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Ljubljana: Die Highlights von Sloweniens Hauptstadt | WDR Reisen

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2 for 300 in Ljubljana! With hard-working friends, rewarding advancement, the finest fast food and encounters of a different kind. What is that? I think it likes me. Two days, 300 euros.

Here we go! Tamina! It gets really cool here from the Ljubljanica. We are in Ljublajana, Uwe! Finally on the road with you again. summer in the city Splendid. Were you here before? nope Never. A green city, a beautiful city, capital of Slovenia.

We have to see that we can do it with the budget. Well, that's what I was about to ask as well. I'm curious if that fits.

Yes, everything has gotten more expensive lately. So we have to ask more precisely here, what do we really want? What can we do differently? Yes, let us surprise you. The castle is waiting. i knew you said that Ljubljana - a not so big city, around 300,000 inhabitants, including 40,000 students, that means a young city, a relaxed city worth living in and the beautiful river Ljubljanica, which flows directly through the city center. A city that is wonderfully suited for a city trip. Then it's up to the castle. There's a train there. Yes, that's right.

But we also want to discover green Ljubljana. And I think you can also really nice walk. How did I know you said that? And we also want to look at the money a bit. Two for 300. Two days and a budget of 300 euros. And you've only really been where you've walked.

I've never heard that before. When you say it sounds... We can do it! Come! In the end, of course, we always come down to this one question: how do we manage to spend 300 euros on these two days and have a great experience? Ljubljana Castle! You then climb up those first few steps and you think, oh, but that could get tedious now. And are you happy? Then there are really beautiful forest paths.

Again and again the city flashes through. As you can see, you get further and further up... This path is very popular here. Because he's so beautiful.

And after, yes, I think, after a manageable 10-15 minutes you are already at the top. The last steps, Uwe. Ah, there it is, the castle! Self made. And if you're not carrying twelve kilos of camera...

then it's really fun. We're celebrating now. Yes, celebrate, I don't really feel it yet. We go a little further. I made inquiries. Aha.

The following: you can get in for free, and you can look at the castle, you can look around here a bit. But you can only really immerse yourself with admission. And how expensive? Ten euros apiece. We saved money, we ran.

Well, it's a decision. We are still at the beginning. Do we. Get out. I'll get the tickets. The castle is relatively spacious. And the cool thing is that

it is now very, very high quality. And so you can experience wonderful concerts and other things up there. Mega.

It doesn't look bad. A huge courtyard, old and modern. *Music* When you see this wonderfully green city and suddenly understand for the first time how Ljubljana is located in such a natural area and how high the mountains are that you see there, then you know it was really worth it . Uwe, that was a good decision. I didn't hear right. What did you say? It was a great decision. The money is well invested.

This moment will stay. Nice Ljubljana from above. But now get into the fray and discover the city! Hello...

When you walk through Ljubljana here, you feel reminded of Zurich in some corners, when there are these beautiful buildings and these beautiful alleys and high-quality shops. It breathes something metropolitan. But at the same time it has something cuddly, cozy, enjoyable, relaxed. He did it to you. The dragon looks cute. Elliot the smiley monster.

Everywhere the dragons look, you can see what is important, the castle of course, here the culinary map, once Slovenia summarized. Yes, you come across these Ljubljana dragons everywhere, of course in shops, in different sizes and shapes, but also in the city in general. On the manhole covers. It can be found again and again in the flags. Well, he really is the symbol animal par excellence.

Uwe, the dragon bridge. It has to be in Ljubljana. Let's take a picture. Do you also know the legends that exist about it? No, I don't know them yet. But I'm sure you'll tell me about them in a moment. So there are a couple of variants. Somehow a Greek hero came across the Black Sea, here, to the source of the Ljubljanica.

And either he killed the dragon there, and after that this animal became the symbol of the city, or the dragon protected him from something. And ever since, this dragon has protected the city. In any case, it is the symbol of the city and stands for...?

you tell me right now It stands for courage, for strength and for wisdom, Oh, come here. where is the dragon Excellent. Look here, we need this. I speak Slovenian. Dobro jutro - good morning. Kako si - how are you? Prosim: please, and hvala: thank you. Those are the most important. Can you take it with you?

Is correct. We'll take that and the kite. What is dragon in Slovenian? Smaj. Smaj. Ah, Smaj. Look Uwe, the Smaj is for you. What about the Slovenian language, which language does it resemble? It is similar to Croatian and Serbian and also to Slovak. Also because it all used to belong to the same country. Yes, Yugoslavia, right? Yes, that was part of Yugoslavia.

And everyone understands everyone? Young people tend not to, but my generation does, because we learned it at school. Okay I understand. What did you learn at school? In fact, I learned German. Really? And English too. So what are you good at? Bee Maja. Very nice, that sounds really good. So... hvala. Thanks!

Bye Bye. Get out of town for now, for a very specific reason. The hotel prices, especially in the city center, are really high, finding something under 100 euros is almost impossible. The good thing is that Ljubljana is not a very big city. If you go out for 10 or 15 minutes, it's a lot cheaper. There are some cool concepts and still stylish and fun hotels that can definitely be an option.

