Oman is Calling and I'm Ready S06 EP.105 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

Oman is Calling and I'm Ready S06 EP.105 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

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This area sees too many flash floods. It's a very rapid type of flooding. The rain didn't stop for two days.

Looks at that. Sana doesn't have much luggage. I think he has left one of his bags. And look at our luggage. Fully packed. Wow... This place looks amazing. There's a palm grove down there.

I saw quite a few of them here. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Sharjah. It's our last day here. We bid farewell today and leave for our next destination, Oman.

As you already know. We won't go all the way to Oman, but only till Ras Al Khaimah. But before we set off, I'd like you all to meet someone really interesting.

Here we have with us... Sanaullah Marwat. He's from Pakistan. Many people ask me if someone else from Pakistan is also traveling by road.

Here's Sana and his motorcycle for you. He started his journey from Pakistan. He has been to Iran, Dubai and Saudi Arabia where he performed umrah (holy pilgrimage of Makkah). So I'd like to start by congratulating him. Thank you. C'mon... tell people about yourself.

I don't want to be the only one to speak. How was your experience? I had a great experience. I had no problems in Iran. However...

When I was coming to Dubai from Saudi Arabia... I anticipated the authorities to be really strict and was expecting a tough time. But everything went rather well. Everyone was really welcoming.

And to a certain degree, I owe it to you. People would ask me if I was Abrar and I was like... No, I'm not Abrar. It's like everyone knows you. Whenever I'm out touring, I get asked about my country.

So, somehow, the country's name is always mentioned. Although I have a different passport but Sana has a Pakistani passport. I guess he's the first person who came for Umrah like this on a Pakistani passport. No idea. There may be others as well but we don't see many on social media.

I do get messages like that occasionally. But Sir... I admire your courage. What's the most memorable thing from this tour? Well there are too many, to be honest. But ... I think ....

There was a thunderstorm a few days back. I was at an abandoned and deserted gas station. It was the only place that was not under water due to its height. Every other place was flooded. This area sees too many flash floods.

The rain didn't stop for two straight days. There was a Syrian there who was staying in a tent. He was selling coats... The long ones... So he offered me to stay in his tent during the thunderstorm. And so I stayed with him for two nights.

It rained like crazy. As soon as I'd think about leaving, it would start pouring down. Quite memorable. Through out this whole summer...

Perhaps for a couple of days or more... during the tour... It rained once in Iran and twice in Saudi Arabia. But it was light rain that lasted for few minutes. It's winter time now and perhaps that's why there have been more rains recently. I bet you won't forget this adventure. I'm sure.

Also because there have been some sandstorms in the last week. In Pakistan, we only hear about sandstorms in Saudi Arabia but are not sure what they are. And I was like... I'm not scared of anything because I'm from Lakki Marwat. But they are really scary.

My helmet had a little opening on this side because of GoPro. The sand particles entering the helmet were hitting me at this spot. I had to cover that with one hand and rode the motorcycle with the other. That was quite something.

Sana, tell me what sort of breakfast would you like to have? Turkish or Starbucks? Not Starbucks for sure. No problem. In that case, this is our only option. This is a Turkish restaurant, Mado. They have a great breakfast. Wanna go inside or sit here? It's pleasant outside... Why not sit here...

Our breakfast has been served. Bread has been served too. Sana knows how beautiful the Turkish breakfast looks. Quite healthy as well. I like a few things more than the others. Cheese and olives are my favorite.

Cheese, olives... and that's honey. Is that honey? Yes. It's honey. They have given some cream as well. It's delicious. That's soujouk... Sort of sausages.

The hilal ones. There are different types of cheese. It's quite yummy. This honey looks quite strange.

You are gonna like it. I think it still has the wax. Shall we start? We had to wait about half an hour before it was served.

I really like cheese. Sana has to leave now. Are you going to leave for Pakistan via Iran? In Sha Allah. We bid you farewell with lots of warm wishes and prayers. Hopefully your ride back to Pakistan will be a pleasant one. By the way, I'm going to Turkey.

