NEW ZEALAND VLOG! PART 2 • Rotorua, Thermal Valley & Bay Of Islands World Cruise Series

NEW ZEALAND VLOG!  PART 2 • Rotorua, Thermal Valley & Bay Of Islands  World Cruise Series

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good morning everyone to New Zealand part two and the first stops on our piano cruises Arcadia World cruise we had an amazing night's sleep I slept like an absolute baby no surprise bed was so comfy wasn't it I was say yeah they are and also the curtains like proper blackout curtains so it's Pitch Black in here open the curtains it's broad daylight really good so we're very happy with the cabin if you haven't seen it already you can go and check out our embarcation day and our cabin tour and we shed all that yesterday today is the first day and we are going to I keep pronouncing wrong but it's Tanga Tanga Tanga Tanga okay but we're actually getting on short experience so we get there it might be wrong but I just say it with confidence so it sounds right you sound better than me when we get there we're going on a short experien is taking us to rura which is where the thermal Valley is it stinks oh really but it's amazing oh okay I think it's the sulfa in the volcanic rock yeah okay so that's what we're doing today so we got a full Shore experience our first day first one if we were to do a Mot home tour of the North Island I would say we'd spend most of our time around the road to in TPO area oh okay so it's should it's a good place good place okay little Tas good little taster for you yeah well I'm excited cuz I don't really know fully what to expect bench just with confidence was like we need to book that experience to get cuz it's about an hour and a half isn't it when I when I was there in 2009 we went to the fmal pools yeah and you can take dips oh each pool is like at a certain temperature just naturally and it's so yeah it's really good that's nice we're not going in any pools today we are not not Del literally no but we are up we are dressed and we're going to go and have some breakfast then come back and pack up for the day what are you going to have I go Benny's he go Benny's egg Benedict um right let's have a look at this view shall We There is a tiny little island over there we're coming in here wow it's so peaceful and nice I love cruising I love watching the waves the color down here just spotting the odd little boat or dolphin watching guys the breakfast on B Pino cruises is honestly the best there is so much choice so you can have full English you can have some of their breakfast favorites and then they do eggs all different ways and then eggs benedict which we both love but you can also have cereal yogurt fruit stuff from the bakery the choices are amazing there's even smashed avocado on sourdough toast this restaurant is like oh bench look there's a little boat right there a tu from me oh helping us get in yeah oh I love it it's so so nice in here isn't it yeah with the windows like that it feels like being at the back of like an Old Navy ship like a like a like 18th century it's also really pretty in here look at the stars on the ceiling well obviously lights they look like stars and then all the decoration it's beautiful nothing is too much either so we both like a big drink for breakfast and we just asked for two and that's absolutely fine and I've already drunk most of my smoothie and it's a tropical one today and it's amazing absolutely love it I could get used to this oh yes a nice big breakfast to fuel us up for our big day out got my exg Bend dict got some sausage Ben's also got sausage oh vji sausage today oh and he's got two eggs Benedicts we have just come back and prash has made our room all lovely put the bed back it's so nice having someone just tidy up and organize it it's just the dream but he's also managed to get rid of the chairs they've put them in storage they had to label them up so they knew which room to put them back into but this has just given us so much more space to walk around the room it just feels so much bigger anyway we're just getting ready for the day so I'm just deciding what we might need and want because it's a full day experience so I I think they're working on cleaning it and painting it at the moment but as you can see look at Arcadia this is where we're heading onto the buses think there's quite a lot of us on this tour looks like it yeah first St we've arrived at tuua this is going to be a guided tour so we're going to see what we find in here would you be able to put my band on me please can never do these things feel like we going to Glass day you're right it pop it on thank you ooh pretty perfect while we moving through the please keep an eye on me so stay together folks follow me the are we saying K again no oh that's what we said we are kiwis again don't get kiwi is done here well that was a nice little welcome surprise we weren't allowed to film where any cameras or anything there's a brother and a sister in there and they keep them separate in separate enclosures B enclosures because if they're not a m pair then they'll fight over territory