Kupiłem BMW M3 TOURING! | Nissan GTR wydanie nagrody! Poznajcie zwycięzców!

Kupiłem BMW M3 TOURING! | Nissan GTR wydanie nagrody! Poznajcie zwycięzców!

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Hi, we’ve been gone for some time. But we’re coming back, here we are. We’ve been gone due to some events, which you often simply can’t control. The dog broke, had to carry it.

The Editor had to show himself to his wife - after editing the video on wedding day. Eye inflammation got the best of me, I looked like a mole. But if we’re coming back, we bring something cool with us. I patiently waited for the Touring version of the M3 and it’s finally here. That’s not all, in today’s video we’re gonna modify said M3, right after taking delivery of it from the dealer.

In the second part of the video, because we decided to merge two into one… I’ll introduce you the people who stole your car. I mean introducing the winners of the Nissan GTR. Let’s not prolong and begin! A few weeks earlier What’s up, homies! I warmly welcome you in the video, which is… Right, I recently remembered how I was getting started on YouTube, a few years ago. And I used to record just the way I do now. Just you and me, holding the camera. As if simply talking to you.

I thought it’s been quite some time since I last did it, because we constantly used drones, had camera operators. It definitely looked a lot more like a movie, than a vlog. Here, I drifted off in beginning, with what I now rate to be a chatter way too long. To shorten it down, on October 11th - 6 months ago - I ordered a Touring (Turk) BMW M3.

My standing and talking to the camera takes place on the day of taking delivery of it. But that was meant to be a short, so let's begin. Intro, now. Today, you’re to expect more than just taking delivery from the dealership. By the way, I recorded these in a thousand different ways. It’s been some time since I recorded it with just my hand.

My loves, further down the video, we’re gonna mistreat the car, of course. Maybe we’ll also decide on changing something about the car. I’ll try to bring it all into a single video. To fully cover the topic of the Touring. I say it like it is, my loves.

That’s because I buy these cars, instead of renting some press cars. If I don’t like the car, I’ll openly tell you about it. I’ll openly tell you about the downsides of that car as well. I’ll openly tell you about it right now and why I’m buying the car. And what’s wrong even now, at this moment. My loves, I’m buying it because the M4 we had until now, was just so durable.

Everything in that car deserves a huge chapeau bas to BMW. It’s a true achievement – especially with today’s norms – to release such a foolproof car. It’s really hard to find something this sturdy from the competition. Something driving so well and finished so well. Compared with the new M3 and M4.

What’s wrong then? I ordered it on my birthday, October 11th 2022, like I said. It was said that, the car will be ready by January, February tops. Later, the delivery was moved to March. The reality is that, we’re picking it up now. In the middle of May. Which I don’t like already, because I expected to have that car since January.

But, this is the current reality on the new car market. Which means there's nothing to be picky about here. I could have resigned all that time and choose the competitors, of course. Why did I wait so long and why could I have it so much earlier? I’ll tell you about it at the dealership. We’re headed to M-Cars in Cracow. Speaking of the dealership we’re at right now, there’s a cool story about it, which I’ll tell you in a second.

I was meant to do it now, but just look what I see. It’s the first time I see this very controversial car in person. It’s been really loud about it on TikTok recently.

I’ll tell you, this is probably the most controversial front of a BMW in history. If not one of the most controversial fronts in the history of automotive industry. Besides the Multipla. Anyway, even the wheel is quite controversial. My loves, this whole car – I don’t know what you think – but it brings me really mixed feelings.

The sideline reminds of the Toyota RAV4. But the front alone, I’ll tell you honestly… I don’t even know what to say. I can’t call it ugly, but on the other hand, I don’t like it too much. I leave it up to you to decide. Anyway, let’s head inside.

-Hi, I’m walking in with a camera right at the start. -What’s up. -Hello, welcome very much. -I welcome the person responsible for this whole turmoil. Please follow, ladies and gentlemen.

Krzysztof, I wanted to tell you a fun fact right at the start. And by doing so, also tell it to my viewers. A few years ago, when I was a telemarketing consultant, what happened then? -I remember that, you’d get inside of the cars here at the dealership. -Yeah?

Inside one of them, you said something like: You wish to own this car one day. You wished to buy a brand new car from the BMW dealership. Yes, now the further part of said fun fact. We took that car for a drive with Marcin R., I think he still works for you? He does, yeah.

We took it for a test drive. I later told him that, I was interested in it. But the reality was that, I couldn’t afford it and I stopped picking up his calls. It happens so, what can I do?! That’s life! Such clients sometimes happen. Today is the day when we’re picking up the M3 from the saloon. Yeah and let’s keep with that. (Bless you!)

