Local Malian Lifestyle under Heavy Chinese Influence

Local Malian Lifestyle under Heavy Chinese Influence

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This building is built by Chinese company. Mali is captured by China. No English? ‘Laughing’ French! French? Yes! ‘Speaking in French’ Yes.

What do you do? You study? Yes, Science. Science? Yes Hey Guys, welcome back to the new vlog, My name is Tourvashu. Currently I am in West African Country Mali’s Capital, Bamako.

I have come to Mali from Mauritania I explored Bamako in 1 day. And today, A local here in Bamako, has invited me..! People told me, this place is not right, don’t trust anyone here. But still, A local has invited me, Their house is in the outskirts of Bamako.

From here, it is showing 30Km. From here, I will go to Bamako market which is 15Km. From there, he will pick me and take to his house. I don’t know how many days I will stay.!

If i feel the place comfortable, I might stay for 2-3 days. If I am uncomfortable, I will stay for 1 day and come back. From here, will have to leave for Senegal. Which is my next country. For the first time in Mali, I will be travelling alone.

Now, I will go to main road and take a taxi to go there. So let’s see how will the experience be travelling alone in Mali. This is the gate of the society, This is the main road. In this city, noise pollution is more.

So, my voice might not be clear..! I request you people to adjust! I should see from where I can book a taxi! I am confused! Shall i take a moto taxi, or a 4 wheel taxi? Let’s see. Many moto taxi’s have come by themselves.

1 and 2 Which one shall I take? Hello! You speak English? No English? OH! Mali flag? The colour of the bike, is it Mali flag colour? See the colour of Moto taxi, He has done the colour of Mali flag. Me apko adress dunga! Police? Yes! Police? 2000? ‘Laughing’ 1500? ‘Laughing’ Okay or not? Okay? Yea! OH! From here, it is 15Km and he is asking me 1500. Around 3$ Let’s go, there is so much noise.! I have 2 bags, I am carrying both of them, People drive so fast in the city, I feel scared! What can I tell? 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler. All drive fast As soon as I came to Kara 4, traffic has began.!

Traffic lights are on! People are selling water here, in the pouches They sell water in pouches. This is public Mini bus.! We are crossing Niger River! There is bridge over the Niger River! On the other side, there is an accident happened of moto taxi...!

There is long line of Moto taxi..! People drive so fast in the city, and accidents are common. It can happen any time.

Brother, go slowly. He had bent the vehicle so much, I thought I will fall now! They are Harsh driving! Now we are in the city centre of Bamako. City centre is modern and is well developed.! You will never feel that you are in a poor country’s capital city! I have reached my destination.

If you sit in Moto taxi, hairstyle will be ruined. 15Km and 1500 CFA That is per Km 100 CFA! Not bad! This is the coin of 500 CFA! Thank you so much! I have kept it here. No problem? Okay ‘Speaking French’ So guys, now we have come inside a Moto shopping complex. The hopping complex is very big! It also has super market.

Clothes, shoes and bags! You get everything here! I thought it’s a supermarket. But it has everything! You get all dairy products. Cheese....

Curd, yoghurt, drink, milk drink, milkshake Butter, Juice, cool drink.. You have everything..! Hello! Hi how are you? So guys he is Bakery..! How do you pronounce your name? Bakery..! He has invited me to Bamako outskirts.

Now I feel balu is completed.! I was in Balu from 1 month, Now, I don’t know how many baalu i have eaten in Mauritania.! Balu is not here but it has lot of dust on road! When you step on the road, you can feel the dust on your face! Now I observed, majority of the items here are imported! Many items are imported from Europe, and other countries There are items from Mauritania, Senekal and Morocco also.! Maximum products are imported. I don’t see items from Mali! Prices are more here. Because items are imported! I have taken this it is a mixed fruit drink.!

Piko, cocktail drink! This was 1000 CFA.! This is a nominal price. Eatables are not much priced here.! Many meeting Buildings are still being constructed.

There are many buildings but still some buildings are being constructed! City Centre is quite modern and developed! Yes this place! This place Before in India we were getting water in pots instead of bottles, In Mali also you get water in pots! People are telling it's less priced! I did not ask! Its approx. 0.061$ for 1 pot! Now I have come to another Supermarket, there are many supermarkets here..! You are getting clothes in this shop, all the clothes are made in India! You are getting many products from India as well. Like Vatica, Dabur and himalaya...

