Mercedes EQS SUV 580 AWD driving REVIEW - is this the best luxury EV SUV?

Mercedes EQS SUV 580 AWD driving REVIEW - is this the best luxury EV SUV?

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Today, it's time to take a detailed look at the Mercedes EQS SUV! Supposed to be the top electric luxury SUV at Mercedes, so to speak. A GLS EV. With Thomas on Autogefühl. For you, this in-depth review with a driving part.

And here, we can see on the exterior, closed front grille. Star pattern. They have a very round design. I think a problem is that it might look a little bit less premium due to that. But they do it to increase aerodynamics, to improve them. Is it worth it? I would like to hear your opinion of that in the comments.

In the lower part, we have a quite sporty note and with a nice blue color here today. The light strip goes all the way across. And this one comes in also with the Digital Light with an extended high beam function here in this very high-spec we have today. The length here is 5.12 meters or 202 inches. That's longer than the BMW iX, by the way. However at a later stage, there will also be an EQE SUV coming which will then be shorter.

Here you can see, long wheelbase. These sidesteps here, they have an aerodynamic function. Because underneath, the air is being channeled in a better way then. Then the tires here, 20 to 22-inch wheels.

These here are the ones in the middle, 21-inch. And we have here, the crossover wheel arches but not in this offroad style, but painted them in black. So a little bit more elaborated. And here you can see, it has something of the GLS definitely but also something of the EQ family. And here's by the way, that charging port. And charging goes actually quite fast.

200 kilowatts is the maximum peak. And 10% to 80% state of charge is about 32 minutes at a very good public charging station for this 108 kWh net battery. In the rear here, we have this let's say, visor-alike design going all the way across with the light strip. It's interesting. Also with this spiraling effect here at the sides, and the contrasting black lower area. This one says 'EQS 580' What does it mean? This is the top model actually.

There will be no AMG version of the EQS SUV. 4Matic It's all-wheel drive because we have one electric motor in the rear and one electric motor in the front. Also the same accounts for the EQS SUV 450. It has a little bit less horsepower, a little bit less power. And then this 450 version is also available with rear-wheel drive only. They want to keep the price lower, and it's also better in the efficiency and in the range.

In good temperature, climate, and so on, we can calculate some 500 kilometers or 300 miles. In winter times, so far, it doesn't have a heat pump, yet. I expect they will retrofit it to let's say, a facelift model or something at a later stage.

They have to. Because in winter times when it's really cold, Well, which one would you go for? For the top high-spec version or would you also maybe fancy a rear-wheel drive-only version? Might be also more fun, you know, when accelerating out of the corners and so on. Well, but this one here, the EQS 580, how quick is it? And isn't it a beautiful spot here at the Red Rocks close to Denver, Colorado? Just 30 minutes outside the city. And also with a different color.

Yeah, you're already seeing it with sunglasses. When you have the white exterior color, then the black panel grille here looks like the car would be wearing sunglasses. Doesn't it? Very interesting. So this contrast is stronger.

And both the blue vehicle and the white vehicle here have the AMG line exterior. You can also go for the base or Electric Art, and then this lower area would look a little bit more subtle. This here, the sportier look. And the side profile, you once again see this Night package with the dark frames around the windows, also the black mirror caps. And interesting here, this is the one without the sidesteps here. And I think it works both ways, actually.

Maybe with the sidesteps, looks even cooler. Well, it also has an aerodynamic advantage so also not too bad. Sometimes the air suspension makes strange sounds, doesn't it? So what would you do? The blue or the white one, and would you go with or without sidesteps? Sometimes you can have fun and at the same time, learn something about the vehicle because when you have the parking brake engaged... It's like low-rider style. I'm not saying you should repeat it with your own vehicle.

My point is, you see how the car shakes up statically. You see the air suspension, you know, really softly evening that out. And that, to me, is a sign of that's how an air suspension is supposed to be.

If you have a weaker with air suspension, it should be that soft that you have this nice shaking-up effect that you really feel. Yes, that's this is a soft and good air suspension. We'll find out more about it in the driving part, if it's too soft or if it's exactly right. We'll tell you more about that later.

And now the most special technology function, the rear-axle steering. Either 4.5 degrees, the rear axle in the opposite direction.

Or, optional 10 degrees. And look at that. When you look at the rear axle, so I'm turning the front wheel, of course, and then the rear wheels in the opposite direction. And that kind of fakes a shorter wheelbase. It almost looks amazing.

