My First Impressions of Honolulu, Hawaii (Waikiki Beach)

My First Impressions of Honolulu, Hawaii  (Waikiki Beach)

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what's up bro there a quarter I don't have  a quarter on me Dollar don't have a dollar   there's so many people out here right now it's  impressive a burger $17.95 that's actually not   terrible that's not too bad at all Hawaiian pool  pork tacos $16.95 wow these are beautiful oh thank   you wow umbrellas and two chairs $30 for 2 hours  man makes me miss Thailand what's up everybody   Welcome to the beautiful island of Hawaii now  I actually got here nice and early this morning   um of a well 27-hour journey is what it took us  to get here from Thailand and I'm super excited   to be here this is the last stat on my list  out of all 50 in the United States I can't   believe it's taken me so long I've been to 75  other countries but the island of Hawaii is a   place that I've been missing and it's quite crazy  because I'm from Long Beach California and we got   direct flights here it's only about 5 hours away  and actually quite affordable to get to and yes   it's taking me this long but nonetheless we're  here we're in beautiful W Kiki Beach right now   there's all kinds of restaurants cafes clothing  shops around um the area of my hotel and today   I'm going to walk around and talk to you guys a  little bit about what's up bro there a quarter I   don't have a quarter on me Dollar don't have  a dollar oh man you making a video yeah I'm   making a little video get the W on it of course  are you from Hawaii of course oh okay where you   from California bro California yeah I'm from Long  Beach yeah Snoop Dog yeah Snoop Dog bro of course   well take care man wish I had a dollar take care  bro um but yeah what happened here Snoop Dogg is   here yeah hopefully we run into him then oh really  okay marshan Lynch too take care bro so yeah um   this is actually the very first few minutes that  I'm walking around here in wakiki I just arrived   went straight to bed and well now I'm hitting the  streets to walk around for the very first time so   I want to show you guys my first impressions  of wakiki and of course talk to you guys a   little bit of or a little bit about a few of the  prices and things that I've come to known just   since I've arrived here but yeah I'm realizing  that a based off of my drive there's all kinds   of international cuisine look Italian restaurant  wow this spot looks beautiful Little Italy might   have to come there for dinner now um right now I'm  actually staying at wakiki Malia oh thank you sir   wakiki Malia it's a hotel located well right there  actually our room should be somewhere up in this   corner and and it's nothing too fancy it's not the  Hilton or any of the big Resorts that can be found   here in this area I'm not too sure what's going  on this week but everything's crazy expensive   and we spent $250 $50 a night for that room plus  a $50 Resort fee every night I'm not sure why in   America Resort fees exist but they're quite crazy  and they add up quite fast oh man these are nice   dresses shirts I definitely should pick myself up  something a little bit colorful for this Hawaii series but nonetheless I'm not really worried  about the prices right now this is a destination   that I have been dreaming about visiting for so  many years and the fact that I'm here right now   is quite impressive I remember growing up in Long  Beach California um very lower class watching my   Mom struggle um not having anything in life and  dreaming about one day visiting Hawaii because I   seen it all over the the movies all over postcards  um on TV commercials and this was actually one of   my biggest dream destinations I remember in school  we had a question come up I believe it was sixth   grade and the teacher asked me in the whole class  what is your dream destination and really I didn't   know much about the world but I right away wrote  down Hawaii and I think I even spelled it wrong   but we're here dreams come true but um yeah right  now the weather's actually quite nice it's 5:   in the afternoon or in the evening better yet  sun should be set in here shortly so let's wander   around and make our way down to wakiki beach I  believe it's straight down this way it looks like   there's all kinds of luxury shops here on this  street I see a Hermes over in this corner what's   up bro hey how you doing good watching your videos  Thailand wow thank you guys so much man I didn't I   didn't expect to run into anybody here in Hawaii  really yeah it's my first day I just got here oh   really never been to Hawaii before where you from  we live here oh really but actually I'm originally   from Long Beach you're from Long Beach too yeah  man what's your name bro Larry Larry Chris uh   