Once you see the car, I’m 100% certain it’s gonna be worth the wait. Right, my loves. I told you in the beginning that, we had to wait a bit longer for the M3. But we had to wait a bit longer because: The Touring M3’s were already released. But none of them were the Touring M3’s with these carbon seats, which are so distinctive.

On top of it all, we got the individual paintjob. We could have resigned from these two things and the car would have been ready two or three months ago. But the question was, would we have been happy about taking a Touring M3, without these two, amazing features. Here, we got the ceramic brakes system, individual paintjob and on top of it, these carbon fiber seats. Also, the car is equipped with the additional M-Performance package.

How many carbon fiber parts are there? 15 at least, the list of additional M-Performance parts was quite lavish. Speaking of the options, opulence is apparent, right? Like they shortly say: Full. Very well. Really, it’s been hard to add anything more. I don’t know if there’d been an option you could add. I know of one option you asked me about, but it can’t be added – the towing hook.

Can’t be ordered. But it can be added later, right? We’re gonna use the M3 to tow a Huracan. Alright, let’s not prolong then and we’re back in the hand. We’re going with Krzysztof to pick up the M3.

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It’s been some time since I last went through this, Krzysztof. I did what I could! You gave me a bow in the middle of it! -There it is! -It’s a gift! -Do you know I ordered it on my birthday? -No, I didn’t. -When we sat here, October 11th. -Sorry for not wishing you Happy Birthday that day. -Easy. -But I surely congratulated you on buying a nice car.

I therefore thank you for the bow. Who removes it, me or you? Let it be you, I got to record it. Well… I’ll tell you what, it’s f**ing doped up, just like the Licheń Basilica.

It truly is upright. -It doesn’t suit you to curse as the seller, but dude. I’m allowed to, so I’ll go for it. -Do it. Oh f**k. That’s the first time I see this car, promise.

I haven’t seen it, despite it being here for a few days already. Namely, this part right here from M-Performance is in my opinion mandatory, when buying a Touring M3. It widened the car to me so much here.

Also the rear diffuser, with such a carbon fiber air guide. Splendid! My loves, I got to confess that, I really struggled with the license plates for this car. I thought about individual plates, but ended up with KK 81 and three sevens. The same three sevens as right here. We managed to get it done, my loves. I’m pretty happy about it, because instead of some individual ones, I got such plates with 7’s.

I’ll tell you, the looks of this car… Look how even here we got the carbon fiber. It looks really well. The front is beautiful too, check it here – all elegant here, elegant there. You know, after some time, these beavers at the front blended into the general liking.

They look better and better now. And the Touring’s interior. I’ll tell you, the configuration used here, the individual interior… It smells like inside of each new BMW. On top of that, the new screens present here. It looks really extravagantly. Tell you, the connection of this white and black leather – dope.

See, it’s white in here too. It’s been some time since I last conducted a car delivery from my hand. Honestly speaking, I missed it. That’s because I saw this car for the first time now and I can freely tell you, how I reacted to its looks. You’ve gotten more of my authentic reaction to seeing this car for the first time and… Splendor. Surely, everyone’s mostly interested, at least I’m mostly interested in… How roomy is the trunk? The answer is: It’s pretty good.

It’s okay. And we can do this. This is the most beautiful part of the trunk. Like the E36, over 20 years ago. Indifferently, the glass opens up separately.

The operator sits here and leans out, being able to record. In the controlled environment, of course. Such stuff can’t be done on public roads. A small gift from us. Oh, this may be handed to Grażyna. Thank you very much.

-Hold on, 2000 kilometers is the engine break-in period? -Exactly, yeah. Do you recognize the term of “aggressive break-in”? You may try it out, we’ll see how it does. Right, we’ll see about the warranty if it doesn’t. This is the same smell of an M, just like the one I sat in back then. Can’t be imitated.

The whole new display. I’ll shortly tell you how to navigate it. -Once you click here… -Oh s**t. It’s like some… Yeah, a lot happening here. -BMW never had so much happening in here, before. -Nope, it’s like an Android tablet.

One may get a bit lost. The first thing that’s gonna interest you is the drift analyzer and the M Laptimer. Yeah, I’ll collect stars.

Here, Krzysiek shows functions, one after another. There's plenty of it, so I'll move to a chosen one, which I think is amazing. It’s about having an option to record with all the camera’s built into the car. If you’d like, for example: A motorcyclist hit your mirror and ran away. When you press down the Cam button, we gotta start it up for a second, to do this.

It’s gonna be the first start up. Like an M. Once you press down the camera button, it starts from 20 seconds ago.

Oh okay, it kept the last 20 seconds. Yes, came back. And now it records for another 20 seconds.

