Mini Solo touring - moto camp - ke bukit citamiang | kena hujan sepanjang jalan - vespa sprint s 150

Mini Solo touring - moto camp - ke bukit citamiang | kena hujan sepanjang jalan - vespa sprint s 150

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Hello assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh see you again on the traventure id channel so today is Saturday, I want this Saturday night at half past five to travel from Jakarta to the city of Bogor, friends. The plan today I want to go camping, yes, friends in the area there and already there Start from Pasar Minggu OK Bismillah I hope the trip goes smoothly this time This is the first time this motorbike has been taken a little far, yes friends, I have brought tent preparations and all sorts of things for camping friends So I have prepared everything, hopefully the weather will be safe there for Jakarta this afternoon, it's quite sunny, the sky is blue. Hopefully later there, the weather will be good too, because we'll continue again, for example, if we're on the road, it's a bit good. Yes, we'll continue when we're in Bogor

for the afternoon atmosphere on the TBC road towards Tanjung West friends use what's called the camera angle on the side of the helmet, the problem is I'm confused about which side of the camera helmet I put it on on the side of the adhesive or 3M it comes off easily so that's why I replaced it on the right side later if the results are bad then I'll change it again to the side of the helmet friends Now we have arrived in the West Tanjung area we turn left guys ok on the Pasar horse boat It's a bad Sunday in Depok so I don't know if my voice can be heard or not. The thing is, I put the mic a bit up, not in front of my mouth . go right, friends, if you want to go to Depok, if you go straight towards Pasar Minggu, be careful because there are people who want to go to Pasar Minggu, also from Depok, so let's go opposite, how long does it take like Ouch, right there is a train track let's go over it, friends here , if the tofu iron is really cooked, right ? 6 F 3 the Bukit Pelangi route as usual so that it doesn't get too jammed in Bogor, friends. Okay, friends, so now I'm in Margonda, yes, in Depok, the traffic jams are bad. I've been here for a long time because it's really crazy and the traffic jams are really bad. We have to take a left, right, on Jalan Baru Depok, friends, the problem is here, Ouch, what's the traffic jam like for this? although it is said that this motorbike is for the load , yes, the weight of the motorbike itself is 140, if not 49, right ? ans, right here, let's just take the left here, friends, the problem is that there's a bad traffic jam. Well, we'll take the new road

to Jalan Raya Bogor, we'll be there, but usually it's like this in the afternoon. later, when I'm already on Jalan Raya Bogor, yes, but how about this, it's already late, actually, I was going to walk earlier, then I moved it again to the afternoon, so it's okay, the important thing is that the weather is good, I haven't seen the angle at all, whether it's a peg or not, because I haven't stop, friends, yes, this is the first time I've passed here in the afternoon. Okay, friends, so now where am I going in this direction ? yes, it's raincoats, so we'll just go through there, it's okay. I want to test the incline too,

the problem is what's called, there are so many vehicles in the afternoon it gets a bit congested, my friends . If I also look at the fuel consumption, it's a bit wasteful, friend -my friend already has 4 bars, he has traveled 27 kilos, he has lost 2 bars, which means I will do it if one bar is 1 liter, then 27.8 km is already 2 liters. Then how do you calculate it? or I haven't got the formula yet, I'll test it later because I'm not natural like that, for example, the fuel is really fast, but it looks really dark it's already what time is the name of the weather not anymore it's not good it seems like above this time it's already at the peak maybe it's already raining it depends whether it's big or it's not possible at least I'll go home or maybe stay at the hotel ok but for example if the weather's good I'll be there anyway it's not too big Yes, we'll have it later, it's already on Jalan Raya Sentul heading here towards Bogor , okay? It's okay later, if this is it, it's okay later, I'll just make a video there, for example . Well, let's see Sentul hallways, right above the toll road, but from this area, I want to find one that can make motorbikes. Later, we'll look for one that fits and I don't know where it is . I'm taking a short break to check the camera, do you think the camera is or not, so here I bring the tent and the table behind us again, friends. What time is it now

because it was already 5.56 there, it was quite muddy for the road, but what about the problem? But I think it's fun to go here later on Rainbow Hill, there are climbs, right? We're going to enter this area, friends , eat here. For example, when you come home from Bogor, what are the preparations for this, friends? Those who want to cook don't bring it, but I just bought noodles, okay? Later, if someone is selling, we'll just buy food, so we don't have to cook, but for example using a Vespa motorbike here, maybe for long distances, it's enough, compared to a 250 motorbike, it's a bit squishy for this I think it's a little lacking in power later I'll try it for sure it's going to climb but for example for people who don't like maybe this 150 cc motorbike is enough for me it's enough but because I usually take the 250, for example it's long distance so maybe it feels a bit a little impudent , but for braking, this is really bad, yes, compared to the X Max motorbike, it's just better for braking, friends, for the shockbreaker, it's a bit tough it's a little hard later, if there's sustenance, I'll change it for the shockbreaker or maybe later set it up . So that it's a little softer, there's still a tutorial on how to do it. On the left, there's an AEON mall.

