MAZATLÁN Mexico is AWESOME! (Best Things to do) Part 1 - El Centro

MAZATLÁN Mexico is AWESOME! (Best Things to do) Part 1 - El Centro

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Hola! Bienvenidos! Welcome to beautiful Mazatlan! Buenos dias. Good morning Country Collectors and  welcome to state number 20. We're in Sinaloa   baby! And today we are going to be exploring the  beautiful coastal city of Mazatlan. We can't wait   to show you around but before we get started make  sure to hit that subscribe button and ring the   bell so you don't miss out on any of our future  adventures. And stay tuned till the end where we're  

gonna give you some more of our recommendations.  I thought the best way to start our day was with   a map of the city because it is quite big it  can be a bit intimidating when you're planning   your first day so for ease of explanations I have  divided it into the three zones we were told about   when we got here. Starting with the north Zone also  referred to as Nuevo Mazatlan. The central area is   Zona Dorada or the Golden Zone aka the Hotel Zone  and the southern region is known as El Centro the   Historic Old Town. In this video we're going to  be focusing on the southern Zone including the  

central historical its beaches and much more Now et's check out where we're staying. Welcome to our   casa! This house has been absolutely perfect for  us. Upon entering it has a nice open living room   fit with a smart TV, a large dining room as well  as a full kitchen. The front bedroom features a   double bed a trundle bed and a full bath. The back  bedroom also has a double bed and a full bathroom   so it can sleep six comfortably. Outside there  is room for parking and there is also a small  

yard in the back and laundry room. It's located  between El Centro and the Golden Zone making   it the perfect place for exploring the city. If  you're interested we'll put a link to it in the   pin comment below. It's also only two blocks  from the beach so let's head there right now.

Welcome to La Playa baby! And oh my gosh I am  already roasting I'm sure you've seen the sweat   on my forehead already pooling. I gotta put my hair up. It's only 8:30 am in the morning. We're here in   October. I heard that if you wanted a little bit  cooler come between December and April but yeah   this is Playa Norte here. Absolutely beautiful.  Running along it are some Palapa restaurants. wWe   went to one the other day called Puerto Azul and  we got some aguachile and a fish fillet with   garlic. We watched the sunset and there was a Banda  band playing. It was just magical. As you can see we  

are on the melacon right now it's considered to  be one of the longest in the world coming in at   21 kilometers. We're just going to take this south  all the way down to the central historical so come   with us! And we definitely recommend coming down  to the boardwalk and enjoying it in the early   morning or like later afternoon because it is  so toasty. But you'll see a lot of people running,   exercising, walking their dogs, riding their bikes  it's a lot of fun! If you don't feel like walking   on one of these hot days remember there are tons  of options here for transportation including buses   taxis and pulmonias which we'll tell you more  about in just a little bit. All along the malecon   you will find beautiful statues like this iconic  one right here that was built in 1958 to honor   the local fishermen. And while we were walking  along the boardwalk we ran into Victor! We've   been talking in to him for a little bit he is very  very nice and we just learned that he sells tours   here. Actually we have a really good information in  Mazatlan because Mazatlan is a beautiful place  

for vacation. Yes it sure is! Actually so we have a different kind  of tours in case you want to join us. So we have   a Stone Island tours. We have a fishing trips. We  have a Deer Island and all kind of tours you can   enjoy so much. Come and join us anytime man! Sounds great! And we will put his number  

down in the description for you. Thank you! What a  nice guy. There are so many friendly locals around   here. And as you're walking along you're going to  see people really enjoying the water. So basically   anywhere you are on Playa Norte you can just  hop in and enjoy the cool blue ocean. Just across the street here you will find a little square. This is where the Mazatlan letters are which is a great place to

to snap a photo. Back here there's a little  playground that your children can enjoy and in   front of us is a basketball court. We've been here  a couple times and enjoyed some games it was a lot   of fun! And make sure to keep those peepers peeping  people for details like this in the letters.  