so to keep them less stressed they keep them separate yeah it was really cool I love the kiwi bird so s yeah it was really cool but they let you photograph at the zoo so see different just trust us you saw one in the last Vlog it was really cool I like the kiwi bird I didn't think we'd see one again so no I didn't know that were here it's got nothing to do with the bird or the kiwi fruit the kiwi fruit is actually a Chinese gooseberry have you all heard of the Kiwi shoe polish during the second world war when the New Zealand soldiers went to fight part of the issue on the uniform was this kiwi boot polish the main part on your uniform in the second world war your boots our soldiers were issued this when they got overseas to fight everyone fighting under Great Britain British Canadians Australians saw the shoe polish that our solders had and they wanted some of it so they started to trade whatever they could get their hands on food cigarettes for this kiwi boot polish and they started calling our soldiers kiwi kiwis so after the second world war anyone who came from New Zealand was called a kiwi M and this is fact how we got our name we have many other mud pools throughout the park this is the L temperature of the boiling mud is around 70° C okay now ladies and gentlemen the guys is active they that do not go all the time we're not going to waste any time we're going to go straight down to the guide simp to the guide water around 95° C wow very nice you're looking at around 1/8 they falling off water the gues will go for about 20 minutes then they'll stop for around 30 minutes up how cool is this very cool actually doesn't smell as like thought no wow so impressive steam is it when you get in one of them steam clouds it's a bit it's a bit eggy you okay it's a bit eggy yeah Mother Nature is very impressive isn't it crazy just learning about how they work I have actually seen some in Iceland before I was telling Ben but this is crazy isn't it have you seen this Bene oh it's raining it's um getting us wet actually just keep walking look at the view from here that so impressive look how blue that water is too down there CU of the alkaline content oh look at this little path feel like we're in the middle of nowhere on the moon yeah that's a big hole in there being in an active volcano Zone gives rora a unique smell and distinct physical features we're back on the bus and as you know we're hunting for postcards and pins and I think we did did a pretty good job here we found this pin which is so nice absolutely perfect and then this is the post car we picked enjoyed that LE Lots about the thermal activity and why why the GES exist and and the ring of fire reason for the smell and yeah PR good and he said it' been running for like they've been there for like 50,000 years and only one institution is allowed to harness the power of the GES to generate electricity and that's the local hospital I love learning about like why like tectonic plates and they're not on a vault line here and cuz if there was a volcano eruption then all that would just pour out but they was talking about the pressure and how it has somewhere to go it was just so interesting to me I really enjoyed it it was great don't know where we're going next lunch maybe we just jumped off the bus and we've arrived at the skyline which is essentially a gondola taking us to the top of the mountain there's a restaurant at the top where we're having lunch so we got to get up there eat take pictures and get back down within 1 hour I was here 15 16 years years ago yeah and I did the L on the way down the river boat thing the L A go no in a goart oh but no power and you just go downhill and you got turn I don't know if you can really see this is the queue for the food and it goes all the way back down there and the thing is we don't mind waiting but we're on a really really tight timeline today we're going to try and eat as quickly as we can go and see the vi get some photos and then we have to take the gond love back down but it's a really beautiful place stunning scenery loads to do by the looks of things and yeah it's just a sh we didn't have a little bit more time here really that was a ridiculously fast lunch yes shame really want it yeah they've got one of those giant swing things here as well all the different colors in the water from the same as the the hot pools yeah where all the different um sulur Nets coming up okay I think if we were on our own and we were doing our own sort of how fun it is we would 100% do this I want to do it I'm so sad that we don't have time this looks so fun we did actually just debate it but we don't have long I told you the safety chat not here this the roof so cool a looks so good oh never mind another day eh we have just arrived at agome where we are going to see a sheep show sheep showing show you got be careful how you say that you need your phone out I thought they were animatronics and what did you say why are people taking photos of the face come on now they aren't really moving they don't look real than do not look real at first this one's