Juliet Juliet Chris man this is amazing so how  long you've been living in Hawaii for about six   years years wow dude this place is awesome I was  just telling everybody that I had been dreaming   about coming to this place ever since I was a  young kid when I didn't really know much about   the world like Hawaii was always on on the TV on  movies and now I'm here I can't believe it it's   so beautiful how long you guys been living you I  mean you've been living here for 7 years but you   came from Long Beach well actually actually I grew  up in Long Beach and I went to high school went to   Milan Milan yeah yeah yeah I went there and but  then I went I I later on I joined the Navy okay   cool I was in San Diego for while then I got  stationed here in Pearl Harbor so I got to see   how Hawaii was and stuff so I fig later on hey  I like to moood in Hawaii the weather's great   and everything's perfect so is this is this cold  weather here in Hawaii right now this is normal   no this is every oh 365 days a year never gets  cold never gets hot wow it's Paradise that's   amazing well thank you so much for your service  and thank you for watching I was in the YY for 5   years as well but um never made it to Hawaii I was  in Seattle at the complete opposite of Hawaii rain   GL is here with you or not yeah she's here she's  wandering around somewhere she didn't want to be   on camera right now because she's jet lag we we  had a 27-hour journey from Bangkok from Bangkok   um yeah we flew Bangkok uh 9 hours to Melbourne  7 hours layover there and then 10 hours here wow   yeah it was ridiculous yeah we just came from Faya  dude that place is amazing well thank you guys   so much it was a pleasure meeting you thank you  so much I hope you guys enjoy the Hawaii videos   fun yeah yeah thank you take care man that is  amazing I love the I love YouTube it connects   the whole world I didn't think I was going to run  into any subscribers here in Hawaii especially on   my first walk amazing amazing what life what life  brings right guys but um yeah I forget what I was   saying this area looks like you know it could be a  luxurious shopping district I mean I see a Hermes   store over here on this corner what is that a  YSL store Tiffany and Co Steve Madden but there's   also you know some affordable options as as well  Victoria Secret Sephora that's glat is's favorite store but yeah this place is a Vibe I can see why  um that lovely couple we just met have stayed here   I mean it's it's amazing but I must say I'm kind  of thrown off by the prices I'll talk to you guys   about how much I paid for breakfast as soon as  I arrived here in a second um but let's not dive   on into all that um all that stuff right now  because you guys want to see the palm trees and   hear about other exciting things so this is the  wakiki shopping plaza might have to come spend   a little bit of time in there Harry winon Tor bir  I actually know Tory bir because glattus has some   sunglasses from there but um other than that I  don't know too much about clothing brands and   stuff guys just you know I've come accustomed to  re reading or trying to pronounce these names um   over time because of all the places that I visit  so it looks like here they have the um rent of   bike stations where you can actually purchase a  bike and rent to walk around or drive around and   explore wakiki wow this place is beautiful all  right well now since we're stuck at a red light   let me just talk to you guys about breakfast  so this morning I went to IHOP because there   was literally an IHOP hop right downstairs from  the hotel and man it was the most expensive IHOP   I've ever been to in my life I I I thought that  when people were going to say it's going to be   expensive I was thinking you know just standard  US prices but no for bacon eggs and pancakes and   a hash brown I paid $24 so for glattus and I to  have breakfast with coffees it came out to $65   quite ridiculous for IHOP even back at home IHOP  tends to be a a little bit more on the pricier   side of things but you're still spending 13 to 14  us uh per meal not $65 for two people so that was   my first like shocker I was like wow this is  going to be an expensive week I better start   making videos because I need to make some money  you know what I'm saying but um yeah I should   make a video later on this week where I take  you guys on a full day with me around wakiki   and just talk to you guys all about prices and  how much you could expect to spend in one day   here here in Hawaii but yeah I just noticed  a ladi's walking around with a surfboard this   might be the first place in the United States  where I've seen people just walking around with   surfboards on the streets now where I live there's  not really too great of surf we do have Huntington   