You directly see it, you know. Like, opposite direction at the front wheels at lower speeds. At higher speeds, it would be then in the parallel direction. And this one really leads to, you know, agile driving while driving slowly or also to an extremely narrow turning circle. You can take a look at that now here in this parking lot. So this is a huge vehicle, you know.

It's 5.12 meters long, or 202 inches, and look at that. It has such a narrow turning circle for such a vehicle. Sometimes, you feel like you would be turning just on standstill, you can almost turn around 180 degrees, like a U-turn in the middle of the road. And with this kind of a vehicle, that is very impressive. The only thing that I really think is like leading in a totally wrong direction is this 'option' mechanism, you know.

When they put the rear-axle steering in this vehicle, it is there, hardware-wise. And the unlock from 4.5 degrees to 10 degrees is software-only.

And that's to me, a customer scam. The manufacturers go in this direction that they also want to be like the software companies. Then they also want to sell some subscription models for, you know, constant cash flow and so on.

But to me, when I buy a car, I want the feature in... When I bought the car, I want that feature if it's in there, you know. You know what I mean? So yeah, not sure if this is going in the right direction. You can understand it from a financial standpoint. Yeah.

But from a customer respect standpoint, uh huh. Key Fob feels quite heavy so it's actually good quality. Flush door handles. They come towards you. Also with a sound. The door closing sound, quite okay, quite good.

Not too bad, not too good. There's also soft close available but not on this very vehicle spec today. Then inside of the doors, this so-called 'Neotex' material. It's like a, let's say, slicker microfiber. It really feels very nice.

Also looks great. And I love that. Like, matte wood with a printed star pattern. But these are real stars you can also feel.

That is awesome. Less awesome here, capacitive control inside of the doors No haptic feedback. This is one button. That's a way Mercedes is not going in a good direction, I think. Steering wheel with #capacitiveBS buttons. The bright styling is of course pretty cool, you know.

That looks quite amazing. In this case, we also have animal skin seats. However, there are also Artico seats available. So they would have a similar surface but more sustainable and animal friendly. In bright, black, or gray styling depending on the market, if they are available or not.

You have to check the configurator when they're online. In here, seating position... This is different to the EQS sedan. Here you have a more upright seating position.

Therefore, it is way more comfortable than in the EQS sedan. I really don't like the seating comfort in the EQS sedan. Here, it's definitely better. Headroom with 1.89 or 6'2, still okay.

Quite good. And then here we have this panoramic roof and there is... I really like this bright interior. You have the shade when it's really hot. And when this shade is removed, then you can also open it completely. I think it's good when you have a panoramic roof that you can actually really open and have that shade for really, really hot days.

Just this slider here... This top console looks amazing, styling-wise. But to control it while driving is not that good. At least you can... Let's see if the internet connection works.

'Close to sunroof' I'm sorry, but this function is unavailable. Not sure why it's unavailable. Maybe it's a marketing...

I have seen it. Maybe, does it work with opening the sunroof? Open the sunroof. I'm sorry, but this function is not available. I don't know. Sometimes it does work, sometimes it doesn't.

But you can't really trust on that. So controlling the car while driving is sometimes an issue, and that also counts here for the capacitive buttons on the steering wheel. You don't have a feeling for what you're doing.

That's really the theme, you know. It looks all fancy. But when you control something, you might get problems. Also, you're sliding with the volume and so on.

Who wants to slide the volume? I don't. Do you? Interior overview with this 'Wow effect' definitely. Here, the 580 version has the Hyperscreen as standard.

Otherwise, it's an option. And I can just encourage you to keep it lower trim and take the vertical screen without this Hyperscreen. It's $8,500 extra.

If you just have the screen in the middle, you don't have a passenger screen, which no one needs basically. I think, or do you think otherwise, then you can have more decor element here. That way, you also have a lot of black piano lacquer used. It looks amazing.

But to me, it's more distracting while driving. I love here the star pattern with the matte wood once again also in the middle console. That is so awesome. And also here, how it resonates when you slide it open. Underneath here are the cupholders. They are adaptive but not that good for glass or heavier bottles or something.

They don't keep them tight. Then this is the inductive charging at the very front. And here, two USB-C chargers actually. They also have this illumination in blue. And here, Start/Stop button. Volume slider.

But this is again, one button key. Just here, the hazard lights is one. That's a nice animation, right? This is one button because that's just mandatory by law.

Then Neotex surface material. You can open it like this. Two more USB-C chargers. Oh, the batteries are already loading. Here, the Hyperscreen infotainment system.

