Kyushu touring day 2.with NT1100.October 15, 2023.Kanmon Straits, Kumamoto Castle, Amakusa Edition

Kyushu touring day 2.with NT1100.October 15, 2023.Kanmon Straits, Kumamoto Castle, Amakusa Edition

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Kanmon Bridge Kumamoto Castle Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture Kanmon Bridge Kumamoto Castle Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture Today's mileage is 448.4 km Good morning. In the evening, we stopped at Itsukushima Shrine and then stayed overnight in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Today we are traveling from Kyushu and Honshu. I'm going to cross over to Kyushu.So

I 'm thinking of going to Amakusa via Amakusa Kumamoto Castle, so it's 351km to Kumamoto Castle.I think today will be a fairly long journey, over 400km, so take your time and don't rush . I'm going for a run. Safe driving is my top priority, so it's pretty warm during the day. It's

warmer than I expected, so I ended up taking off the inner layer of my pants. I also took off one layer of the inner layer of my jacket. Well, I won't go until midsummer, but right now it's a nice season, so it's hot . None.Not cold.Currently the temperature is 17 degrees Celsius.It 's Sunday, the 15th.I'll

stop by Kumamoto Castle today, and then spend the night in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture.Well , that's how I passed Iwakuni IC.Now I'm heading towards Kitakyushu. The engine is in great

condition.It's running very well.The fuel consumption is also quite good.It's

running at an average of 24.2 km/h.It's around liters , so the fuel consumption is pretty good.It 's regular gasoline, so things like this are very helpful.Also . Haneko's Auto Cruise was much easier to use than I expected.I

didn't really appreciate it because I didn't ride at high speeds until now, but this time, when I used high speeds to travel long distances like this, it was really easy. Well, it would be better if it had automatic tracking, but even without it, there is no particular problem.It looks good.The temperature is currently 14 degrees Celsius.It

's still cold in the morning.Well , after 7 o'clock and around 8 o'clock, the sun comes out and it gets warm. I think it's going to get warmer. The sun has come out. It's about to peek out from the mountains.

Then it'll probably get warmer. I'm autocruising at 100 km/h , and the conditions are amazing . There are cars in front and behind me. There aren't any people there, so I could just let go of my hands and go.It 's that kind of atmosphere.There's

a haze over the mountains.It's hazy in the morning.I have a feeling that today will be a good day.I'm

so happy. I'm going touring in Kyushu for the first time in 40 years.I think the last time I rode a GPZ750 to Ibusuki was when I was about 24 or 25 years old.I'm planning to follow almost the same route this time, so I'm going to take it slow. It's slower than back then, though the pace is about twice as different.

Back then, I didn't stay in a hotel, I camped out, and I covered about 500km a day, which is twice the distance I do now. I traveled from Aso to Kochi, and rode through the night. It's crazy because I just ran back home . (lol) On the way to the ferry, there was the Sukumo-Saeki ferry, which took about 2 hours, and I remember going back non-stop from Kumamoto Prefecture to Kochi Prefecture.Well, I remember going from Ibusuki to Miyazaki. So I went to Takachiho Gorge and

was already doing something crazy. (Laughs) Well , I was able to do it because I was young.The fog came out.Visibility was a bit poor, but it's 7 o'clock in the morning, so I can't see it at all.It's amazing.It

's so foggy.It 's amazing.Wind. The shield and helmet are all white now, so I have to wipe them off somewhere in the parking area.It's really bad.I'm

trying it out.There's a bit of wind around here. It's coming, there's no wind here anymore . There 's almost no wind around my wrist anymore . When it comes to this much , it suddenly feels like this. This is what it feels like here. Let's go. Same thing on the right. From here on up,

it's completely protected. By the way, the window shield is a little above the middle. It's great. This window protection doesn't feel cold at all.

It's currently 16 degrees Celsius, but it's almost windy. It wasn't coming, so I took off all my innerwear, top and bottom, but I wasn't cold at all.It was a very comfortable ride.I wonder if it's the police! Well, I rode like that for about an hour, then took a break.The good thing about this motorcycle is that it runs on regular gasoline, so it has good fuel efficiency, and this window protection is amazing.Also, it's

around 17 inches long. The tires are well-balanced, so it's stable even when riding at high speeds, and even when going on winding roads, the turns are fluttering, so you can drive into sharp corners.Well , there's nothing to say, I don't feel like riding on-road or off-road. If you want to ride an Africa Twin, it's the Africa Twin, but I wonder how many Japanese people can drive an Africa Twin off-road.Well, I'll

take a break here for a while.We'll soon reach the Kanmon Strait . I discovered that there is a tour mode and an urban mode.Also, there is a clear difference between rain mode and rain mode, as the throttle response becomes very gentle, especially in the low speed range, especially in the city. I understand, I actually thought that there wouldn't be much of a difference between urban mode and tour mode when I turned it on , but at low speeds, there's almost no difference.However, when riding on a highway or something like that,

