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Mumbai to Maldives | Male The Capital of Maldives | Maldives Tourism | Manish Solanki Vlogs

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Hello friends welcome to today's vlog. right now i m at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. and the time is 8 O'Clock in the morning i left from Surat at 10:30 in the night and had reached mumbai at 5 in the morning i got to the airport at 5:30 and all the airport process was done by 6:30 Check-in, Security check, Immigration, etc. so now i am sitting at the food court after completing the process.

and the view from here looks amazing. i can see all the flights landing and taking off so that was the view and right now i have ordered breakfast i have ordered idli with tea and all this cost 450 rupees the food at the airport is very costly the cost of idli and tea was 450 rupees but i have to eat because i m pretty hungry so lets eat the breakfast and then i'll show you the airport. and then we will go to catch the flight so this is the food court here and ill show u a glimpse of the airport I wasn't able to sleep in the bus last night so i m getting very sleepy now I feel like i'll just fall asleep here. i m really controlling the urge to fall asleep.

but i will sleep when i get in the flight So we saw the airport it is a very good airport of mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport and let me tell you one thing This is my first time in an airport and for the first time i will sit in an airplane and this is also my first international trip so in life, a lot of things u will do for the first time lots of people get nervous that this is the first flight, first trip, how to go and how to catch a flight so no need to get nervous it is very easy i also thought that it would be a little hard but its very easy there is no problem the process is completed in half an hour. only your documents need to be correct so everything is Excellent let's go for the flight now The flight is about 30 minutes later so lets go and board the flight. so i m now sitting in the flight and i got the window seat this is our window seat. this is the tray u can use for eating something and these are the vistara's safety instructions.

this is the air sickness bag this is a booklet. it is good i got the window seat i will be able to see the beautiful view outside and i'll also see if i get air sickness or not because the bag is provided for air sickness as i told you this is my first air travel not really an air travel, it is the first journey in the plane We've been in a Chinook helicopter before so let's see whatever happens i'll tell you how my first experience was. i slept for one hour and now that i have woken up the view is amazing all i can see is the sea and everything is also blue and in 20-25 minutes we will land so will show you the view it is very beautiful this is what it looks like below is the whole sea and above is the whole sky so there is blue everywhere so we have landed now and now are getting ready to get off.

here's our luggage from here we can get a free tourist sim i have taken the sim i don't really need it but I still took it you can get it for free but when you turn it on it charges you for it here you can exchange your currency at the airport we have to exit from this way right now i m exiting the airport and this is maldives male's Velana International Airport it is Maldives main airport and it is in Male. Male is Maldives capital. its is a pretty small airport it is very smaller than our Mumbai's airport. but it is good so now i am outside the airport it took me a total time of 10 minutes to exit. so this is the view right outside of the airport we can already see the beautiful views. Wow! i m attending this trip from Gol Tours And Travels. they are the sponser.

so you can get their link in the description i will add their contact number if you like it you can book the tour from them the head office of Gol Tours And Travel is in kochi they also have an office in banglore and they also operate from male. how good the water is! so blue and clear! the view is also beautiful! very beautiful! this you can see is the jetty built for the president if the president comes they come from here. no one else can use it it is built only for the president. it is called president jetty.

here you can see it is written "World's travel award winner 2021" and here it is written "World's leading destination 2020, 2021 and 2022" so it is the most favourite place for tourists. this is Mr' Vahid and they will take us where we have to go they are here to receive us. so they will show us around the city. i will show you how male city is and then our boat is at 4:30 from it we will go to Dhiffushi island where we will stay for two days so lets go see male! so the place where the airport is located at is called Hulhule behind me is the male city you can see the buildings.

