NIO ET5 Touring and EL6 (ES6) SUV Revealed - Let's have a closer look!

NIO ET5 Touring and EL6 (ES6) SUV Revealed - Let's have a closer look!

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Good morning everyone and welcome to It's Only  Electric. Today is a very special episode it's   4:30 in the morning. Crack of dawn. I'm here  behind the scene shooting some materials   together with Nio. Nio is actually releasing the  new EL6, called ES6 in China. I don't know if you   see it but away over there it's the ET5 Touring  version. The Touring version is actually created  

for the European market since Europeans love  practical cars. Sedans is not their game. So   the touring version will really be a game changer  for Nio and for the electric car market. It is one   of the first cars in this premium segment as a  station wagon so that's very interesting. Back   to the EL6 this is a mid-sized SUV the European  version and it's going to be released for Sweden,   Denmark, Norway, Netherlands and Germany as  the first countries. It's a bit smaller than  

the bigger brother EL7 or ES7. It's a car that  will fit the market better it's more of a volume   car compared to the ES7 because it's smaller and  it's more in the ballpark for what people need.   A little bit longer than the tesla Model Y so it's  a great segment and a segment that a lot of people   really like. There's a lot of potential in the  EL6. Colors inspired by the sky and this one is  

really obvious that it is sky colored it's a great  looking car. They have been here for two hours now   filming. I don't know if you see them but let's  get closer. I'll just show you how it looks. You see that's a different back huh? Have you seen  that before, no? Beautiful car I have tested the   ET5 sedan version before. Never that one. It's  a pre-production car but very close to to the   final production so 99% ready for production.  It's drivable as you see everything is working.   I'm really excited to test drive this car I'm  not gonna test drive it today though. So this   is just a preview and a sneak peek before I review  these cars in a deeper manner. So both cars is not  

ready to drive yet I mean they are technically  and mechanically but they are not registered   so you can try them. It's illegal to drive them.  so you see behind me it's time to go and move to   the next location. The ET5 is getting ready for  transport together with the EL6 just in a moment   so more footage coming soon and if you wonder what  the peeing sound is behind me or behind you. It's   Poseidon with a lot of water this is a landmark  here in Gothenburg Poseidon holding his fish.  

Let's continue looking at the ET5 touring Edition   to the right you have the ET5 that's actually  the one I tested a couple of months ago the sedan   version and just beside it you see the touring  version you see the difference in the profile?   You can equip it with a tow hitch, both cars  yo see in picture and now they are actually   covering it for two reasons. One reason they  don't want to show it for everyone the second   reason is to keep it clean of course but  a beautiful morning here in Gothenburg. The sun just went up it's so it's getting a bit  more crowdy but still a very silent place and not   a lot of cars out there. Later today I'm going to  interview the studio manager at Nio and the head   of product management. That's actually the guy  that's one of the fathers to the station wagon   of the ET5 so stay tuned for that! Now it's time  to move to the next location for some nice footage   and videos. The whole lineup is actually here  today that's nice to see that's the ET7 that's the   bigger version of the ET5 sedan a more luxurious  one with air suspension Etc. The new EL6.

Actually one car is missing and that's the EL7  the EL7 is not here but apart from that the   whole lineup from Nio, at least here in Europe,  is represented. This is the one I test drove   earlier this year the ET5 75kWh battery pack and  on that trailer they have loaded the ET5 Touring. Together with me I have Niklas Anderson  from Nio. Hello Niklas and welcome. I have  

some questions for you. First off what's your  role at Nio and what's your background?Well,   thanks for asking Efe. My role at Nio, I'm so  called head of product marketing for Europe at   Nio so me and my team we are responsible for the  pricing, packaging, promotion and positioning of   all our vehicles for Europe. Nice, so you're  based in Munich. Correct, I'm based in Munich.   I clearly hear that you have an heritage from  Gothenburg, where we are now. We are actually  

standing at Eriksberg I think? Thats what this  area is called. On the very beautiful Pier here   A great interview location. So you're from here  and you have a background in the car industry   before Nio? Yes, correct I've uh and astute  of you to observe that I'm from Gothenburg yes   I'm not sure how much it comes comes through in  the English but yeah you have a great English we   talked Swedish before this that is very obvious  yeah and yeah right I have a background from the   automotive industry in Gothenburg of around  20 years working for well the different other   Automotive brands in the Gothenburg region but  mainly within the same area product marketing and   product marketing related. Nice because Gothenburg  has an old heritage of the car industry Volvo  

Etc based here a strong capital for cars and the  car industry in Sweden and Scandinavia. I would   say here behind us we have the two new cars the  EL6 and the ET5 Touring. So to a specific question   about the ET5 Touring. What's your view on the  strategy on on the ET5 Touring the segmentation.  

