Munnar Tourist Places | Munnar Itinerary & Munnar Tour Budget | Munnar Travel Guide | Kerala Trip

Munnar Tourist Places | Munnar Itinerary & Munnar Tour Budget | Munnar Travel Guide | Kerala Trip

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If I had never visited Munnar in my wandering life, perhaps this life would have been incomplete If I had never felt the dew drops on my face on those foggy roads, then perhaps this life would have been incomplete. That South Indian food, those falling waterfalls. And if I had not seen the tea gardens spread far and wide, perhaps this life would have been incomplete You may have visited Munnar many times, but you may have never visited the Popara region, which lies within a range of about 30 kilometers from Munnar. And on this route, you will get to see many beautiful views, tea gardens, dams, lakes, etc. So we will see all the things. For now, enjoy these views. Munnar's own story begins from the month of September when there are both rain and clouds here and this weather fills the place with so much color that life starts looking colorful. Poopara

Poopara, this board is visible, this board is visible. Yes, this board is in front, you must be seeing it, just come and stop here means here. Means there are some food and drinks here and there is a circle, it is a good place, I like it, I am enjoying it, meaning what a beauty to see, Means, those far away clouds, below the mountains here, tea garden, words are lacking, I can just say what I am seeing. Popara region is that part of Munnar which is still untouched by tourists but locals definitely come here. This route of Popara, maybe you have not covered it, this is a waterfall and its name is... I forgot. Garia Canal Waterfall is probably there and here you will see good food and drinks are being sold and if you look here and there everyone is having fun. Look at this, the view of the waterfall from here is

very lovely and beautiful. Popara is a village of Munnar which is still away from the crowd and while walking on its path, you will see a lot of tea plantations as well as cardamom trees and when both of these are present here, then a hot tea is a must. In the evening in Munnar you can go to any Chai Stall and get these pakodas etc. You also get Vada with Pakodas and means Aloo Vada is also available, Brinjal pakodas are also available, Onion pakodas are also available and Chilly Vada is available here but what is most special is the banana dumpling here and it is served with chutney and you can take a cup of tea, means first dip it in chutney. It is a coconut chutney and it has a nice sweet and slightly banana flavor inside And, with tea. There are not many places in Popara Village but watching the changing weather here, stopping anywhere on the road and hanging out with friends having fun is the real beauty of this journey.

While I was going, on the way, people were dancing merrily on the road, these people were playing songs on the speakers. What they are saying, I am not understanding anything. Subscribe to Distance Between There was a different happiness in me in this trip to Popara and these natural views had detoxified both mind and body. I am doing this entire trip of Kerala through Maharaja Travels and if you are with family or a couple then you should take the package only for you. This will be preferred because here you may face a language issue and a second that the connection here from one city to another city

can be quite inconvenient if you have to travel by bus etc., so take a package for that and also you can cover places like Alleppey, Thekaddy, Munnar, Benar, and other places in Kerala, if you are planning can be covered. I have given the contact details in the description box, you can contact and know the price. Do your research properly and After that book it and you will get good service through them and you will also get good package, so do try it once, do contact. So you

will get to see Anayirankal Dam, what is its name brother, tell me again. Anayirankal Dam. Yes. He will be able to speak the correct pronunciation, I will not be able to speak. This is the dam, this is the beauty, this is the beauty and below is the tea garden. There are many plantations of cardamom etc. on the way, this is an amazing place and the view is amazing from here. Elephants come here to drink water. The Marathi meaning of elephant is Aana and elephants

come here to drink water so the name for Dam is called Anayirankal Dam meaning elephants come here to drink water. This place is named like this. Okay, so you see, it is beneficial when you come with a complete plan, along with a package etc., you get complete guidance, the locals explain to you the meaning of each wording properly, so this is an advantage. Overall, I am |going to fly a drone here. It is about 10 in the morning in Munnar and I have came out to explore.

