NARROW ESCAPE | Self Drive Boating Adventure in England | Lake District

NARROW ESCAPE | Self Drive Boating Adventure in England | Lake District

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Welcome to a new video of Tech Travel Eat. We are in a boat in the middle of the lake. We are at the biggest lake in UK, Windermere Just both of us in this speed boat Welcome to all of you in a superb video We are at an old village, Windermere at Lake district I shall show you some village vibe and the beauty here The most beautiful things here are the buildings You cannot even guess how old these are You would doubt if you are seeing buildings at stone age or so Most of the buildings are that old You can see such buildings at Bhutan too They have stacked and put together black stones Most of them are guest houses, coffee shops and restaurants Look how beautiful the entrance and buildings are You see such beautiful buildings all over UK These lavenders smell good I would have smelt that bee now Not that they dont have money to demolish these and build new ones But they maintain these as a part of the old look Some may be 500-600yrs old Lino says the house he bought is 60yrs old. He had seen 100-150yrs old houses too Imagine the situation of our houses after 20yrs Quality and the maintenance is very important That is the most important thing Lino has begun to take photos. I shall show you his skill in my Instagram page

He is taking my photos. We are having a small photo session here People in and around Manchester can contact Lino for photos and videos He works part time doing that too He is very busy Might be his wife on the line She might be calling to ask where he is Was it your wife's call? Does she call you often like this? She would be tensed if I hijacked you Lino will always have a bag like this when he is out of his house. He has his drone and many things in it. If this was planned, I would have taken other jackets to take different pics See how beautiful these houses are People buying houses in UK should pay a good tax amount to the council You pay 130 pounds for your house That is nearly 15000 INR Around 13000 INR is what you pay the council every month What are the benefits you get by that My childs education, waste collection, Our treatment for any purpose are taken care from this tax All these are the facilities you get from that council. It includes children's education too.

You see different colour waste bins here You will have individual waste bins in front of your house You have to separate and put them accordingly. The people from the council will come and collect it. Look at the walls of the building They havent used anything such as cement here Maintenance is happening in this building Maintaining these are more expensive than building new ones We know how money flows from out pocket when we begin to maintain Each house has such a gate You can see creepers grow in front of this house That is another beauty Windermere town is the best place for street shoppers This place is famous for Windermere lake It is the largest lake in UK After enjoying the beauty in the town, we shall go to see the lake. This is a post office in UK It is a privatised. People still send letters This is the postman's dress. People coming here buy souvenirs of this kind We can buy them from here You can see the post box here just like in our place They work till date The collection time is mentioned on it All these can be done here at the post office We have postal savings bank and insurance in our post office too People here call this Royal Mail A staff is going to do something behind He is taking the letters from the post box He is taking them Even he is wearing those neon colours All are having coffee and food sitting outside during summer This is a wine shop. You can buy any you want. They have a good collection

You see cyclists everywhere. Cycling and trekking are their hobbies An awesome defender Looks amazing. This is the lawyers office Their services are mentioned here This is a barber shop here 15 pounds to cut your hair That is nearly 1600 INR Can see a restaurant and cafe in the name of Brown Sugar Nice beautiful buildings on both sides of the roads A supermarket here Can see a petrol pump near it We filled petrol for 1.43 pounds today morning Here they show 1.52 pounds How do they change the rate? Is it as per requirement? Not sure. It differs everywhere. I think where there arent any pumps, he would increase the rate.

Might be like that It is not a fixed rate. The rate differs everywhere There may not be any pump close by. So people have to fill fuel from here \ Some places are very expensive Only people who dont have an option fill fuel from there If you dont have a pump close by, the rate at the closest will be high That is what I have understood Correct me if I am wrong Look at that dog Looks like a lion We bought potato n egg salad and an Arabic salad A gin tonic too All these together for 10 pounds This is our lunch for today We made it a budget Yesterday we had Thai food and no idea ow we got back home You very rarely become drowsy having food We didnt remember half of the things that happened These will fill our stomach and in total we paid just 10 pounds We got these for 10 pounds. But in London you get chicken biriyani for 2 pounds Have you had that? You should try that out Biriyani for 2 pounds is good. I wanted to pee. I saw a library and went in there and peed. That is a free library where anybody can get in It is a library under the council and is free.