The software itself will also be the same with a base infotainment system. Temperature Control always stays here in the lower area, and we have also a nice reaction from the ambient light to that, for example. You cannot turn dials but it least stays always in that area. And then this is like the home menu. Interesting are these offroad gauges for example. They look quite fancy that you can see how the car is turned for example.

And then you have settings here where I can, for example, change the sound experience. We will do that while driving. Here's Inside and Outside. So yeah, we'll talk about this while driving. In here, you can also change the ambient lighting and have interesting settings, which also, of course, even more apparent at night. So the system is not too complicated.

And you see here, it's also basically fast enough. When you want to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, it's also possible. You can choose wireless or wired.

I usually go with wired. The Burmester sound system is actually really very nice. Let's listen to that and... Playback not active'? Ah, there we go. Yeah, it's a great song. Wow! That's a great song.

I can recommend this sound system. The instruments always have like a strange angle. I would prefer them to be more upright, I think. But the visualization is quite cool. This is the Classic view. You can also have sport gauges like this.

Or for example, this Understated view. That looks amazing. And then also, the map full screen.

It's quite helpful but only works for the car's internal GPS. Or, this fancy off-road gauge. So I was just about to open the rear door for you, and then suddenly the vehicle closed It turned off. I don't know why.

And I had my hand here, and I was like, "Oh my god!", you know. But now I'll sacrifice myself for you. Okay, that's not pleasant but it doesn't kill you. But I mean, when you now think you're not like really here but more like close here, and then it's maybe a hand of a child... That can get very ugly.

So not a fan of this solution. However, I'm a fan here of the inside materials of the doors. Also in the rear, the Neotex once again. This is so lovely.

Looks great, feels great. Awesome. And once again, the wood with the star pattern. That's great. Do you hear that sound? Listen to that.

There are speakers underneath the vehicle. You can deactivate it. You can set it on or off. This is like a sound you get on the interior and the exterior.

It's like this... "I'm a spaceship!" Do you hear that? I'm not sure how you hear it on camera. Do we hear that Michelle? We do, yeah? Okay, cool. So tell me what you think about this. Yeah, and look at the rear bench. So we know that the EQS sedan has a problem.

It looks luxurious in the rear, but it's one of the most uncomfortable rear seating areas in the automotive industry. I really have to say that. EQS sedan.

Because you know, with the battery package and with the rear back part here of the seat. But here, yeah, that's definitely better. So you sit more upright. It's more relaxing.

You have decent legroom here. And the more upright position is so much better than EQS sedan. So when this is available, no matter if you're a fan of sedan or SUV, You know, not everyone is fan of SUV. But when you really put the facts, comfort, and also how it drives and the features of it, when you decide between EQS sedan and EQS SUV, and some do decide that, you have to go for the SUV for the seating comfort alone, indeed.

So I mean, there are more comfortable cars here also in the rear, but this is really decent. I love here, the microfiber cushion. That is my favorite feature, and that makes it all so much more comfortable when you maybe have a chauffeur ride or something, or a shuttle ride or maybe like the kids are here.

This is so relaxing. Soft. It also...

You know, you don't slide that around so much. You know that when you have a sliding back restraint... And then you wake up and oh, everything hurts, you know? This really helps with that. The middle part here, yeah, stiff seating surface and you really feel that here. So not too comfortable in the middle part, but it works space-wise. You can fold out this smartphone holder, cup holders.

What's that? Ah, this is for the ski hatch. Okay, interesting. They put the strap right here.

So this here, you can put a ski hatch right there. And then here, there's a climate unit for the rear. 2 USB-C chargers. So it's a very expensive vehicle and you have here decent seating comfort, but considering the price of the vehicle, I think comfort should be more luxurious in the rear.

What's your take? And yes, you can also electronically adjust the seats here. Again with no haptic feedback, but you can see you can slide this path forward or the other two-thirds, for example, to make more trunk space or more legroom. So that is possible. And remember, there is also a 7-seater version available for this vehicle although there won't be too much space in the back there. The only thing is like, "Hey Thomas, can't you make it more comfortable?" No, I can't. I mean, I can't put this back.

This is the most backward position. I can just put more forward. Yes, that looks weird.

Thank you. Now to the trunk or boot, 645 up to 2,100 liters. This is then here the cover and we have a beautiful beige and bright interior also in the trunk. But it comes with a catch and I wanted to have this live for you actually.

These not-so-beautiful tissues. And we did put them on there because we had to protect the trunk. We were just putting our suitcases in and just you know, from the street, you know, here from the rollers, everything was dirty.

