Manoj Ka Adhura Pyaar - Wagle Ki Duniya - Ep 608 - Full Episode - 13 Mar 2023

Manoj Ka Adhura Pyaar - Wagle Ki Duniya - Ep 608 - Full Episode - 13 Mar 2023

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Dad talked and gave a marriage proposal to Kulkarni uncle. Then? After that, what Kulkarni uncle did... We were both shocked after seeing that.

[music] 'What are you saying, Srinivas? Are you out of your mind?' 'So, you're saying that...' 'I need to break my daughter's engagement...' 'And get her married to your useless and rowdy son?' 'Look, Kulkarni. My son is neither useless nor rowdy.' 'He has a bit of unusual behaviour.'

'You just listen to my request. I promise you...' 'Your daughter will be very happy in my home.' 'What does your son do?' 'No Job. No business.' 'He is straying away all day.' 'Uncle, it's not like that.' 'He is searching for a job.'

'He is not as bad as you think of him to be.' 'Look. Favouring his brother.' 'Now, you'll tell me what's right and wrong.' 'Look Srinivas. I'm telling you.'

'If your son does something that's unnecessary...' 'I'll call the police.' 'Kulkarni, please try to understand.' 'Manoj and Vidya love each other.'

'If you don't believe me, you can ask Vidya.' 'Srinivas, stop blabbering.' 'We don't possess values like you.' 'Useless guy manipulating naive girls.'

'Then his father comes here to justify him.' 'Don't you feel any shame?' 'It's my daughter's wedding.' 'The guests have arrived.' 'And now, you're saying...' 'That I should get my daughter married to your son, Manoj?' 'I beg you, Kulkarni.' 'If Vidya marries someone else...'

'Then three lives will be ruined.' 'Vidya, Manoj and the person that Vidya is getting married to.' 'Look Kulkarni. Try to understand.' 'If Manoj chooses some other path to get his love...' 'Then both of us won't be able to do anything.'

'What other path? Are you threatening me?' 'What are you trying to say?' 'Your son will come to the wedding in front of everyone...' 'And talk nonsense about him and Vidya?' 'Just remember, Srinivas. If something like this happens...' 'Then, I'll... I'll hang myself.'

'Why are you saying this, Kulkarni?' 'You won't understand, Srinivas.' 'You don't have a daughter.' [music] 'But God gave me three daughters.'

'If one daughter does something wrong...' 'The lives of the other two will be ruined.' 'Srinivas. My respect is in your hands.' 'Save me.'

'If you want to see me alive,' 'Then stop your son. Stop him.' 'Or else I'll kill myself.' 'I'll kill myself.'

[music] [cries] Daddy. What happened next? Kulkarni uncle's condition was so bad... We felt that if brother Manoj... Does something messed up at the wedding, Then something may happen to Kulkarni uncle. Then, dad suggested something. He said, Raju...

You should lie to Manoj. What lies, daddy? I told my brother that Vidya's father... - Is ready for this marriage. - What.

'Look Raju. Do whatever you feel like...' 'But bring Manoj over here. Bring him home.' '- No, father. - You would have to do it.'

'Tell him everything is settled here. Everything is fine.' 'You have to cajole him. You have to do it.' [music] 'Brother, I have good news for you.' 'What?' 'Kulkarni uncle agreed for you and Vidya to get married.' 'What are you saying, Raju?' 'Yes, brother. Let's go home quickly.' 'Kulkarni uncle and father are waiting for you.'

'They will fix the date for your marriage.' 'It's great, Raju. I won today. Come on.' ' - Are you happy, brother? - Very happy. Let's go.' Brother had a similar reaction.

He didn't believe me. But I made him trust me. Uncle trusted you. Yes. But...

I knew that I was going to lose this trust forever. But I had no other option. So, I brought my brother home. Uh... We made him sit and told him that... Vidya's father is coming to meet you.

The moment he sat down... Father... Closed the main door from outside. [locks door] [music] Uncle is very strong, right? He must have tried to break the door. Yes. I had this question in my mind.

But when brother came to know... What we have done to him... He became really quiet. He just stood behind the window and watched father and me. He just kept watching us.

The procession came and Vidya got married. But my brother didn't do anything. He was cold like ice. [music] [music] Then, my parents and I felt... That he is quiet now, but...

There will be havoc someday. Brother Manoj will react in some way. But he didn't do anything. In fact, in a travel agency... He took a job. You know what happened with the travel agency.

What happened? I don't know. Atharva. Do you want to hear everything today? You have school in the morning, right? - Mummy, please. 10 minutes more. - Atharva. No. Go to sleep on time. Come on. Go. But, daddy. Please.

Please tell me what happened next. - Come on. Good night. - I'll take them. I'll be back. [music] Daddy. Because of this incident... Do you feel guilty? I don't know, Sakhi. But... When I heard of Vidya coming back...

Just like mom, I felt... That chance should be given to brother Manoj. Then I thought that... Maybe I'm thinking like this because of my guilt. So, I want to meet Vidya and get it cleared.

Daddy. Does it happen? When you don't get your love... You keep straying in your life to achieve it. Heartbreaks and failures are normal, Sakhi.