We will see what places are there today and how they look, although I have seen everything before but we will cover new places. But elders have said that the morning should start with a good breakfast and when I am in South India, how could I miss the local dish on my tongue. The dish I ordered here is Idiyappam. This is not Idiyappam, it is Chana Masala or here you can say here only Chana Masala is called but in this Kabuli gram or chickpeas are not used on their side.

Actually this is Idiyappam. It is whitish, whether it is visible in the white camera or not, still I will show it, look carefully, here is Idiyappam, it is in the shape of vermicelli, you will get it during breakfast time. How to eat Idiyappam, Santosh ji will tell us. We put the chana masala in it and cut it with hands. It is not so good by using a spoon. You will have to eat it with your hands only. it contains rice powder, we add salt in it and mix it in hot water, and you can add some milk to make it soft later, it will give a very good taste. Okay, you can also add milk? Yes, you can add milk. They include milk also in it, for now I have tried it. There is a difference in the taste. Without milk there is a different taste,

after milk taste is different. It will depend on us which taste is required. It is made entirely of rice. It is a very interesting dish. You must try it. After such a delicious breakfast, today I was going to go to Eravikulum National Park whose path goes through small villages of Munnar. I have taken the ticket. This is a one-page A4 size ticket. It is for one person only, not for the entire family, so the ticket price you pay here is Rs 200 per person.

You are taken to the top through a bus. You are brought down as well. But they drop you at a spot above after that you have to go by foot. You cannot bring your own vehicle. And one important thing to carry with you, that is this Umbrella. Carrying an umbrella is necessary here because it rains anytime

and if when you are dropped it at the top, if it ever happens, you will get wet, and if it is not there, then you can take it here and if you want to take a raincoat, so here you can get a raincoat for Rs. 100 at the ticket counter. Without talking much, let's go up and catch the bus. Munnar is called God's own country, meaning God's own country and this statement is absolutely true after seeing the views here. The Nilgiri Thar is found in Eravikulum National Park and Neelkurinji flowers are also found here which occur here once in 12 years and at that time the ghat turns blue. We have reached that point from where you

will have to pain your feet i.e. you will have to walk. Your walking journey has started and this walking journey is going to be of about 1 kilometer which I have enquired about below. Rest we will know after walking how tiring it is. Now why am I repeating this Evarikulum national park? Because the last time I came I was not able to go up to the top due to bad weather but this time the weather is good though I would not call it bad weather It is same as the last time. Yes, it had rained last time due to this and it was evening so I could not go to the top, so this time the plan is that I will go to the top and why to go up because up here is the highest point of South India.So it is worth going to that point. Be it Munnar or Kerala or

any other place, if you need any guidance, for foreign trip, want guidance on visa or have any query or want to prepare an itinerary or want to know the budget, then you can contact our travel consultancy for which there is a link in the description and you will get good guidance from it and your trip will be very easy, so please check the description once. With every step of this 1 kilometer, you will breathe a little but every breath taken here refreshes you completely. The highest point of South India has arrived and the view from that highest point looks like this. There is complete greenery, clouds are floating in front of your eyes. And what is there to do here? Feel, just feel this nature, this beauty, how amazingly are they swimming, means, your eyes are not moving away, they are turning here again and again, and see what a lovely weather this is for you. What a lovely weather is there, and here above there

are ways to go up here, but there is a limit for tourists, we cannot go above this. So just look here and keep watching. Last time I was not able to come but this time I made every effort. Come here brother, just pick up your bag, come here any time in the whole year, just pick up your bag and definitely reach here.

It feels so good, all this, and it all feels even better when you find your acquaintances and loved ones here. Ok nice, how is it, so far? Very good and I had also planned a trip to Singapore. I watched your video from Munnar, of Himachal's, Nainital so accordingly I planned Munnar, Allepey, I will visit Thekaddy tomorrow then from Thekaddy to Allepey then Varkala and then Trivandrum, okay, I have planned after seeing the entire distance between. Hello Hello Hello brother, I am very surprised for you, I am from here. We plan to go anywhere after watching your videos. Thank you. Thank you. Where are you coming from?

