LOFOTEN on a motorcycle: solo motorbike camping trip through NORWAY [S5-E14]

LOFOTEN on a motorcycle: solo motorbike camping trip through NORWAY [S5-E14]

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Good morning guys It is very early morning. I got up at 0430 today riding from Fuske to Bodø to catch the ferry way to Lofoten. The ferry was supposed to leave at 7 I thought, but it left already at 6, so I'm glad I was out early. I don't know if it was because everyone who had booked their ticket had showed up and been already boarded. I don't know, but we are on our way. The weather has been not great the last two days. I've been staying in Fauske with family, and the weather in Lofoten is supposed to be a little bit better, supposed to be a lot of fog. That's very normal

since we had many days in a row with high temperatures and good weather so the sea fog kind of comes in at some point and today and tomorrow I think it's supposed to be a little bit cloudy and foggy so we'll just have to see. Either way I'm very excited to finally be on my way to Lofoten that so many of you have requested to see so yeah. to show you guys. Now this is a three hour ferry ride. I pre-booked my tickets going here because in the summer there's a

lot of traffic and it's very... it fills up very fast. So I booked this ticket two days ago and the seven o'clock ride was the only one that had still free spots even for my motorcycle. So it costs about 50 euros approximately. and it takes about three hours to get over. So yeah, I'm gonna have a nap, and then I'll see you again when we arrive in Lofoten. Alright guys, welcome to Lofoten I know this has been a much requested location on my trip so this has been something that I've been looking forward to show you guys but you can't say shit the fog is hanging thick and low It's supposed to be like this the entire day today and I think maybe also tomorrow, so I'm a little bit. I don't really know. What I'm going to do. So I'm going to do whatever I

do when I'm in doubt, I'm going to find a place to have a coffee and a think. So I think there's a cafe just on the left here, just a couple of minutes away, so. We'll start there and then figure out what's next, I guess.

Should be here, a little cafe. I've given it some thoughts over coffee, woken up a little bit because honestly I'm quite tired after the early morning and well I've decided that I'll just keep going like normal and then we'll just see I guess. If you're lucky maybe perhaps a fog lifts a little bit throughout the day otherwise I'll just have to I don't know guys I'll... I don't know. We'll just see. We'll roam around a little bit and if the fog doesn't disappear and we can't see shit, then we'll just set camp and I'll spend the evening or the day because it's only 10 o'clock editing and working and stuff like that instead. So this is where the road on Lofoten ends, I guess.

The foot is big on dried fish, and that's stuff that you can see hanging around many places. Here included there's tons of fish hanging around here and all these wooden structures are made for hanging out fish to dry. That's, personally not a great fan of the taste, but that's, many people like it, I don't. This reminds me a lot of Iceland actually These mountains with all the green vegetation on it But there's no trees or anything It's just green grass and black rocks Yeah, that's quite...

Iceland has black beaches though These are white. I don't know which I prefer, both are Stunning There is a lot of people though So wherever I... I'm riding, there's already someone there or and I'm riding behind someone or have people behind me it's quite crowded but I kind of knew that already because I went here two years ago on a bike and it was just the same you're just standing in line, riding in line just existing in line everywhere but yeah it's totally worth it little knob of gravel road. Of course we better check it out for a little bit.

Hello. Oh, there's plenty of you. Sorry. We've been riding for a couple hours, so of course it's... Let's have another coffee! Also I need to take a look at the map, so that's just another excuse to stop and drink coffee. Check out this just wall of an ant. so gothic and with the clouds hanging up there that is so cool Alright guys, it is 2.30 and I'm actually getting quite ready to set camp for today. It's been

10 hours since I got up already. So I found a camping that I stayed at last time I was here that was quite nice. And it's about an hour ride there for night gnollers. So yeah, because I haven't made a whole lot of progress. I've been riding from Moskenes. Oof, it's windy out here to Uttakleiv is where I'm at right now, so yeah Let's go to Ryssdalofoten camping I feel like the further I ride, the heavier the clouds gets. And behind me, it's a little bit lighter and warmer, it seemed. So it will be interesting to see if all this blows away.