That’s f**ing amazing. Grandma! That’s f**ing delicious! Can I look it up here, now? You’ll see it in a second. Dude, something happens on our way, we don’t have it recorded for the video – you click it and there it is! And can you export it onto PC? Yeah, there’s export recording. Now most importantly, the possibility of disengaging 4WD, thus changing into RWD. -Exactly. The most important part, you first need to turn this off. -Turn the traction control off. We now got the rear-wheel drive M, get it? This is it, the most beautiful thing we can get here.

We got it with rear-wheel drive, we can do a roundabout, visit a track and so on, and so on. You could always do that with an M, but during the winter: One button… -And you’re driving to buy groceries, all happy. -With 4WD. -Right. If you already told me about everything, at least the most important things… Because the rest is the same with the predecessors… We’re not gonna prolong and exit the dealership to see what the individual paintjob looks like under daylight, direct sun.

And we got the last minutes of the sun, so it’s time to get out. You know what? It’s windy, so I won’t speak much, it’s simply gonna sound badly. But I’m satisfied with the purchase. At least now, when I’m leaving the dealership. What comes later? We’ll find out in the further part of the video.

Because taking delivery of it was just the introduction. So if you aren’t subscribed yet, subscribe to the channel. We’re headed at 2 million! Stop by my Instagram if you aren’t there already! And we keep going with the video. So, what? Tiny headbutt, then. We got the first test behind us.

As always, we’re leaving the dealership with an empty tank. I always criticize it, but there’s one justification for it. What if they filled up your tanks… You’d drive two kilometers from the dealership and your engine died. Later, during the expertise, they’d tell you about the low quality fuel and void your warranty. You could blame the dealership then, but this way, the dealership is safe.

To me that’s so-so, because Rolls Royce for example, hands out cars fully tanked. But therefore, we got the first test behind us – the Touring M3’s got a 55 liter fuel tank. It could actually have a 60 liter one, as they likely poured in 5 liters from the canister, so I could drive out. It’s 60 liters then. Oh damn, look what they put here. What is this? BMW digital key.

Oh, you put it into your wallet and open your car by touching it. Instead of the key, nice. -Looks nice, right? -Premium. Now, that’s an upside of so-called handheld vlogs. Because I simply got time to talk about such stuff during the video… Instead of constant need for action, action and action.

The first driving impressions are really positive. The car’s interior pleases the eye while driving, which is finally something new at BMW. Anyhow, we’ll have time to focus on the driving part.

A statutory hour has passed since taking delivery of the car… When I remembered the words of the BMW employee. -Hold on, 2000 kilometers is the engine break-in period? -Exactly, yeah. Exactly, yeah.

It is what it is. That’s half throttle anyway. I tried the maneuver again, to make sure the car’s void of factory flaws. It’s all good. Listen up, I stayed inside until night, clicking all the multimedia and other additional functions. A day after day passes, two of them, to be exact – Saturday and Sunday – Monday has come.

First modifications These two days are absolutely enough. Two days with a stock exhaust and I already felt pain here, major discomfort. States of depression, fear. I couldn’t sleep at night, couldn’t sleep in the morning. And that’s how we made it to MG Motorsport, this beautiful Monday.

And that’s how the M3 has gotten here as well. Which at first glance, at least from the front, hasn’t changed much. -But once we climb underneath it and introduce this gentleman here, welcome very much to Michał. -Hello, welcome. Then, my loves, firstly we’re gonna see it looks completely different. And secondly, the exhaust is louder.

Which is void of metallic sounds. Exactly, it’s got more bass to itself. That’s the whole idea of making this exhaust, so it doesn’t buzz like each M.

It’s always the biggest pain, how the M’s buzz. The M3 CS, where you did the exhaust, wasn’t metallic. That’s how M3 CS sounded Nor is it metallic here. Tell us, how is it done?

That’s a sort of patent of ours, the one you’ve gotten in the CS. Translated from this model, because we came up with it for this one at first. We got the H-pipe moved, which is for pressure equalization, between the left and right sides. Until the very end, the pipe right here. -So thanks to this pipe, we equalize the length of the left and right exhaust? -The pressure. -The pressure? -The pressure, yes.

-Alright. Thanks to that, we get rid of that biggest pain? -Yes, exactly. It’s done really neatly here and the car is much louder. But what’s very important and I wanted it done a lot, telling about it to Michał… I wanted the exhaust valves to be steered from the factory button, not having an additional remote. Yes, exactly. We got our valves here, which are operated with the factory motors, which is connected to the factory steering.

-Alright. -It all works like from the factory. Let’s bring it down then, show how well the new carbon fiber exhaust tips match the diffuser. Because we had these small pipes here – as you see right now – didn’t match at all.