Ahan. That's nice. But you are going to Iran now and from there you'll go to Turkey. Exactly. You are sure to see more Pakistanis on motorcycles now. InSha Allah Would you like to say something to the people? All of us should travel.

We should overcome the fear of not being treated fairly on a Pakistani passport. Of course there are problems. But all you need is some courage. It's doable. Not tough. He's traveling solo on his motorcycle DR650.

You don't need anyone to travel along. For me, solo ride means no problem. More people means more problems. But it doesn't make you a loner. For instance, Abrar has thousands of friends wherever he goes. Just like I got a chance to meet you here.

That way, you keep making new friends as you travel. So... Take the plunge and set off. Well I need to set off for Ras Al Khaimah now. And Sana needs to go and get his motorcycle shipped. I'll go to Port Khalid and ship my motorcycle to Iran. And then the journey goes on.

It was great to meet you. We'll meet some day again... may be in Lakki Marwat. Or in Islamabad. In Sha Allah. Okay then. Look at this... Sana doesn't have much of a luggage. He may have left one of his bags.

Whereas, our motorcycle looks like a loader truck. I need to reduce my luggage. You know what's in this bag..? My laptop and all my gadgets. One of the bags contains all the camping gear.

I think that's the one. This other bag contains stuff for everyday use such as clothes. The key to a trouble free ride is to have less luggage and travel light. I think Sana is also bothered by this chair. I'm removing this chair.

I have a substitute bag here. I think you can get a smaller chair for camping. That's way better. I don't have one though. I don't consider an uncomfortable chair, a chair. Better to sit on the ground.

I really like this one but it weighs 2.75 kg. That's quite heavy. Indeed. This one is out now. This is my rain suit and stuff. I'm just sending it now. OK. I agree with you that the luggage keeps on increasing gradually.

Yes. It does. Shall we? Sure. *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make our ride a smooth and problem free one.

Our ride is not a particularly long one. The distance is about... The navigation tells me that Ras Al Khaimah is almost 90 km from here.

It's suggesting me to take the highway. I wanted to take the road by the beach. That road is better and has great views. Besides, it's a lively area. Such roads are more fun to ride. The ETA is about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Could get late by 15 minutes though. Sana was telling me that many people from Pakistan have come here on their cars. I think many people now prefer to go for Umrah by road. But you won't get the Iraqi and Kuwaiti visa on Pakistani passport.

Iraq is quite tough and expensive. Sana told me that they asked for 1000 dollars to get the Iraqi visa. Many people go there to visit the holy sites. May be this independent sort of visa is more expensive. The visa for holy sites is normally for groups. If you can get the independent visa, you may be allowed to go there easily.

Anyways... people are now traveling by road. Many people have very authentic information about this. Seek and ye shall find... if you are truly committed. At some point, we'll cross this Sharjah corniche to enter Ajman. Or we may have already done that but I'm not certain.

These two cities are right next to each other. One doesn't even notice when they reach the next city. There could have been some road signboard but I didn't see one.

Sheraton hotel building is right in front of us. Looks awesome. Made in the historical style. It has tiny windows. And at the top of the building you can see a tower.

I showed you similar houses in my Dubai video where we visited Al Seef village. The same style has been used to build this building here. Wonderful to look at. It's amazing. I haven't seen Sheraton like this anywhere else in the world.

The hotel next to Souq Al Bahar in the Dubai downtown area is also 5 star. It's also built in the same style. Here is Ajman skyline. Most of these buildings are hotels. A lot of tourists from Russia visit this area. The beach is right in front.

That's why this place is mostly crowded in the evenings. It's a rather beautiful looking square. It's called Al Barragah Square. There's a fishing boat at the center. If you look towards the left...

It's a little different from the Sheraton that we saw before. But still it's somewhat similar. Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel.

But it looks slightly bigger. No these are two separate hotels. Hotel Fairmont is also here. The area on the left side is Ajman port. Just like other cities here ... Ajman also has a free zone. There were some signboards back there so I got some info.