We are from Delhi. Ok, first from Delhi We watch a lot of your videos and then we make reviews. We watch your videos, that you went here, you went like this, at this rate it becomes like this, okay okay. It is best. The hotel you should take in Munnar should be around the main market and rooms of many categories are available here. There are cheap as well as expensive and now I am showing you the room. Let me tell you its price. First you see what is the size. The

size of the double bedroom is only this much and there is a little space here and the rest of the washroom is behind. The size of the washroom is good. So I have paid Rs 1200 per night for it. So, you get at such price but it will not be that good, so according to me you should increase your budget a bit if you are a couple, etc.

You should keep a budget of ₹ 1500 to 1800, then you will get a good room here and you should book it, about half a kilometer away from the market, then you will get it at the right price if it is right in the market you can get it above Rs 2000, Rs 2500. Today, the Mattu Patti route on which I was going, has many tourist spots, due to which this route has become quite popular among the tourists. Rose Garden, Tea Garden, Photo Point, Tea Factory, Mattu Patti Dam falls is on this route. And I had covered all this in the last trip, so now I was going to go beyond this.

So this is the photo point here and people get photos etc. clicked here. Tea Garden is visible in the background. so people get photos etc clicked along with the tea garden but according to me there is a better point ahead of it. Look at this, they are getting photos at the photo point etc. clicked. There is a tea garden behind but there is a better point further ahead so if you go there then Good photos etc. and you will be able to get clicked by going close to the tea garden. Animals etc. can also be seen here? Yes, we will find elephants on the way. You will see a buffalo from one or two waterfalls. Sometimes people will also see a tiger at night on the way. Now means weekly, two times, three times, there is an elephant over there, his name is Panyapa, that lamb, you will meet him on the way. In the night journey, it is a little difficult here. After 6 o'clock

or 7 o'clock, you should go very carefully. If some animal comes, we will stop at one place with headlights on so as not to disturb it, it will easily go away otherwise if we will start honking, if something disturbs it, it will make it difficult for us later. These tall pine trees you get to see when you come to Munnar's Echo Point. Munnar's Echo Point is almost far away from the main Munnar City, not much, at a distance of 15 to 16 kilometers and what do you see here and what is the fact here? Let me tell you, let's move a little further. As the name of this place is Echo Point, which means if you

shout and say anything here, your voice gets repeated or comes back whereas The lake visible here is the back part of Mattu Patti Dam, whereas after going 7 kilometers more on this beautiful road, you get a beautiful gift named Kundala Dam. When you come to the bustling evening market of Munnar, here you will get many food and drinks options along with a little shopping options. Whereas here you get chocolates, traditional small ones, banana chips, you can buy them, there are spices. There is also the local Halwa here, all those are available, so all these are quite popular here. When you are coming in the evening time, it is a little colorful night, it is evening, then you should spend some time in shopping and you will enjoy it, you just take a walk, there is a small market here in the main central area only and you should also take a hotel around it so that you can easily reach here by just walking.

In most of the restaurants in the market of Munnar, you get a thali with unlimited food for just Rs. 100, which was a great relief for budget travelers like me. On the way back from Munnar towards Kochi, some waterfalls are also seen which can give a more beautiful turn to your trip along these routes. But do you know how heavy the experience of this journey will be on your pocket? Actually, to visit Munnar, you should have three days in which on the first day you will cover the Popara Route, on the second day you will cover the Mattu Petty Route and on the third day, Eravikulum National Park and tourist places falling on Kochi route.

Hotels will be available here for Rs 1200 to Rs 1500. Food will cost up to Rs 500 per day and for transportation, a car can cost Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 per day. So overall your pocket will cost Rs 6750 for 3 days per person. Those who have less budget should travel here by auto and prefer cheap hotels which can cost them between ₹ 4000 to ₹ 5000. In the upcoming videos, we will talk about Kerala's Thekaddy and Alleppey and will make this trip of Kerala even more beautiful.

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