-Let’s do the most important – see how it talks. -Exactly. -What’s interesting, it’s still locked. -Yes. -It’s gonna be louder. -A bit louder. Alright. Now that we’re on the ground, these catch your attention immediately. They’re considerably bigger now, a bit more extended and fill the diffuser up nicely.

Stay there with the camera and let’s see how it talks. -It talks. -It does, it does. Very nice. Cool how it doesn’t have that ugly metallic sound. Yeah, lower notes.

If an M’s got low notes, it means you did a great job. Nah, now it’s simply lit. The car should leave the dealership like this. -Anyway, I think the older M’s until like 2016, left the dealerships like that? -Yes. They killed them all after that. After that, you gotta leave the dealership, come over to MG and then have it like leaving the saloon before.

Exactly. We’ll just change the plates for you and you’re free to go. The further part of the recordings has to be pushed into the future. There are a few reasons. For example, the fact that the car came out to be power limited by 30% before the first check up, after the break-in.

It can only be done after the first 2000 kilometers. So I drive it everywhere possible, gaining kilometers, one after another. And there it is – an oil change both in the differential and the engine. They unlock the power and the differential lock of rear wheels. A few weeks later Because of a few weeks having passed, it’d be appropriate to hand out the GTR to the guy who won it.

What this means is, let’s maybe start with calling him. For I remind you, in today’s video – besides the M3 – you’re also gonna see the content of the second part. You’ll get to know the new owner of the R35. In fact, we’ll find out if he wishes to keep the R35 or do I have to shell out 1 000 000 PLN (224 000 EUR). In order to fulfill the promise and buy it back from him. Let’s see if he picks up, because I didn’t notice him about calling.

And it’s the middle of a day, time being 11:40 AM. I don’t know, is he a student or does he work? His name is Mikołaj and I know he usually resides in Cracow. That should come in handy, because I wish to spontaneously set up the GTR handout with him, on next day. This is the mailbox of number 5… It seems like he isn’t interested.

He wins a GTR every day, dude. That’s a player, you know? I’ll send him a message. “Hi, Budda here. Call me back, homie. Best regards.” Sent. So we’re moving onto the topic of the M3.

He’ll call us back when he does. Fun stuff is gonna happen to the M3 today, because I decided to include everything in a single video for you. And I think you should like it.

Seriously now, it's the middle of a day and the dude might simply be busy. He'll likely call me back. Meawhile, we just picked up the M3 from the lowering, in a moment I'll show you what it looks like. We decided to keep the rear at standard height. That's because of its ass being already quite low, straight from the factory.

I don't feel it needs to be lower. But I had such a thought that, because of these technical issues... And situations we can't control...

The fact that, recordings of this episode stretched throughout many weeks, may actually benefit the final video. That's because I'm already getting some objective realizations. Such that came to me during the past weeks and past thousands of kilometers. For example, the fuel economy stated by the producer can easily be put somewhere, among tales. BMW states the following.

Which by the way must be with a dose of humor, far from small dose to say the least. 10,2 liters per 100 kilometers. Absolutely not.

During the 3200 kilometers, which I did in this particular model, burns an average of 16,6 liters per 100 km. That’s the combined cycle, both the highway and city driving. Speaking of the car’s front, the ride height… Like I said, we got 2 centimeters less at the moment, the car sat down nicely.

You’re seeing a photo of what it looked like before lowering it, right now. But we’re definitely missing wheel spacers here. And we’re surely gonna add it here. I didn’t want to further lower it, because we’d then lose the practicality of this car.

The front would be too low, all the speed bumps and curbs would cause us issues. And this is a daily driver. I think it’s possible to get down with the fuel usage, but realistically speaking, I don’t think anything below 14 liters is possible.

-He’s calling, is it recording? -Yeah. The homie’s here, I don’t know about the sound because we’re on a gas station. Come inside the car, I'll conect it with CarPlay. Can you hear me? I hear you, I do, hi. What’s up homie, Budda here.

I know, I know, I read the message. Right then, dude. Listen, I wanted to link up with you, it’d be appropriate for us to hand you out the car. What works best for you? Cracow works best for me.

Same here, all the way. Cool, can you do it tomorrow? What time? Have it match your schedule, it’s just that my friends asked if they can come too and watch from the side. Of course, surely. Bring whoever you like to invite. You may even come in a bus.

Alright. I got another question then, could you pass it onto the boys, to Damian. Because I’d like to install a camera on it, you know? *whatsgoingon.mp4* *be serious* *agree* *yeah cool*

Like a dashcam? I don’t know if there’s one, but it has to be connected to a stable power source. Alright, set it all up with your woman and call me. If you manage to, it’ll be very nice.

But if not, we’ll fit in. Alright, I’ll contact you, I’ll call Julia. If you want, take your friends, come over and let’s do it. Alright, okay, thanks then.

