Making it to the danger tree | Battle of the Somme motorcycle tour Ride 1 | Arras France

Making it to the danger tree | Battle of the Somme motorcycle tour Ride 1 | Arras France

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Imagine, all those young soldiers fighting here and  well dying here before they even reach the danger tree. Welcome to another QUAZY RIDE and in this  ride we are taking you on our ride 1 of the   QUAZY RIDES Battle of the Somme tour. And if you  like what you see you can do this ride as well   because you can download all the information  in the e-book and a GPX F from our website for free. The Somme Valley is synonymous for the bloodshed  during World War I and the battlefields   of the Western Front lie along the river Somme and its tributaries um uh just between of   Arras and Amiens South-Southwest of Arras and  in this ride we will be touring that area   um actually going to Amiens hopefully  for lunch or a drink we will see what   time it is but also some of the most  famous Memorials of the Battle of the Somme. Oh and the right is 220  km 135 miles. So let's go QUAZY!

Oh is that our first stop? Yes! Yes it's  called Terre Neuvien Memorial and it should   give us um well a realistic idea of what  the fighting would have been like in uh WWI. Because um there's I think 30 hectares  area with a well preserved um well system of trenches. And Terre Neuvien is for NewFoundland? Yes, it's also called I think Beaumont-Hamel   NewFoundland Memorial in English. OK. Oh, you can see the area. OK let's have a look. There is a visitor centre straight at your  right when you enter the site where you can   also join a free guided tour I think it's every  hour. But you can also wander around on your self   and then it's definitely recommended to  go to little mount with the proud statue   of the caribou which was the emblem of the  Royal NewFoundland regiment that served here. From this little mount you have an overall view of  the site and the maze of trenches and the ground   pitted with um bomb holes. As you can see there are  many foot paths that you can use to discover the  

site and then you will get into no man's land and  reach the danger tree. And that was a tree that   was almost halfway in no man's land and served as  kind of a marker for the soldiers but a lot of the   soldiers died even before reaching that tree. And  you can see there's a few cemeteries on site as well. Well you can easily spend a lot of  time here but we still want to do some   more riding and stop at another Memorial  before we even get to Amiens. So let's go. Well we are crossing the river Somme here  and then our second Memorial should be   straight after it or close at least. The Memorial Australien, that's where we're headed.

Our second stop holds this Villers-Bretonneux military  um Cemetery with over 2,100 graves   of Commonwealth servicemen of the  first world war of which 600 remain unidentified. And this Australian National Memorial behind  it. As you can see the memorial consists of a   central tower, which gives spectacular views on  the surrounding countryside, flanked by wing walls   commemorating the 10,719 Australian casualties  who died in France and who have no known grave. And during World War II this Tower was  used as an observation Point by the French.

Of course we will share the link of this Memorial  but also the Terre Neuvien Memorial in the e-book   that you can download together with the GPX  file from our website. And our next stop is Amiens. Well we added the official parking to the  GPX but we found this unofficial claimed by   bikers parking which is a very good point  to park your bike here in Amiens. And you   will find uh many nice bars and terraces  on the Place Parmentier and along the river Somme. Well the travel guide explicitly  said that Amiwna is more than its   cathedral, but we didn't even make it to its  cathedral because we spent a lot of time at   those memorials. And um well we're a bit over  halfway of this ride so we need to make some miles.

Well Johan, we hit a French traffic jam. All milk factories. All milk  factories on the the road in .... god   what is that name: le Souich. Hello ladies. Oh look at the dog he's. Yeah the dog   is like a sheep dog, but.. It's like a  cheep dog. but you're a cow dog. A cow dog.

Yeah. A cow dog. Good job. Bye cowboy. Avesnes-le-ComteI I think that's how you pronounce it. But we did add a stop here that if  we wouldn't want to go from the last stop   in Amiens to our last Memorial and Arras in  one go. So Johan, do you want to stop? Uh no let's go to Vimy. Vimy. Well I  did read that this Village they call it   a pristine village straight out of a  post card. But anyway we'll uh pass through it.

And maybe if you want because you can download  to GPX file you can uh have a quick break here. Nice Village. It is nice. French. French, old. There is a bar here at the left. Um okay there's a fair going on we wanted to go there.

But then we will uh just head straight  to our last stop. And well we've already been   to the NewFoundland uh Memorial and the  Australian Memorial and do you know what   Vimy is? Vimy is Canadian. Canadian. So we had uh  most of the uh countries that uh sent their soldiers here. Yeah. Look, it's a sober monument on this  Vimy hill, but it's described with   the I think 11,285 names of the fallen Canadian here. And it should give us some views   on the surroundings and the  former battlefields as well so. Vimy, the Canadian Memorial.

Wow Vimy Memorial is very impressive  and not only because of this Memorial   because um near the Visitor Center  there also some uh trenches that   even give you a better idea of what  they've been like than the ones at   uh um the Terre Neuvien Memorial. Yeah I  I think I thought this one is much more impressive. Like the trenches are more impressive  even than the one in Terre Neuvien. Yeah. Yeah. So if you are   choosing which one you want to go to... I would  say Vimy yeah Vimy yeah. But if you are doing all   of them like us: Leave early! Start early! Because  it's um quite late already and we're quite done.  

Well and then um the ride back to um Arras,  Arras Centre is still about 10 km 6 miles and   of course the our gpx if you download it from my  website and use that one we'll bring you back   back to the centre, but um I think it's time to  end the video what you think. Yeah let's let's   go home. Let's go home. I want a beer. Yeah. Yeah, let's go home to that first beer and uh well we   think that um yeah the area is beautiful  to do a nice motorcycle ride in and like   Arras is um both beautiful but with a moving  history and they really keep it alive with   the well-kept memorials. And uh well we also  have a video with the top % things to do   in Arras and it's in the middle of your screen uh  if you want to keep going QUAZY now. And um then we   hope that you like this video and if you did:  hit that like button, subscribe to the channel, ring the bell! You can do it! And then we'll  see you on our next QUAZY RIDE. Byebye. Byebye.

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