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ooh Why do I make films my job is for sure not just to ski it's to ski and then create these movies around the skiing for wow look [Music] [Music] behind I'm from the north of Norway as I've been growing older I've been kind of realizing that there's really really good skiing and all these unexplored places closer to [Music] home [Music] skiing is very different from most other sports it's a culture that's focused on like yeah the visuals and the experience and creating beautiful [Music] things I really hope to ski some lines that I've been looking at for a long time and then for us to be able to capture that in a way where the viewer can come with us on that [Music] [Applause] [Music] experience [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] on this [Music] the [Music] my first trips to Sena were actually for surfing on those trips I would see the mountains and be like wow there's crazy potential here to go skiing but at the time I didn't know if you could ski them and I was like we really have to go back and and take some proper time to explore this place [Music] to me it's super special coming here because he guessed this like strange combination of of the mountains and at the same time have this like wide expanse of the [Music] ocean but then as soon as you gain altitude and you start to climb up in the mountains you can really tell that you are in the Arctic like the tree line here is really low like only a few hundred meters above sea level and the trees that you see are these like tiny little uh bushes almost because the weather is really rough here and it's cold and it's windy and it's kind of a hostile climate in a way for anything that wants to to grow and live we are here we here on the mission yeah it's going to be cool I'm so happy to be here yeah the one like just behind from this road don't you [Music] think that's the the the biggest one you so the wider one the big boy yeah the big boy yeah uh interesting part will be if this thing goes I think if it goes there will be definitely like a crack at the end with some roing but there is no exit it's like an arch and then the cliff oh yeah okay okay I think you could probably like sneak in there oh that' be so [Music] cool I don't think we'll ski this one oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] there [Music] [Music] Sam is the tank he's this like power machine scene of skiing well his dad is a mountain guide he's becoming a mountain guide and you can really tell that he's at home in the mountains and he feels comfortable in the mountains and which enables him to do some really crazy uh impressive things and also just having the kind of knowledge that he has like it's super nice to have a partner where you really trust their their [Music] judgment [Music] has had this like super cool career of not doing too many competitions but rather going uh and doing these film projects and really having a Clear Vision of how we want to ski and portrayed uh through movies uh which is cool and to me it's like that is the core of ski culture the visual representation of skiing because Sam doesn't talk a lot in his movies and you don't really get to follow him it's more like you see the product at the end of it whereas I structure my stories more around the [Music] struggle it is a beautiful day okay we turned around yesterday I feel like alpinism is all about just like jamming yourself into the mountain like I think if you fall down this way you're dead Okay don't do that then ready for you can like see all the [Music] rocks [Music] [Music] condition I don't think I've ever really like properly skied with him yet Sam do have we no I don't think soas alasa yeah of course I'm sorry we went skiing in Austria together and it was great all the fres get in this little gy yeah you're going have the straight line a straight line in the first cool out of the trip with some tricky conditions tricky conditions yeah [Applause] [Applause] I'm not sure I want to go on the bigger one no definitely too tricky now and the for the forecast doesn't look really good for the next few days F it's still good but with no with not a big ref field of snow so maybe it's good to move somewhere else I think so I mean yeah I was for sure a little disappointed we kind of rolled into this trip off a forecast that was looking pretty promising but that first storm came in a lot of warm to F to [Music] couldn't really do any kind of serious skiing cuz like if you're falling on icy conditions like that you can you're going to fall down you're going to hurt yourself really bad [Music] uh I heard reports from from friends that further in land it had rained high but the mountains are also Higher One Main phas and then there's like some other faces here some some cools there yeah I think it's like and there is like few things there no yeah there's a lot yeah there's lot here and there's some stuff here there's no one here there's some stuff there's tons of stuff cool s good we good uh the question is that just our leges but I think we'll be fine I'm going to bring lots of energy [Music] bars [Music] a ling gun um see [Music] for uh we went there to test this hypothesis was there good snow up there um and so we started uh going high uh and trying to find good snow up on these Glacier plateus been for sure raining in there as well and we start climbing on this and you're going higher and higher and you know we're pushing upwards you're pushing 800 900,000 m still the rain crust you know we're just kind of losing hope but the snow getting better more we go one there or just no just here just here yeah yeah I love SK in the in the St yeah yeah it's super nice that's dry snow dude finally finally finally we found it yeah yeah 15 [Music] [Applause] 15 yeah either there or on the other side of this thing but I'm fairly sure it's [Applause] here let see bit of wiped out the roots by here till finally we get high enough before we see oh It's Getting Thinner the rain crust is disappearing and you sort of step into this other world where it has been winter for a longer time never scared to here before I'm pretty freaking stoked [Music] k there's like at least 100 kick turns through the the Gully and Sam is just walking ahead he wants to get up in the sun I think this one will loose light first so maybe like go over there first this is Wilderness there is no infrastructure you're on your own you see a mountain you can go up it you climb it there's no ski patrol there's it's you and and the mountain and you have to figure it out [Music] [Music] and that's kind of one of the reasons I love ski touring compared to other forms of skiing because you really get this like indepth slow approach to the mountain where you can really take everything in I've been dreaming about doing the face we're going to do today for like 12 years maybe uh that's a dreaming line huh that's nice nice no your dreams come true oh thank you so much hey hey could be a bit uh sketchy like a big uh layer of sugar bottom layer keep going yeah buddy you good Nico yes [Music] boy holy wind good work okay so we do a rock paper scissor for this one if you want to go I'm happy you go first buddy you sure yeah I really don't care okay I'm happy you go okay I'm going to go here and then on the right side I think I would honestly say it's like striving for that ideal Mountain experience it's almost like a fairy tale when everything comes together and you actually get to ski the things you want to ski 2 one sand [Music] dropping [Music] sneaker ring [Music] goodby [Music] buddy what yeah damn that was good what a c St [Music] juming oh let's so [Music] nice second that's so yeah we can go look if you want yeah me too [Music] he [Music] w [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh look at them beautiful that is beautiful oh yes son but man that was oh thank you s thank you what a face man what a nice hide again yeah that entrance was kind of Rowdy huh what the yeah could did that okay no choice good work getting up here good work oh my God what a day huh oh okay yeah now the weather is rolling in perfect timing huh three days come in three days in a row so nice so cold at the top yeah freezing yeah I'm going to have some that was a good day it's time for salmon pasta yeah a little beer maybe some water before yeah I need some water yeah yeah definitely I mean it's not a holiday in that sense like we're not out here to relax we're we're out here to to push ourselves and to to go to places where it seems you know impossible to go and to do that in a with style and and and then to capture it and to be able to capture this place that is so beautiful in in in a way that does it justice which is kind of hard in a way ski films it's literally like a way to share that experience you had with two or three friends on a remote Peak and you can still bring it to a huge audience you can still bring it to the world and it's a way to create a community around the sport that is performed sort of in isolation in the these tiny little groups [Music]

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