the response to the accelerator from the mid-speed range The responsiveness is completely different between tour mode and urban mode.The high-speed range is medium-high speed, but when you turn the throttle all at once, in urban mode it accelerates quite rapidly, but it's still relatively fast. When I accelerate at medium to high speeds in gentle tour mode, I quickly reach the red zone.Well , this was a big discovery.However, today we were blessed with really nice weather.It

seems like the weather has been nice for the past week, so it's called a sunny autumn day. I must say, it's mid-October, so if you go to that mountain, you can see the autumn leaves, so it's a nice season. The Shimonoseki Kanmon Bridge is coming soon. Is it the Shimonoseki Kanmon Tunnel? I want to cross the bridge, but it's not a tunnel. I wonder what it's going to be like. They say it's the exit of the Kanmon Tunnel. I

want to cross the bridge at the exit , so it doesn't matter. Let's go as far as we can. Dan-no-ura. Let's take a break in the parking area.It's just right.Dan-no-ura This is where the Heike and Genji fought a long time ago, and the Heike lost.Dan-no-ura parking areaYou should already be able to see Kyushu from here.We're

finally one step closer to Kyushu, and this is what it looks like here. I've traveled 167km so far. It was raining on the way, so I was wondering what would happen, but I'm glad it didn't rain heavily. Is

there a place where I can park my bike? Should I park here? Kanmon Kaikyo Bridge, which connects Honshu and Kyushu. I'm looking at it from below Now, I'm crossing to Kyushu . It's the Kanmon Ohashi Bridge. Once you cross this, you'll be in Kyushu. After entering Kyushu, it 's 187 km to Kumamoto Aso.

Well, it takes about 2 hours. The parking area from earlier, that Dan-no -ura parking area. I ate some soba noodles, so I'm okay with my stomach for the time being.I've already crossed the river.This is Moji Port.The traffic in Kitakyushu City has suddenly increased.It looks like I'll be arriving at Kumamoto Castle soon.It's

only about 1km away, which is quite a long way.So far, it's about I've driven 360km from Iwakuni , and it's currently 2:03pm.I took a lot of time to eat and rest on the way in the afternoon , so if I manage to get there around 2pm, I think I'll be able to walk around Kumamoto Castle for about an hour, so I 'll see you next time . I wonder if I can show you around, but haha, the wind is already nice. It's Kumamoto Castle. I

'm a student on a school trip. It looks like it's going to be fun. The large tree on the left is a camphor tree. It's

27 meters tall, estimated to be 600 years old, and has a trunk circumference of 6.85 meters. Even though it's mid-October, the rice is very green and ripe. What does that mean? Are they making a second season? I'm a little surprised. Kumamoto is amazing. over here.

Normally, the rice loan would have ended long ago , so it might be a second crop. No, but the scenery is a little unbelievable . Anyway, it was after 4 o'clock when we left Kumamoto Castle, and we probably won't arrive in Amakusa until after 6 o'clock, so it looks like it will take us about 2 hours to get from Kumamoto Castle to Amakusa City. It also runs 80km on a lower road. It seems that there are no high speeds in the direction of Amakusa, so I 'm driving on a loose lower road, so I don't have any sense of the area, and I don't understand the situation at all. It's definitely going to be around 6 o'clock, so I 'll have to take a break after running for about an hour on the way, so I think it's probably best to arrive around sunset.

I don't really understand. I don't have dinner tonight either, so I didn't make a reservation, so I have to eat somewhere, so I'm thinking about that as I run. see you. It runs along the coastline.

It's very beautiful. The setting sun is setting in the sky, so it's a little dazzling, but you can see a beautiful view. It's 5:17 now , one hour left. There are still 52km left to reach the destination. I've come a little more than a third of the way, about halfway.

I think it probably won't be too crowded from here on out, so I guess we'll arrive in about an hour. It was a really long trip today. I'll measure the distance later, but I've traveled about 400km so far, so I think I'll be traveling about 450km in total .

I'm getting pretty tired. Yesterday I ate by 5 o'clock and went to bed at the hotel, so that won't be the case today, so it's a bit difficult. I think I can take it easy tomorrow. see you. I've crossed many small islands.

I do not know it. I haven't entered Amakusa City yet. I'm moving around the island.

What's going on? There is another island after this. As expected. Cross the bridge again. What's going on? I have no idea. Even so, I was tired. Today was a really tiring day. I should have reserved dinner at the hotel.

I regret it. It must be really painful to have to check into the hotel and go out to eat . It can not be helped. There are a lot of islands. I don't understand. It's the bridge again. (Laughs) Where on earth am I running? (Laughs) I have no idea. What's going on? It will arrive soon.

Well, that's it for today. Thank you for your hard work. Today's mileage was 448.7km Thank you for watching.

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