then slowly also sometimes there are some roads that are not smooth here maybe I'm lacking a little this afternoon I'm leaving this afternoon I think it's a bit long to come here just how many hours it is So if I'm not mistaken I'll leave at half past five OK Now it's already 6 past 01 later this isn't interesting yet, for example, if we stop first at the mosque to pray for the lights, maybe in urban areas, I think it's not white enough, right ? to the right, friends, towards Bukit Pelangi, through the hall, if you go left, you'll come back later. If you go left, the camera looks dark, friends, okay? friends, put them next to the tent, good friends , Siti like, I walk down to get the motorbike, it's really dark, okay, we'll be together again when we make the tent, right at the top, it's really crowded, yeah, there are a few people camping, okay , friends So now it's time to make a tent. So actually, I didn't expect it from Jakarta, right when I left, it was really bright. It turned out that right at Bukit Pelangi, it

was really big, friends, that's why I didn't have time to record it. It was really bad, friends. It was also jammed right above because there were some puddles of water, right and there were several buses that entered through that route, so it was a bit narrow and caused traffic jams and now I want to make a tent here, I want to put up a tent quickly, friends, because it's raining Incidentally I don't have flashed with me So the important thing is as long as I stand up first Waiting for it to subside and then I'll fix it again Okay friends So it's already 20.40, I'm done with this

I put the lights on so it's bright for the night view like this, friends yes, my motorbike was put in the back, it doesn't look good, so there are a lot of people who are camping today. Until there, I think there are 50 tents . OK, friends, so I want to make coffee first, OK? Well, I've prepared the stove, I'll prepare it there so that the ankle is bad, I'll open the stove first . so I forgot, didn't bring the filter, friends, I think it fell, Silk fell, so yeah, it's just ordinary black coffee, right? all the water, even though I've prepared it, but I don't know why I didn't bring it, so I also want to make noodles. So, use the big one, let's turn on the stove here. So actually, when it was raining, I stopped by the restaurant and ate first, actually I was full, but this is just to make it warm, I made noodles and coffee, friends, so that it feels good on the body, because it's cold too . -friends Now what time is it half past seven? It's the morning atmosphere in the camping area on Betel Hill . the Cisarua area was really cold last night, yes, I was beside the pool, it was really quiet last night, the water was really excessive, right here, but now it's already not right, if you hit the sun early in the morning and it just so happened that the weather this morning was quite bright, friends. the sun is really nice I want to sunbathe first while there's sun again, it just so happens that the weather is also good but it's a shame t In that area, you can't see Mount Salak, you can usually see it in that area, but it seems like there's fog, so you can't see it, at least you can see Mount Gede Pangrango from here. This one is

really nice , and the sleeping bag is wet too it's not comfortable, even though I've already used this, what's the name of the bag, what's called a sarong, it's raining but it's still see-through. Yes, I was able to sleep earlier, it was 3 o'clock and I was able to go to sleep in the morning , sleep again, I just woke up at half past seven, okay ? what's the name of going to the shop, looking for breakfast some time there's someone selling food later if there's no one we'll cook noodles again or later we'll just eat when we get home okay I'm going around the area here for the lower block with the management here friends last night already eat noodles and eat noodles again, okay, let's try to go to the stall, the bathroom, friends [Music] Oh, it's so delicious when you cook it early in the morning, there's still a lot of it downstairs et that you can't see from here. Let's try to go to the stall first, friends, this is the stall.

[Music] Do you have this for breakfast, bro ? After that , we 'll just go look for food on the road, okay ? friends, so I've finished cleaning up, it's time to go home. It's starting to get foggy again. It's already 9 in the morning , friends. It's really fast for this change

. maybe get here first for the camping video on the Citamiang hill camping ground where the place really recommends for the entry price for a ticket yes for one person it's 35,000 for this weekend 40 thousand last night, go straight to the motocam There's no garden or anything again, I just buy a drink here, 8,000 for a liter and a half, it's quite cheap, right? the shop is guarded by friends, but for breakfast, I don't think there were any friends. I bought it there, it's just chicken noodles . let's get ready right away The problem is that we are afraid of getting caught in the rain again . it's pretty good, only last night I ran into people there, yes, we are the same variety, there was an avalanche, so I didn't want to go there, actually I don't want to come here, we are with the people, it's just that there was an avalanche, friends, in the end, I didn't go there first, this is really good, friend -Friends, it's pretty steep, I used to use the Vario to come here, it's strong, but I can't take the pillion if the pillion isn't strong, friends, if you want to come here , the route is the same as the Long Curug route, friend friends, you can go this way. So , you can get to a T-junction, friends. If you want to go to Curug Panjang, turn left. From there,

turn left. We go straight home . it's really useful. Well, it's a bit far here, we'll continue later , the original motorbike is dirty , it's really delicious, right , the telek goes straight to the city of Bogor and in the morning there's Mount Gede, but thank you friends for watching, don't forget to make friends like plans to go I'm not tired, I'll continue to East Java or Bali, so it'll be fun. Later, if I think it's fine, it's fine to use this motorbike as long as you don't need people to [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause hand]

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