Living the High Life in Uganda vA 110

Living the High Life in Uganda  vA 110

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- For me, I like the kids. The kids are so funny. because they all say like, "White man, white man, white man, white man, white man, white man." And they just keep repeating it all the time. - They keep repeating it. Every time. Yeah. - White man. White man, white man, white man. - Before you hop on it, what's the best food so far you have eaten in Uganda? - In Uganda? - And it has really done good for you. - In Uganda, what...? What did I like?

Trying to hide my lack of enthusiasm for Ugandan food... - because we have what they call "Luwombo". - Luwombo? I don't know the Luwombo. Oh, no. I... What's that? - Something. Something.

- Morning, my friends. Okay. Let's go, guys. We are in Ishaka. Bye-bye. - Bye. - Bye-bye. Let's go. Bye-bye. Let's go.

Well, this should be the last video riding in Uganda. So today is a short day. 50 kilometers to Ntungamo. And in this video, we're gonna go to Kabale. 125 kilometers from here. - Stop. - Yves. - Yes. - Safe journey. - Have a good day. - Have a good day, too. - Good luck. Yeah. - Bye.

- Bye. - How are you? - Good. How are you? - I'm fine. - Fine? - You go, go, go. - Yes, yes. - Yeah? - Yes. - No, no. Go, go, go. - Ah? No, no, no. I need to go. - Yeah? Go, go. - I need to go. - Go, go.

Go, go. Yeah, yeah. No, no, no, no, no, no. - Okay, bye-bye. I don't know what the guy wanted. Did he think I was disabled, or did he want to try the bike? I don't know. So let's go to Ntungamo today, guys. Hello, hello, hello. No, I need to continue. Hello. Hello, hello, hello. - Hey, hey, hey. - Hello.

9 o'clock in the morning. Party time already. - Hello, man. - Hello, hello. Yeah.

Yeah. Steep climb out of Ishaka. Hello, hello. - Yo. - Hello. - Good luck. - Hello. - Hey. - Oh, wow. Beautiful. Look at that.

Hello, hello, hello. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Hi. - Hello, hello. - Yeah. - Where are you going? - You are a mechanic?

- Ah? - You are a mechanic? - No, but just small, small. - Yeah. - I repaired this because the thing like this to hold the bottle was broken. - Yeah. - So it was falling. - Now, it is okay. - So then I put... Now, it is okay. Yeah. - It's... Yeah. - Yes. - You are going to Ntungamo? - Yes. Nice phone. - So we... Also, we are going to Ntungamo.

- Ntungamo? Oh, okay. Good. - Yeah. - I like the way you keep your phone. - Hey. - So you can answer very fast. - Yeah. My ringtone is very low. - Ah, the tone is very low. - Yeah. - Ah, okay. - So that's why I keep it here. - Ah, okay. - Yeah.

- Good. Have a good day. Bye-bye. Since I left Ishaka, the people are so friendly. Hello, hello, hello. Hello. - Hello. - Hello, hello. - Hello. - Where to? Where to? - Where to? Kabale. - Where to? - Kabale. - Kabale? - Wait, you, you. - Cape Town. - Yeah. - Where to? - Hi. - Good.

How are you? - How are you? How are you? Yeah. - Hello, hello. - Hi. - Hello, hello. - Hello, hello. - How are you? - Yeah, yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Hello, hello, hello. Okay. - You, wait. - Okay, these ones are scared of the camera.

It's really funny, actually, because, you see, it's literally fear. Yeah, it's literally fear. They see the camera, and it's like [imitating fear]. Complete panic mode.

Oh my god. - Hello. - Hello, hello. - How are you? - Good. Good. How are you? - You are going where?

- Hey. - Hello, hello, hello. - Hello. - Hi. - Hi. - Hi. Hello. - Hello. - I go to see the grasshoppers. Look at what I found, guys. Let's leave the bike here. Oh, it's closed. Look at that. That's a proper grasshopper farm.