That's the only positive thing about having quite a bit of wind, at least the clouds are moving. I... Definitely a few more people here this year than it was two years ago, but not crowded at all. Mostly camper vans and that kind of stuff. It would be nice to have a bench. I think this is like a drop-in thing where you can pay just with your phone. Okay, please find a place and then contact blah blah. And then he'll be here probably at 6 and then I can pay when he arrives or here or... Alright, where do we want to stay? I kind of want the

bench but at the same time I want the ocean view. Hmm. I think I want the bench most. nice. Good evening guys, it's about 9 o'clock in the evening. I've been hanging out in my tent for the last hour or two just doing some work, replying to comments. I try to reply to as many as I can. I do read all of them, but yeah, it's... I do my best, okay? And the last... couple hours it's been coming down a bit of rain so I'm taking shelter here inside my tent. It's

quite chilly as well it's about 10 degrees outside so I'm back in my winter gear and I want to comment on that because I do get some comments now and then saying you know holy shit you pack a lot of stuff like what is all that you're packing with you and I'm not sure if everyone's aware that traveling in Norway means that you have to bring clothes for all kinds of weather and temperatures. So you got boiling hot weather one day where you pretty much just want to wear a bikini and the next time here in my double layer with wool and my warm jacket and everything. So it takes a little bit more room with all the different clothes and stuff you have to bring to be prepared for everything you can meet in Norway and weather condition and temperatures. Alright, I got my map out to show you where I went today. Alright, let's see. So, the last

two nights I spent at Fauske, where my sisters lives. Today I woke up at 4.30 to catch the ferry from Bodø out to Moskenes. It's a three hour ferry ride, as I mentioned previously. I worked my way in Lofoten, just going inwards towards the coast again, or the mainland. And

yeah, I've just been doing... I know for sure I did this one and this one, and I know there's... I think I did this one as well, but I've just kind of been taking roads here and there, whatever. I've been passing and that looks interesting. So I'm not exactly, exactly sure. where all

the places have been, to be honest. Right now I am about here, a bit, almost half, a third of Lofoten, I guess we can say. Yeah, it's a bit early as you know. I am quite ready to catch some sleep. The plan for tomorrow, I'm not exactly sure. I might take a full rest day tomorrow, because the weather is supposed to be the same as today, and after that it's supposed to be great again, so perhaps I'll take just a full day of working and that kind of stuff tomorrow instead. But we'll see. If not, I'll just continue my way going in... going east in Lofoten. I want to do... at some point I'm gonna travel up here and I want to do both sides of Anleja. And I do want to do this stretch because I have never been in this

area, or I... I'm born in Ludvik actually, which is right here. But we moved from there when I was only four years old, so I can't remember anything from this area really. Or very little at least. And then I am going to Tromsø, which is here by next Thursday. So I got almost a full week. Today is Friday evening. And next weekend my boyfriend arrives in Tromsø and

we're gonna spend some days. together before my journey continues. So yeah. Like I said earlier, I've been to Lofoten one time previously on my bike and I for some reason I have the exact strange feeling now that I remember having back then of... I don't know if it's high expectation. coming here that it's supposed to be so magnificent and wonderful because Lofoten is one of the areas in Norway that is definitely most famous for its nature and being so beautiful and epic.

And both times now that I've arrived it's don't get me wrong it's great it's really nice but it's so it's so crowded there it's just there's people. everywhere there's camper vans everywhere you're constantly standing in line driving in line it just like feels like everything you do is you have someone behind you and someone in front of you and someone's waiting for you to finish and it's hard to get moments it's hard to find places where you can even like take pictures alone and i can't send my drone in the air because i'll be flying over people everywhere and It's just... Yeah, I'm doing this for you guys because I know a lot of you guys want to see Lofoten so we're gonna wait for better weather. And then perhaps my mood changed as well because right now it's probably a combination of rain and little sleep and all of this is a little bit meh. Not super content to be honest but we all have those days every now and then. I know it's gonna improve and I know I have a lot of good stuff in front

of me so I think a good night's sleep is going to fix all of that. All right I don't think there's a whole lot more to say is there? All right anyway thank you very much for watching and I hope you have a good evening and I'll see you again in the next episode. Bye!

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