Anybody can come, take a book or buy one too There is an app borrowbox If you download that and have a membership in any library, You can download and use any book from any library in UK We are having our lunch Sitting in front of the library on a bench We should be thankful to 2 people to sit on this bench After you have your food, put the waste in a dustbin We shall go to see Windermere lake. We paid parking fee, parked our car here. Let us see it and come They have cruise here. Timings are given here You can hire a motor boat and explore the lake Lot of Chinese come here as tourists. Brochures are printed in Chinese This is the lake This is the Windermere lake It is so crowded now. Last time there wasnt anybody

Rishi would have ran around here So many swans, crows, pigeons, All are walking around here Look how fast they are swimming So beautiful. They are not scared of us They are walking around here I am walking between them Kids are feeding them. They bite us We shouldnt go near it much. The restaurants and others have become lively now All are enjoying sitting outside This is Bounos beach This is a speed boat The rate is per head They say we can self drive and go I went inside to confirm can we really ride it alone They said yes. If we return late or make any damage, they will retain the deposit We are paying 40 pounds for an hour They gave us 2 tickets. Card deposit of 40 pounds and our 40pounds

If anything happens to the boat, we loose 40 pounds Not more than that We took it. Our time given is 4.15pm. If we go inside at that time, we can freak out with the boat. Can you fly your drone while riding a boat? We shall try Only if you are an expert, you can do it Or you will have to land it back on water We shall ride our boat They gave us a slip with DOs and DONTs A safety briefing happening here. After that we shall wear our life jackets and go This is the map of the lake and number to call if emergency It is an electric boat. So it wont go too fast.

We are going to ride our boat. We got safety instructions on how to go We should go and come back in 1hour. Or we wont get our 40 pounds back. It will be taken as 2hrs Good looking boat It is a left hand drive Now they will come and tell us how it is The accelerator should have been at the legs.

This would be in good condition I guess. Since it is an electric boat, the sound is less. Good one Worth it Good experience. We have only gone in boats others ride

We shall go slowly If we put it in neutral, it will stay here. This is fun. We are driving a boat without any license. We shall turn around in 30mts Now the time is 4.10pm We shall turn back when it is 4.40pm Now we shall go behind that boat Only that will work out now I think it has an alignment issue. Turns to the left when I turn right I am scared to move from here. Then how do I fly my drone?

How will we take pics then? Shall try after that island We shall stop aside and see Should I let the boat coming from opposite cross from the left or right We shall go to the opposite they go I can see a ship kind coming. I feel scared. Hope nobody behind us This is our boat We are going on a boat Sujith Bhakthan is driving I have changed the gear This is so good. An electric boat. No pollution for the lake What a nice concept. Electric boats We are going to go around these 2 islands There is a tracker in this boat. If anything happens to us and we call them, they will come to us.

If the motor goes break down or anything to people doing kayaking etc There would be different kinds of people They asked us to be careful if anybody is in water too There might be people who came to swim too OMG! The waves are hitting us Sit safe. Dont jump All these are waves. You havent gone to Pattaya Coral island, right? They ride that speed boat very fast We are going to fly our drone in the middle of this lake I shall go a bit forward and then turn around This has stabilizers. So wont know if you shiver I am an expert. Do you want me to drift? No need.

