Most UNEXPECTED & SURPRISING RIDE in Kerala EP.07 | Pakistani on Indian Tour

Most UNEXPECTED & SURPRISING RIDE in Kerala  EP.07 | Pakistani on Indian Tour

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They are telling me that we could see elephants here. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Outstanding We'll cross Tamil Nadu and reach Karnataka. We'll spend our night in Mysuru. So they have honey from this region. Looks fresh.

Don't see any honey here. We have now reached a small village. That was all there was of that village.

There are many hotels and tourist resorts in this area. Check out this rock. Anywhere you see here, you find some tea plantation. How incredible...

Probably one of the most beautiful roads of this region. I don't know what else are we gonna see here. Whatever we have seen so far in Kerala, has been impressive.

I haven't visited any tea plantation area before. So this was my first experience. And it's amazing.

I guess this complete stretch till Munnar is gonna be the same as this. Wow... Incredible... Let's just stop here for a bit. I want to share this amazing view with you all. Amazing Check this, guys... I feel like taking some drone shots here.

You'll see a unique view point around every corner here. And you'll see tourists standing there in awe of this beauty. This whole area covered by rolling hills with tea plantations. Just a second. Let me just get through this curve. Had we entered the other lane in front of that truck, it would have been catastrophic. I'm just trying to be careful.

I want to enjoy the beauty of this region along with you all. But traveling safely is the key thing. We are slowly going downhill. That was the highest point. We could see the village down there, from back up the hill. We are finally in Munnar now.

Need to take a short break here. We also need to have our lunch. Let's find some suitable place to sit. The city seems to be quite crowded.

Seems like a busy day for tourists here. If it's so crowded, we won't be spending too much time here. But we are definitely making a stop here.

This is a proper tourist town. You figure that out from the shops and small stalls everywhere, as soon as you get here. We are just looking for a nice place to sit. Looks like there's some election taking place here.

It's too congested to find any parking spot for our motorcycle. So we have decided to get away from the town center. And then we could go to any restaurant we find. Rather than just wandering here in vain, looking or parking. There are rickshaw guys on one side while jeep guys are on the other.

Not a bad combination. We have come out of the town now. I've found a nice place to eat, using Google Maps.

It's almost 4 km from here. That's where we are headed to, right now. Hi. Food?

We have traditional meals. Where? Do we need to go from here? See, we found the food guy on the roadside. Google also told us about them. But we were not able to locate them.

Google showed us that we'll find them on this road. We have to go in from here. It's a very small village with just a few houses. I think.... He's calling us over there.

He got us here before us through some shortcut. Don't fall down here, Abrar. That would be quite embarrassing. He can get through easily. My motorcycle has some extensions. Lets give it a try.

I think I went a little too quickly. Wait for us here, Rangeeli (motorcycle). They are setting up a table for us, here.

Karthikeyan, How was the ride? It was pretty good. We have to ride for more than 8 hours. Yeah. Do you speak Hindi? You don't? Do you speak Tamil or Malayalam here? Tamil. Tamil Nadu? No. Kerala.

He's from Tamil Nadu. Actually we are near the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Aren't we? Our lunch has been served. Since we are in Kerala, people here love to eat fish.

Along with Kerala rice. Here we have Kerala rice. This is fish curry...

If I'm not mistaken. He told me it's tuna. It has small chunks of fish. But this tuna is not like the one that we get in the can. It's different from that. This is fried fish.

What's the name of this fish? Chambeli The Malayalam name of this fish is Chambeli. Okay. Thank you very much. Is it vegetable? All vegetables. Cabbage Pickle Bottle gourd And carrot I don't know what these are... But this one is red in color. That's pickle. Let's just eat it.

I hope it's gonna be delicious. Lets see I think it's gonna be our last meal in Kerala. Because we are gonna be in Karnataka soon.

That is, after we have crossed Tamil Nadu. In Sha Allah. Let's put some fish curry on the rice. He told me that this is pickle. Lets try some of this... Just in case...

Fish is really good. Thank you very much. This is polissery. Pulissery. It's made from coconut. We are done with the lunch. We are now having a local dessert.

I think these are vermicelli. What's the name of this? Vermicelli Cashew nuts Black raisins Black grapes... Dried black grapes. It's very nice.

