MSR Remote 2 Tent Field Test, Backcountry Ski Touring and Winter Camping Tips

MSR Remote 2 Tent Field Test, Backcountry Ski Touring and Winter Camping Tips

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Tip number one. I always have a nice pair  of dry socks to put on at the trail head.   That way your feet will start off nice and dry  and warm...don't forget to do your stretches. Lately I've been having a few people ask how you  ski tour so some of the equipment questions one   of the big ones that keeps coming up is skins.  So this is called a skin, feels like carpet so   when you pet it one way when you're going downhill  it's nice and smooth, pet it backwards it's like   trying to pet a cat the wrong way. So sticky on  this side and then I've got clips for the tips   of my skis right here and and also for the back  of my ski on this particular G3 ski that I run.   So you're just going to clip it on to your ski on  the top and then the glue will stick to the ski,   so you can see how it's clipped on there, and  all I'm going to do is work my way down my ski   as I apply some pressure and then I'm going to  work right to my tail here. And I have them set  

up these have little notches so I can set up the  length. I'm going to work right to the tail I've   got a little groove here which I'll show you in a  sec...snap that clip back over on the back end and   then I just apply some pressure without getting  snow underneath the skin there and get that glue,   which I've kept these in my truck coming out here  so they're nice and warm, the glue on the skins,   and then I just adhere it to my ski and  now I'm ready to go uphill. When I want   to go down I just take it off rip it off my  ski and then I'm ready to go downhill, and   it's amazing how far you can travel on a touring  ski my favorite sport at the moment for sure.   So there's the back end and it's got a little  notch where this clip has come in so that's   how you put your skins on your ski touring ski.  Touring skis come with a unique set of bindings,  

so in particular my G3 12s here they have pin  bindings which are these right here these two   pins go into the front of my boot I've got  a pin right here and one on the other side,   and then I also have for downhill mode these  two pins here on the back of my binding that   goes into the slot on the back of my boot. I'm  going to be starting in walk mode today so I can   rotate my binding on the back to go into walk  mode because I don't want my heel locked in I   have risers here on the back level one and level  two for when I'm going up some steeper terrain it   just helps save your calves a bit, and then my  brake here as you'll see shortly will depress   down and then the wings which would stop the  ski if it were to run away will be up parallel   with the ski so they won't be dragging on the  snow. And the back I'm just going to slam it   down so that the brake once again comes up and is  parallel with the ski not dragging on the snow and   now I'm in walk mode the other thing you want  to do is raise your lever on the front so that   if your pins somehow become disengaged that  your ski won't take off without the brake on. Getting warm already time to shed some layers! On the trail now and it's beautiful. We had  a very cold snap for a while, which is nice  

to see because it's been a very mild winter, and  we were hitting below minus 40c with wind chill,   so now we've had about 3 days of solid snow which  is awesome and very low snow pack to start here. Show you guys the risers here and I'll  utilize level one just for this little   hill I've got to climb here, and now we've got  some nice fresh snow to make some turns on! Another tip keep my batteries, this is what  it's great about these uh Black Diamond bibs,   I got two pockets and I keep them on my chest,   keep the batteries in there and then my  iPhone actually keep on my thigh here. My cousin who has ski toured longer than I have  when I started I asked him where I should keep   my phone, so it doesn't die so quickly in the  cold, and he said put it on your thigh in that   zipper pocket, that has held true, I've been out  in minus 40c and phone was totally fine in there.

Back onto the flat going to go back down to just   my regular level I can cruise along  this part until I hit another hill. spinach fetta croissant mmmm There's another one Tree bombs going off everywhere,  I've somehow avoided them so far,   if I get one it's going to be a wet oh shoot! ahhhhhhhhh! Okay well this is going to be home for  tonight, don't see any dead fall around   me and I'll be in the open enough that these  tree bombs and I just saw one drop there,   won't be falling on me throughout  the night and on my cooking area. So now begins prep of the tent site, the skis  work really well for this pack it down and   throughout the night it actually solidifies so  I get quite a nice solid platform for my tent. And today I will be trying out the new  MSR Remote 2, it's a two person tent.

For those of you have been following along in  the channel the last tent blew off a ridge. I still have the fly, but I wrote MSR told them  what had happened. We had that Fusion 2 two   person tent for 17 years my wife and I, many many  adventures and I'll just swipe right now to the   moment where it blew off the ridge...and we're  back here, so I'm going to be trying out the   MSR Remote Two for the first time, and thank you  so much MSR for giving me a really nice discount   on this new tent, and looking forward to many  more years to come and many adventures in it.