This is dry mango! You can see People here, eat more mango! Bakery, App kya karte ho as a profession? I am a computational biologist! Accha biologist? Yes! ‘Inaudible’ This is also a very huge market. multi-level?! ‘Inaudible’ Now I have come to another mall the name of the mall is China Mall.! This building is built by Chinese company. This is a multi-level, multi floor building! Most of the products sold here are chinese items.!

You will get household items here Multi floor, so you get everything I will not go to each and every place. All these products are from China.! Mali has been captured by China, they have so many Chinese products! Mali imports a lot of products from China! Whichever product you take everything has a fixed price.! There are some cheap products but majority of them are 3500 CFA.

Which is around 5$ These are children products and they are cheap.! If you give importance to women dress in Mali, They are very different and not mixed. It's different from Morocco as well.! Their dressing sense is very different from my neighbouring countries! I never expected this modern and developed the mall in Mali! There is extended chord here, and I guess everything is made in China I will show you one product see here! Made in China I think more than 80% products here are from China! In this level, manufacturing so many variety products, and exporting them! No other country can do that In Mali’s economy, there is more contribution of China. There are three bridges over the river and two of them are made by China! Kith na hua? Very big China Mall! Very big Okay! Okay! Bye bye There is a Chinese smartphone being sold here I don't know which company.

It’s Techno I guess this is a Chinese company! Have a look at ladies dress its colourful people wear them! Books are being sold here. I have to cross the road how shall I cross? There is local dress being sold outside the mosque. Ladies have put Market here. Ladies are selling things here. Its Night 7 and it's going to be dark soon.

There is a fish market here. This is a mosque. They have come to Mosque to pray. ‘Inaudible’ Is it not safe? We have come outside the mosque, and there was so much securities in and around the mosque! I was scared! If he was not there, I would never go inside! I went with him. It was a suspicious environment. Now he is telling its night and you should stay carefully.

Anything can happen now we have to stay carefully. We cannot believe anyone anything can happen after night. I have come to bakery house! This city is in 12 Km but come out outskirts of Bamako. He told this is a separate City. Bamako is different and the name of this city is Kati.

Neighbouring city of Bamako. Bahut chota he! Yea Baht chotta he Unko sirft fish and meat chahiye kana ke liye Only fish and meat? Yea! Kuch aur nahi? He has two cats which is very young and small! It is their kitchen there are so many items. He told I can use anything.! This is milk powder, I can make milk from this, This is coffee.

This is Oats. And.. This is chocolate powder and I can make hot chocolate. There is also tea powder. Items to eat a bread, egg, cheese. Also has microwave.

Water problem? ‘Inaudible’ He Stays with his cousin. It has gone out a will come soon. He told his family lives in the same area around They don't stay in same house.

Next day I am continuing this video after yesterday night! This is the next day! When I woke up in the morning there is shortage of water! I did not take shower! They have store some water for using it in toilets and washrooms! For emergency we have only that water. He Telling water might come around 2:00 p.m. Usually from morning till 2 p.m. there is shortage of water in some of the localities.! My host cousin also stays here. I told yesterday I could not meet him yesterday. I met him today morning He Works with Mali Army! He gave me this four items as a gift This is toothpaste I don't know why it gave, it told this is a gift from my side. This is toothpaste This is body cream to apply for whole body This Paracetamol for fever and body pain Also given me a Malaria tablet.

These are not useful for me They forced me to keep as a gift from their side! Since they told gift given how I could not refuse. Hello bakery, aap tea pee raheho? Yee solar panel he kya? Yea! Ohh.. He has Install solar panel on the terrace it's very big.!