They've actually selected very special things  from the area and included them like up here we   have the cliff divers we're going to be taking  you to see in a little bit and the cathedral   right down here. And just across the street down  here is this restaurant called Muchacho Alegre.   We walked by many times and it's always been  packed! And in the afternoons there's live music.   So if you're looking for something like this this  could be the spot. As you keep continuing down you  

are gonna run into all the fishing boats here. You  might smell it first I know I definitely did. But   besides tourism Mazatlan has other main industries.  It is a working city and one of the other main   ones here is fishing. So when you walk by you know  just make sure to appreciate these hard-working   men for that food that you get on your plate here.  And if you come in the morning you can watch them   bringing in their catch and you can also buy some  if you'd like. And something else I love about when   fishermen bring in their catch is that it also  brings in the birds like these frigates here.  

This fisherman down here is filleting the fish  and he's holding up pieces and they're actually   coming down and picking it right off of the knife.  It's so cool. And check out these Pelicans here waiting for   some scraps maybe a little treat. Yeah it's like  they're just waiting patiently. And we were just   walking along and saw some delicious looking fresh  seafood. And he offered us an oyster to try. Look   at that! He literally just took this out of the  ocean. It's a little early but I'm gonna go for it! Come te llamas? Alan! Gracias. That's so sweet. He even gave  me the accoutrement. Let's drip some  

of that on there. I mean it couldn't  get much fresher than that right! Wow!   That is so good! Mochas gracias. Look at  this mountain of oysters he has right here!   So yes definitely come down and see him he's  right by where the fishermen are. Yeah check out  

the fisherman grab yourself some fish and then  come and have some delicious oysters! Gracias!   Wow we have already met like two or three really  nice people and we just started. I think that's   the takeaway from this video maybe a lesson  the next time you go on vacation just be open.   And when you are open and you talk to people  talk to the locals you'll have all these other   experiences that'll just make your time so much  more fulfilling. I mean I think it's not even just   a vacation lesson that is a life lesson. Be open  to the world, let the love in. The world is your   oyster and if you're lucky you might even get one  for free! Good one! Just a bit further down here is   Playa Los Pinitos. It's a quiet smaller beach.  The waves are gently rolling in so it's a nice   place to swim. There are some surfers out here this  morning which is really neat. And here you can rent  

umbrellas and chairs and they have some little  restaurants set up here as well to get your   fresh seafood. And I just asked how much the  umbrellas were he said it is 150 pesos for an   umbrella and a chair. If you want a table with  four chairs and an umbrella it'll be 300 pesos. As we've been walking around you've probably  noticed some of these very cool and unique   looking vehicles. They're called pulmonias. They're  privately owned taxis here in the area. They   have such character. It's absolutely an essential  that you take a ride in them. They got their name   because when they started out there were only one  or two and it wasn't a big deal. But as the numbers  

grew and it started to take a toll on the taxis  and buses in the area they tried to come up with   a plan that would make it so people wouldn't want  to take them so they said hmm what can we do? Well...   since they're open and all that air comes in we'll  tell people that it gives them pneumonia, and then   they won't want to take that anymore. Obviously  that is not true but the name stuck hence the   name pulmonias. Walking a bit more we have found  this statue here it is called the monument to the   continuity of life and up over here is Icebox  Hill which is aptly named. During the mid-1800s  

they imported ice here from San Francisco and  it was actually stored in these Limestone caves and used to keep their perishables from  spoiling. You have to remember back then there   was no modern refrigeration so this is how  they did it. That's so cool. I know! Literally.   It sure is! And as we're walking down a little  bit more I wanted to point out that right next   to that statue there are some public restrooms  for six pesos just in case you gotta go. And just   a little bit farther right here is some place  you do not want to miss let's go check it out!   Right now this Esplanade is quite empty but in  the afternoons it comes alive with vendors and   tourists. They have some great viewpoints as  well as statues like the mermaid over here   with the view of the city behind her. As well as  a platform that we're gonna go check out right   now. Any guesses what this platform is used for? I'll give you one hint Acapulco. Maybe you've  

guessed it by now. This is where the clavadistas  or those Daredevil divers will plunge down into   those treacherous waters. It doesn't seem like  there is any sort of schedule. We've noticed   later afternoons more people come around. And they  dive also on the cruise ship days they go all the   time. This diver actually just came over to just  us and said, "do you want me to dive for you?" So if   it's just you I think they'll do it as well. Maybe  you'll even catch it at night. They have torches  