This is awesome. Anybody coming here should experience this I got the chance to ride a motor boat without much of driving instructions He said we just have to know to drive a car and nothing else We kept asking him, can we ride it? He said no problem. Just drive like riding a car He said if you know that, you can do this All you need is both your hands. This is the accelerator Does this have a handbrake?C I have stopped our boat here for him to fly his drone We took an intro for the video, photos, thumbnail photo Now we should make it land We are going to have a manual landing It is windy. Lino is doing it with lot of effort

How much for the drone? How many lakhs? You are an expert my darling You are awesome. I was tensed seeing it sway in the air Only experts can do this You can keep it back and drive Let me take a deep breath I shall turn it by then Do you remember the way we came? All the sides look the same. Where should we go to? Speed boats an yachts are coming Where to go now? People have come in a kayak and got out at the island They have told us not to go any islands They are a family in 2 kayaks We are going around the island.

The told us not to get down at the island because ours is a boat If the bottom hits or rubs there, it would be a problem That is why they tell us not to go near the island We are taking a round the island How are the photos? Now the crew has changed You are an expert in flying a drone. You dont have to do anything now. Turn to the right We shall take a round and come. Or go to the left If we fall into the water it is ok. It is a thumbnail Just drift. All want negative captions to watch. There are people who watch otherwise. But we get more viewers when it is negative

Go around that island I went around We have time. You can go This is awesome. They said we should be 30m away from the red balls You have many here. Stay away from them Isnt it awesome? Would have been great if they were released in our place too It would be a good business and people would be able to enjoy well too Let me sit here for sometime 40 pounds for 2 people As the count increases, the rate also exceeds It is awesome.

For the cruise boat you have to pay 30 pounds Here 40 pounds are worth it They collected 80 pounds from us. If we give back the boat safely and reach on time, we get back 40 pounds They will give it back in our card itself If you give cash, they give cash. Or else by card Take the google map to find the route. A ship is coming. Where should I turn to? Our speeds wont match. A ship is very fast Good we didnt go that side Where should I go and park Now we have to go park this perfectly If we go and hit this there, we wont get our 40 pounds back If we get back 40 pounds, our amount spent would be 40 pounds That is around 4500 INR That is a good rate. We are getting a boat for ourselves to go around

That too in England Dont hit us. We loose 40 pounds. I have put it in neutral and switched off the engine. That was amazing After coming back, we have to go to the office and swipe our card again We get a receipt and 40 pounds back. That is so simple It will take 1-2 days to get refunded Sometimes you get it soon. Depends on the bank People coming to Windermere lake, stay here for 2 days and explore the place Such people will have buses like this available These buses will take them around to explore People come with their family and enjoy a lot.

That bus looks awesome. A neat and clean awesome bus You have shops that give hotdogs, ice-creams, fish and chips etc People are standing in a queue here You have cruise ships here. We had taken a private boat You can take the cruise for 45mts-1hr. People here are in a queue to get in the cruise You have evening cruise, buffet cruise, summer evening etc.

There are ones with food too. You have yellow, blue, red cruises You have lot of swans here. They look good and are huge It is eating food people are giving it. Look at its neck getting longer as it stretches You have wooden boats which you can row and go It is very crowded here. In summers, UK always has a good vibe.

You can see how they are enjoying with each other here Mc Donalds hotel It is a lake view hotel. The lake is on the other side I think that is a famous ice cream shop. People are n queue to get in This is the Lake View Garden Bar There is no place to sit there They are hiring people who have completed 18. Full time and part time jobs are available. Flex is kept here Look at the hotel building. Looks amazing I am sure it will be expensive, especially for a lake view room We should learn from them the way they keep up the heritage look here All the places are beautiful. Nothing is kept unmaintained or so

You are only scared to ride a boat and not a car. We enjoyed a lot It was my first experience. When the waves began to hit us, I got tensed. You drive the car so well. You fly your drone also very well Now let us go back to his house at Manchester. 2hrs from here

2hrs to go 80 miles which is 120km They say 120km needs just 1.5hrs Last time when we came to Lake District, it didnt have anything You dont find anything in winter. Everything is seen in summer

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