You have to move on. And there's a line in the song. "A story which cannot be brought to any outcome," "It is better to leave by giving that..." "A beautiful twist." [music] Good night.

[music] 'Sakhi, when you are with Vivaan...' 'I feel insecure about it.' 'A story which cannot be brought to any outcome,' 'It is better to leave by giving that...' 'A beautiful twist.'

[music] [mumbles] [mumbles] One minute. Let me understand. Bring him some water. Didn't you bring water? It was in Jyoti's purse. The thing is, you'll keep talking like this... We would have to call Jyoti for translation. So, you drink water. Good. Now, say it.

What were you saying? - I was saying that... - Yes. Great thinking. Whose idea was it? It must be Nick's. Right? Rajesh, he's my brother.

Only a Marwadi can think like this. What idea, Brother Harshad? The idea of investing in the stock market or getting you appointed. Both the ideas are superhit, brother Rajesh. The cherry on top. I am the cherry that was required with the stock market.

Harshad Agrawal. His advice is top-notch. Wow. Brother Harshad.

It was Rajesh's idea to invest in the stock market. And it was his idea to get you appointed. I know it. No one can think of this idea, except for Rajesh. My neighbour. My friend. There will be an impact of my companionship.

Brother Harshad, you were praising Nick sir, till now. Now, it's Rajesh sir. What a flip! - I know. - Well, this is the way. You have to flip to make money in the stock market. One should flip when there's a trend.

So first rule. Your volition... And intelligence cannot be trusted in the stock market. Yes.

You have experts like us. For all these years, We have studied the markets. They'll advise you. We know all about the phases and trends in the market. How do a safe investment? We are here. Yes, brother Harshad. That's why, Mr Rajesh appointed you. Tell us how to invest our working capital.

Firstly, you should make a list. A list of the company's expenses. I mean, the stationary in your office... Which company does it come from? And this office... The material used in making it... Which company has provided it? The packaging that you do...

Which company does it come from? The gum and tape used in packing... Which company provides it? And the tape and gum that you apply... We'll need the supplier of that company too. I mean all the expenses of your company. Tea powder, coffee, and so on.

I mean, whatever the expenses are... Whatever you spend... You should make a list of all that companies.

I'll research those companies. And I'll put your money on those companies. I mean, I'll look after the ratios. What will happen because of it? All the companies on which you spend money on...

You'll be their shareholder. And a partner in their profits. Wow. Earning while spending. Brother Harshad, you explained it quite rationally. 15 years.

Invest for just 15 years. The companies in which you invest... The return that they will give you... The money that you have invested will...

For your life... Your expenses will be paid. What is it called? - What is it called in English? - Compounding. - Compounding. Yes. But brother Harshad, we can't invest for this long.

We may need working capital after some time. That's why. The capital that you have... I'll invest in it in such a way that...

You'll get a good return on your investment. You can withdraw your capital when you want. Done deal, then? Done, Mr Harshad.

We'll transfer the money to your investment firm. [laughs] Your investment starts tomorrow. The method that Mr Harshad told me... Which I've adopted. I want you all to use it.

We compare the stock market to gambling. Life gets destroyed. Which is a fact. - Yes. But we use our brains properly... - Take the right advice... - Yes. Then life can be improved.

Mr Harshad, you came here because of me. You gave your precious advice. Thank you. It's not necessary.

This is my company too. Meaning? Mr Dasani, he means that... I am his brother and Mr Rajesh is his friend. So... So, it is my company. Right. Oh my god.

I'm late. I need to go. So, Miss Kiara. I'll meet you and Nick later. I'll talk to you later in detail. [music] When Mr Harshad said that it's his company...

Did he mean something else? [music] Grandma. My child. Did Manu do something again? Is he troubling you? Grandma. It's me, Sakhi.

Sakhi. You know, Vidya was smart like you. If she had married Manoj, then...

Grandma. You... Take your medicine. Slowly.

Hmm. Grandma, why do you take these sleeping pills daily? The doctor told you to take it when it is needed. My child. When I take these pills... It keeps my mind calm. Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Sakhi.

Shall I tell you something? My child. Whatever your Manoj uncle did with Vivaan... Please forgive him. He has become a jealous person.

He didn't get his love, so... When I see it happening to someone else... He doesn't like it. But he is not a bad person. If Vidya had come into his life... He would have been in a good place.

[music] Go to sleep. [laughs] You should have Soumil's face. When? - During 'Navratri'. - Yes. Remember your father came dressed as a lady. - It was a lot. - I was scared at first.

- It was fun. - It was fun. - One second. Guys, why didn't Sakhi come to study today? Uh... Actually... Vivaan, you know Rajesh uncle. Sakhi had to take care of her grandma. Grandpa is not home. That's why.

No. I think it's something else. This is not the right reason. [music] [phone rings] Hi Viv. How's your study going on? Are you studying or just wasting your time? Wasting time till now. Hmm. I knew it.

That's why I didn't come. And cancelled the plan. I need to score in this exam. Sakhi, tell me the truth. Did you want to study alone or is it something else? What else could it be, Vivaan? Well, grandma is sleeping. She'll wake up.

- I'll talk to you outside. - Okay. [music] [music]

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