Keep tight, bye. Mikołaj’s like – I’m not the one to judge – he wins a GTR every other day. I don’t get it. “I’d like to install a dashcam.” Got nothing against him. He did win, we’ll get to know him in person.

I’m out to pay for the gas. -Maybe I should install a f**ing dashcam here, too? -Maybe better not? I’m roasting the dashcam, because it’s so abstract that… There’s 1500 other questions about the car, man! And the dude’s like: “Can we stop by in there?” I’m like: What does he want to add there? The GTR’s got everything added! -I thought he wanted to remove the wrap. -Yeah or take it down. A dashcam.

We’re headed towards the warehouse. Meanwhile, I decided to arrange Boxdel’s presence on the scene. We created this event together, it’ll be fun to finish it up together as well.

Michu is willing to come over for the handout, so we only wait for the will of picking it up by Mikołaj and his woman. We therefore enter the building prepared for building the GTR. The graffiti on the wall’s gonna change only once we build something really big. For now, I decided it’d be nice to place the Skyline R34 in the back, so it occasionally appears in the background. Those who follow me on Insta – by the way, thank you for reaching 1 million – know that, Skyline’s gotten a lot of new upgrades.

I basically decided to give it a second life. A new engine, because the previous one appeared to have compression issues in two cylinders. A new electric circuit, fixed car audio and a memorable, wooden trunk floor thrown the f**k out.

New wheels, these are probably the purest classics for a blue R34. Also the things that can’t be seen, but will allow this car to drive for many years to come. You’re seeing these in the photos now.

I don’t regret spending money on it, because this model gave birth to plenty automotive fans. Just a few more details like a new hood, paintjob corrections and we’ll end up with splendor. Let it please the eye from the background, while we get to work on other topics, by the Turk. We’ll get to the topic extra fast, the lowering springs are in place already. I told you about it before. Notice how huge the ceramic is in this car.

Only once we remove the wheel, one can see the real size of this brake disc and caliper. But speaking of the boxes, I prepared and opened all of them, as you saw a moment ago. We may start from the intake manifold, that’s Eventuri. What you’re seeing in the b-roll right now, is one of the most reputable companies, which produces such intake manifolds, say for BMW. What’s interesting, not only is it going to look much better under the hood… The Eventuri manifold is gonna make a very specific sound while sucking in air. Speaking of Eventuri, we got another parcel from them here.

This is the engine cover, also fully made of carbon fiber. Really lightweight, nicely made and will work very well with the strut bars. You’re seeing them in the photos, but sadly, the waiting time for said bars, would make us postpone this recording even further. Another parcel came too, from Maxton, a Polish company. The moment we open it, notice how huge this box is. We’re gonna see a lot of packed, bubble wrapped parts.

My loves, this is nothing other than the whole set for the front grille installation, the beaver. It is gonna look a bit different here. That’s not all of it, Maxton has gotten into working on the carbon fiber now. I heard somewhere in the backstage that, it’s really high quality. Just the small boxes hid over here. That’s nothing other than what I already mentioned, my loves – the spacers, brand H&R.

The Germans have these sets ready for the Touring. They know exactly how much to add in the front and how much in the back. In order for it to sit nicely. Aluminum cut with the CNC technology.

That should make the Touring a pumped, wild boar, after being lowered and having spacers added. It’s gonna deceptively remind the Audi RS6 with its wideness. Alright, if we already got so much of Carrefour Higher and carbon fiber… Look, there’s such a plaque here. There’s another plaque and that sound… It all comes together nicely. I’ll honestly tell you, it’s gonna match together with the carbon fiber strut bars really amazingly. Which according to the plan, should be here in two weeks.

We may install the stock ones for now, might look cool, too. Maybe not as cool, but cool. The grille mission. But, a problem of technical nature arises. Namely, this is the stock grille – see, it’s got a cut made for the radar.

Notice how much the radar sticks out from the M3. But coming back to the grilles from Maxton, we got such a grid here. Now a question of likely dismounting it arises. Did the gentlemen from Tarnów region think about it? Did they foresee the radar? We’ll find out in a moment. For now, they surely nicely thought about the license plate holder.

If somebody daily drives it – like I do – and wishes for no worries, it’s also made of carbon. Si qu’a la font. It rested on the radar. What do you need this radar for? I think it’s gonna be better to cut this grille out or throw the whole lower part out. Alright, let’s throw it away. Now that’s rad.

It’s all pico bello without that grid. Inside the set of a young BMW adept: Besides, naturally, the lowering springs, which are an absolute must have… And an exhaust system… You’ll naturally find the wheel spacers as well. One centimeter at the front, 1.5 cm in the back.