and dive in the water with them it's really neat  as well. So yeah definitely one of the biggest   attractions here to see! When you're done marveling  at the divers come across the street and check out   the Cueva Del Diablo or the Devil's cave. It's  actually one of those Limestone caves we just   mentioned before that's in Icebox Hill. There's a  bunch of stories that are surrounding the meaning  

of it ranging from a revolutionary place where  they used to keep the ammunition or even where   the Pirates used to keep their booty! But my  favorite is that they use it as an overflow   drunk tank during Carnaval. Mazatlan is actually  the third largest Carnaval in the world so I don't   know what to think is true but it's definitely  worth coming over and snapping a photo! All right   we have made it to what I would say is the start  of the Centro Historico off of the malecon. You can   see the restaurants and stores have started again.  What do you say we continue on this boardwalk all   the way to the end before we head into town? Love  that idea. Let's do it. Behind me here is one of   the coolest things along the entire malecon, The  Carpa Oliveira Saltwater Pool. It was built in   1914 and it was originally part of a larger  development that was unfortunately destroyed   in one of the Hurricanes that came through here.  it's a saltwater pool that fills naturally from  

the ocean's waves and I wish we could go in  right now but unfortunately it is closed so   hopefully when you come it'll be open for a nice  little swim. Man did we luck out with this weather.   Actually I'll be honest every day has been like  this we have been quite spoiled. But right next   to the swimming pool running along here is the  main beach this is Playa Olas Altas which means   high waves as there are some pretty big waves out  here. We've seen some surfers. This is just a great   place to come and enjoy the sand and the water  with yourself with friends and family. And also   come down here to catch the sunsets because they  are just gorgeous! And actually the other day when   we were down here viewing the sunset we ran into  two couples who watch our channel. Hi Billie and   Mark. Hi Julie and Luis. Julie and Luis actually live  here so they gave us a ton of information some  

of which we are using in this video so let's  all give them a big thank you! Muchas gracias! We have made it to the beginning of the malecon  well I guess it's the end of the melacon for us.   But behind me here is a statue that's dedicated  to one of Mexico's most beloved actors and singers,   Pedro Infante. Who just who happened to be born  here in this city in 1917. You can even hear   this guy over here playing some of his music. It's  just so soothing and beautiful. Gracias Pedro! All  

right I think it's time to head into town and  check out the bones of this area so come along!   If you enjoy learning the history of buildings  you are really going to like these next two. This   one here behind me is the Best Western Posada  Freeman. It was built in 1944 and is the first   high-rise hotel in Northwestern Mexico. Our friends  Julie and Luis told us if you go up top to the   tippy top it has the best view of this area so  why don't we go try to see if we can do that! One   more flight to go I can see sunlight come along!  Wow they were not lying! You have a 360 degree   view up here. Over here I can see the port where  the cruise ships come in. And in the distance you  

can see the islands, the cathedral back here. This  is incredible we're gonna sit down and enjoy a   couple drinks and then head back down we'll  see you there. The second building we wanted   to mention was right here, the Hotel Belmar which  was the first hotel built on the beach here back   in 1922 which means this year is its 100th year  anniversary! Happy birthday! It was also known to   be one of John Wayne's favorite hangout spots  while he was on vacation. We crossed the street   and we're walking under the Hotel Belmar and  we saw this place called The Looney Cafe and   it just brought me back to home because we have  a Loony Bakery. I feel like these two are just  

like a match made in loony heaven so of course  we had to stop. I mean we needed a little break   anyways out of the sun and to rest our legs. So  we got something to eat and drink which we will   show you when it arrives! While we're waiting for  food we noticed there is a bike rental place next   door called Bikas. They do bikes for 70 to 100  pesos for one hour or five hours for 200 to 250   pesos. Could be a great way to see the city! Check  out these beverages we just got delivered. Adam   it with a coffee frappe and I got this juice  it's called the Tropical Zinger. Let's try it out.