It looks great here! Thanks very much. It's totally surprising how different it looks inside compared to the outside. Totally different, right? Yes, very different, and still affordable. How does this work? Yes, it actually works quite well because we have different rooms in different categories. So we have single rooms that cost 60 to 80 euros, double rooms or twin rooms that start at 90 euros per night.

Cool! Modern... The rooms are styled nice and cool. Is that Slovenia? Yes, these are Slovenian landmarks.

This is Bled. Aha. And her is the Lubljana Castle. And these are the Slovenian Alps. Design by a Slovenian artist.

The curtains here are specially made for our hotel, they work with local artists. I always think it's great that you can tell that this isn't just any chain that has sat down anonymously somewhere and just withdraws money. *Music* Really cool place.

We want to eat something cheap in the city center now. Do you have a recommendation? Yes - Try Kranska Klobasa. Kranska Klobasa? This is a sausage, traditional Slovenian food. And the store is called Klobasarna! Okay, well, hvala yes, you're welcome.

Thank you very much and good luck. how do you like the place Really good! I like. yes, no? Can we recommend. Can we. Always follow the sausage, Uwe, look. That's my line! Klobasarna. You see, the Krainer sausage. Soup with sausage? Or just sausage? I would insist on the soups.

We would like to try the Krainer sausage. A whole or a half? I think half is enough. What's in the sausage? Pork, bacon, salt, pepper and garlic. soup! It looks great. She's got real oomph! So strong and also with bite! So it definitely looks like it.

You can now turn off the camera. How I love it when you say that. Beautiful in close-up. closer! Naturally! Ah, I can't keep up...

You don't talk with your mouth full. Standing outside, people walking by, that's this street food character that's just fun. Then a small non-alcoholic beer.

On the journey, to Ljubljana! So even half a fat Krainer sausage fills you up, for 3.90 euros it's really great. So you can save expensive restaurants. Good tip! We continue towards the river. *music* Oh. Open Sesame?

Are these all matches? I think so, if you look closely. And I think it's always the same person who poses like that. Look here.

Julius Caesar. This is Elizabeth the First and the... Nefertiti. It's so cool. There is a lot that can be experienced without admission.

Come in and discover the most colorful and diverse art objects, small and large and three-dimensional, galleries for free. Just right for our budget, definitely. And it was very interesting. Exciting strolls along the river in the evening when it's slowly getting cooler.

On such a hot summer's day, the restaurants and wine bars fill up again, and the glasses ring, and smells emanate from every corner. nice, right? I think I could have something liquid. I think we should breathe out now.

We'll sit there now. Take a deep breath. Take a deep breath. Wine bar. Tell us what musical mood you are in and we will recommend the right wine for you. is that funny Let's say, what would you be here for example? Easy pop, rock, classic. I would probably be more into pop... Then you would be easy pop, easy to listen to and easy to drink.

Hello, how are you? Hello, we are impressed by this music concept. Yes, thanks! This is supposed to help our guests with their wine selection. The different types of wine are described as different styles of music. What's your style of music? What would you recommend? I would recommend an easy pop wine, the fresh Pinela white wine. Uwe has already decided on Easy Pop.

The price was absolutely reasonable, the glass cost 3.40 euros, which was wonderful for such a light, sparkling, beautiful white wine. Perfect first day and still enough in the travel budget. Good morning Tamina. Good morning - dobro jutro.

So. I have an idea what we're going to do today. So what? Let yourself be surprised. Very much. can you tell me the direction The nose to the left. Your? my left But here's the location, Uwe... Go a little further. I love surprises.

You're suddenly standing somewhere in some neighborhood between houses that don't mean anything to you and you ask yourself, what's the point of this?! We're gonna go in there. there now? Yes. Uwe, you make me. What is the? So, just straight ahead. Already so excited, elevator up, no signs, nothing. Hello! What are you doing here? Hi, I'm looking after my bees and my hives.

You can't get the pictures together at all. Then, here's the guy standing there in full gear, bees flying all around him, and he says hello in a friendly way. I mean, it's really... Like in the movies. Well, you probably didn't expect hundreds of thousands of bees to be flying around on this skyscraper roof. Uwe, what a blatant thing! Surprise! That was a surprise from Uwe.

I didn't know anything. I thought, what are we doing here? But how did the idea come about? I missed contact with nature. I set up the first two beehives on my own balcony. So I looked for other ways to bring even more beehives to the city.

And then I actually found two institutions that could imagine something like this on their roofs. Great! So may I help you? Very gladly. Good. Is that clear, fresh honey here? We send the honey for laboratory analysis every year, the results are always impeccable. It is truly a natural, green, organic honey. Is beekeeping a Slovenian tradition? A lot of Slovenes have bees.

Beekeeping is particularly popular in rural areas. So if you want to hear a number: There are around 14,000 beekeepers in Slovenia, and that is the highest number of beekeepers per capita. EU-wide, so Slovenia is really a beekeeping country. Thanks very much. That was really a great experience.

Thank you for the praise! You can take some of this honey with you. City honey, that's honey from this roof here. Really? It's from this season.

