Mind Blowing Real Village Life of Rural Mainland China

Mind Blowing Real Village Life of Rural Mainland China

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We are going to her house. There is a lot of farming going on around here. Look at her grandmother, she is so old and she is cooking. This is the real village life of China. Let me wrap it and eat it.

Hey guys, very good morning and welcome back to the new vlog. My name is Tourvashu. Right now I am in Xinjiang, the autonomous region's capital, Umochi. Today is my flight, finally out of Xinjiang. Today, I am going to Wuhan City, which is in Central China. You must have heard of Wuhan.

Wuhan is known as the source of the pandemic, where the pandemic outbreak happened. Right now it is 7 in the morning, my flight is at 8 am from Umochi to Wuhan. Wuhan is 3500 km, and my flight is for 4.5 hours.

My flight will reach Wuhan around 12.30 pm. My airline is Hainan Air. This flight cost me only 80$. I have checked in, I have taken the boarding pass.

This is my second domestic flight. First was Xi'an to Kashgar. I am going back to the main site of China, where most of the population lives. You can say that I am finally back to the normal world. After so much security checking, I am finally going to be released.

Instead of Urumqi, I am pronouncing it as Umurchi. In Chinese, it is called Wulumuchi. I had to wake up at 4 am and leave the hostel at 5 am. I have only slept for 2-3 hours in the night.

The boarding has started for my second domestic flight in China. Everything is automatic, everything. My boarding has just started. There is no one to check-in.

Cameras are installed, and they are scanning my face. Not even a passport and boarding pass. They are scanning my face and opening 2 gates. So guys, after traveling 3,500 km in 4.5 hours, we have finally reached Wuhan, which is in Central China.

Right now, I am at the Wuhan airport. At the place where I am staying in Wuhan, there is a Chinese family. There are 4-5 people in the family.

Maybe 1, 2, or 3 people have come to receive me outside the airport. We will get to know after reaching there. Now we have come to a completely different province.

The name of this province is Hubei Province. If I am pronouncing it correctly. Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province.

The pandemic started from here and changed the whole world. Wuhan was the first city in the world where there was a lockdown. In January 2020. Let's see how life is in Wuhan.

At that time, life had stopped here. The whole city was closed for many months. There was a very dangerous lockdown in the whole city. Today, almost everything has become normal here. So, guys this is Huan. Huan from Wuhan.

She has come to receive me at the airport with her brother. Today, we will go to her house. So this is their car.

They have come to receive me. So first of all, we are going to the outskirts of Wuhan. Her mother's hometown.

She said it will take two and a half hours to reach. It's around 1 o'clock now. It will be 3.30 or 4 o'clock. She is also a Chinese world traveler.

She has also traveled to many countries. I have also traveled to around 60 countries. She has also traveled to around 60 countries.

But our countries are very different. So guys, we are outside of Wuhan. This is the highway of Wuhan. We will explore the city of Wuhan tomorrow.

Today we are going to the countryside of China. It's quite far from Wuhan. So you won't be able to see the city of Wuhan today. We are now in the countryside of China. You won't be able to see many small cars.

But you will be able to see many big cars and trucks. You can see trucks everywhere. You won't be able to see many small cars and light vehicles. There are many farms around here. Different vegetables are being planted.

She is converting Chinese to English and reading it. There are many old houses here. Very old-style houses. There are many hut-shaped houses here. You have to eat in the moving car.

We can't stop anywhere. There are many old houses here, Some new ones have been built. There are many hut-shaped houses here. The road has become very narrow here.

Two cars are not able to pass. So we had to back up. Some cars are coming. One more car is coming.

We have stopped. Maybe two cars won't be able to pass. The road has become very narrow here. We can say that... Maybe they are going to a village. We don't know where they are going.

There is water there. And there is water here. They say that sometimes, when it rains, the water comes up. So sometimes the road becomes dangerous when it rains. She is her's grandmother. This looks like a typical Chinese village.

They are making some dishes from rice. They are packing the rice dish. These red beans look like rajma. There are a lot of chickens here.

I had seen hens in Turpan and I can see more here. And these are their children. What do you say? So this is a typical house of a Chinese village. They say this house is 40 years old. This house is 40 years old. Founder of PRC Or China.

Founder of the Communist Party. Mao Zedong. His photo is there. I told you about him. I think I told you in the Beijing video. So this is their typical house.