I can tell why it's called the tropical zinger!   Delicious. They set the food down on the table  and Adam and I were like a couple of ravenous   animals just jumping in. But I went with a garden  salad. Very simple. Comes with chicken and balsamic   vinaigrette. So tasty! And then Adam got a blat-  bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato with chicken on   it with a side of zucchini fries that he is just  adoring! I absolutely love this spot. You know right  

on the water, we got that ocean breeze. And what a  lovely pick-me-up we definitely needed that. Well   we are heading down to a really unique spot right  now you're not going to want to miss it come along!   Welcome to Callejon Liverpool where you can  come and get a taste of England right here   in Mexico. Make sure to stop by and say hi to  John, Paul, Peter and Ringo! Peter?! I always get   him confused! I meant George. George I'm sorry  I forgot your name but I do remember you! Oh my  

gosh. They also have a British telephone booth, Mini  Cooper as well as a yellow submarine. And a Marilyn   Monroe with her little skirt blowing up in the  wind! It's not that windy Marilyn. It also looks   like they have some Dia de Muertos skulls set up  so let's go down and check it out. Say hi to Peter! Hey Peter! Wow these Calaveras are so beautiful. Adam  said he actually saw them making these in an  

art school right? Right in town. It looks like  they are just setting them up right now so they   might have a special night down here for Dia de  los Muertos. But I just love this colorful papel   picado just paired with these Calaveras. It gives  it such a beautiful unique touch. I'm in love! If we   all live in a yellow submarine we all have to be  very tiny because this is not that big! Sure would!   And while we're in England we would love to give  a shout out to our newest Patrons: Shannon, Kevin,   Deegan, Karly, Chris, Joshua, Daisy, Anastasia and  Kate! Thank you so so much for everything. You  

really help keep us on the road and having so  much fun that we get to share with you at home   so thank you so so much. Yeah we're so happy and  grateful and blessed that you are a part of our   community. And we just love it and love you. If  you would like to join our patreon community   we will put the link in the description below.  Well there is, right around the corner another   very colorful spot and we'd love for you to  join us so come along! Just around the corner   is Casas de Colores, or the colorful houses.  It's a great place to come down and take a  

stroll enjoy all the green and colorful houses  as well as snap some photos. We were down here   the other day and there was a photo shoot  going on so why don't we do one right now! Good one! America's Next Top Model. That's right  baby! It really is just so nice wandering through   town back here in these beautiful streets it has  so much character! We have found ourselves down   here in Plaza Republica and behind me here is  the Main Cathedral of the city. It took over 45   years to build and was finished in 1899. You can  see it has Baroque, Neoclassical and Gothic types  

of architecture. Something really interesting  we learned was that whoa there are pigeons   everywhere. But the 28 windows on the outside all  incorporate a Star of David and that was because   there was a wealthy Mazatlan Jewish Family who  donated construction funds so it was a way for   them to give back which is really neat! But yeah,  you can come down here relax and enjoy the views   of the cathedral. But what do you say we head  down to the main plaza? I love that idea! Let's go.   Welcome to Plazuela Machado. This is the  beating heart of the historic Center.   Originally constructed in 1837 this is the  oldest Plaza in the city. I've just taken cover   under the iron gazebo here this was built in  1870. It's just beautiful. And there are so many  

directions... directions... decorations there we go  I got a little brain sizzle from all this heat   today. Decorations set up for Dia de los Muertos.  There's a large la Catrina, they have the papel   picado, and behind us here they're setting  up a large offend as well. We heard that   on November 2nd at 8 pm there is a grand parade  with over 20,000 people in attendance that we're   gonna go to. And when you're here hopefully  you can come around this time too because  

it's very exciting! Someone just dropped the  plates! Just around the corner from the plaza   you will find the Angela Peralta Theater. This  is one of the city's cultural treasures and main   attractions. With over 800 seats it is a powerhouse  of a performance center. Outside here you can see   they do have a schedule of their performances so  hopefully when you're here you can catch a show! Just across the street Adam sniffed out  a place with gelato. You know he's always   looking out for our sweet tooth. I'm an expert  in these matters people! And the name is Helarte   Sano which I believe is a play on words.  Helado which is ice cream and then artesano  