So we had to prepare the trunk then and clean it all over again. So then, yes, you can see this nicely cleaned bright floor. Yes, it's a bad idea. It looks great.

That's not a good idea, I can promise you. The width is a good 1 meter or 40 inches, and the length is even more here at 1.10 meters or 43 inches. And the overall height, right here at the highest position, is 76 centimeters or 30 inches. So that's actually quite decent. Underneath here, we have some space for a charging cable, for example. And then we can actually fold the seats from here with an electric function here.

Left and right, yeah. Press it. Let's go. That looks beautifully orchestrated. And the total length of the seat as I would be driving is indeed here, this full ruler stick.

2 meters or 78 inches. And then we can also lift them up again. Magic! And as I said, a 7-seater would also be available. If it really makes sense with that vehicle, with the space you have there, I doubt it. So I would rather stick with the 5-seater version, and then have more trunk space. Well, and we also have another interior for you.

This is the darker, the black styling, in the front here with these beautiful microfiber cushions as well. They are very, very comfortable. In this case, once again, the animal skin seating.

You can have both, Electric Art or AMG line for the interior. This one once again, Electric Art. AMG line, you could then also go for the sport seats. But they are once again, as I said, not that comfortable. This one, also the Electric Art steering wheel in the black styling.

There is of the AMG line steering wheel available then in the interior AMG line with the two-spoke design. Looks a little bit sportier. So steering wheel-wise, the AMG line is a little bit cooler actually. Yeah, which one would you prefer, a darker styling or a brighter styling? And you can take a look at the rear as well.

Whoo! Yeah, and looks quite similar. But we have here, this rear entertainment system. And of course, I put the best YouTube channel on there.

Yeah, hit Subscribe if you haven't done so far. So you can also really watch YouTube in here on these rear screens if the car, of course, has a web connection. Another interesting thing here is in the rear, that we have this additional middle console.

We can fold this one down, and then I have another screen here. And you can, for example, also control it then from here. And then it is basically mirroring the screen on the left side. You can also take this one out and take it in your hand.

And I'm not sure if we ever had a car with this amount of screens, you know. It's like 1.. 2.. 3..4.. 5.. 6.. 6 screens in that vehicle here. Well, I would say, for five people in this vehicle, there's like six screens for five people... But this one here is also the seven-seater, so then it's okay, right? So this is the button here to fold the seat forward to access the sixth and seventh seat. And you see here, even the passenger seat goes forward and then like this.

And then you'll also have access to it. I put the second seating row a little bit forward that I could still sit in the second seating row, and the question is can I fit behind that? Here, this 1/3 - 2/3 split is of course, harder to get then here. Easier to put this one forward but I really wanted to test if it's possible for me to...

Not really. So when I'm sitting in the second seating row with the minimum setup, I cannot sit in the third seating row. Headroom-wise, I also don't really fit in here.

Well neither the third seating row, it does not feature ISOFIX. So the question is what is it for? Yeah when I put it forward like this, you can see... Yeah, but then I can't use the second seating row.

So what is the use of that? So here, by the way, three top tethers for the second seating row. 2x ISOFIX But here at this one, it is basically just... I mean, it's not tall enough for adults. You can't use it for ISOFIX. It's then, you know, like, I don't know, young children who are big enough not to need a special child seat but they're still small enough to fit here. That's the only use case actually.

So I actually think I'll stick with the 5-seater, or what do you think? When you have the third seating row up, it looks like this. So some space then left here. You can also store then here, the cover. That's actually a nice solution.

You have to manually push them back like this, and you also have to put in the head restraints like this. So there we go. And this one.

Yeah, we've seen a better solution in the BMW X7, for example. And here, yeah, you lose a little bit of trunk space, of course, as I told you. But then, they also forgot like...

Why can't I pull it here? And I mean, not everyone has, you know, so long arms like I do. I really have to reach over here and then to the side. Like, the hell were they thinking, you know? So, yeah. Like this, of course, if you want to do it from the trunk. So in this case then, rather a better solution is to go to the side.

Then again, you have to open the door and then have this one here sliding forward once again. It also takes time. And then access it from here. So yeah, I think didn't really think about a real practical solution for that, didn't they? Welcome to the Mercedes EQS SUV driving part. Yeah, glad you made it to here. And we have a beautiful mountain road here close to Denver, Colorado.