and if we go in that direction there is Hulhumale so there are three point in maldives from male to hulhumale there is 5-6 kilometres distance. so it is quite a small island Maldives main city is so small so you can imagine how many small islands are there outside the car the weather is very very hot do you know how to speak in Hindi? i only know some Hindi Ok then you can speak some Hindi and i will speak some English this is called longest highway in male but it is only 2 or 3 kilometres so you can imagine what size the whole island is and this is the airport so you can see ahead a sea plane is about to land it has landed. so here a lot of sea planes are used because all islands are far they use sea planes to go from one place to another The world's largest air taxi runs here right now we are in hulhuemale and this is phase 1. there are 2 phases here phase 1 and phase 2

so this is phase 1 and here you can see on top of the island they have also made big buildings even on such a small island they have made such excellent constructions and there are solars everywhere seeing such buildings it dosen't feel like we are on a small building instead feels like we are in a big city so this is the beach of hulhumale it is so beautiful this sand is also white and behind me are all the buildings i showed you when we came here. it is a very beautiful place. i m having a lot of fun they are planning so much while making this city its so beautiful but right now it is still under construction.

this is the same beach i showed to you before but here it has been planned and made on one side there is the road on which we wee going by car and on one side is the beach and the sea. so now we are at the airport again that's the airport. i m feeling very hungry right now so lets go eat this is the domestic airport and here there are hotel's and all to eat at so lets go there to eat so i have ordered a club sandwich, Orange juice and 2 bottles of water.

i have ordered 3 things the water bottle was 3 dollars so 6 dollars for both of them the Orange juice was 6 dollars and the club sandwich was 10 dollars so in total it all cost 22 dollars so lets eat the food i don't wanna eat anything heavy. so lets eat and then continue our journey so now that i have eaten lets go on ahead I don't feel like moving forward from here, just look at the water it is so beautiful lets touch the water. the water is so clear in Maldives there is a total of 1200 islands and from that people live on 200 islands. all other 1000 islands are unused only on some of them there are private resorts all the other islands are empty So Maldives is a group of all those islands and Maldives consists of is 90,000 square kilometres and the land area of all the islands combined comprises 300 square kilometres the rest of 87,000 kilometres is all water so from this u can imagine how much land is there in Maldives so lets go on ahead to male and explore a bit there. the main place to explore is the old city. and from there we will go to dhiffushi island by boat thank you jamal bro Ok bye so now the use of the car is over now we have to get on the boat so now mr vahid is going to help us get on the boat and then he will also leave so we have to get on the boat from here the boat has already been reserved okay bye so lets go in the boat so in a speed boat it takes 40 minutes to go from male to dhiffushi island.

and this speed boat is in my package but if you ride it personally it charges 35 dollars per person. the charge is 35 dollars to go there and 35 more dolllars to come back so 70 dollars per person. the advantages of taking a package is that they book everything for us so we don't have to do anything for 10 to 15 minutes i have been sitting in this boat and the boat is moving side to side so the boat moving is not really a problem but i haven't slept much right now the time is 4:20 P.M and the boat will leave at 4:30 P.M so there is still 10 minutes remaining and i m getting very sleepy it feels like the boat is rocking me to sleep while sitting i m getting sleepy so lets go outside for a bit this is a lovely bird here we have reached dhiffushi island. it took an approximate time of 35 to 40 minutes and here is the dhiffushi island.

what's your name? Rashid so Rashid is here to pick us up from the hoteliers. here the rickshaw is like this. from it we can go to the resorts or hotels. we have reached the hotel so this is the property it is very good that's the dining it looks like he is bringing us a welcome drink is this mango? yes its mango the name of this property is beach house dhiffushi island but the beach house is about to change so the name will be sea hotel so let's go see what our room is like.

this is what it looks like so the bathroom is good wow that's the thing i was looking for! this is called view! this view from the room balcony is so beautiful u can see. there is the sea and here is our room so i have came down from the room and the view is just so beautiful the sun has just set right now. i went to get a shower so i got a little late or else i would have shown it to you but as you can see the view is really lovely! behind me is the hotel and here i the sitting arrangement you can also have dinner here and here is the sea as i have shown it to you the location is very lovely. this Maldives trip i have attended by Gol Tours And Travel they have sposered this trip and the trip is 4 nights and 5 days approx 50,000 is the budget of this trip so i will give their links in description including website, contact number, etc. if you want any information or wanna book a trip to Maldives you can do it.

tomorrow we will start a new day with a new journey let's keep this video till here. so that's it in this video comment what you felt about the video and if you liked it like, share and if you are new subscribe so i'll see you in the next video till then bye bye, see you, take care of yourself and your family thank you for watching the whole video thank you very much, see you soon!!

2023-05-03 12:03

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