Liverpool - Complete City Tour Guide - England Travel Advice & Tips - Bucket List Ideas!

Liverpool - Complete City Tour Guide - England Travel Advice & Tips - Bucket List Ideas!

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Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Ultimate  Bucket List, and this is your complete guide to   the city of Liverpool. Where to go, what to  do, how to get steaming drunk on a budget,   and how to have the best time of your life  here in the glorious north of England! Ladies and gentlemen; welcome  to the capital of culture!  Liverpool is one of the most historic cities in  England, and at one point was the biggest and most   important port in the world. You'll see remnants  of its former Maritime power everywhere you go in   the city. Nowadays it's a modern city of culture,  so if you're into music, art, history, sports   or just partying the night away; Liverpool's got  everything that you could possibly want and more. 

Let's have a look at a map of Liverpool, and  you'll notice that everything is contained within   this rectangle. It's very easy to get around the  city, and everything is within walking distance.   Believe it or not you could see literally  everything that Liverpool has to offer by   walking in a square, and we'll start right  here next to the water at a section of the   city called Pier Head. Where you'll find the  three most important buildings in Liverpool.   They are known as The Three Graces, and  they dominate the Liverpool skyline. 

But probably the most famous out of The Three  Graces - the Royal Liver Building. Formerly home   to the Royal Liver company it's the most famous  building in all of Liverpool and certainly it's   most recognizable. With its twin towers  and its two Liver Birds guarding the top,   this building can be seen from miles away. You  can pay for a tour of the Royal Liver Building,   admittedly some of the history can be quite  boring if you're not into that sort of thing/   But the highlights of a tour of the Royal Liver  Building is actually getting to climb up the   clock towers, looking around the inside of the  clock mechanisms, and you get these wonderful   views of the city of Liverpool from up here. The  views themselves are probably worth the price of   admission. Whilst we're up here actually let me  tell you about the story of these two Liver Birds. 

The two Liver Birds guard the city of Liverpool.  The male at the back over there, known as ‘Bertie’   watches over the inhabitants and the female  looking out at sea, known as ‘Bella’ looks after   all the sailors’. There's a superstition that  states that if these two birds were to ever leave,   the city of Liverpool will come crumbling down.  So even though these birds are made of stone and   can't move by themselves; they literally  chain them to the towers just in case!  The second of the Three Graces is known as the  Cunard Building. Traditional headquarters of   the famous Cunard cruise liners, is now home  to the British Music Experience. If you're   a big fan of British music, this interactive  display would be actually quite good. It's got  

a lot of history, musical artefacts, you  can sing and dance along if you want to,   and overall if you're a musician or somebody  who's into music - it's actually pretty good!  The third of the Three Graces is the Port of  Liverpool Building. Traditionally, this would   have been the administrative centre for the entire  Port of Liverpool. But nowadays, I believe it's   mainly offices and residences. But if you ask  security nicely - they'll actually let you into   the ground floor where you can experience some  of the wonderful architecture of this building.  

Please note that this isn't  actually a tourist attraction,   it is a working building and a working  residence, so please bear that in mind.  So outside the Three Graces you'll find  the famous statue of King Edward VII. It   provides an amazing photo opportunity  … even with a seagull on his head!  As mentioned before we're in the Pier Head area  of the city, which up until recently was a UNESCO   World Heritage Site, and when you walk around  you can literally see and feel the history at   every turn. What you'll also find at Pier Head is  the famous statue of Liverpool's most famous band:   The Beatles. You'll find Beatles  stuff everywhere around the city,  

but the statues here provide an excellent  photo opportunity. Hang on a minute,   why is that lady looking at John Lennon's butt?!?  Well, I guess there's something for everyone.  If you're a Beatles fan - you'll notice opposite  the statues the Fab4 store. Where you can buy   Beatles themed paraphernalia. But trust me,  there's better places around the city to buy that  

stuff. It's here at Pier Head that you can also  catch a boat to the Isle of Man if you want to.   And go on one of the most  famous boats in the country.  These are the Mersey Ferries and they'll  take you on a boat ride and a sightseeing   tour around Liverpool's waters. These boats  are so famous, that there's even a famous   pop song named after them. And you do get  some wonderful views of the city from here. 