And the first thing that comes to my mind is, Wow, it's so super silent in here. This is a quite rough road terrain-wise, you know. It has no like, potholes or something, but just the surface, you know, the tarmac surface. And it's still super silent in here. This car also offers rear-axle steering, and you do feel especially at lower speeds because it feels like the car, you know, would be coming around.

It's, you know, is it a necessary feature? It depends on where you live. You know, in the US for example, it's not really necessary to have that one. 4.5 degrees or optional 10 degrees. But for example, in Europe with narrow basement garage or something like that, it is a more necessary feature, definitely, The handling is really nice. And also the steering feel, it gives you a natural feel. You have to steal quite a lot but that's usual with Mercedes, but it gives you a natural feeling.

So no artificial steering, no artificial steering 'feel'. That's the way I want to take it. Air suspension gives you a nice soft ride.

I love that. At the same time, the car doesn't shake up too much. And although it's a big and heavy SUV, well, the batteries are placed in a central part of the vehicle, in a lower part, and that's why you have good low center of gravity.

And it makes these winding corners also very nice. Highway driving after this part here. And we can also put here to the Sports mode, for example. And then the suspension is set in a stiffer note.

I also have more reaction from the throttle pedal. And that's actually a helpful feature here for these winding roads because then the car also stays more upright. Wow, accelerating out here out of the corner is really something really amazing.

It has stronger rear motors so it has some kind of a rear-wheel bias, especially when you are in the Sports mode. So although you have a big and heavy SUV, it's a lot of fun. That was like a bicycle and motorcycle mix it was. So you can have a lot of fun driving this one, although it's big and heavy and so on. Really, really nice.

There are, of course, more fancy features to activate while driving. Not sure if you really need these, but you can, for example, set the ambient lighting here to this... multi-color, and then you have this energy shine and then it reacts here when I'm putting more throttle or on the brakes and so on. Then, the ambient lighting is reacting.

Yeah, you don't need that but you can have that. And the same goes also for the Sound Experience. So far, I was concentrating on silence but you can also go Sound Experience here. Inside and Outside. Yeah, let's do it.

Silver Waves, for example. Then you hear a little bit of feedback or with the Vivid Flux, for example. That's more like a spaceship style. Or the Roaring Pulse is a more low-frequency sound. You hear that quite a lot as a person inside the vehicle.

But on camera, it's hardly audible. So I tested it before. Silver waves is actually most audible on camera. Yeah, I think... Oh, that's like a...

Is that a yellow McLaren behind us? Probably wants to catch us very soon. Yeah, I mean, we have a lot of power here with the 580. All-wheel drive. As I said, one electric motor in the front, one electric motor in the rear.

That's really nice to have. Still some rear-wheel bias. And I mean, it's of course, not that I would be hunting these curves here, but I don't get sick, I have no lower back pain or something, and I still have fun driving this vehicle although it is big and heavy.

And that's one of the really, really crucial things. Break feeling and pedal feeling is also decent. So all the hardware components, all the driving feeling's really excellent. I can just say that.

Is it less sporty than an EQS sedan or EQE sedan? I would say with the electric vehicles, since you have this low center of gravity with the SUVs as well, the difference is not that large. So if you think about a comparison, Mercedes S-Class versus GLS, or E-Class versus GLE, the sporty driving difference is larger than we would have here. EQS sedan versus EQS SUV because of that battery pack is always there.

And it doesn't matter that much. If the car is higher, you still have a sporty decent driving feel. That's of course, really, really cool. We'll keep you updated with the energy consumption figure later on when we do a full loop actually. This will be very interesting.

It won't be better than with the EQS sedan, that's for sure, but I don't suppose it will be much worse either actually. Of course, it always depends on the conditions. Here once again, you have a beautiful panoramic route.

I hope you also enjoyed it with me together. Yeah, it's really a lot of fun. And if you need that sound here, it's subtle, it is more present in AMG versions. For example, we had an EQE AMG or in the EQS AMG.

The EQS SUV will not receive an AMG version, but it will get a Maybach version. 'Maybach', listen and repeat. 'Maybach' That's the German lesson for me for today because the 'CH', we don't pronounce it like Yeah, sometimes German language is kind of weird and it's also hard to learn.

English is so much easier to learn if you're not a native speaker, definitely. So I am enjoying here, the ride in the EQS SUV. And I would say this is the winding part and you know, driving fun, what they've done with, you know, all the hardware side and suspension wise and so on, but what about the normal thing you would do every day, being on the highway going straight? And now to some highway driving, of course, very, very relevant. At the moment, at 65 miles per hour. It's like 110 kilometers an hour.