There is a hand pump here. There are a lot of small hand pumps here. Look at this. They are taking out water. They are taking out fresh water. There is a lake on the otherside and there is water here also.

There are a lot of farms here and there are many plantations. There is the plant in which they were wrapping the rice. They take it from here. Look at the houses here. It feels like I am in India. A lot of things here are similar to India.

It's a village. So it's a bit similar. The landscape here is very similar to India. The style of the house is very similar to India.

So this is China's real village life. I have to show you a lot more. I was thinking the same. That this is a leaf. It's a corn leaf.

But I said to her. She said 'No It's something else' Then she converted it on the phone two or three times. It's a corn leaf. So this is the kitchen. Her grandmother is making noodles.

It's a cylinder. It's a cylinder. The procedure is similar to ours. So they are cooking with a cylinder.

There are big pans. They cook food with wood. There is a big stove here. She is cooking food.

She is 77 years old. She does her work. There are 2 eggs.

The color is different. This is chickens egg And this is ducks eggs Color is different. She doesn't know She also doesn't know properly. She asked her grandmother. Both are duck eggs She says Duck's diet is different The color is different because, Duck eats more vegetables. This eats something else that's why this one is a white shell.

This is duck egg. Duck's egg. This is fish. Both are fish. This is a piece of big fish.

This is Chinese spicy sauce. Many people eat this. It's like an Indian pickle. I don't know how to eat with chopsticks. Let's try.

Let me rotate this and eat it. I will eat slowly. This is a chicken egg. I don't want to eat...

but she is making me eat. I don't think I have ever eaten duck egg. People here eat a lot of meat and fish.

They also eat vegetables. I have got some vegetables. I can smell the garlic. I think this is a vegetable, I don't know.

This chair is for sitting. It's very thin. Her grandmother is asking. 'How was the food?' I am telling her again and again that 'It was very good' This is a vegetable and this smells a lot. We have reached another house.

Their first house was old. But this is a modern house. There is a lot of corn. There is a lot of corn far away.

Let's go to their second house. I am eating yogurt. There is 24-hour electricity here. There is internet But the speed is low. I am getting 4G. They are getting 5G.

But the internet is full. The concrete road there, not much population, people are very less. I just checked the distance from here to Wuhan city, it is around 150 KM. We have come 150 KM from the city. We have come 150 KM from the city.

This is her neighbor she has just come just now. This looks like a rickshaw it is a tricycle. This is her temple house temple. She is telling, Very less people pray here. She has a temple in her house.

And this is a god. Buddha? I don't know and she also doesn't know. It is written in Chinese if you believe in religion, you will never be hungry.

This is a sewing machine. Her aunt sews, it has a big motor. This is very similar to tullu (water pump motor) This is her cousins room and there is also a balcony here. This is the view from behind and there are water bodies and farms.

The whole area is like this only. Very beautiful view, very nice. This is very different from other cities in China. She studied finance. This is the application she is writing travel blog in Chinese.

The time is 7 pm. This is their room. I had slept here.

I slept for 2 hours. I woke up at 5 pm it's 7 pm. I think it will be night in half an hour because we are back in central China the day and night will be fast. The day and night will be fast, it will be at normal times. Because its close to Beijing. I don't know if we will stay here or go back to Wuhan.

we might stay here or we might go back. We are in the center of their village. It's a quiet place, it's like a town.

There are very less people, fruits are being sold. Watermelons are being sold. Some ladies are dancing, they are enjoying. It's not a weekend, it's a weekday everyone is doing something.

This is a basketball court people are playing. Basketball players are playing here. In Turpan, many people were playing here also many kids are playing.

Parents have brought their kids they are making them swing here. There is a lot of noise here. This place is in the middle of the village. There are villages all around, this is the center of the village.

There are some schools here. All want to travel to India. She said they are from the village they are surprised to see me. I am from outside, how did I reach here? No one comes here.

The conversation is starting and ends with 'Hello' Many people want to talk to me but they are not able to do so. Many people have surrounded me here. Everyone is just telling welcome to me. They talked a lot not directly, they want to know about me and India. They are interested in talking about India, but they don't know about India. News doesn't reach here.

People are asking me is 'India more developed or if China' Obviously, China is more developed. it's 8 pm it's almost night. If it was in Xinjiang it would be around 10 pm everything had changed. Everything has changed welcome to the normal world. I am driving a car in China, my first time driving in China.

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