Ajman Free Zone is written there. Just like in Dubai... many people register their companies here in Ajman, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. Every area has its own incentives.

Some people find it better to register in Dubai whereas some do it here. That's all I know. Don't have any more info to share at this point in time. I just saw some signboards of Umm Al Quwain here. When you leave from Dubai, Sharjah is the very next city.

Then comes Ajman and Umm Al Quwain. And the last one is Ras Al Khaimah. All of these are states of UAE.

Sharjah is the only state that has its border connected with all the other states. Ajman and Umm Al Quwain are very small states. Ras Al Khaimah is bigger. I think Dubai is also smaller than Sharjah.

And Abu Dhabi is the biggest state. And they are very oil rich. This is the city of Ras Al Khaimah. You feel like you are in a totally different world.

Anyways, it's just the beginning of the city. But as we go further ahead, we'll see a different type of place. Here you won't see any skyscrapers or busy roads. It seems as if... It's quite similar to what I saw while traveling in Saudi Arabia.

Feels like I'm back in some Middle Eastern city. You don't get that vibe in Dubai. Dubai is a very happening city. The landscape there changes so rapidly that you keep wondering. However, I see a very relaxed atmosphere here. The weather is quite pleasant as well.

I can see mountains in the distance. I've seen mountains after quite a long time. You may not see that in the GoPro.

But I'm definitely gonna take you there today. We'll do this in this vlog. But before anything else, I'd like to park the motorcycle at the hotel and leave some of my luggage there. We'll only keep the required items.

Later on, we'll go see the highest drivable peak in UAE. We'll go as far up as we can. Here comes the Ras Al Khaimah Mall on our right side. Gradually, we've started to see the commercial center, mall and skyscrapers.

We are very close to the hotel now; just 2 km away. Look at that beautiful mosque, located at the corner in front of us. Looking at the dome, you can say that the mosque is built in Turkish style. But it's a bit different though. That's our hotel... Citymax.

It has a grand building. All the hotels here are in this locality. The hotel has claimed beach view from room window, on internet. But I think it's a bit away from the beach. Assalam Alekum You are here for check-in, Sir? Yes Many of you complain that I don't show the hotel entrance.

So, here it goes, guys. Well.... this is our hotel guys. They have got some ambiance here.

Christmas was a couple of weeks ago but they still have all the decorations in place. We have checked in to our room. Here is Ali. Assalam Alekum. How are you?

I'm good. What about you? I'm good. Alhamdulillah. Actually I'm very excited to see you. Don't have words to tell you how happy I am after seeing you.

As I reached here, Ali recognized me and approached me. He told me that he has been watching my videos. And he looked really excited. It was very nice meeting you, Ali. Thank you very much.

He's from Bihar, India. What's the name of your city? Siwan. And from where did you get your education? From Kolkata. Thanks very much. So nice to meet you.

Same here. Thank you. Let's meet again for coffee. Let me give you a tour of my room.

It's a small but clean and spacious room. You can say that it's a pretty good room. I really like it.

It's exactly what they advertised in the pictures on the internet. It has a great view of the Arabian Sea. More like a harbor type area with many hotels along the sides. I can tell you more once we go out and explore the city. I paid 50 dollars for the room. So it's not very expensive. Much cheaper if compared to Dubai or Sharjah.

Bismillah... In the name of Allah... Time to visit Jebel Jais. It's 52 km from here according to navigation. Gonna take around an hour to get there. There is almost half tank of fuel in the motorcycle.

It's better if we get a full tank from the first fuel station we see. The place has a very rural feel about it. Although it's a city...

But if roaming in just a few streets can take you to areas that make you feel as if you are in a village. These mountains are very similar to the ones in Baluchistan and Iran. No greenery at all. Also the ones in Saudi Arabia are mostly like this.

Oops... there were loose rocks on the road. I had a firm grip on the handle and that's what saved me. Otherwise, I would have ended up on the ground. Wow... This place looks nice. There's a palm grove down there.