Once we nicely match it here, I think it’s gonna look pretty. Like a pig, you know? Right, no driving without spacers. Damn! The Germans know what they’re doing! Look at that! It’s perfect, hold on. Look. It’s not sat down at the back yet, it’s been lifted the whole time. We’ll do it like so. -Sits nicely, right? -Perfectly.

I’m telling you, they know what they’re doing. The front is still a bit too high. We should have it a bit more like… Gotta drive it a bit, it’ll sit down further. It’s got a pig-like look to itself now, the wheel is sticking out, see? And that German chic, how the front wheel is smaller than the rear one.

The car is therefore a bit tilted and drives with its nose leaned forward, lit. I’ll tell you now – Touring worked out for me. The starter pack of the Touring owner consisted of: The springs, exhaust, spacers… Front grille, intake and I don’t know, maybe we’ll also do a re-map? We’ll see about the warranty. Our dirty boy can’t go unnoticed, so an integral part of the programme awaits us. We took it out in the city, to check if everything works properly. If the intake is in its place, if the springs are alright.

If the wheel flies off due to an incorrectly mounted spacer. Our test driver even got its gas pedal stuck. Or he lost the feeling in his right leg for a moment.

So much happened that even he doesn’t know. Accidents happen. You know how it is. But it can’t be denied that, the sight of the Turk rolling through the city in this setup, was worth the wait of so many years.

I also got a few interesting topics for you. Put shortly, the power in the engine is generated through burning. Burning means no other than the fuel and air mixture. And now so, my loves. We changed the intake manifold here, we changed the exhaust system.

And the BMW M series computer – according to myths and legends – is an adaptive computer. Which takes into account having more air, more fuel or having it easier to breathe, through the unlocked exhaust system. That’s not all, these M’s apparently, aren’t 510 HP while stock anymore, as the producer states… But 540-550 HP. We’ll see how it is now.

Did the computer adapt and decide that, we now have 570 horses? I don’t know, but I’ll find out in a moment. -Have you already measured the new, stock M’s? -Yes. -How much were they? -520 to 530.

-The strongest one was 530, while the producer states 510. -Yeah. Damn, that’s nice. So if we got an intake manifold and exhaust installed here, and the computer is “adaptive”… What do you think then? I’m guessing 551. Let’s see then.

Alright, to sum up – 540 HP and 712 Nm of torque. In my opinion that’s still an amazing result. How well this car spools up, the bottom half of the chart. The engineering work is truly unbelievable. However, as far as I remember, it’s always been said that, it’s not the horses driving, but how well the car’s tuned. Let’s check it then, I got such an app here.

The app is connected to this device. The device is connected to the satellites and it provides very accurate times of 0-100, 100-200 km/h and our speed. Look, even when I release the break and start rolling literally 3 km/h. This device knows how fast I’m moving from the satellites. That isn’t all, it verifies whether the road is level or not.

Let’s therefore check the 0-100 km/h and 100-200 km/h. Next, let’s do a capacity test. Now, if we got a Touring which is meant to be used for transportation of children, luggage… I don’t know, anything – potatoes for example.

Coming right up Let’s see if it’s equally fast when it’s loaded, like it was meant to be. Or like it wasn’t meant to be, but just like we wish to fill it up. Never mind that, we’ll get to that in a moment. However, let’s begin with the 0-100 km/h. The producer states it’s 3,7 seconds.

Let’s start with going into the settings, we got everything in sport plus. The only thing we wish to change before the measurement, is 2WD into 4WD at sport mode. We got the traction control turned off. Let’s see how it is then. Launch control procedure… The turbo’s are full… Launch control active! Yo, my phone fell off! Tell you what, this thing goes! 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds.

Verified, so we were on flat surface. That’s more than the producer states, because he says 3,7 seconds. But we got a passenger on board, wonder if it could be improved. Let’s try again. Go! A truly fast machine, but the phone has to be in the back already. Yo, where is it, dude? It passed next to me.

It appears the wagon Turk’s got such a kick that, the phone ends up in the back seats. 3,58 seconds. -Oh damn, that’s with me inside. -Yeah. The producer doesn’t claim any 100-200 km/h times though.

We therefore moved onto the bridge of holy Jakub Kubańczyk. If you know, you know. And here, my loves, we’re gonna test it. See here, one button and we’ve got 4WD. Literally a click away we got the car in RWD. We don’t need 4WD for 100-200 km/h and apparently, there’s less drag with RWD.

We therefore reset dragy, shift into gear and start from 3rd, let’s go. Verified 100-200 km/h at 8,74 seconds. That’s in a wagon, which… Wagon? Sorry. In a Touring doing a 3,5 second 0-100 km/h. This is an amazing result.