That color. Have a look. You can really book this beekeeper and take part in a small tour yourself. I think it's five to ten euros per person, depending on the size of the group. Such beautiful honey. Next stop: the Foodmarket Open Kitchen! The people who come there want something delicious. Of course, it gets really crowded around lunchtime.

There is a very chilled and very nice atmosphere there, because of course everyone is united by this desire for enjoyment. Yes, what is that? Open kitchen. I hope that this one doesn't end up on the plates now. think it likes you I think so too.

This is Nina and this is Nande. Nina and Nande. Exactly. These surprising encounters are actually always the best. They weren't ostriches. It was Nandu, they are called. You're always a bit on guard, because these rheas are on an equal footing, so to speak, and have a very large beak.

We're on a little walk. On a walk? But why? We run for a healthy life. A few years ago I was very ill. The Nandus gave me a lot of support during this time.

With my walks, I want to encourage people to live healthier lives. All the best to you then! Ljubljana, everything you get to know here... Something typically Slovenian would be nice. Pri babici Marici...

Hello! is that slovenian Yes, that's really Slovenian. This is with rabbit meat. Hare? Yes, that's what people like to eat in the country. Slovenians love meat, right? Yes, exactly. We eat quite a bit of meat. We can

take something with us right here and then look for a place. Oh yeah. You're right in the middle of the city, you taste something delicious and, yes, you're sitting there chilled and having a good time. So it's a really great, colourful, extremely pleasurable experience.

Moji struklji... I think that's typical. Yes, the strudel is a traditional Slovenian dish.

It is a dough with different fillings. The most typical is the filling with herder's cheese or buckwheat dough with walnuts. That's how my grandmother used to do it. Okay, okay, but it's dessert, right? We have many different variants, sweet, salty, chocolate or fruit or savory.

Okay... It's more commonly known as a dessert now, but originally we ate it as a side dish, for example with meat. They offer 27 different types of strudel, salty, sweet, in all variations. Uwe and I decided to go for the summer version this time.

Hot and a little bit sweaty and delicious, yummy and so yeah, fresh out of that big cast iron pot. For two for a real lunch, with a big dessert. What do we have? 26 euros. You can't say anything about that. nope Freshly strengthened after the food market, we went out again.

We wanted to take a look again, what else is there to discover outside of this pretty, picturesque old town? And so we set off, always along the river and discovered something great. Tamina, what about the city trip didn't you understand? Yes, I thought about chilling in the shade for a moment, at over 30 degrees. Splendid. You're chilling and I'm brooding here. No, of course that's not possible. We do this together.

I discovered something new, yes, here, converted sugar factory, former. Something completely new was created there. OK.

Welcome to Cukrarna! In 2018 we started renovating. And last September we opened this modern art museum, the ground floor exhibition is always free, always open to everyone. If you buy a ticket you can see the other floors. The exhibition 'Returning the gaze' is currently running - this is our largest exhibition. A total of 58 Slovenian artists are exhibiting there.

How much does the ticket cost? Six euros for adults. Then you go through this door. And it's so whoooping and it's getting big. And it's light. And it's really a completely different, lavish, artistic world that you enter.

What did you do? did you touch that I was so scared I didn't do anything. I was just walking here. Then it started. The effect worked perfectly for me. But that's awesome. That's what makes this whole text, which is laid out at now, now at this moment, that was really a performance here.

Then this typewriter types text into nothing, and this text flows out back there on this paper, on and on into infinity. I found it really fascinating. bright red! Art of Frightening.

That's really exciting. The hair and the wind and those looks. It's great to discover this whole new world. Sometimes it's difficult, and sometimes it's... It's not accessible either. But here I find now... sometimes you

don't really know what it's doing to you. But it does something to you. So with me now. apparently.

I really dived in there. Experienced again. Yes, you can say that. Frightened, touched, surprised. Visually it was cool. And now? Relax a bit, I would say, right? Nice.

Ljubljana has many highlights. One of them is certainly Tivoli Park, and the nice thing is that you only need to walk 10-15 minutes. You are right in the middle of this wonderful park, which stretches over five square kilometers.

And there you can really take a deep breath, walk, discover, enjoy, just sit somewhere. And there are also a few surprises. A small shadow library. The books are over there. And here are the lounge chairs.

OK, you can do that too. My left left seat is empty. I wish Uwe would come. And before the next second passes, I'm already swept along. I am a poet and I see many lights. We already have a little sunstroke, I think.

I a bigger one. It does not matter. We can't think straight anymore. But now that's really nice. I'm all for you reading a book now, read to me, and I'll just close my eyes.

Chilled out at the checkout: the chic hotel is available from 90 euros , plus a huge breakfast for 2, 30 euros. Sausage, finger food and wine: 48 euros. In addition, admissions, souvenirs and the beekeeper event 57 euros, airport and bus transfer 31 euros.

All together 255, far less than expected. Ljubljana! Oh, what a chilled, beautiful green city, and we were up there on the tower too. That was awesome. Was worth it. And this beautiful walk along the water. This beautiful calm flow that grounds everything. Yes, it's just so Mediterranean, a bit of Austria, so really really great and chilled. Can we recommend

and say addio and see you next time!

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