Nice thing about snow is you can really make  it flat, makes for a great night's sleep. All right, so here we have the new tent,   all season tent mountaineering tent so it  can handle snow loads and also high winds. Very lightweight material by  the looks of it but durable. Our last MSR two man all season  tent was super durable as well,   but this one has two entries and  exits, which is nice so you can   go from the sides to get in or out, and  then there'll be two vestibule's as well. Nice thing about MSR is they give you  the stuff sack which is really great   because you can stuff your tent in in  which is ideal. If you keep folding it   and creasing it in the same spots you'll  most likely end up with some failures in   your tent. They also give instructions on  the inside flap here which is also nice.

So here's my fly, I'm just going to  start to assemble my tent *poles here. You'll notice there's venting, so high and low  which is really good for reducing condensation.   Tent fly a little different from our  last one actually has a pole for it,   so our last tent only had  three poles all together,   this one has four including one for the tent  fly. I believe what it's going to do is give   the uh the vestibule some nice rigidity to it  and be quite a nice uh nice area to hang out in. Enjoying an orange here, have the tent all set up.

It's definitely bigger than the last one  we had but that's because the footprint   with the fly is substantially  larger with two vestibules. I think it will serve us well. Lots of  venting options for the fly and you also   have these snow skirt on the vestibule, so  I've used some of them left the ones free   that I'll need to use for access points in  the vestibules. Lots of reflective points,  

seems pretty sturdy nice bright color. I  haven't used all my guy out points this time,   no need it's a very calm night. I think  it would handle a storm quite well. This vestibule on this side is huge!  Easily could fit two backpacks in here. You have vents up top, inside the tent you  have vents, I got vents on the fly there,   vent on this side and then you can  vent your doors as well just like so. I think it's a little bigger of a footprint  of a tent as well so happy with the size.

Wet snow falling...I love that sound! I like to call it Mexican hot  chocolate mix, little bit of cocoa, and a touch   of cayenne pepper, little bit of spicy hot  chocolate. I'm going to cook up a pizza bun

Cheers! Too bad it's not smell TV  cuz this smells really good. Cool little spatula, Sea to Summit it's  foldable, very light, holes wherever they   could put holes into, but I use this all the  time, it's pretty good uh backpacking spatula. I always try to come with just my one  little pan here then I can nest inside   of this Stanley uh mug my MSR Pocket  Rocket stove also the one mug which   my hot chocolate is in right now can nest those  together...a fairly light compact cooking setup. Lord thank you for this food, thank you  for the ability to be out here, the health,   and be with all those who are struggling that  are watching this video. May it bring them   encouragement and may they see your Creation  in this film, pray this all in your name amen. Oh that looks good let's try that...

That is mighty fine! Wow! Dry socks for the night, have a t-shirt and two thermal tops on plus a down jacket, Bellaclava   and a toque and I'll be nice and warm for  tonight... so we will see you guys in the morning. Morning! Time for the morning  coffee, this is a really nice   little drip coffee filter, it's made  by GSI Outdoors and you just clip it   on to your mug put your grinds inside  which I brought from home, pour over coffee. Add some cream Still look good.

Eggs and cheese All right let's try this... pinch fold fold oh exploded a little bit  out the back. Thank you Father I Heavenly lights   for another meal bless this food to my body  and thank you for the fresh snow, beautiful   forest and mountains amen. Not really sure how to  attack this one the only thing missing is a nice   bit of hot sauce maybe next time I'll bring  that, awesome. Never brought pineapple up but   my parents were visiting and they brought  us two really awesome pineapples so thank   you Mom and Dad it's better than candy oh  this is going to be a nice way to top off breakfast, and then we'll get outside.  Fresh snow from outside just making  

a bit of extra water for the  ski tour and the trip out as well. All right done with the skiing, done with the  overnight, now just time to pack up and head   down the mountain and back home. This is a picture  of my wife on our wedding day 20 plus years ago I promised my one niece she's like 'Uncle can   you do a snow angel for me?' so  here we go you know which niece you are! Oh now to get up oh! Been another awesome overnighter and now it's time  to head home, so thanks for joining me, until next time! Like, comment, share, SUBSCRIBE, thanks for watching!

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