You'll notice when you're walking around the city  these strange things. These are Super Lambananas,   a kind of cross between a lamb and a banana -  hence the name! But there's apparently about   125 of them dotted around the city, and this  one looks like it's been sat on quite a lot!  Once you get bored of looking at Super Lambananas,  you'll find this oddly shaped building - the   Museum of Liverpool. It's a free of charge museum  that you can go into to learn the history about   the city of Liverpool. It's actually quite  a decent exhibit and you'll get to learn a   lot about the history of the city. Especially  about the actual size of the Port of Liverpool  

which is huge! And is connected by several  railways. Inside you'll also find another   Super Lambanana. (Let me just pick the nose  of this one …. okay good, now we can go!)  On the top floor you also get this amazing window  view of the Three Grace,s so it's an excellent   photo opportunity. The city of Liverpool is named  after this thing here The Liver Bird. But it's   actually a mythical creature and people debate all  the time as to what kind of bird a Liver Bird is.   I personally believe it's a Cormorant,  which is this thing here, but a lot   of people may say different things. Once you leave the Museum of Liverpool,   you'll come across more Super  Lambananas, you know … just because?!  But you'll also notice that the super modern is  mixed with the super ancient. So everywhere you  

go around the city, you'll find old stuff  mixed together with modern architecture.   And it's pretty cool just to walk around and  experience some of the history that this city has   to offer, and then disappear into a modern eatery  and enjoy a nice drink in the sun. Everywhere   around Pier Head is very historical, and there's  lots of things to explore and take pictures of.  It's also now home to all of these ‘love locks’  that adorn most of the dock. So very similar to   what you'll find in Paris; people declare their  undying love, lock it up and literally throw the   keys into the River Mersey. And you'll find this  pretty much all the way along the docks here. 

Whilst we're speaking of docks, Liverpool is home  to some very famous docks. The Prince’s Dock,   the King's Dock, but possibly the most  important and most famous of them all   is this one - the Royal Albert Dock. Traditionally this is the place where   all the goods would enter from overseas,  and this particular dock was known as the   fastest dock in the world. With goods and  services being exchanged at three times   the speed of any other dock in the world. It is  effectively the 1800’s version of Amazon Prime.  And it's here at the Royal Albert Dock that  you'll find the Tate Modern, which is a modern art   gallery. Modern art is generally not my thing, so  I've only ever been in this one time. It's a nice  

place to walk around and just feel the history.  You'll come across some very quaint looking shops   that'll sell you various trinkets and traditional  things like English toffee and English sweets.   You'll also find places that will serve World  Famous Fish and Chips, and it's nice to just   walk around have a look at the boats and have a  look at the architecture of this historic dock.  It's also home to The Beatles Story. So  if you're a fan of the “Fabulous 4” this   is the main Beatles attraction here in the  city. It definitely comes highly recommended   especially if you're into the Beatles. But across the way from the Royal Albert  

Dock you'll find this giant white monstrosity.  This is known as the Wheel of Liverpool. It's   basically a big giant Ferris wheel is nowhere near  as big as some of the other ones that you'll find   in the world, but if you're a tourist and you  kind of want to go on it it's definitely worth   a go. Me personally, I've never ridden this thing  before, but apparently it does come recommended.   The one thing that I do recommend that you see  though is this grey building right next to it. 

This is none other than the M&S Bank  Arena. this is the modern concert venue   of the city of Liverpool. Where you can  catch music concerts, shows, performances,   live sports such as boxing, it's definitely  a nice venue to take in all of that stuff. 

But if you walk down the street from the M&S Bank  Arena you'll eventually come across an area known   as the Baltic Triangle. Now on first instance,  it looks kind of like a bit of a ghetto. With   graffiti everywhere and wall art. The buildings  are a little bit rough and even the coffee shops   are a little bit quirky. They are called ‘caffeine  dealers’ around here for some reason? But that's   what makes this place cool. It's just a little bit  ‘out there’, and it's definitely worth exploring. 

This is especially the case at the old Cain’s  Brewery. The best way to describe this place, is   that it's like a theme park - but for alcoholics!  So literally everywhere around the former brewery,   you'll find lots of drinkeries, lots of themed  bars. There's even a Peaky Blinders themed bar   around here, it looks pretty authentic and it's  very popular with hen do’s like this one over   here. But overall at every corner you'll find a  great place to drink, hang out and party. And the  