my favorite it looks like a 2005 pop punk sheet a little emo FR got we got 19 of the finest breeds of sheep that we Farm commercially right throughout New Zealand I'll be sharing a sheep right up here we'll be Ming a cow on the stage too and I'll even show you some of our great new working dogs a little bit later on that'll be pretty cool eh this is Prince the big Mighty Marino that's is that soap that is very valuable that place we'll use that for men's suits and for's garments New Zealand's number one sheep bre this is Mona the and my friend down there a cool big sh and I have your help your job is to watch my sheep okay okay you just oh about this lovely Co W oh that's great for make a carpet with that it's the dawon brothers Samson and Aussie no need to feel sorry for the Sheep it's actually a very important part of the Sheep's life every 6 months will carefully remove their police helps to keep the Sheep fit strong and healthy so here in New Zealand the average sheep share will share around about 300 sheep a day take the pass one and oh well that was a really pleasant surprise I did not know what I was getting in for but I loved it I learned a lot about sheep I had no idea there were 19 different sheep and the way they all got onto the stage in New Zealand yeah 19 cheap in New Zealand so I just had a look and tickets normally are $49 per adult and that includes the show and the tour but obviously we're on a group sh experience tour I don't think we'll have time to go on the tractors and have a tour of the farm but that's okay feel like we've got a glimpse of it and it's really nice to come down here so that is that oh look they've been doing a really great job on Aradia today looks amazing they've been painting and cleaning you can see they're literally making her look beautiful I have just got out the shower obviously and I just wanted to come and have a little Lookout on the balcony I can't believe that this is the life we have right now so it's almost 7:00 I need to quickly get changed and do something with my hair we're going to see the melins this evening they're a vintage vocal Trio that specialized in jazz swing and old Hollywood glamour I think we'll do dinner and see them and see how we get on we also need to plan our day in Russell so tomorrow we're doing the Bay of Island and we want to go over to Russell we're going to show you that in this Vlog as well we haven't booked onto a tour for tomorrow because Benji has been here before and he said that it would just be nice for us to sort of go our own pace have a nice leisurely day maybe go swimming in the sea the Bay of islands actually has 144 islands and bays and beaches around the coastline the other thing as well tomorrow we don't dock at a port it's all by tender so they've given us some information about going ashore via a tender this is my dress for the evening I am leaving my hair just to dry curly though as we don't have all the time in the world today but I just need to pack oh you look nice don't you he's got nice trousers and boat shoes on for tonight's dinner I've got a chicken Caesar salad to start and Ben just got a tomato soup I always love the soups you love the soup and B don't you for our main we've both got the chicken with potato and veg that looks really nice doesn't it yeah very well presented isn't it it's lovely can't wait to eat this we've gone for a little pudding tonight they had an apple strw doel or fruit strw doel wasn't it summer fruits and orange strudel oh and some ice cream so we thought we'd have that we've just come back from dinner and look at this oh wow oh this is so nice this port is really interesting because there are loads of sandbanks and it's really hard to get in and out without a tug or a um patrol boat so we have two as well pilot ship what a lovely place and I really we haven't talked about it much on the Vlog yet but I really want to go to that beach that we passed one day that one yeah on the other side no another day yeah in the my home wow look at the sunset stunning we should take pictures out here actually on the wedding day that I don't even know if that's doing Justice on camera but that is beautiful so for our first show we've come up to the first floor and we're going to watch the show from the Frontier those the space the line my name is shanon I'm Nicole and my name is Jess and we are we are a vintage vocal Trio specializing in jazz swing and glamour don't Under The Apple Tree anyone else me thank God for the Pres the woo we've just come back we bumped into some people that we made friends with online that are also on the same Cruise really lovely to just chat then we mooched around the shops and our new friends taught us that there is a passport a world Cruise passport that you can basically earn stamps for spending money in the shop so you get stamped for C doing certain things spending certain amount of money attending certain talks and then when you fill your book you get £100 voucher to spend and each leg of the trip has a different section so we're at the moment we're in Paradise in the Pacific and