Do you have any main Rivals in the segment for the  moment? Yeah well let's start from the beginning   slightly. the ET5 Touring is a super good car  for the European market and it may be even more   so for the nordic, Scandinavian markets. But it's  not necessarily a natural type of car for a car   brand with a strong market in China. Touring cars  are basically non-existent in China so it took  

quite a lot of internal discussions uh where the  European organization in Nio really put forward   to the top management the need for this car and we  had our designers doing a super job in designing   a great looking touring car. It was in the  end and decided to base it on the ET5 size   level because that is also where we have  a huge volume potential in the European   markets so the whole idea is to now be able to  reach those customers that need the extra space,   the extra versatility. But still maintain the  sportiness the drivability and so on of the ET5.   Yeah, great because I have a test driven the ET5  the sedan version it's a really fun car to drive   and I'm really looking forward to test drive  the ET5 touring version when it's available   for for test driving. Because I really like the  driving dynamics the sportiness I mean 482 hp   700 Nm of torque in a station wagon that's a  good combination isn't it? Yeah fun to drive.   yeah. I have another question for you and  that's actually about the EL6. Yes. It's   actually the same question the segmentation for  for EL6 and how do you see on that as a product.  

Yeah and the reasoning is slightly different  because the ET5 as we said was in in a very good   segment for uh for European customers uh in the  current portfolio before Nio launch this course   in Europe we have the EL7 which is a bigger car  it's a it's uh in the European context it's a big   SUV and we really saw the need to have a mid-sized  SUV in Europe . Because this is a segment where we   have lots of customers lots of families that need  the flexibility the versatility maybe not the same   sportiness approach as we have with this ET5. But  this is then definitely a car that is suitable for   any occasion and we really saw that. This is a  market and this are users that we want to engage   with so that is the background for us bringing  the EL6 here. Sounds like an interesting segment   and you mentioned not as sporty but I mean 0-100  or 4.5 seconds. it's not like the ET5 but still   a very sporty SUV at least when it comes to  performance and and horsepower. Just a comment  

on that I'd say that would go for all Nio cars  they are at the core they have the same platform   the same powertrain, technology, batteries and so  on so what we usually say you will have more than   enough of power in these cars. More than most  people actually can utilize in any way. So it's   's quite sufficient. Sportiness for me it's very  much related to how a user experience the product   yeah in sorry in ET5 touring you have the more  low setting close to the ground uh sporty driving   feeling and in the el6 you see it a bit higher  you have the more Overlook position and and more   of in command and control position so that is a  experienced differentiation between those vehicles   yeah interesting uh another question I don't  know if you want to answer this but the   I see one of the main rivals could be a Tesla  Model Y is that I mean it's not it's probably   not in the same premium segment I own one  myself and when I when I look at this one   it's another class it's another interior  it's another feeling when you drive it   yeah but it's still a very interesting  segment and a high volume segment yeah   so any takes on that yeah you can look at  the competitor vehicles from many different   perspectives and if we take the user approach  the vehicle needs to satisfy users wants and   needs and yes to some extent the el6 and the  model y from Tesla satisfies similar user needs   but then when you start to look at it for from  example from design from emotional approach from   from usability they do differ and in the end  it's of course up to the user to to choose but   in my mind we do have a better product overall  but it's the user that we'll choose yeah great   I think that was the last question okay yeah nice  into you thank you thank you for taking time to to   talk with me and to answer some nice questions I  mean this for me feels like a new era and the real   start for for Neo in Europe at least in Europe  because this is to really hopefully big volume   cars yes correct and I assume I will see you in  one of this later on yeah I hope so good thank you so time for the next interview here with me I have  Andreas Nielsen from Neo Munich yes or mentioned   yeah uh welcome I have a couple of questions for  you okay first off your role at Neo and a short uh   about your background in the car industry okay yep  so I'm a studio head at Neo which is uh it's not a   physical Studio it's actually a studio responsible  for different car lines and these two cars for   example that we're showing here today um and I'm  so I'm keeping the team together responsible for   everything you see on the car exterior interior  cmf electrical material and finishes so the whole   experience from beginning to end over Generations  so we we're Three Studio heads responsible for   the different cars so I have about five cars that  I'm running yep nice so here behind us we have the   ET5 the station version or is not called station  it's called toy yeah the touring version of the   ET5 a beautiful car uh it looked looks like it's  meant to be I mean when looking at the Saddam   version also a very good looking car but this  actually looks original design at least for me   uh so how did this idea when when did you come  up with idea and and for how long because for   me it felt like it just popped up and it's already  almost on the market very quick work from you guys   impressive yeah it's uh it's actually it's a fruit  from some initial thinking or ideas within design.   We had another program that was running and uh it  was deemed not to be optimal so it was canceled   and the team felt like oh this is a little bit  of a lost opportunity we need something in that   region sort of that positioning of the market but  that product that was was canceled wasn't quite   right so we're looking at what possibilities do we  have to fill that parking position and that need   that we see here especially here in Europe and  Northern Europe so our proposition was to based on   the ET5 make this touring version so we presented  a few ideas and the management felt wow this is   looking really good and promising so it was kicked  off and done in record time just a few months so   that was yeah it's fast that's really impressive  because because I as you say I mean Europe   especially in Nordic uh the Nordic countries I  think Germany too really loves station wagons   because it's a a lot more practical than classical  sedans and you can do a lot more with it it's more   boot capacity uh you have some some extra reverse  versatility or practicality to the car is there   anything specific you're more proud of when it  comes to the new design of the of this version   first of all I think it's a beautiful car I  think it's well proportioned well balanced   we wanted to make a car that's enjoyable to  drive so it's a low low car Central gravity and   driving Dynamics are all good it's beautiful jet  practical what I'm proud of is how we managed to   make it look purposeful and like it's meant  to be even though it wasn't planned from the   beginning when we did the ET5 usually you  you design two cars together if you know   you're doing a station wagon version out of  it but we didn't but still I think it looks   extremely nice and then some smarter IDs and  Solutions in the in the rear boot space the   trunk space that are quite unique you can have a  look at them yep I think so let's move the camera okay so this is the boot or the touring version uh  a lot bigger than the Saddam version and uh yeah   so I have a little couple of hooks here ah special  hooks yeah so if you go sporting and you're   changing you can you know hang your gear there  and yeah perfect yeah and if you're out camping   have a little detachable so a flashlight  It's a combination here so you have some   different functions uh so you can  turn it on uh like you can hang it   like this oh because you can hang it on the  hook to get some extra light or somewhere else   you can then it's a multiple function you know  yeah you can change the color yeah okay morning   lamps and then we have a flashlight so that one  doubles as a interior light for the boot space   and also a flashlight and it's charged at that  position charge there yeah and we have three lamps   we did some studies and a lot of cars have one or  two and it's quite annoying because I mean often   you block your lights and it's just pitch black  so we wanted to make sure you always have good   lighting here then we have the floors that you  can actually put these up and use as a divider   okay yeah for them right A Simple Solution but we  and there will be multiple uh accessories as well   that you can hang from here with well of course  we have the roller blind and then you have the   pressure shelf where you can have some storage  etc etc uh and we have this you can slide up   or push down oh nice so so like a safety net  yeah yeah usually you have to just bend it down   but this one actually and there's an another  one that's even further up to as an accessory   so just small things I mean considering  the time we had it was a challenge but   yeah it's nice to see how we've managed to get  it all in there it looks like a great product   and the foldable seats 40/20/40. yes that's  perfect for stowing long things in the middle  