prices for alcohol here are cheap - very cheap! You can even do fun activities whilst drinking   yourself to death, such as play Crazy Golf in the  quirkiest mini golf course that you'll ever see.   So you can play golf at the set of Jeremy Kyle, in  the middle of a toilet, in a carnival, on the side   of a disused plane. It's all very cool especially  if you're with a group of friends - trying to play   golf whilst your stone drunk is a lot of fun!  And this man is currently committing a felony?!  But once you leave the Baltic Triangle  and walk north, you'll probably come   across the stone lions,. and the sides  magically turn from English to Chinese.   That's when you know that you're in Liverpool  Chinatown. This is the oldest Chinatown in   all of Europe, and where the first Chinese  immigrants settled when they came to Europe.   Admittedly it's not the biggest or most  exciting Chinatown in the world. You'll  

probably see all of this in about five minutes  or less, but it's definitely worth exploring   anyway. Even the parking meters are Chinese?!  This video is not sponsored by a Wong Lo Kat!  Once you exit Chinatown you'll come  across the longest Cathedral in the world.   This is Liverpool Cathedral and from the outside,  it's super imposing! I mean look at this place,   it looks like the Tower of Mordor! And when you  walk into the entrance the size of the place just   hits you. This place is massive, almost to the  point where it's scary. And when you walk inside   well that's when you'll notice all of this … It's like something out of a movie. It   definitely is worth having a look at,  especially given that the entry fee is free.  

I particularly like this sign here: “I felt you  and I know you loved me” which is very very nice.   Take some time to explore this place because  in all of its, splendour - it is amazing.  If you find that's a little bit overwhelming,  visit the Lady Chapel on the side of the   Cathedral here. It's definitely smaller  than the main part of the Cathedral,   but it's definitely worth looking at. It's  also the place where you'll come to write in   the book of condolence for our dearly departed  Queen. Rest in peace ma’am, we love you dearly!   Officially this is the fifth largest  Cathedral in all of the world and is   the second largest Anglican Cathedral in  the country after Saint Paul's in London. 

But believe it or not Liverpool isn't home to  just one Cathedral, it's home to two. Because   down the street from Liverpool Cathedral is the  similarly named Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.   It's more colloquially known as ‘Paddy's Wigwam’,   mainly because it kind of looks like a wigwam.  And this is the Catholic Cathedral in the city.   Unlike most Cathedrals that you'll ever come  across, this one is super modern. With a super   modern layout and even the bells are exposed  to the elements, which I think is pretty cool.   And when you walk inside (entry is free,  of course) you'll come across the most neon   looking church that you'll ever see in your life.  With this circular layout, neon lights, it's all  

very night clubby. But you're in a church?! Currently you'll notice that big long queue   over there. Apparently the relics of Saint  Bernadette are here in Liverpool as part of   a tour. And the queue to see her remains  are pretty massive. So if you do want to   touch the ribs of Saint Bernadette, they'll  be guarded by these two tough looking women.  

But all jokes aside, if you want to say a prayer  here you're most certainly welcome to do that.  Around this section of the city you'll find  lots of outdoor eateries, the Liverpool   Philharmonic Orchestra also plays here. That's  a decent night if you like classical music.   But if you ever get lost here  in the city of Liverpool,   look up! Because you'll most likely  see this thing - the Radio City Tower.   It’s primarily used as a transmission tower for  Radio City, but it also denotes the middle of   the city centre. So, if you're ever lost walk  towards the tower and you'll be lost no more. 

It's attached to St John's shopping centre and  around here you'll also find Clayton Square   shopping centre and two of the main train  stations: Liverpool Central and Liverpool   Lime Street. Right next to those, you'll  find world famous Saint George's Hall.   It's a Grade One listed building, that nowadays  is used for things like weddings, conferences,   business meetings, etc. It's definitely worth  looking around purely just for the architecture.  You'll also find across the street the  famous Empire Theatre. The main theatre  

here in the city of Liverpool. Oooh  Swan Lake is playing - I love that!  Opposite the way you'll also  find the Walker Art Gallery,   which is a lovely free of charge art gallery  that you can explore some very fabulous art.   You'll also come across the Central Library.  Nothing exciting here, it's a library. And you'll also come across the World  Museum where you can find literally   everything from dinosaurs to Daleks … for  some reason? And everything in between.   It's definitely worth a couple of hours to  explore this area around Saint George's Hall.  

As we've almost finished walking in a big  giant rectangle, you'll come across the larger   shopping district right here in the middle. This is Liverpool One, and it's not just one   shopping centre. It's several that's kind of  merged together. You've got a mixture of indoor   and outdoor shopping outlets, malls, eateries -  it's kind of like a maze but I guess that's half   the fun?! There's something different at every  turn, and you can easily spend an afternoon here   just at Liverpool One. Everton Two, Liverpool One  - you got to love the humour of the Evertonians! 

