On the Top of Europe | Switzerland (Pt 3)

On the Top of Europe | Switzerland (Pt 3)

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(What are you thinking about, Juliana?) (Today we are going from Lucern to Grindwerwald by train. It was 2-3 hours, and it was a scenic ride) (I focused on getting work done on transportation. I found it easy to concentrate on the train.) (If I got stuck on something, I could think while looking out the window.) (Lucerne is a lake town surrounded by mountains...)

(... whereas Grinderwald is a mountain town in the Alps further south of Switzerland) We have arrived at the train station and we’ve been picked up by the hotel concierge. There’s our hotel, Juliana Okay. We just arrived at our hotel in Grindelwald.

And the view outside looks like this. (Thanks to Suyi for booking this hotel) The minibar is free? How come? (Nice!) (The mountain views are beautiful) (It was raining, so we spent the day relaxing at the hotel. First stop was the swimming pool.) (Juliana loves to play in the swimming pool) Dada, I want to stay! Can you take off your clothes again and come with me? I need to go work now. But I want to stay more here. (Sorry, Juliana, I had to work a bit more this day)

Where are we going? To the supermarket (As a village in the Swiss Alps, Grinderwald is a popular stop for going to Jungfrau.) (The air was crisp and cool, and the town felt peaceful) (What is Yakul doing here?) I will go up Oh, mommy wants to try. Get me off I’m too scared Daddy, Daddy, get me off Are you shooting random people? So how do you like Grindelwald so far? It’s cool. Look at the view. The view’s awesome. Shoot him (Goodbye old friend.)

(Breakfast at the hotel. The bread and butter were incredibly good.) (Cheers to the trio. May the world be our oyster.) (Scientific fact. That view makes the food way more delicious.)

(We are at the gondola lift station buying tickets to go up the alps, to a peak called Mannlichen) What is this place called? Mannlichen Got on. Good timing It’s not closing. It will close automatically (This lift took 20-30 minutes, and it moved pretty fast) It’s so fast! It's like a roller coaster ride. Whoa, whoa.

This is so cool, look outside Wow. So cool. What mountain is this again? Alps. I know but What's it called. Well that's what it's called Mann... Eiger. This is Mannlichen, it is

they have many tips, right? This is one of them. They have many peaks That's where we're going right now? We're going here, and then we're going to walk, take a hike to another place called kleine (scheidegg) whatever or something. And then we take another train from there to Eiger. I can feel my ears, get pressurized. We take another train from Eiger to to the top, Jungfrau.

We're going high up right now? Jungfrau and then?- Jungfrau is the top It’s where they have snow. Like that mountain over there. Wow. Awesome bwesome You can stop now.

(After some incredible views, we landed at a Mannlichen, which starts with a playground.) (Of course, we had to spend some time here with Juliana.) (Going inside the cow rear...) I found it. -Wow. (Breath is taken) (It is easy to find inner peace here) (Remember this cow, we will see her again soon) You can do it, Juliana! It’s too dangerous if I walk on it. Yeah, I agree.

So I should just do this. Okay. (With a little help...) (...she got it!) Good job, Juliana! I saw that. You did a very good job.

You figured it out, huh? Let’s go Figured it out? (figuring it out) (with a little help) (We meet again) (Saying hellooooooo) (Cow did not approve of our mooing. She tried to ram Suyi.) How could they (the cows) hit my mama!? Suyi, how does it feel to get attacked by a cow? You almost got killed. -They're supposed to attack you, cause you're making weird noises. Get some oxygen (?), mama (A hill, waiting to be climbed. I will do what I must.) Oh, so this little fella (?) wants a race!? We found a rare flower for you It’s a rare flower Did you hear me, Suyi? Don’t fall (We met a nice lady who hikes here often) It doesn’t really write out You've got to find a flat surface like Mommy did. I wrote my name, you can write your name.

(The lady told us about the flowers and rocks here.) (She had already collected some special rocks in her pocket during her hike.) (Searching for our own special rocks) Let me see, let me see your rocks Look at this one sparkling They’re all mine Where’s the big flat one Juliana I don’t want it Stopped by to have some lunch. (More breathtaking views) (A mix of greens, grays, reds, and whites) (We hiked for about 2-3 hours) (Towards the end, Juliana fell and bruised her knees.) (A nice Korean couple who was nearby had a first aid kit to help) (Thank you!) Juliana, you fell right? Now you feel better? You have 10 mins, oh, like 5 minutes oh.

We only have 5 mins left? We’re sitting in the front of the train (This railway to Jungfrau is known as the highest railway in Europe) Just follow the sign (Arrived at Jungfraujoch, the railway station at the Jungfrau alpine peak of over 13,000 ft / 3,500 m) We’re now at Jungfrau and it’s like winter here, it's cold. It’s a dark tunnel (At the top of Europe!) (Summer breezes have turned icy within the hour train ride) (The mountains afar look smaller here because we are so high up) Look at that. People are paragliding here. It looks like fun. (Checking to see if I feel any altitude sickness) Do you feel any altitude sickness? -No Me neither, not at all. -No, not yet. (We were warned about it, but the adults felt nothing) You feel like you're lacking oxygen? That’s altitude sickness, Juliana, because we’re so high up Do you know how high we are? We're above 3500 meters. I wasn't looking down at all, until Juliana told me.

Take a look at this. (This platform is suspended on the mountain peak. Once you look down, there is no going back) (Juliana was scared. I think she had a bit of altitude sickness, which did not help)

Wow, this is cool Jungfrau underground railway tour Juliana, it’s an underground mountain tour. -What’s that? That’s a goat Very pretty (Construction of the the Jungfrau Tunnel, connecting Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, started in 1896) (It took until 1912, or 16 years, to finally break through the glacier at the peak of Jungfrau) (This conquest of the Alpine peaks by railway was met with obstacles and challenges, and was paused many times) (Many workers lost their lives in the process) (But the conquest continued, in a showcase of human will and perseverance) (Eventually the tunneling crew succeeded, establishing the railway as one of the most famous attractions in Europe ) (A statue of Adolf Guyer-Zeller, the railway pioneer who founded the Jungfrau Railway and led the tunneling project) A little scary, huh? What’s going on? Wow the ground is shaking So cool! That was kind of cool, right? -It’s not... They’re digging in the mountain, Juliana. Do you hear that noise? That’s the noise of people digging in the mountain.

So cool I wonder what’s at the end of the tunnel I still feel it You mean the height? The tall stuff, still feel it in your brain? I see Juliana is scared, the picture of the height is still in her head There’s a ice palace Is this where Elsa lives? I don’t like it, slow slow (We are now inside of a glacier) (It contains beautiful ice sculptures) Now we’re outside Please I want to go inside I don’t like it You don’t want to be outside? Why? It’s okay we will just go briefly over there and come back ok? Come on. you can do it Juliana! We're going back down now. (We’re back at Grinderwald) (Food is a bit expensive in Switzerland) (That said, the the dairy and meat were very delicious) Our lamb came out, but it’s sizzling so hard Oil is going everywhere.

(A hearthy meal after a day of hiking... you know how it feels!) Pretty good Margarita Pizza (A deep mozzarella flavor, very nice!) (Juliana, you were great, keeping up with us all day!) Is it good? You like it? Very strong cheese flavor, right? I like the potato Potato’s good

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