then the next leg is our awesome Aussie Adventures so we're not going to buy anything until Sydney basically our spes so we can get stamps but save up our pocket money to get some stamps I like I'm going to get Pokémon cards or like Panini stickers or something yeah right but also they had some World Cruise merch in the shop so if we get anything we'll show you but there's some there's some really nice stuff in trouble yeah we'll let you know if we end up getting anything but we just had a really nice rest of our evening and those the girls was madin were they were so amazing I love jazz and I love live music and the band and the Trump pit yeah so good you list them start no no no my boys in the trombone section some heat please that was a really nice evening I'm so happy yeah and now we have a proper really nice sway don't we it's yeah we like the slice way but when we've been on the bigger ships like arv and Iona you don't really feel it much right let's go to bed and then tomorrow Russell good morning from the Bay of islands it is absolutely stunning I feel actually a bit emotional cuz I feel like I'm in a really magical place on Earth it's insanely pretty and I can't wait to go to shore today so Ben has been here before and he loved Russell so that's what we're planning on going but we have to do a little bit of a journey so we've got to take a tender to shore then a shuttle bus and then a ferry so it's a little bit of a journey to get to where we want to be but we uh we very nearly bought a campsite and moved here really you loved it that much as a family it was right on the beach and it was oh it was stunning it was absolutely stunning oh I can't wait to go today anyway let's go and have a quick buffet breakfast cuz we're sort of on the go today and how they do things is that they prioritize people that are on Shore experiences first and then they have a ticket system so we have to go and get a ticket and then they call our ticket to let us know which tender number we're on right cool we're going in one of the lifeboats cuz like yeah not many people in a relaxed way go on a Lifeboat will they you not done this yet have you you've not been to Shan a tender I've only done it once and that was in Santorini we are packing up our stuff for the day we've got our beach tows today and I think we'll do our first swim together in the sea in Russell we're getting on a little tender wow so back in 1840 that's where the uh signing of the Treaty of wangi handed over the sovereignty of New Zealand from the local IND Mary tribes uh to the English we have arrived oh my goodness this is so exciting I'm just really hoping it's up to it will B it'll be lovely I'm excited I just text my dad and he told me a couple of things i' forgotten that we can look at okay but we can get the free shuttle bus so that's what we're going to do first this is what we want the free shuttle bus yes thank you thank you very much right we're here we're going to come around here come to the wall and then we're going to swim for us no what no no very oh look there's a little market there Museum yeah it's on today cute that was a nice little bus drive we've arrived at the warf here which is where we get a ferry to Russell they leave every 20 minutes but first we're going to look in the shops and the market oh here it is Pia is that the name p p like P here oh how wonderful it's an art and craft Market we'll have a little look around well we're very early but we're having a nice Jolly around this little market that was lovely speaking to all the local people that was really nice bought some EXA cream cuz I have exo I don't have a flow right now but it just felt really nice on my skin Oh souvenir shop we've been trying to find me a hat for ages everywhere we' stopped but the problem I have is I have a really big head and they don't fit so everyone keeps saying to me on Instagram you need to be wearing a hat but they don't fit this one just fits but even then it doesn't fit how you'd wear it like you don't have it it kind of hurts it's not even on at the back yet is better it's better but you get a headache maybe you need like a men's one that looks quite nice we've just been for a little shop in rip C oh look at that art um what I was saying is we bought a dress for me and a rash firstest for you yeah it's the one thing I still needed when we when we came out with yeah we have arrived in Russell wow this is pretty Ben is just FaceTiming his mom because they've been here together before wow this is so lovely so we found the restaurant that we want to come for lunch is called Duke of marra is that right yes marbar and we've booked a reservation because they do get busy so that's good look at this big tree here Bene here wow all the roots probably older than the hotel probably First St we're going to get some ice cream by a brand called capiti New Zealand original ice cream brand you ready to try the ice cream mhm oh yeah that's better that is better than the first one oh my God it's more salted caramel e good good ice cream better chunks of Honey cre yeah that's amazing I