project and therefore used with archival materials was already the official spot of the campaign. Oh no, kids, no, kids, you can

try to perculate anyone, but not like this, ok? It's been launched by you, by the ministry, by Emmit, all over the place as this great and wonderful thing. It was so much a proof and so forth that, no, it was just like that, that like thieves they took it all over and obscured it all over, like thieves that's ashamed of what they've done . Okay? Then no. Okay? No. Thanks, well done, but less. Okay, pull it your way, cutie and like it. Not to fool people. They caught you red-handed, they proved you wrong and... also therefore all the visuals, however, are... because here he talks about videos, but also all the visuals, therefore they are only drafts. You submitted an entire campaign, an entire

campaign concept in drafts only. Okay? Cut and paste here and there. Why don't they talk about the rest, right? Thanks to whoever made us feel like millionaires, right? The millions of euros are for media planning, blah blah blah. Ok, how much did you get? Write. No? So the less we know. The goal is to promote Italy abroad. Heh, it works just fine. Watch CNN. On a target coming from 33 countries. But to promote?

So, don't let people know, promote. Then we go back. Also and above all on markets that are culturally very different from ours, drawing attention in an easy, direct, recognizable way to what traditionally distinguishes Italy in the world. Italy in ugly glue. We know that speaking of Italy means taking into account so many sensitivities and nuances, a unique and precious human cultural capital that Armando Testa thanks, and Venus has been with us for over 500 years since we didn't talk about her so much, if this isn't a wonder ? Well, apart from the fact that it's not. But before my comments. Let's see some of the comments from people who replied when I posted the tweet. The most beautiful of all is Mac Cox, who writes «And kisses to all the rosiconi, malox! On Kate, your envy is my strength. A sticker of the lasso of sticks on the back of a field follows." But yes, because in the end it is an answer of devastating childishness. Mauro, let's see

what Mauro says. That message is literally «we presented an unfinished product, hoping you wouldn't notice». Honest. Max Cavazzini. «The tone of the great majesty of Armando Testa. Thank you that you spoke badly about it, because if you talk about it, it's fine. The pebbles

removed from the shoes on the course of the campaign. Buying a page in the papers won't change your opinion of the campaign." Absolutely true, but also the way, the tone of his majesty. Matthew Bonanno. “This stuff that's all publicity and good publicity is bullshit. Only a trucking agency can still think so». If you prefer. "It's like reminding your teammates why you took a shit." Maurs, stop it. In my opinion, the basic concept is actually an institutional campaign made up of mistakes, superficiality and an embarrassment, an irreverent waste of public money. But since he's being

laughed at by everyone, then it was an association. The level is that of an influencer who stuffs powders for the video to get noticed. And I would like to stop right on this. The superficiality and a series of embarrassing mistakes are real, that is, they are the reality of the facts, it is not an opinion. You can like or dislike the campaign, the embarrassment is

really real. And let's stop for a second on the point that we talk about it. Because it's one of those things we keep saying, right? There is no bad publicity, there is only bad publicity. Does that work as a motto? Yes, of course it works. The classic example is that of the influencer

who crashes his car and becomes famous. Ok, it works but not always, it depends what you want to do. You need awareness, you need popularity, full stop, just popularity, you need to be known. Yes, it works. Nudity works, right? Normally boobs in the wind work to make the model known, bullshit works, jokes work, but we need popularity. That is, do we really think we need to make Italy known in the sense that there is someone in the world who doesn't know Italy and who doesn't know that we are a tourist country? No, maybe we need something else . And the promotional video says it too. Okay? We really need promotion. And where does the promotion come from? By building a consensus. Consent generates value, but certainly not popularity. End to themselves. Indeed, consensus and popularity, desire

and popularity, are really two different concepts, very, very distinct. So, if we think it's enough to make a mess, it means that we think that no one knows Italy. Don't know Italy, pizza, mafia, mandolin, Rome, pizza tower, then oh well, maybe they put the story of pizza in Sicily, but here we go, Wyoming, I want to see who among you tells you they see Wyoming on the map of the United States. You shut up, you who know it and

now you want to write me under I know, it doesn't matter. But is there really a need? I remember my years in the agency, when I was still at Alvillage, when big projects were being made, I think my creative director at the time, who was Pasquale Diaferia, said so. But Pasquale, if you didn't say it and I remember correctly, it must have been someone else from the creative team. He jumped out with one of the phrases that I remember, it's not very polite, but I remember it anyway, which he said, if after your death you want to sanctify that holy woman of your late mother, and to do this you decide to publish the postcard that you found her beautiful and young in her bedside table, make sure it's not the one when she did the oldest job in the world, because otherwise yes, they'll remember her all, but in that sense, not in that of the holy woman you want obtain. And here it 's the same thing, speaking ill of a campaign is not speaking well of Italy, speaking very badly of the creation of a campaign is not making people talk about Italy, one because you speak internally, not outside, two because what is filtered out for now are only the speculations of the main international newspapers on the fact that we have taken this thing very very very badly, and it is excellent excellent advertising for Slovenia, excellent advertising. Let's close come on, let's close in a positive way. One thing is true of that

release, millions of people have said what's wrong. All the things that are blatantly blunders, bestiality, super sociability. And if the campaign really hasn't been launched yet, as Armando Tetta says, of different attention, and Stefano also spoke in Dubai, but it doesn't matter, if there really is still time, well there is plenty of time, plenty of time, to get things done right this time, with care, with grace and with positioning in mind. I don't want to say that you can do better because it's difficult to do worse, let's imitate ourselves in first position, you can do better, come on Armando Tetta, I know you're capable of it. Show us not the pouting kid who says

you're all mean to me, but show us what it means to do a job with care, passion and class. As I know very well that you are able to do, as history teaches that when you are committed you are able to do. There's still time, there's a bit of money, it's all about us and I'll obviously be the first when you readjust your shot to say thank you so much for making Venere and Italy look good. And what do you think? Tell me below, if I forgot something sorry, if I attributed something to someone else who said it before sorry, I did the best I could with the resources I had available, let me know what you think below and as always also this time thank you so much for listening and estote wallpapers.

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