Let's get inside. Hopefully, they don't get mad. So... Ah, we can't see it properly. Let's see. How can I show you? Shit.

Okay, let's show you from the bottom. So, you see? This is... If you can see... Yes, so if you can see inside, do you like it? Okay, so basically, what they do is on top, they put very strong lights during the night. So it attracts the grasshoppers. It's a very, very strong light. It's similar to fishing shrimps, where they put spots, very strong spots, in the water. So here they put very strong light.

It attracts the grasshoppers to the iron sheets. Then these iron sheets somehow catch them, and then they fall, and then they put bags underneath, and they gather them, and then they send them to Kampala, where people can eat, or wherever people will eat them. Hello.

It looks almost like the Alps. Hello. Hello, hello. - Hi. - Hi. - He is fast. And look at that. A sea of papyrus. [Tries to say it correctly] "Papyrus" in French.

The plant I asked you what it was in a previous video. I think I know what it is now. It's... It's the Egyptian paper. I don't know how to say it in English. The Egyptian ancient paper. Hello, hello. Hi. - Hi. - This one, guys. Papyrus. Look at that. Papyrus. Or "papyrus" (says it in French). - Hi, how are you? - Good, good. How are you? The reed of the Nile River basically.

- Hello. - Hello. - Morning. - Morning, how are you? - Fine. - Hello, hello. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, hey. - You are going where? - Hello. Hello, hello. - You are going where?

- Yo, man. - Yeah. - Camera. This is a camera? - This is a camera. Yes. - Yeah? - Safe journey. - Thank you. Thank you. Bye-bye. - Yeah, yeah. - You are back. - Yeah. Stop, stop.

- Okay. I guess someone wants a photo break. - Yeah, yeah. - How are you? - How are you? - Hi, how are you? - Good, good, good. - Camera? - The camera is looking here now. This way. - Yeah.

- This way? - Yes. - Yes. - Yeah. - So what type of is...? - It's an electric bicycle. - Electric bicycle? - Yes. - Is this a "ng'ombe"? - Ah? - Yeah. - "Ng'ombe"? - Ay. - No. - Here, here. - Here. This one. - Yeah. - For drinking? - For drinking? - Yes. - It is computerized? - This is an engine. This is an engine. - Engine? - It's electric. Yes.

- What type of brakes do you use to stop? - I have this. Like a normal bicycle. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Brake like a bicycle. - Okay. - You can go. - I can go? - Yeah. - What is "seraf"? - Ah? - What is "seraf"? - What is what? - "Seraf". - What type of starting?

- Starting? - Oh, there is no starting. I pedal. The engine helps me. But I need to pedal all the time. It's a bicycle still. It's a bicycle. But it has an engine that helps me to go a little bit faster. - Yeah.

- You cannot remove the... - It will go behind. It is light. - This is light, light. - But you can't be tired by doing... - Oh, I get tired. Yes. - Okay, you can go. - I can go? - Yes. - Okay. Have a nice day. - Yeah. - Bye-bye.

Enjoy. - Safe journey. - Thank you, thank you. The short days are good because I can stop easily to please the people. Hi. - Hi, hi. - Hello, hello. Hello, hello. Hello. - Hello. - Hello, hello. - Hey, man.

- Look at the bananas. - Hello. - Hello. Bye-bye. Hello, hello. - Hi, hi. - Hello. - Hello, hello. - How are you?

- How are you? How are you? Good, good. It's funny, in this car, it's a group of Estonians. It's like ten Estonians. I met them at the lodge in the national park.

Hi. - Hi, hi. - Hello, hello, hello. Hello. - Hi. - Hey. - Hello, mzungu. - Hello. And I think I see my Estonian friends again. - Hello. - Hello, hello, hello. - Hello. - Look at these beautiful rocks. How are you? - Hello. - Hello. - Hello, hello. - Hi.

- How's it going, man? - How are you? - It's going well. Yeah. - We can see the bike now as well. - Yes, you can see the bike fully loaded and all in full power. - Like a tricycle. - It's a tricycle. Yeah. It's literally a tricycle.