Everything below 10 seconds means a truly quick machine. We just got the intake, exhaust here. Barely higher power than stock. With just a re-map in our current configuration, we’re able to pull additional 150 HP more.

Wonder what would be its 0-100 and 100-200 km/h times then. But let’s move onto the practical aspect now, having the sporty one behind us. Let’s do a quick and simplified, yet uncommon test of capacity. Wonder if such a pallet would fit inside here.

-Excuse me, how much does a single pallet weigh? -A ton. -Oh f**k. -But we can load it up for you. -That’s exactly what we want to do, will you sell me one? -Come over.

It went easier than I expected. -Let’s assume it to be a success if half a ton fits. -No, I say it’s gonna fit. -That 0,5 ton fits? -Yes, yes. Damn, you’re some real madmen, damn! Hold on, hold on. Gotta tell the people, I owe you an explanation – what do we even do here? My loves, we’re doing a capacity test. But why would we do it like normal people, using suitcases or… people.

Let’s fold the seats, protect them with stretch tape. Let’s see if Touring fits… How much do you say is gonna fit? Half a ton. Half a ton of potatoes? Easily. So if it fits half a ton, we’ll see how fast it does 0-100 with a passenger and half a ton of potatoes. Do we load? -How much per bag? -40.

-40 PLN? (9 EUR) -For you. -Alright, how many kilograms in each bag? -15 kg. 500 kilograms divided by 15, which I’ll call a success… We need to fit 33 bags.

One, two, three, four, five… Thirty-two... -The last one, yeah? -Yes. Thirty-three! How is it then? Spacious or not spacious? 3,5 seconds 0-100 km/h, half a ton of potatoes. The only downside is that, you can’t configure the M3 with a towing hook, to take another half a ton.

But it’s still quite alright! Speaking of the aesthetic and visual exertions, can’t be further improved. My fingers don’t even in deeper fit anymore. Look, look, look. Without a fart. I tried a burnout, but the rear was so heavy, it pushed the car, as if no brakes were used! Alright, let’s move onto specific, serious and such that are interesting to each of you.

We can truly agree that, it’s a rather unusual type of test. However, we got exactly half a ton of potatoes. There’s an omnipresent saying: Mass is the acceleration’s enemy. Let’s check then, if half a ton of potatoes truly is an enemy of acceleration. We’re going to the exact same place, switch into 4WD sport.

Everything else in either sport or sport plus. Let’s see if there’s gonna be a time difference, if yes – how big? Gotta admit, besides just the acceleration test, we’re also simultaneously doing a driving axle and drive shaft tests. All the potatoes moved backwards! Yes, you could feel the car, once they reached the tailgate! It pulled us back! A bit slower, mass indeed is an enemy of acceleration. Half a ton of potatoes translated into 4,64 seconds, which is a bit over 1 second slower than earlier.

-That’s still great. -Yeah, one second. We got half a ton of potatoes in the back, two people, half a tank of fuel. We’re driving comfortably, listen to music and can do 4,6 seconds to 100 km/h. What are we gonna do with these potatoes? We gotta bring them to some diner for people in need, for the homeless or something.

I’m serious about bringing the spuds to a diner, what else are we supposed to do with them? We therefore call the Cracow’s nuns and find out they’re delighted. Come in then. It doesn’t look like half a ton? But it is, take a look, sir. Poof... Half a ton. Into the hole, here.

We’ll be throwing them into the hole? Yes, where else? Oh sister, you’ve got such a solution. Work done, not to work. That’s what I like! Alright! Last one incoming! And done. Time has come to sum the Touring up. Gotta admit, this is such a wide-ranging car. It makes so much possible, being tailored so perfectly by the Germans.

It receives a very high mark from me, a 9/10. An amazing drive train, which constantly allows us to slide around in a 500 HP RWD. After a single click, without stopping, maximum grip from 4 wheels. A car is fast, it’s also wide, pumped and pure and quite loud after a few changes. But also useful, comfortable and bringing smiles to people’s faces.

To each of you thinking of buying a Turk, I suggest packing it with everything you find useful. Because I’m almost certain, this car’s gonna stay with your families for many years. We still got plenty to talk about the M3 in this edition. We’ll likely cover plenty of corners sideways, visit a few European countries. And while doing so, maybe even a few tracks. This car’s nothing other than swank.

Day of the delivery Part of the video awaited by many of you. Because many of you took part in the event of the Nissan GTR, standing behind me. And on my left, the gentleman here. What’s up bro, welcome to all Budda’s viewers! Welcome very much! Michał specially came here, because we organized the event together, so we’re gonna hand it out to the man, together. Exactly and I’d like to thank again to everybody taking part in the event. And we don’t support imitations.