Beach which is like the surf capital of the US  but I don't actually live in Huntington Beach   and every time I do go I only see really Surfers  in the water not really walking the streets with   their boards and often times when the Surfers get  out of the water they go straight to their trucks   and leave here there's people walking around  with surfboards it's crazy all right what is this another big shopping center  it looks like actually right here   it says they got a Cheesecake  Factory Island village a Thai restaurant you know what let's not walk in there  just yet because I have a feeling if I walk into   the shopping mall then I'm going to end up doing  some shopping I actually just purchased these   Oakleys in the airport on the way here because  yeah I lost my rayb bands once again I left them   in a taxi but then I saw these bad boys and I was  like man these look fly so if you guys like these   style what is it called Oakley hstn I'll leave a  link for them down below because you guys always   give me good compliments on my sunglasses and  you know what I think once I learn to not lose   them I think I'm going to start purchasing a  couple more pairs that way I can switch them   up for the videos and not um wear the same exact  style glasses every single time hello everybody's   having a good time out here look Lululemon ABC  Stores Rip Curl Foot Locker fendy and apple I   actually need to go to the Apple Store I lost my  Cube my charging Cube look this is what I means   surfboards everywhere I heard a lot of good  things about about this hotel actually this   is what a lot of my friends recommended to me  beach wakiki beach comr hotel but it was $450   a night when I was checking it and to be honest  I just can't justify that guys especially for   it not being allinclusive or anything like  can't justify spending that much money to sleep they got a Macy's Jimmy Chu oh man we're   in the shopping the heart of  the shopping district I feel like I like this Cheesecake Factory you might  have to go there for dinner you know what I'm   saying oh man feels so good to be back in  the US as well and in an island paradise   in America most people travel you know 14 15  hours across the world to visit a beautiful   island when you know we have Hawaii that is  only about a 5H hour flight from California   but to be completely honest with you guys  my hotel reservation for three nights with   the resort fees was $1,100 and then for the  next three nights I believe it was $1350 with   that $2,700 that I spent just on accommodation  you can literally fly to a place like Thailand   go to an island stay in a resort for 10 days  you know get massages every single they eat   amazing food and you'll probably still come  back with some money in the bank so I see   why a lot of people prefer taking those long  flights but man this place is awesome I have   a feeling I'm going to be coming back here a  lot a lot more often Balenciaga Rolex Tesla building and I was actually talking to the Uber  driver on the way here this morning and he was   actually telling me that here on aahu on the main  island that we're on right now the Big Island   there's primarily a huge um Asian population that  a lot of people that live here on the island are   primarily Asian and mainly Filipino he did say  there was a couple um well a bit of Thai people   a bit of cambodians but here what you're mainly  going to find is Filipinos and I found that quite   interesting and he also so what else what else  did you what was I going to oh and he also told   me that there's not many um African-American or  Mexicans that live here on aahu he said you'll   find um those demographics more so in Maui so  interesting just thought that I throw that out   there because you know the beautiful thing about  living in the United States is when you're walking   around the big cities or the streets um it's  hard well you look at everybody and everybody   looks so different but everybody's American  you know what I'm saying just from different   um Multicultural backgrounds but here in Hawaii  I can't tell who's a who's a local or who's a   tourist I have a feeling that most people are  tourists though that you're seeing here on these streets so yeah I learn more about this island  about um Hawaii in general throughout the week   and a half that I'm here oh this place looks  awesome the Moana Surf Rider a Weston Resort   ooh that place looks fat guys I feel like  the the damn president walking up into there can't wait to try myself some you  know some Hawaiian uh barbecue spam what   is it called spam masubi everybody was telling  me about we're going to be doing some serious   eating and the Uber driver that brought me here  since he's like the only real local I've had an   interaction with today um he actually