which is a Craftsman because inside it was  filled with a bunch of art and I mean this   is crafted really well! Oh yeah this is so creamy  and delicious. I went with the Ferrero Rocher and   let me tell you it hits the spot. Yeah and  then I got the Blackberry cheesecake. Hey!   Yeah we definitely recommend this. So we're gonna  finish these up and then just head up the street   to the Museum of Art we'll see you there! Just  around the corner and heading back towards the   ocean you will run into the museum of art here  so if you're looking for some fine art this is   the place to do it! I'm just kidding! But seriously  here is the place to do it. They're open Wednesday   through Sunday and admission is free. All right  friends we have one last very special stop that   we want to take you to. We actually haven't been  there yet so we're gonna be you know seeing this  

together for the first time. What do you say we  take one of those really neat pulmonias to get   there? I like that idea no more walking. Well he  doesn't know but there's gonna be a lot more   walking. Okay. Let's go find one. Look at us! We are  riding in style!cI love it. It's yellow. He's got some music   playing. You can feel the breeze and see the  ocean out here. I hope you don't get pneumonia!

But yeah this is one of my favorite  ways to just cruise around the city.   We are paying 70 pesos to get over there I  think it should have been 60 but that's all   right. It's okay we're just having a good time.  And we're so happy that you're here with us!   We've arrived! All right chicos we have made  it to our last stop here. Does anybody know what  

Faro means? It means the lighthouse and here in  Mazatlan they have a very special one. It's located   160 meters above sea level making it one of the  highest in the world. To get there we have to take   some steps and I heard that there are over 350 of  them. Excuse me? It is free to enter but if you want   to go out on this Crystal platform it costs 30  pesos to do that so we are gonna buy our tickets   up here for that so come along. Let's go start  this hike! Three tips before we head out sorry  

to be like your dad right now. 1. Make sure to use the  restroom here before you go up. It's 10 pesos and   you know you don't want to have to go when you're  all the way up there. 2. Hold on to your tickets   because if you lose them you're gonna have to  walk all the way back down to buy more to go back   up. That's what we think. But maybe you can buy them up there too. You might change your mind. It's true. And 3. Make sure you   bring water because it's hot out here and we care  about you. Yeah all right let's do this! Let's do it!   And I just saw a sign down there that said the  hike takes between one to two hours and Adam was   like, "are you serious?" I had no idea. It's 4:45 pm and  they said they close at 6:30 pm so I wonder if they   just close it and then like you can still get  out? Yeah I mean they didn't give us a warning   before we came in like make sure you're back  down. So we shall see! We'll see together. Let's  

go. Oh my gosh and look right here, there's cats!  There's like five of them. They are so cute! And   up here there's a sign that says clean up after  your pet so you can bring your pets up on this   walk if you would like. They just have to be on  a leash. But these are free cats, they're living   their best life. Liberty for all! So far this walk  has been a quite gradual uphill. I thought there   were going to be steps. Maybe we just haven't  made it to the step part yet. I hope not, I hope   it just stays nice and gradual like this. For  you I hope so too but I doubt it! And they're   gonna be little furry friends beside cats along  the way. We've seen a couple of raccoons already  

and they're just doing their raccoon thing. Oh my  gosh right there! Raccoons are so cool their hands   they have opposable thumbs just like we do. That's  how they can open everything so well. They're also   very sneaky! Yeah they are. It looks like we have  made it to these steps. I was really hoping there   weren't going to be steps and Heidi said 350 but  it turns according to the sign there's only 336   so I can I think I can do it! Can you guys do it?  Yeah 14 less than than what I said, so we got this. Okay let's do it!   And at the beginning we got up a little bit and  I was like man I wanted to count for us but look   they do it for us right here it says we're already  at step 90. So good job everyone! Let's keep going.   You're doing great. Thanks and definitely  make sure you're drinking enough water and  

go at your own pace. The gentleman down here just  had a sort of collapse and they had to call for   the paramedics to come down and help him out. Be  careful it's definitely worth the view but take   your time! Absolutely. All right we are at 270 so  what does that mean we have 66 more steps! 63, 62, 61. I feel like Rocky! You did it babe! Adrian! Faro Lighthouse! We're here! Let's go check out this view.   Let's do it! We earned it. Wow what a view. You can  see the entire city all the way down to Cerritos.   You can see the islands out here on the ocean, the  mountains in the distance. When you come here you  