- You're going to Bunyonyi? - Ah? - You're going to Bunyonyi? - No. I've been to Bunyonyi ten years ago, so I'm going to Ntungamo today. - Yeah. - And Kabale tomorrow. - Okay, okay, okay. - Okay.

- Okay. - Have a good day. Enjoy. - We'll see you again. - See you. - Hello. Ankole Resort. That's where I intend to go. Let's see. Let's see if I can go. Let's see if there is no party because accommodation is a very complicated matter in Uganda because...

Well, it's quite expensive in general. And in the local hotels that are not expensive I just can't go because most of the time, there are bars as well. So, they play live music, very loud music until, I don't know, one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock in the morning; so it's just impossible. I don't know why they rent rooms because you just can't sleep.

So, that's why I go to... I try to go as expensive as possible. And I hope that in expensive places, they won't put on loud music and prevent their customers from sleeping. So here I am in Ntungamo.

You have rooms here, no? - Yeah. - Okay. - Go. - It's okay. Okay. Thank you. Where is the...? Where do I go? I go right? - It's a bit down. - I go down? Okay. Thank you. Reception, it's written. So that's a mega-fancy area/place. Let's see if I can afford it, if it's not way too expensive.

There are not many people. Hi. - Yes, welcome. - Thank you. The reception is here? - Yeah, it's here. - Okay. On the right? Okay. - Yeah. - Thank you. Ah, okay. Nice. Hi. - Hi. - Do you have rooms here? - Yes. - Yes? Okay. How much is it? Okay.

Oh, single occupancy. Superior Double. 212,000. Okay. That sounds okay to me. So the cheapest you have is 200 something? - Yeah. - Okay. There is no loud music or anything? - No. - No. Okay. Can I see the room? Oh, it's this way. Okay. Thank you.

Oh, wow. Nice. It's nice. That sounds good to me. - Okay. It's one room. - One room? - Yes. - For me? - Yes. - Yes, only one room. Yeah. - Okay. - Yes. Look at that, guys. Beautiful room, you see? Like a proper hotel.

Nice desk. A very, very big bed. That's awesome. There's no mosquito net. Wow, look at that. That's fancy, guys. Awesome. My bags are here. The bathroom. Nice, clean sink with body lotion. Awesome. A clean shower.

Water heater. A very clean bathroom. Very nice. I even have a minibar. Oh, there is nothing in it. See, there is a mosquito net here. And a huge balcony. That's the beauty of the place.

Look at that, guys. The beautiful lawn. That's luxury life in Uganda, guys. It's good to have some luxury sometimes. This is a proper storm, guys. Morning, my friends, from this beautiful resort where I even had a steam bath and sauna.

Nice. No spectators this morning. Let's go, guys. Bye-bye. - Yeah. - For my last full day riding in Uganda, I'm going to Kabale. 78 kilometers and 1,000 meters of elevation gain for today. Let's go.

Hi. - Hey. - Thank you. - How are you? - Good. Good. How are you? - Fine, fine. - Bye-bye. - Bye. - Bye-bye. Hello, hello. - Hello. - Yo, man. Yo, man. - How are you? - Yeah. - Fine. How are you? - Good, good, good. - Yes, yes. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. And now, I'm back on the main road leading to Rwanda, actually.

So I guess it's gonna be a bit busier than yesterday. - Hey. - Hello. - Hey. Hey. How are you? - Yeah. How are you? - Good. How are you? - Good, good, good.

- How are you? - Good. How are you? - Okay. What is this? - It's a tricycle. - Ah, okay. - A trike. - Mzungu. - Hello, hello. - Yeah. - Hello, hello. - Hi, hello.

- Okay, guys, so I started the day with a broken spoke. It's been a while. You see, it broke here. It broke inside here. So, I guess I'll replace it. I don't know if you can ride a long time with a broken spoke or not. But I'm just gonna replace it. I have a spare.