told me  that here in W Kiki Beach they actually have a   big street food truck scene so we're going to  have to dabble in that as well throughout this   week like everybody's walking around with  their floaties yo man it's good vibes out   here let me know what you guys think of these  streets so far what are your first impressions   and if you've been to Hawaii drop all your  recommendations down below don't be selfish   drop all your recommendations down below and uh  leave recommendations for hotels beaches to visit   other Islands to visit because a lot of people  are going to be watching these videos planning   a trip to Hawaii and it's selfish to withhold  all that information all right guys especially   cuz I'm no expert I'm only sharing with you  guys oh was loud I'm just sharing with you   guys um yeah everything that I'm seeing for  the first time oh man all right and here we   are this is the beach this is what everybody  comes to Hawaii for are the beautiful beaches   so let's walk on up there and get our first  Glimpse at what a beach looks like here in Hawaii and I must say after being in  Southeast Asia excuse me for 3 months   This breeze this nice cool weather is  exactly what I was needing these must   be surfboard rentals oh man the beach  is packed today it's popping look the   life guard towers are out all kinds of uh  surfboards people chilling on their towels   man this is a Vibe look it looks like this  gentleman right here probably rents out beach chairs it's hard not to walk around here and not smile wow this is amazing you can see all  kinds of cargo ships sailboats out into the distance yeah the beach is full and you can  actually see where it bends on over and comes   to an end and from what I was reading online  this is actually a a man-made Beach it's very cool okay so this must not be the right  on way let's walk let's actually just   crush on through here we'll crush on through this way oh you know what I'm going to walk  in a puddle if I do that let's not do   that actually let's make our way around this way yeah this looks like it could  be a small little cafe of some sort   haiki Beachside beastro but yeah  look a burger 1795 that's actually   not terrible that's not too bad  at all Hawaiian pool pork tacos 1695 that's not too bad but it does  look closed at the moment maybe it   was open during the during the uh middle of the day yeah maybe that's exactly why all of the  chairs are stacked now maybe as Sunset starts   approaching they start closing down the beach  wow there's a lot of police officers as well so   yeah it has to be a pretty safe area oh here  here we go guys look dive aahu and surf surf   lessons $149 each for a private session $125  semi-private $99 for a group but you got to   have four people board rentals $20 1 hour $30  2 hours canoe rides $30 uh paddler you can get   umbrellas wow umbrellas and two chairs $30 for  2 hours man makes me miss Thailand yo Thailand   you could pay $3 for an umbrella and a chair  the entire day and um when I was in Sri Lanka   actually they do private surfing classes plus  a full day surfboard rental for $20 crazy how   expensive the US is but I mean this is beautiful  it's special and I have a feeling that a lot of   people probably end up coming here or come here  you know as a onetime thing it's a one it's a   dream vacation that they come to you know once  in their life so you have to splurge but yeah   don't think I'm taking any surfing lessons in  Hawaii let alone even I might not even have I   might not even rent an umbrella not for $30  man crazy but man look at this guys this is beautiful wow this boat's pretty impressive too yeah this is awesome everybody's just  out here living their lives should have   definitely put on some sunscreen  before coming out here though all   right let's continue on with our little  walk let's walk down down the coastline   of this beach and see where we end up  there's actually a statue of someone up here the surfboard behind him it says Duke paa Kahana moku it says that raised in wakiki  Duke was a full-blooded Hawaiian who   symbolized Hawaii to millions of people he  developed into an Olympic champion and the   world's fastest swimmer between 1912 and  1932 he won three gold medals two silver   and the bronze and four Olympics he is  well known as the father of international surfing wow sounds like a legend he  sounds like a legend all right let's continue not so yeah it looks like this area is  you know pretty much dedicated to the um shop oh we got some vendors out here oh did you just  make a mess I saw that wow these are beautiful   oh thank you I make these myself you make  these yourself how long have you been making   the jewelry for a few years now oh okay are you  from Hawaii I love here this place is beautiful   it's my