have got to do this. And I feel like we did it at  the right time of the day. It's cooler than other   parts and the sun will be setting in not too long  so that could be absolutely incredibly! Well let's   go check out the lighthouse and that crystal walkway. I like the sound of that! Behind us here is   the lighthouse they're having an event right now.  Outside here you can see some of the artwork it is   so beautiful. Something really interesting that  I read was before the lighthouse here they would  

actually build bonfires so the navigators out  in the sea could be directed into this port here. How did they get the wood up here? I mean they probably just cut the trees down  up here and just built it really high. It had   to have been quite a large bonfire. For sure!  These are some very impressive photos right   here and it looks like the crystal walkway is  right over here let's do this thing! Right now   we are just in a small queue I think they limit it  to 10 people out there at a time. I think you get  

five minutes right? Yeah enough to get your photos  and just get a view. I mean safety first people. You   don't want to put 100 people out there and we all  get the quick way down to the bottom. No thanks. That's quite a visual. Thank you. All right  it's time to head up I'm so excited. And before   we head out there you have to take your shoes off because they don't want to damage the glass while you're walking out.

Alright! It actually said that you only get 3 minutes but I feel like it's enough still. This breeze is incredible, amazing! Everything I hoped for after that hike.   All right we're about to step out onto the glass  and... Whoa! Look at that you can see the cliff side   here all the way down to the ocean! If you're  scared of heights this may not be your thing.   It's true maybe you want to stay over on like  the main part of the mountain. I can see some of   you at home gripping onto your couch right now!  Wow but we're so glad you're experiencing this   with us. So beautiful what a special experience.  Wow just again.. Oh you're welcome! When you're  

up here and you see people families you know  taking photos asked to take photos for them so   they can all be together. We always do that and  that's something we really like doing. But look   we are on the edge here! It is just it's so  so beautiful. Woo the Sun is setting right now.   Feeling very grateful to be here! Nobody is out  here and it is so magical. It's quiet. The breeze   is just so refreshing. And this view, I just can't  imagine there being a better one. And I bet like in   during whale season you could probably see whales  out here! That would be Whaley cool. It Whaley would!

Oh amazing! That was just like the cherry on top  of our wonderful day today. And we just learned   if you don't buy it down there you can come  here actually and put your 30 pesos in this   little machine. So if you're unsure, come up take  a peek at it and decide then. It's a great idea.   Yeah well we're gonna head over here and give you  some more recommendations so come along! All right   I know we covered a lot in this video but just  down here in the old town there is so much more   to see and do. Just a few other notable places  we found are the Mercado Pino Suarez which is  

built in 1900 and is a great place to go down  and get some food or a souvenir. Yeah the other   spot is Stone Island. We went there the other day.  It's not actually an island but it's a peninsula.   You can take a boat over there from playa sur.  And it costs 35 pesos round trip. Once you're   over there it's really chill. You can just go  swimming, eat some food, enjoy yourselves. It's  

a really fun time we definitely recommend taking  a day there. And the observatory, which we have not   had a chance to go to yet but it's definitely on  the list for this week. Yeah absolutely. But thank   you so so much for joining us here. It would have  been nowhere near as much fun if you hadn't been   here to share it with. It's true I feel like this  is one of the most fun videos that we filmed. We   had a great time today even dying in the heat!  And it was so nice being back on the ocean. You   know like, I think that's it we really missed it!  For sure it's just something so special about it.  

And I feel like this place was so so different  than a lot of the other resort towns we've been   to that were actually made for tourism because  there is so much history and culture here. I mean   when you're wandering the streets there's 500 year  old buildings. The cathedral was incredible! There's   just so much to do and see. Yeah well this was here  you know before the tourists came in the 50s you  

know way before. Way before. It definitely has that  interesting aspect. But thank you so so much again   for being here, we just loved having you! And if you  enjoyed this video please give us a big thumbs up   comment, subscribe and don't forget to... DLING, DLING, DLING, DLING the crystal bridge! We'll see you, next time! Adios!

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