My second broken spoke. The first one was in Bulgaria. - It's good? Hello. - Ah? Good morning. How are you? - I'm good. - Good? Yeah, I have a broken spoke. - Very sorry.

But you know how to...? - Yes, I can repair it. Yeah. - How are you, sir? - Hi. - Yeah. - How are you? - Fine. How are you? - Good. - You are good? - Ah? - You are good? - I broke a spoke. - Oh, sorry.

- So now, I guess I'll have to remove this, to access the broken part. Here it is. And here is my new spoke. What do you do when you break a spoke? What do you do? When you break a spoke. What do you do? Okay. No English, no? - Yeah.

- No. Oh, f***. I had the same problem last time. Oh, yes. Basically, there is a space between this layer and the bottom layer.

There is a small space, and if you don't put it in the hole, it goes in the space, and then it can go all around the wheel. And it's very hard to get it out again. Yes. - Morning, sir. - Morning. - Do you need some help? - No, It's okay. I'm... - It's okay. - I think I succeeded. Okay, let's say it's okay. - Yes. - Yes. - Hello. - Hello. - Yeah. - How are you? - Fine. - Good.

What do you sell? What do you sell? - Combs. - Combs? No, no, I don't need it. No, no. I don't need it. Sorry. Where are you going? Ntungamo? Ah, there.

Yes. Good job. - Yes, man. Good morning. - Good morning. - Yeah. - How are you? - I see you are busy. - Yes, I'm busy.

- Can I bring someone to help you? - No, it's okay. I can... I'm almost done. Ah, putain. Putain. Ah, putain. Putting back this wheel is always a nightmare. Oh, yes.

Yes, finally. Okay. - Mzungu. - Yes. - How are you? - Good. How are you? - I'm okay. - Good. - Yeah. What is the problem?

- I broke a spoke. - Oh, sorry. - So I replaced it. It's okay. I think I'm good. - Africa is...? - I think I'm good. Africa is good. Yes. - Yeah. - I think the bike is repaired. Ready to go again. Okay. There is someone behind? No. Okay. I'm going. Can I go, please? Okay. Can I go, please?

- Bye. - Okay. Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. Bye-bye. - You are going now. - It took some time, but in the end, I did create a big gathering. So I lost about an hour in this repair. Hello, hello, hello. - Hey. - Let's go to Kabale.

The onion section. - Wait. Wait, mzungu. - Yeah. Hello. - Hey. - A lot of pineapples.

Hello, hello. - You. How are you? - Yeah, how are you? - Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. - No, it's okay. I don't need it. No, no, I continue. - Wait, where are you going? Hello. - Hello, mzungu. - Yes. Hello.

- Yeah, hi. Hi, hi. - Hello. Hello. Hello. - Yes. - Hello. The banana trucks are the buses, also. - Hey, hey, hey.

- Hello, hello. - Yo, yo, yeah. - Someone has a serious issue here. - Hello, hello. How are you? - Hey, fine. - Good. - Hey. - Oh my god. - Hey, hey. What's going on? - I'm good. I'm good. I'm cycling.

Life is hard in Uganda. Hi. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello, mzungu. Hey. - I can't believe what I found, guys. A resort. It's just lunchtime. And they seem to have food here. Let's see.

Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - How are you? - Good. How are you? - I'm good. - Good. - Is everything okay? - Yeah, everything is okay. Yeah. - Nice meeting you and nice having you around. - Thank you.

Do you have food here? - Yes, yes, we do. - You have... So I can eat here? - Yes, yes, please. - Fantastic. Where can I...? - Maybe, we can guide you to park somewhere if you want. - I'll park on the side. Yeah. Fantastic. - This is a nice bike, man. - It's a nice bike. Yes. - Oh, it's good, so good. It's my first time seeing it.

- The first time seeing... - So, let me ask. - Ah, no, no. Yes. - You have brought this one from Kampala to here or...? - Yes, from France to here. - From France? - Yes.