So one of our typical highway speeds especially here in the US, and it is super silent in here. That's always great with noise insulation. That's something that Mercedes can do very, very well. Very relaxing because we hear nothing from the outside. And you know, there's a light truck coming to pass us now, and you're hearing nothing.

That's good that you have the blind spot monitor here. Red triangle inside mirror. And you heard it when I put the turning indicator, then I also have this...

Oh, that's a Denver sheriff. Good that I kept the speed limit, right? Yeah. And it's really relaxing also from the suspension. The air suspension, when we have some waves, it's really evened out very well. That's what I love about Mercedes air suspension. They are real air suspensions and they tell you, "Hey! I'm an air suspension.

I'm the soft deal!" That's cool. Because sometimes nowadays, air suspension is tuned so harsh that you don't feel the air suspension anymore. And I think when a vehicle has air suspension, it's supposed to give you this floating feeling, you know. I've set the cruise control, and also here with the Active Lane Keeping Assist. So you can get the highest elaboration of assistance systems here. So far, in level two is that.

And you're supposed to keep your hands on the steering wheel still. And you see here, these interventions are really smooth, not intrusive, and the vehicle is kept in the lane very easily. And you can also use this automatic lane change here. So I did do nothing besides just using the turning indicator with tipping it, and then the car...

Now it is canceled. Not sure why exactly. Oh, that looks fancy with the Kia there with the yellow daytime running lights in the front.

That looks fancy, right Michelle? Have you seen that? Nice. Yeah, by the way, nice panoramic view here towards the Rockies close to Denver. So for cruising, highway cruising here, it's an ideal vehicle. And one of the key things about the EQS SUV, if you compare it to the EQS, it's so much more comfortable here. You know, especially with the comfort seats, not the sport seats, I can really recommend you not to go for the sport seats.

Neither, in the sedans, nor in the SUV. And here, you just sit more upright, you know. I feel the comfort in the EQS sedan and the EQE sedan is not really where it should be because the seat economics are not that great. And here, it's definitely way better. So I think just from this comfort feeling here, the EQs SUV really beats the normal EQS sedan. And we also talked about what happens, you know, what happens for the rear bench.

That's even more significant, actually. And of course, the good noise installation together with the air suspension is really a perfect highway cruiser. And it still has a good wind coefficient. And that's really a key thing as well because the consumption with electric vehicles is so much about wind efficiency and a little bit lower speeds, already a third or something. And here when you're at highway speeds, about 2/3. It's like the deciding factor of the actual range, what wind efficiency the car has, you know.

That is really a very, very crucial thing. So here now when I'm, for example, canceling the cruise control, when I'm going on the brakes just slightly, then I have some recuperation here in the normal recuperation mode. And meanwhile, I've felt that it's actually quite cool to have a normal, you know, slight recuperation. It's also some kind of a comforting feeling.

But you can always have the stronger recuperation here, left pedal or rolling, no recuperation. Or then when you... What was it? Yeah, holding both pedals, intelligent recuperation. And this can sometimes be a nice thing in between. Because in that case, when the vehicle is in front of me, there is recuperation happening. Like now, I'm not hitting the brake but the car is decelerating although there's no cruise control set.

Look at that. That's phenomenal. That's awesome, right? I did not use the brakes at all. So that's a very cool thing indeed, and can be like a way of negotiating between one pedal driving feeling and let the car roll. The only thing that is not that good with that is that it is not predictable, you know.

And some want to have a very predictable feeling of how is the car decelerating, that it always does the same, and not sometimes this, sometimes that. You know, no car in front of me, I lift my foot off the throttle, the car is rolling, you know. And again, this is a good thing on one hand. It's making the behavior of the car less predictable in a way. So you can argue pro and con. I would like to hear your feedback on that definitely.

But yeah, highway-wise, Wow, what a great cruiser that is! And at the end of our long trip, we will present you now the final consumption figure with our tested EV range. So what about the real-world driving test EV range for today? Indeed, very interesting. I can score here around 36 kWh/100 Miles. That's about 22 kWh/100kms That means a real-world range here in nice temperatures, at 500 kilometers or 300 miles.

That's actually really decent, again at this moment. Will be worse in winter times. I hope when they put a facelift in this vehicle, that would also include a heat pump. Then this will also be evened out.

So actually quite a decent range then here for our test today. Ooh, and here in the basement garage, looks really fancy with the ambient lighting. Always better to see when it's a little bit darker. This is also featured in the EQS sedan. If you want to check out that review, here it is. And direct SUV competitor would be the BMW iX

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