Miss Tourism World 2022 Grand Finale l Full HD Show

Miss Tourism World 2022 Grand Finale l Full HD Show

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Vietnam report to remaking experience. Absorbing the spiritual culture which have been well preserved over thousand years in Vietnam to eat about beauty from girl, this no longer a tourist experience. It's a become a personal experience. Profound and meaningful for they can touch the clay like a true craftsman and make their own product in the cultural space of over 1000 euro pottery village. But yesterday

and now ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention to screen to watch a short video about this journey. Please. Hi, my name is Delvina and I'm from Singapore. Today, we are in Bachan, Vietnam and we just walk through the beautiful pottery collection museum. Look

at all these wonderful potteries and vast. These vases actually glow. So, my personal favorite would be this one because it tells the whole story to it and I'm so excited to tell everyone about it back at home. Thank you. In the image of Vietnamese people and tourism to the friends all over the world and he hope that this to this journey. Uh the organization can fight a deserving girl to be Miss Tourism 22 and have to promote the tourism all over the world. Thank you so much.

Thank you. Thank you. Hi. enjoy Vietnam a traditional and very famous fabric material of Vietnam by designer And now I will open the envelope result.

Video clip review Top 5 videos. Once again, congratulation. Top three best video. 2022. Thank you contestants. Miss South Africa.

Miss Malaysia. Congratulations. Miss Tourism World This award goes to Julia from Russia. Congratulations. And with three mains remaining of course. Best national costume. Day two. Indonesia.

Congratulations. South Africa. Miss Tourism World Media, Bonio, Malaysia, Miss Tourism World Business Women, Julia from Russia. Best

National Custom Indonesia. Best evening gown, the Philippines. and best in swimsuit, Kazakhstan. And it could be Kale Al Ganbutang. Vietnam Zoom last night.

Which prize or which award they achieve? They deserve the support and the love from audience here in province of Vietnam. Once again, congratulation. Thailand. Real street. Thank you very much.

Please take a step back to the stage. congratulation. Thailand.

And Miss Alisa's side, please come to the stage to deliver the shots for the winner. Ghana Wow. Show me. And Miss stew. Colombia. Congratulations. and the last continental award. Miss Europe.

This award goes to Turkey. Congratulations. And this is Alisa Sai, vice president of Miss Tourism World Organization will deliver the for the winner of Continental.

Beauty Queen. Ghana. Colombia. HOO. Once again, congratulation to the Missouri the World Continental winner. Thailand, Ghana, Colombia, and Turkey.

Congratulations and thank you so much. This is Alisa Sai, vice president of Missourim World Organization. Thank you. Thank you ladies. For now, please go to the back of the stage. Uh top Miss Tourism Girl do you think from the audience.

But with the top also competition. Italy. Congratulations. the next Contestant. Congratulation. Thailand. Please give them a big round of applause. Louder, louder

please. The fifth contestant move into the top twelve. Congratulations. Yes, you are, Ghana. Congratulations. And on stove. Take a step

closer to the ground. Congratulations. Turkey. Tonight And the next lady to go into the top ten. Congratulations.

Singapore. Also, advancing We want to hear your voice. China, Beijing. Alright. The next one. Into the top twelve. Yes, you're going to love it.

Philippine Three spot lefts. And one of them goes to Julia Poplikova from Russia. Graduation. Okay. Everything is getting more intense and many girls standing on the station. But only two will go to the top tower. Nigeria. Congratulations.

Show y'all love to all the ladies, ladies and gentlemen. you know, today. And I hope that I can be one of the judges that can choose a deserving girl for the girl today.

Well Mister World Indonesia. Instali. mothers call the cops Turkey.

Ghana. Singapore. China Philippines call your mothers call the cops Russia. are the champion Nigeria. Ladies and gentlemen, once again, Once again look at the ladies of top twelve, Miss World twenty 22 in the evening go and from IJC. advancing to the top five.

Congratulations Philippines. so beautiful. Book for Tottenham. Also advancing to the top five finalist. Congratulations. One step closer to the crown.

guy. Get the exact news. Vietnam. hope that you could keep this memory for the entire life. I say 2022. You will all answer one

questions. And that's question is dollar. Do you see Vietnam. So the question is what have you learned on your journey in Vietnam after the pandemic. And I must

say that it's made me open my eyes to traveling again because I was able to witness heritage sites such as Trang Ann which is a UNESCO heritage heritage site here. And what I've learned is that the beauty in a place is in its culture, historical places, tradition, and most of all the warmth and the hospitality of all you people. Because you made us feel like it's home. And I hope

that when I share my experiences to the Filipino people they would love to be here in Vietnam as well. And use tourism to connect with others again. Thank you. So nice. Philippine purchase sale. Vietnam Uh We learn a lot of thing. We learn your culture. We try

different food. We visit a lot of place. But most important what I found in Vietnam it's nice people. It was amazing experience. What I bring to my country. And I Vietnam have big

potential for tourism. That's why I do all my best to development tourism between Russia and Vietnam. I want to bring Vietnam to world. And of course bring the world to Vietnam. Thank you.

Vietnam We not only learned about culture, Vietnamese culture, Vietnamese traditional. We also learn about friendships, love, sharing. After the COVID-19 pandemics. Now it's time for us

to develop the tourism industry industrial. So please come to Vietnam. Welcome to Vietnam. Vietnam. Vietnam Take care of me and Vietnam people. So nice. And I and I'm so happy. Thank you. I love

Vietnam. Is that Vietnam. welcoming and they've reminded me the values of that emphasizes on the importance of family and community. The principles of confusion like we were taught in the university we went to, which are duty, honor, duty, honor, respect, education. These are the things I would like to take back to my country. Remind them of values and know that when I imbibe them my day to day activities everywhere is going to get better in the tourism industry thank you very much yeah thank you Nigeria this area for is it Vietnam Vietnam Nigeria look like wow on stage. Two, we're in the

fourth run-up. Congratulations, Nigeria Thank you. Mister And congratulation Nigeria. But

third round up of Mister the World twenty twenty-two. Congratulations. Russia Miss Tourism for Asia, the Miss Thailand World twenty10, on stage to deliver. The award for

top run-up, Russia. Congratulations Russian, the third runner of Miss Tourin Award twenty twenty-two. And thank you Miss Suri Rat Riosri. Hi. To

Vietnam. We'd like to invite you to the state twenty seventeen. Miss Globe 2017. To the stage. To deliver the award multi second runner up. Vietnam. Vietnam Congratulations Move forward.

Miss Tourism World twenty twenty-two. Who's going to be? Mr. John Sai. Hi, JC. The power of life. World 20 22 goes. Miss Japan Congra tulations, Japan.

Philippine. Look at me Philippine. Please give a big round of applause. For Philippines, the first runner up of Miss Tourism World twenty twenty-two. Philippines. get mad. Once again, please

give him a big round of applause to Miss Chapin, miss Tony World 20 22. That's it. two.

Island. That's it. Lang down Champion. Tourism you, the local people, and the friends, the audience all over the world. Yolov has made the competition successful. And we hope that in the next year, this Miss Tourism World will come to many other countries and promote the tourism and bring the image of local people to the world.

Once again, thank you so much for coming up with us tonight. Have a good night. Good bye and see you next year.

Thank you.

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