- Are you serious? - Yes, I'm serious. - Oh, man. - It's a nice one. Yeah. - How fast! - Maybe, it's electronic. - It's electric. Yeah. - Oh, maybe. So how long have you taken riding this? - More than two years to come here. - Two years? - Yes. - Riding this? - I go slowly, slowly. Yeah, yes. - You have spent two years riding this? - Yes. - So this is...

Your house, your everything? - Yeah, it's good. I like it. Yes. - These are German tires. - Yes, exactly. Yeah. - I've seen it. - Oh, you know those... - Yes, yes. I do. - They're very good.

- I like riding bikes. - Ah, okay. Is it okay if I sit outside? - Yes, yes. - I prefer to be outside, so I can see the bike. Okay. - Hello, sir. - Yes, hello. How are you? - I'm good. How are you? - Good.

Do you have the menu, please? - Yeah, let me bring it to you. - Yes. Look at this beautiful resort, guys. Wow, look at this tower. Wow. That's a beautiful art. Before you is the monolith tree of life. It reflects the transcendence of everyday life and cyclic repetition of the African culture. This resort came like a gift of God on my way to Kabale.

- The menu is here. - What is available? - Buffet. - Oh. The buffet. It's already ready? - Not yet. - Oh, not yet. Do you have a salad? You have it? - Yeah. - Yeah. So, a mixed green salad.

You have it? - Yeah. - So I want one mixed green salad. Do you have the burger? - Chicken burger. - Beef burger. You have it? - Yeah, yeah. - I'll take a beef burger. - Chicken burger? - No, beef burger. - Beef burger. Okay. - Okay. And do you have cocktail juice or green juice? - Green juice. - You have it?

- Ah, it is... They prepare it from there. - Okay. It's funny that it's always complicated to order food. So which juice do you have? - Watermelon. - Watermelon? - Yeah. - Only watermelon? Okay, I'll get watermelon then. - Okay. - Thank you. - Okay. - Thank you. - Welcome. - Nice watermelon juice.

And if you can hear, they started with the... With, sadly, what is a huge downside for me in Uganda. It's the noise. It's such a noisy country. But the juice is very good. Wow. Wow, it's fast. Nice. Perfect. Oh, some stayed there. That's funny. Hm?

- Mayonnaise. - Mayonnaise. Ah, okay. It's okay. I'll just keep it. Yeah, it's okay. Thank you. Let's try the garden salad. It's a big salad. - This is your burger, sir. - Great.

Thank you. Look at that. Big, big bread. Very often, in Uganda, they like to put very thick bread. I think in Kenya, it was the same for the burgers.

- Do you need ketchup? - Oh, yes. - It is ketchup and chili. - Which one is ketchup? Which one is chili? - I have to try it first. This is not chili. - This is not chili. This is ketchup. Thank you. Full of mayonnaise.

It's okay. Okay, guys. Despite the rain, let's go to Kabale. - Hey. You are going in the rain? - Yes, I'm going in the rain. Yeah. It's okay. - You are continuing to this side? - I'm continuing to Kabale. Yes. Have a good time. Thank you. - Welcome. - Let's go.

So, actually, now, we have about 40 kilometers left. Still, 500 meters to climb. So there is a pass at 2,000 meters high. Look at these beautiful statues. Wow. So there is a pass at 2,000 meters high before Kabale.

So it's a bit chilly, especially with the rain now. Hello. Oh, there's a climb coming. Finally, it's gonna warm me up. Oh, f***. Oh, putain.

The market under the rain. - Mzungu. - Mzungu, mzungu. - Yeah. - Yeah. Oh, putain. Whoa! Oh, the lightning is big.

Oh, f***. I have puddles forming inside my jacket. And when I raise my arms, they go on my body. Oh my god, it's...

The freaking storm is just on top of me. So I don't think it's safe to ride. So I'm just gonna wait for the storm to pass a little bit. Yeah, the lightning basically is just on top of me. Just here. Okay, it seems to be a little bit quieter.