I've seen quite a few of them here. I feel as if I'm riding through some canyons. The road is great. Just a few days back, there were flash floods here. You can still see water here and there. That's because of the recent rains.

I think we have reached our destination. Let's park it here somewhere. There's some room here. I'm parking the motorcycle here. That's the viewing deck.

That is the last point here. OK. Over there? As a matter of fact, this is the last point as they don't allow you to go up the hill. Let me show you. Here it is. That over there is the last point.

You are just showing me your pictures. Some scenery would be nice. Scenery is also there. Take a look. Okay. Let's go over there and take a look.

Thanks a lot guys. You guys are from Faisalabad and Multan? All of you are from Faisalabad? Yeah. You are coming from Dubai. And you are from Ras Al Khaimah. Thank you very much guys. See you soon. Allah Hafiz

We are really motivated to see you here. Are you still recording? Yes. The camera is on. We didn't realize.

Okay, then. Allah Hafiz. There's a zipline here but I'm told that it's closed. Would have been fun if it was operational. It takes you from here to all the way down.

The views from the zipline would have been awesome. Lets check out the views from here. It took almost 40 to 50 minutes to get here.

Right now, we are at an altitude of 1400 meters. The view of the whole valley is amazing from here. It's sunset time and we can stay here to experience that.

But it's a bit cloudy so it won't be very clear. The road is really great along with its curves. Unfortunately, I can't use my drone here. So all we have is my camera.

Primarily because it's very close to the Oman border. Secondly, there are many restrictions like this in UAE. It's quite possible that drone recording is allowed here.

But my research suggests that it is better not to use a drone in UAE. So we are not gonna do that. I have with me, Abdul Rahman, who is a local. He's from Ajman. Yep. I have been following your trail. Thanks very much. I feel that it's better to go sit in a cafe.

I think you are feeling cold. It's almost 12 or 13 degrees here. In my city, it's about 26 degrees right now so it's a huge gradient for me. Here we have 13 degrees.

So, it's quite cold here for me. Let's go down and have a warm cup of coffee. We have got ourselves some tea. And it tastes really good. Abdul Rahman is with us. I'm gonna ask him what people come here for. I mean what sort of activities do they do here.

It's a great BBQ and picnic spot. People also like to camp here at night when the weather is pleasant. They have recently opened new activities here. But it's closed for a week due to renovations. Besides, they have the highest zipline here but it's closed as well.

What an ironic fate we have that everything is closed. Do people visit here in summers or winters? Mostly in winters. Because the temperature here in summers is not suitable for us. It's around 30s during the night. But during the day or even around this time, it's in the 40s. Around 40s...!!

Despite the fact that it has an altitude of 1500 meters. But definitely, it would be very harsh in direct sunlight. Let's enjoy our tea and keep chatting with Abdul Rahman.

You are in the video now. We have come to a restaurant for dinner. Feels like we are sitting by GT Road (in Pakistan).

The name of this restaurant is Al Falah Restaurant. Sort of a truck hotel. Hopefully the food is going to be great. Because that's how such places usually are. Let me give you a glimpse of what we have ordered. Here we have chapli kebab.

Over here, we have chicken karrahi. Fresh salad and roti. Some yogurt dip. Accompanying me is my partner from K2 expedition in Pakistan. Atif, let's say Bismillah and start. He's a dear friend.

Go ahead... Let's do it together. It's rather windy here so the roti gets cold quickly. Beside my dinner, I had arranged a small meetup here.

Not exactly a meetup. Just put a story on Instagram. And those who could come, came to join me. So, we have with us... Mr. Awaz from Iran. He also belongs to Baluchistan. So you are a Balochi? Baloch.

Yes. Actually Balochi is the language whereas the people are called Baloch. I'm Muhammad Farooq. This is Abdul Wahab.

Thank you guys for joining me. Thank you for giving us time. Thank you. Remember me in your prayers. Do Like, Subscribe and Share. Allah Hafiz

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