It also has ghee. What is that you were saying before? Thank you very much. We'll also have a cup of tea here. They are telling me that we can see elephants here. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

It was good that they opened the gate for us. The food was really nice. And so were the people. And...

The overall gathering there was quite interesting. I'm still a little confused as to which side of the road should I drive. It happens sometimes.

For the meal, we paid 400 INR. I think it's pretty good for two people. We just need to pay some attention to the wildlife here.

The guys back there told me that we might run into elephants here. But we may get to see other wild animals as well. The road to Mysuru is closed every evening at 6, at some point.

Because wild animals cross the road from that point. I don't know about the exact location. Karthikeyan does. Let's hope we'll have crossed that point before 6 pm. What a wonderful place this is.

Our ride in the last couple of days, has filled my heart with pleasure. This natural beauty is not letting us ride too fast, today. Outstanding One good thing about India is... that it is such a big country.

As you travel from one region to the other... The language, culture, people and landscape... Everything changes. That's how diverse it is. You can also relate it to how we move for instance from Italy to Spain in Europe. It is quite similar to going from one state to the other in India.

Ma Sha Allah... This is just heavenly. Just check it out... See for yourself. I don't have words to express how beautiful this is. This is just amazing. God willing, if what I anticipated my ride in India to be....

If it's gonna be like this, I'll never forget it in this lifetime. Beautiful Let me try and take over this jeep. Because I want to capture great views for you. And for myself... I need to make some space. Can't see much from behind this jeep.

Hello. One coconut please. OK We tried some coconut water from here. Have revitalized our energy. People are wondering about the registration plates of my motorcycle. Ok bro. Nice meeting you. Thank you. No doubt the scenery is too beautiful to let us cover any considerable distance.

But it's on us. That we are stopping so repeatedly. We've just decided that we'll not stop without covering some distance. So we are just gonna enjoy the scenery as we ride.

But we can take a break if we feel tired. There are many roadside stalls where you can get coconut, water or tea. That's a big bus. And then the cow occupied one whole track on the road rather comfortably. As we are descending downhill, the scenery is changing.

Now we can see palm trees, coconut trees and banana fields. These are not the trees we saw back up there. I think by now we must have dropped half of our elevation in getting here. But these villages are really beautiful without a doubt.

You can say that these small villages have been the highlight of our ride today. We haven't entered any town at all. Check out these trees. Aren't they beautiful.

Very thin stemmed. Look at that. You'll see a peacock here. I did see some peacocks at some locations back there. It's a beautiful creature. Need to be more attentive now. We may get to see more wild animals.

Do we need to do some sort of registration here? 'Kerala Forest Check Point' 'Thank you. Come again. Kerala.' I guess, we just bid farewell to Kerala. 'Welcome to Tamil Nadu.'

The second Indian state of this tour. You can see some more peacocks towards the right, over here. Very nice Peacocks moving freely. And here... They just opened.

He was facing the other side. So I was afraid that he might close it down right when I'm passing through. Traveling under the city lights now.

The hotel we have booked is almost 5 to 6 km from here. The name of the city is Tiruppur. And it's well known for clothing. That's what Karthikeyan has told me. That's where we'll spend our night. This is Palladam, I guess.

Because both these cities are quite close to each other. We are almost there. Where's the hotel...?? It has to be here. We can't seem to find it.

Is it this one? Nope. That's the one. This is the reception. We have checked in to our room. Time for a quick room tour. We actually wanted to go ahead but had to book this hotel in a hurry.

But it's a nice place. It's almost 50 km from the check post where you have to stop. This city is called Tiruppur. We paid almost 40 USD for this room.

Must be around 3500 INR. We booked it from Since we were starving, we ordered online pizza for ourselves. Let me show you the pizza. This pizza... After a ride of almost 12 hours...

We didn't know it before. I just asked Karthik to order it online. So this is the pizza that we got as pan pizza. This little one is not even enough for me alone.

I was not sure if Dominos here had halal meat or not. That's why I ordered vegetarian pizza for myself. Overall, we had a pretty nice day. The ride was long but incredibly beautiful. I hope you must have liked this vlog.

In that case, please don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE. Remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz

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