And around here this is home to the best  cuisine in the city, and you can literally   find everything that you want in terms of  food and the prices aren't too bad either.   Liverpool is famous for its live music,  and everywhere you go around the city   there's somebody always playing something  live. But if you want actual entertainment   there's only one place that you'll need to  go here in Liverpool: the Cavern Quarter.  This is home to some of the best live music  venues in the country, it's very popular with   things like hen and stag parties, and there's  no shortage of places where you can eat drink   and be merry. But there's one place that's  more famous than all the others combined.   This is the famous Cavern Club, a venue where most  of the world's most famous musicians have played   gigs here. It's incredibly popular but it's also  incredibly small. So getting in it especially here  

on a Saturday night, is damn near impossible. If  you do manage to get in, good for you, but at the   time of filming this it was Saturday night, and  it was damn near impossible to get in the place.  I decided to walk down the Cavern Quarter  anyway, where you'll find the famous Wall   of Fame. These are the musicians  that have performed on this street,   and boy there's a lot of household names  here. A nice alternative is this place right   here the Cavern Pub, which is literally  across the street from the Cavern Club.  

It's definitely a lot more roomier in here and  the music is definitely top drawer. People here   really like to have the time of our lives in this  pub, and I can attest that the atmosphere in here   is pretty damn good. You'll also find musical  paraphernalia in this pub and … hey fellas,   how you doing, all right?! Hahaha. You'll find live music venues everywhere  

in the city but the most exciting ones  are right here at the Cavern Quarter.   As I mentioned earlier Liverpool is a very  walkable city, and you don't need public transport   in order to get around all these attractions. There are two attractions that you possibly do   need public transport for, and that's if you're  visiting the two famous football teams that play   in the Northeast side of the city. Goodison  Park which is home to Everton Football Club,   and their arch rivals Liverpool Football Club, who  play literally across the park at Anfield stadium.   If you're interested in visiting these  two check out my Stadium Tours here,   or at this Liverpool Match Day Guide here. Overall guys, I think you'll love the city   of Liverpool. If you follow this guide you'll  know exactly what attractions to look out for,  

and you'll never get lost. It  really is an easy to navigate city.  Okay Ninh, I'm sold - what do I need to do? Well you need to come here to the city of   Liverpool. If you're flying in, the nearest  airport is Liverpool John Lennon airport. But   for bigger transatlantic flights, you'll  probably need to fly into Manchester   International and take a train in. Speaking  of trains, the city is very well connected it  

has several train stations, but the three main  ones are Moorfields, Central and Lime Street.  When you're in the city you don't need things  like buses or trams to get you anywhere,   because everything is within  walking distance of each other,   and it's a very walkable flat city. So you don't  need to climb any hills or anything like that.  As mentioned earlier the only time you'll need  public transport is if you're watching the   football at either Goodison Park or Anfield. If you're driving here, parking in the city  

centre can be quite expensive. So usually what  I do, is I park in an all-day car park for about   £3 on the edge of the city and just walk in. The cost? Well believe it or not, most of the   attractions I've stated in this video are FREE! So  if you're looking for a cost-effective city break,   Liverpool is definitely right up there. The  food and drink prices are actually pretty   reasonable as well, especially if you go to the  Baltic Triangle where alcohol is cheap as hell.  The only expensive thing that you'll be paying  for is if you go to watch the football. The   ticket prices can be quite steep, but other than  that it's a very cost effective city to visit. 

If you're looking for a place to stay,  anywhere within the city centre is fine.   Because everything's within walking distance  and the hotel prices are reasonable enough.  Is there anything else I need to know? Yes, whilst Liverpool City Centre is generally   considered safe, every area around it is not,  particularly at night. So, if you're wandering  

around at night, stick to the touristy places and  I think you'll be absolutely fine. Please don't   venture into any residential areas particularly  at night, because then you're asking for trouble.  Speaking of trouble, whenever the football  is playing in the city you'll notice that the   city gets incredibly busy. So be prepared  to queue a lot more, be prepared to pay a  

little bit more for food and drink, and also  be prepared for any kind of crowd violence   as it's been known to happen here in Liverpool. So guys if you have enjoyed this Liverpool guide,   please be sure to like, share and subscribe.  If you've got any questions, ask them in the   comment section below - I'll try my best  to answer them as quick as possible. And if   you've got any other bucket list ideas - tweet  them at me. And If I get enough suggestions.  

I'll probably make a video about it. But thanks very much for watching and   we'll see you in the next episode! Ninh Ly - - @NinhLyUK

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