One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth - Norway’s Lofoten - 1/2

One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth - Norway’s Lofoten - 1/2

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-Aren't you freezing? -No, not really. Help! Ready, set, go! -Are you sleeping? -Huh? I want to get going. When you hear that sound, we're about to run a search.

Let's see. This will be damn good. As long as the fish bite. Score! Quite the whopper. We have a problem. Damn. It's fun when everything works out. Let's blast some music! Yeah! Get the speakers out on deck.

A few more nets would've helped. This isn't the greatest haul. But since it was Elias who set the nets, I expected the worst. There was supposed to be few fish out, so I hadn't got my hopes up. Let's get some light and heat in here. Make it cozy. The fishing shacks of old consisted of two rooms.

This tiny room alone could sleep 10-12 men. They often slept in pairs in bunk beds like these to stay warm. Keeping up tradition is very important to me. My whole enterprise is built on preserving the Lofoten coastal culture. It's incredibly important. Spot on! And I measured it by eye.

I love renovating old buildings. Preserving the Lofoten coastal culture and history mean the world to me. They're building many modern hotels in the city centre. I like to say that the more concrete and glass they build in Svolvær, the more beautiful Svinøya becomes. Let's get going.

There's never enough time to jog when I'm working on a project. I can't bring myself to go running afterwards. Instead I enjoy a nice supper, watch TV and spend quality time with my family. You keep thinking about work. So this is therapy for the mind.

I'm excited. This will be a good day. It will be awesome! Better get going. Finally! We're almost at the top. Check this out! I'm on the verge of tears. This is so beautiful. So very beautiful.

Well, shit. I'll be damned. We swear quite a bit in Lofoten. That's the way it is. To us, they're just sweet and loving words for when we're truly enjoying ourselves. They're completely harmless.

Well, shit. Will you look at that horizon, at all of this ... Oh my god. I'll be damned, man. I'll be damned. No, I'm not tired.

It never gets hard unless you catch tons of fish. Not for me, at any rate. The hard part is being away from home. It's missing your friends, girlfriend, family, your mom and dad. And these are tight quarters. That gets to you as well. Dinner soon, boys. The very best.

This will taste great. Boys. Here. Yeah. Hello. Decent haul? Right. Great.

This is Harald. I'm a fourth-generation fish factory manager. My age is starting to catch up with me. There. Go fetch some milk.

"Please turn on the internet tonight. I can't talk right now." -08:00 a.m. today! -It was this morning. You wrote "tonight". So we're doing it tonight.

Daddy owns the fish factory, but when he retires ... I'd love to take over. I expect to earn about 5000 this year.

Hello there. How's it going here? Hi there, Sigrid. Hi, hi. How are you today?

Come, now. Yes, you've eaten almost all the grass here. Sweet, little Pepper! Hi there, sweetie! Oh, you got a haircut! The summer trim feels good, doesn't it? My relationship to sheep is mostly about the wool. The old sheep races got me curious because of their characteristic wool. So I decided to get my own sheep, to get to know the wool producers first-hand.

But I've become very fond of the animals. We've formed a close bond. They've become great friends and faithful companions. We work well together. Hi there, Sigrid. Ready for your summer vacation? About to start your summer vacation, are we? Hi there.

-OK? I'm wearing my overalls. -You look lovely. -That's one way of putting it. -This is art! Let's go get what we need. -This pole fence has seen better days. -We'll repair it.

Bind it to that post. I'll sit down here. Problem solved. Yes. -Grabbing them is easy enough. -Great. You're strong, quick and skilled. Right ... Well, hey there.

-You can't blame me for that. -I told you to tie it to that post. I didn't have anything to tie it with. We do bicker a bit.

We have different ideas about how to do things, and don't always plan ahead. He's had sheep for 50 years, and is used to doing everything his way. He helps me out here, but I have my own ideas. -The other way is way better. -No, I don't think so. Let's put them like this, and secure it this way. -Come on! -Come on, now.

Let's just catch the ones we need to tag, and leave the rest. Come here! This is just silly. -Sometimes it's funny. -I did tell you so. But you didn't do anything about it. What could I do? You wanted it to be that way. Shall we get on with it? Could you bring me more lambs? You're hard to say no to.

There's a little one. A handsome, young boy. -A handsome boy. Such a good boy. -How silly. -Don't get that dirty thing in ... -In my hair. Thirty-four. Forty! Off we go! All hands on deck! Pernille! Ready to go? Everybody ready? Come on, let's go.

Let's leave, all of us. As one! Left! Come on! Yes, you're going in there. Come on. -I wonder if we caught them all. -Time will show. But I do think so. Welcome to Henningsvær. It's a pleasure to have you. We'll take a short walk out through the fishing village. We can start walking, and I can tell you a little bit about the life.

And there's only one street. So it's very easy. Because this is a small fishing village, we have only one food store We have no petrol stations nor shopping malls, but a lot of restaurants and bars. We're bringing some tourists out to look for eagles. We'll have a good time. I'll check the oil. The best part about the tourist industry, are all the thrills - - and the nice moments you get when meeting new people. Our biggest wish is hearing the word "wow!".

Cheers, girls! -Enjoy yourselves! -You too! This is the life! Being out at sea in my boat. Enjoying life when it's this nice outside. That's the way it ought to be. One couple is nesting here, and two more further up the mountainside. They're often out by the islands.

When the eagles come close, you hear the gasps of the passengers. They're spectacular birds. Let's hope they come down from the nests. It won't always happen. Nature is nature. We cannot control it.

We'll have to wait and see. I'm sure they've seen us. We try to catch sight of them, but no guarantees. Over there.

Beautiful! So beautiful. I've just seen that. Yeah! -That was great! -Thank you so much.

When returning from these trips, everybody's all smiles. Being out in nature is fantastic. And what a great way to experience nature! Exploring and ... Hi there! -Did you enjoy the tour? -Of course. Let's see. There you go.

You scared me! Oh you! You really scared me! You're so scary. -No, no, no. -Sit still. Have some bread.

We check if it's dry. This one has a soft belly. It isn't dry enough to bring inside. There's this peculiar sound when you squeeze them. You can hear if the fish is dry enough. My good old dad said: "The Lord creates the produce." That's comparable to growing oranges, tomatoes, grapes and such.

Mother Nature has a big say in the quality of the produce. -Was this the first one? -We hung this up the February 27 or 28. -February. Right. -It was a lot drier two days ago. Well, it's gone a bit softer. It's just as dry on the inside. That's all there is to it. We decided to not bring in any more fish today, due to yesterday's rain.

The air is humid, and the fish isn't dry enough to store, so we won't bring any more inside today. -Did you bring bathing suits? -Yup. -And towels? -No. -Then go get some towels. -We will. We're going swimming, and I'm so excited! Sara! Go bother mommy.

Look! Grandma's coming! Look who's coming to say hello! Hey there. -We're going swimming. -Swim! Swim! Remember that the water's only 10 degrees.

No, it's about 23. So don't just jump in. You could get cold shock. And then the firefighters must come and save you. Get going! It's cold, yet lovely. And a lot of fun. -Aren't you guys cold? -No, not very. -It's getting warmer. -Let me feel. You're ice-cold!

-Have you swum enough for today? -Nope. -Alright. -But I put on mascara, so I can't dive. Don't wear mascara. You're only 10 years old.

Wait until you're 20. Oh, this ... This is lovely. -You found another crab? -I think it's dead.

Put it in the water. Perhaps it's alive. The children growing up here are so fortunate. I tell my kids that I hope they see the world, get an education, and move back home afterwards.

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