think I may have found a hat I quite like this one I still don't love hats but this is kind of the best of a of a bunch you know and it says UPF 50 plus made to withstand our New Zealand heat although it is $65 so it's quite expensive but you know I've been fussy about hats and I I don't I don't mind this and just like that we have arrived in Paradise this is absolutely gorgeous so we're going to go for a dip in the sea yeah a little bit of a swim we don't want to be sunbathing too much cuz we're trying to stay out of the sun um but we do want to get in the water so let's go do it our first sea trip of the trip are you leaving your hat yeah you take yours if you want I get mine wet you can get yours wet sand is amazing the sand is so nice you see the big s ship there's two big S ships out to seea oh yeah love the vibe in all of New Zealand I feel I don't want to Temp fate but feel so safe everywhere everyone's got their bags out their towels out people having little picnics and their little family groups this could be the life bad I know you guys just missed the best thing ever we've just been doing some photos and there's a big wave coming in G wave and broen's gone it got swamped hey that's an alltime Bubba what did he say about the chuk marra the um it's the oldest tavern or like restaurant in Russell or it might be in New Zealand The Gables yeah is an Italian restaurant and that used to be the BR of the Town back when the town was founded a lot of sailors used to come here they'd be at Sea like anywhere between a year and 2 years at a time the bus driver said they wanted two things they wanted cheap Boo and cheap women and that's what they got and then the the French Miss missionaries like the nuns and that came over and they describes the town as a hell hole of the Pacific cuz of all the Deery and the drunken drunken dis Le so funny so yeah we're going to do some proper tourism later on and see if we can find some of that good this is our last stop and then we're in Australia Australia Australia yes the next Vlog will be Sydney and you got to pronounce your nose you got practice your nose no no got to really chill on them v c you're going to turn are you turning into a m Australia it's only in Australia my contact lenses that Ru your gorgeous gorgeous Beach but moment it was really it was it was really big oh that's soaked you finishing the scene now oh yeah I think for maybe for now they had an outside shower and some bathroom so we just got changed that was so lovely what a way to spend the day Steve has just dropped us off in the uh cab and we've come into a craft Market in here that was so nice little Craft Market in there lots of local jewelry and the town hall is it the gables here's bro from here we go 1847 Linda or Thera or Mar it looks really nice really nice love it soon as I like very nice a lovely shop that shop was called the Bay of islands trading company and they were lovely in there and she got a shirt as you saw so he's having a right little shopping day treat yourself treat we've just walked around the corner to Christ Church and this is the oldest church in New Zealand Charles Darwin and the passengers of the HMS vehle contributed to the funding of the of building it really yeah it was built in 1835 near 200 years old 180 something years old this is what it looks like inside look at Arcadia in the distance that looks so beautiful wow from the Paris of carabin and you look out and there a big massive ship out in the harbor yeah good job we book this earlier cuz it's very busy now we're in the nice restaurant we've ordered fish and chips fish and chips we both went for the fish and chips and honestly I just need this so much I'm really craving some salty chips look at that M we missed the ferry it was too full so we sat here with Cab's chocolate fish which is basically marshmallow inside isn't it so good it is almost 8:00 p.m. we've been chilling in the cabin bench had a bath I had a shower I've been doing some editing and we just lost track of time so we've decided to go to the buffet for dinner and then there is a show on a half eight that we want to see hopefully You' enjoyed seeing our first two days and settling into Cruise life and being in the cabin and all that fun stuff so the best time it's been lovely hasn't it just think we've got we've still got what nearly two months left of this yeah I'm not sure what the next videos will be I haven't quite decided if I'm going to show Australia next or a wedding day but maybe we would already be married by the time they see this video don't know before we were yeah go and check out Instagram cuz I'm sure we've already talked about it or shared it but thank you so much for watching hope you've enjoyed it I really hope that the videos have come across as well is that we've enjoyed our days cuz we've had an amazing time yeah it's been fantastic so thank you so much for watching we'll see you again in the next ones uh subscribe if you haven't already and leave us a nice comment below all righty see you soon bye PA

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