first day here oh have fun how much are  your bracelets uh that's a 30 30 $ yeah they're   real pearls oh they're real pearls wow these are  beautiful thank cute I like these where do you get   the pearls from here oh no there's no pearls no  I don't really know much about pearls to be fair   wow this is beautiful also is this for a wrist  it's wrist yeah man it's kind of I think it's   kind of small for for you no for my girlfriend I  thought extension with her you can how much are   these ones um 30 these ones are 32 field beads  and the real shell you don't have anything for   a 20 around here no change this and 20 these ones  are 20 that's way like way nicer yeah this one's beautiful okay okay well you know what let  me get some cash and then I'll make my way   back sure thank you so much man beautiful  jewelry you seen that takes a lot of hard   work but yeah I only have a $20 bill on  me I got to get some cash before I start   walking around and trying to um make some  purchases but yeah that little bracelet man   was Tiny it's a tiny little thing but I'll  be back I'll come back and support her local business it's nice seeing all the surfboards  on the beach man it's a Vibe all right I don't   really know where I'm going with this video  but I hope you guys are enjoying this walk   because you know I was looking up all kinds  of content on Hawaii all kinds of stuff about   the big island that I'm at right now and to  be honest the videos really didn't show too   much about The Vibes they didn't really um  show too much uh about what the streets are   looking like just throughout the day so I  was like you know what let me change that   so I hope you guys are enjoying this but look  at what I just stumbled across how impressive   is this tree it looks like it's a whole bunch of  trees mixed together and they just somehow got   yeah mixed up cuz I mean look at that piece up  there it looks like it's a tree that's chopped impressive that is a nice tree if I've  ever seen a nice tree that is a nice one all right how many minutes are we at  now 25 minutes of of talking Chris what do   you do like what do you talk about in 25  minutes bro but you guys love these long   videos so I figured why not let's make  them even longer but yeah the tree is impressive imagine that you come all the way to  Hawaii and you're Blown Away by the tree that's   my life in a nutshell okay this is awesome look  we got another lady out here making a vlog this   beach actually looks a lot more um better for the  swimming that one looks a bit rougher but I think   this is all W Kiki Beach if I'm not mistaken wow  there's so many people out here right now it's impressive all right well you know what guys  I'm not really sure um what else I'm going to   come across maybe I'll turn the camera back on  as we make it further down the beach but yeah   overall I'm pretty blown away by this place  it's super beautiful and I think I'm really   going to come to love it here and it might turn  into one of those places that I come and visit   quite often I really got to bring my mom here I  wish my grandma wasn't scared of flights because   I'd love to bring her here to see this beautiful  this beautiful island but um definitely going to   have to bring mom's out here for a nice little  getaway in the near future especially with all   those direct flights oh wow look there's an egg  in things I love that restaurant I tried it in   Japan for the first time but it's actually from  Hawaii well you know what guys this is going to   this is going to be the end of this little video  if I see something else interesting up the road   I'll tune back on and you know show you guys  that but for now look forward to the rest of   the series here in Hawaii we're going to be  getting into some pretty interesting things   over the course of the next few weeks uh  over the course of the next few days but   the series should run about 2 weeks and yeah  I look forward to showing you guys what this   island has to offer oh and look at this they  got a Mickey D they got a McDonald's and it's   the first McDonald's I've ever seen without a  golden arch it's not yellow I know that there   are some places in the world where McDonald's  is actually not allowed to put their big yellow   M um like in a lot of old towns in Europe where  else have I seen that in Peru and the and the in   Cusco and the old Square they're not allowed  to put their big uh McDonald's logo so maybe   that's um the reason why this one here is not  yellow maybe for that same reason but yeah guys   this here is wakiki Beach I hope you enjoyed  this video let me know what you guys thought   of it down below and I'll see you guys again  soon for another one from here in Hawaii later guys take love

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