I don't know. Let's see if we can continue. Oh my god, I'm so wet. I mean, the rain... I'm not gonna avoid it. But I think the lightning has kind of passed me. I cannot say "hello" to the people on the road because it rains so much that if I raise my hands, my jacket gets full of water inside. There was a frog crossing the road. Look at that, guys. Some lovely pink pigs.

Hello, hello. Oh, you're so cute. Hi. - Hey, man. - And there's the butchery. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. How are you? - Good, good. How are you?

- Hello, hello. - Hello, hello, hello. - Yeah. - Oh, I don't like when the... F***ing hell. Don't touch the bags when I pass by. - How are you, my friend? - I'm good, yeah. But I'm not happy because they're touching the bike. (And they did damage my pannier...)

I think I'm climbing the pass that will take me up to 2,000 meters high. And just ahead, I'm a bit worried because I have a car that I insulted very, very heavily not so long ago. I don't know why they came back. They almost killed me. No, it's not the same car.

Freaking driver. Yeah, I had a car almost kill me just before. I see people. Hello. How are you? - Hey. - Hey. And we are in the clouds, guys. - Hello, mzungu. - And there are a lot of carrots here. Hello, hello, hello. - Hello. - Yeah. - Yeah. - How are you?

- Good, good. How are you? - Fine. How are you? - Good, good. I think I'm reaching the summit of the pass. I have a little shepherd with me.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Hello, hello. Hello, hello, hello. - Yeah. Oh my god. Wow. Oh my god, what a beautiful place. - Mzungu. - Hello. - Hey. - Hello, hello. - From where? - From France. - Yeah, France.

Chapati, chapati. You came for chapati. - Chapati, chapati. - Yeah. - No, it's okay. - We have some here. - Thank you, thank you. And we made it Kabale, guys. Look at this fancy petrol station. Wow. - Yeah, yeah. - Yeah.

Pineapples. - Where to? - Hello, hello. - You. - Hello, hello. Some tourists. Hello, hello. - Hello.

- Yeah. Hello. - How are you? - Good. How are you? - Where to now? - Where to? Here. - Hey. - Hello, hello. - Yeah, man.

- Okay, that's it; we reached Kabale for our last day on the road completely in Uganda. See you for the next adventures. Ciao, guys. Yeah. Yes, yes, yes, yes. (It feels weird) - I saw you on the internet. - Ah, yes. - And I was watching you yesterday. I was shocked. I was in a hotel here. It's not possible. I was watching your video.

I'm going out of the hotel — I see you. - And you see me pass by. - But it's not possible. Yesterday, I saw you in Nakuru. - Yes, yes. I am in Kenya. I have a delay. - And since then, you have come a long way.

- Yes, I did some way. Slowly. - It's been two years since I roam around Uganda. - Ah, yeah? - Two years... - Two years in Uganda. You like it. - I did some other countries. But Uganda is nice. - Uganda is nice. I liked very much Kenya and Uganda. - The north of Uganda is very interesting.

- Ah, yeah? I've never been there. - It's more authentic. - Yeah. - It's the Africa. It's very different. It's quite nice. You can't do everything. - I can't really do detours with this thing. Detours take too much time.

- I can imagine. - It's already gonna take me three months. - I saw you in Sudan, in Ethiopia. I saw you in Kenya. Kenya seems nice to me. - Kenya is awesome. I love it. - Anyway, it was a pleasure. - A pleasure, too. Yeah. - Unexpected. - It felt weird. Someone calls me in French. - Yeah, yeah. You go all the way to South Africa?

- I go all the way to South Africa. - It's been almost three years since I returned to France. - Oh yeah? - I let myself get lost. - It feels good in Africa. - When you compare, it's true that, once I returned to France... The first days are difficult. Here you have transport at any time. Everything is possible. - It's true that here, anything is possible.

At any time, you want something — you have it. - When you live around Perpignan, when you have a car... I had a car before, but when you are in Perpignan, without a car, you struggle. - Good luck. - See you again. - See you again. - Good luck. - Good luck to you, too. Bye.

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