but still keeping uh the seating positions two  full seating positions and while you can produce   keys or SURFboard or whatever yeah through there  that's quite unique for this segment as well so   that's good that's nice and you can also equip  this with the tow hitch and roof racks on top   I think it's seven to five kilograms of weight  possible to put on it yeah so so all in all a   very practical car it's practical and beautiful  yeah that's a that's a perfect mix uh yeah I think   that's all thank you thank you for for taking  time and uh answering my questions thank you so that was too interesting interviews with  Andreas and Nicholas from Neo centrally   from Munich so it's good and fun to see  the Swedish jeans in the brand Neo and   the influence they have uh on Neo as a company  and in the development of their cars I'm actually   walking on the Avenue this is the Main Avenue  in Gothenburg where all the bars and restaurants   are placed not all but a lot of them it's a  very known street called avenin in Swedish   I really hoped to be able to capture more  materials about the cars and that's something that   will come later on in additional videos but all  together two really great cars this seems to be   a deal breaker for Neo as a company and I  really hope that they will succeed because   it is two really great cars it's a interesting  brand and this is two models that really has the   potential to really make it especially in Europe  I mean a mid-sized SUV that's a mass market car   in the premium segment I mean I think this is  a clear competitor to the Tesla Model Y and to   cars like the BMW IX3 for instance. But I  would say that this is a bit more premium   there is no information regarding the price yet at  least not when I record this video and Nio really,   really don't want to say anything they  have set the price for the car so it will   be very interesting to see where it lands. But  hopefully a lot cheaper than the EL7 and will be   so that's interesting and when it comes to ET5  touring it will be almost the same price as   the ET5 sedan but with some additional fee for  being a station wagon I guess it will be like   2000 Euros or 20000 SEK extra, on top of the  normal ET5 price but let's see. Son we know.

So that's it! it's time to wrap up. I'm walking  back to the hotel for checking out and leaving   back home to Stockholm. It has been a great trip  and a great experience to be behind the scenes   of the release of Nio ET5 Touring and the SUV,  midsize SUV EL6 really looking forward to test   drive and to do a long review of each car that's  coming. So stay tuned for that. But that's it for   now. I hope to enjoyed this video so give it  a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to my   channel and as I always say stay Electric  thank you for watching speak to you soon!

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