Just have a look it very beautiful! Those are mountains! This is Kati and the other side is Bamako This is local locality have a look at the houses, Every house has installed solar panel! Every houses has also put DTH! More than three DTH in a single house, may be for different families. This is his parking where he has parked his car. As I had told you earlier, maximum people in Mali are bombaro 33% here are bombaro Aap be bambare se ho kya? Or Fula? I am Fula The second largest ethnic group! After Bambara, there is Fula ethnic group, which is the second largest group! He belongs to Fula ethnic group But your mother tongue is Bambara? yes He stays in Bhambara community but he is popular But you speak Bambara with your people! I am recording from there house terrace and hundred metres far two people saw me! They told they are not seeing what I am holding in my hand They asked what are you doing that thought I have brought camera. They were agressive, they saw me from 100 meters! This is the situation here! Neither I could see his face not he could see my face but, Just make out somebody standing there! What can I tell? They are screaming from there? No no no like this It's 2 p.m. in the afternoon we have got out and I don't know where they are taking me! Today the weather is too cloudy there is no sun! This is a locality and children are bringing cycles! Isko aap kya kahateho? You do? Ye he kya? Isko meswak bolte hain Meswak? Yea Meswak Daanth ko saaf karne ke liye? Yes to clean the mouth I see many people in maali and maratrhaniya VO log pura din rakte he muh me I can see more Bajaj and Apache vehicles in the road He told the show name is Mali Got Talent! Mali Got Talent? Show ka name voh nahi he! Naam alag he lekin concept vahi he! Have a look at Mali Got Talent! All the Mali’s showing their talent! Voh be youtube karte hein? Really? Cousin also does YouTube. Have a look there is a ring light.

If you are a local here or look like local and do video nobody questions you, If you look like an outsider people create problem.! They are not understanding! English nahi atiihe kya? French! French? Yes Bambara? Yes Bambara? Bambara and French Room me light kyun he? They are not able to understand! Aap ka nam kya he? Mera naam Avajalu he Avajaalu He is my host knees Avajalu? From Bamako? Kati? Ohk ohk This is meet with sauce Is rice Yes there is rice. Okay Now we have come to first floor, First or second floor, It is their drawing room and it's very beautiful and big! Where is carpet spreading the floor sofa curtains it's a beautiful! This is the local dish meat with sauce!. They gravy as a sauce.!

They are eating Rice and also Mali special mango. It's famous here and it's also very big! This is special fruit I don't know. Naam kya he iska? zaba HUH? zaba zaba I have not seen this ye sirf mali me miltha he kya? ‘Inaudible’ This is a apple which is small.

The sizes are vice versa! And also banana Mango has been cut it is very juicy and big! This is a local fruit Jabong! The fruit is like this the outer shell which is hard and they eat.! Let's see how it is! It is bitter taste Now we have come to terrace. The trees Seen here is Mango trees This is all mango trees and garden He is telling Mali also export mango to neighbouring countries as they grow in huge number.! Population in Mali does not consume mango produced here! These all are roads and mud Road no tar has been put. The Mali government who is in power only makes main road.! No other road is done here other than.

Foreigners who come here tell this rusty colour, Your feel there is lot of Rust on the rods. This is his sister and he is telling he feels sorry for me.! That I don't eat meat and I did not have anything here! No problem.. bye-bye AAp be a raheho kya? NO! NO? Bakery has gone into mosque for praying Is nice is also here She has also come Aap ka naam kya he? Avajanoi? Avajanoi? Yes Aap kaha ja raheho? Me ghar ja rahihu Your home? Yes! Aap apna ghar ja raheho? Okey Aap kys karte hp? Ap padraheho? Yes Aap ky padraheho? Science Science? Bachelor? Yes Bachelor Me apka youtube video dekha Good Yes okay Thank you Now we have come to Kati market! We are exploring market in the car We have come to Bakery brother house! ‘Inaudible’ Uska naam Ameena he Hello Ameena Sava? Hello sellu Me accha hu. aap kaise ho? I am doing great Aap ka nam kya he? My name is Torvashu Torvashu Aap ka nam kya he? Mahammud ujalu Mahammud ujalu Mera nick name joo he Joo? Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too Aap kaha se ho? India India Yes WOW Me Indian team ke sath work kar raha hu.

Aap Indian team ke sath work kar rahe ho? Yea Kounsa sector and field? In IT and smartphone technology This is locality from his brother terrace You can see Rahul, bhava, Yogesh, Ankit, Lakshay, Narendra..... People call thae for tea! Remove a from atte then thae is left. When I came to West Africa till Morocco It was fine.

After Morocco when I came to Mauritania and Mali, There is a lot of mosquitoes here! I had carried mosquito repellent from India.! I had turned on mosquito repellent yesterday night but still, It did not affect the mosquitoes hear They have given me mosquito repellent spray Mosquito repellent outside Africa want work in Africa Indian mosquito repellent is not working here In African continent there is a lot of issue related to malaria and mosquito! Cousin give me and tablet that is also Malaria tablet Evening has begun, Namaz has started I will turn off my camera Notice that thing whether it's Mori ko Mali Mali Poor people and middle class family pray regularly. High class people here do not pray! I met few people who told I will not go to Mosque and pray..!

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