In exactly 58 minutes we’re seeing the winner, so we’re packing the GTR onto the tow-truck… We load it into a closed trailer, so nobody follows us. Not to stress the homie out, once the viewers show up. Let’s fire it up for the last time. And I’m a little bit excited. I wonder how it goes.

Tell you what, the speculations vary. The place of handing the GTR out What’s up homies, Jesus Christ, there’s so many of you! I’ll begin with the woman. -Hi, I’m Kamil. -Hi, Michu. -How? -Julia. -And Mikołaj! -I’m Mikołaj, hello. How are you today? I’ll tell you, it’s an important day! And that’s what it is, it’s a very important day.

I don’t know if you’re stressed or do you not show emotions like that? No, you know… I simply don’t experience such emotions on a daily basis, so… Homie, nobody experiences a topic of being handed a GTR on a daily basis. I may experience happiness when I win a LoL match, dude. -And the emotions here are… -And here, what? It’s been a few weeks since the phone call with you, right? I went like: “F**k, maybe the dude’s got so much money that, he doesn’t give a s**t about the GTR?” He goes like: “It happened, so what? I won, alright.” It was the same for me, I thought your father drives an Urus and your mother a Bentley. It’s such a huge thing that, you’re not showing emotions, dude.

We’re gonna talk about it. I f**ing love him now. Let’s do it like so, the car is there, currently covered. You never saw it in person, despite you being from Cracow. Haven’t we passed you sometime in the past? Very well. -You haven’t seen it either, right? -No.

Any of you saw it? Perfect. You brought a lot of people with you, man. I’m not gonna introduce and greet them all now, we’ll talk later, okay? Let’s do it straight away, uncover it and see your first reaction. We’ll later go for a drive. But before we reveal it, I’m asking you, dude.

Have you believed, until us meeting today to uncover the car, in it being f**ing yours? Know what? I’ll honestly tell you, I started being happy about the car, about winning it and you know. Like started going crazy, running around my room, because of winning the GTR. I think, I watched the Bosnia video of building it four times, with Julia. We started being happy after a week, but before… We don’t remember a thing from the phone call. You were terrified, terrified with the win.

But we had good support from our friends, so… Boxdel, come here and remove it with me. The cloth is too big. My hand’s starting to shake already. Yeah, the guys did a very good job. Hold on, I always wanted to do this.

Four exhausts, it’s been my dream. I’d always build such cars in Need for Speed, having four exhaust – being the best. -Yeah and we made it for you in real life, because it’s the best, right? -Yes. -What year are you from? -2002.

-2002? You’re from 2002 too? -Yes. Hey, but… She’s gotten emotional. No… Easy.

Because this is something… That’s hard to dream for. You know, speaking of dreams – we haven’t dreamed of such things. Rather some that, you may set as your goal and move towards it. Check out the car – what am I even saying this for? Let’s do it the official way, that’s how we got it. Which one do you pick? We used this one during all the recordings.

There it is, it’s official. So if you wish to open the hood, jump inside, have a drive. The winners came over with their friends, so the best thing to do before we move onto the questions and so on… Is to check it out themselves. Take memorial photos and simply get used to the circumstances and the car. Julka and Mikołaj were judged based on the livestream phone call. Thousands of comments saying that, the people who won weren’t happy with the win.

Lots of comments saying, others would do it better. Yet, I think they were in huge shock and their reaction was retreat, instead of craziness. People are different, homies.

But I think these are really good people. But, now, now. Cut these serious speeches. I take a look and they’re running around with measuring tape. Yo, what are you measuring? If it’s gonna fit inside the garage.

You’re kidding, really? Will it fit? It should fit, length-wise it surely will. Alright, I’ll make it home. Will it fit width-wise? Width-wise, I don’t know, likely yes. If it doesn’t, then… You’ll re-do the garage. The whole block. Better than in the videos, right? Oh my, what’s even going on here? Alright, let’s play Bosnian Disco Polo.

-Is that what you wanted to do? -Dude, that’s my dream. Of course it’s there, I promised so it’s there. Full on. Yo, that’s our disc from the border! Bought at the gas station. I said it’s gonna be handed over together with the car. When you get married, play this! -I can’t! -Come on! Playing was worth it.

It all really seems unreal, the things happening. The car’s after a full oil service, the suspension was also checked and new tires mounted. Right, the couple also receives 30 000 PLN (6 700 EUR) from me, as a bonus.

Just as promised. Friends’ reaction to winning I’m picking up saying: “He’s gonna read out my ticket now”. Once he heard the word “Mikołaj”, it was all… Mr Mikołaj – I then texted Mikołaj asking: “Yo, dude, is it you?” And he went: “Well, yes, yes, yes.” Ironically, because of the lag.

I later hear: “Yes, hello?” – Like f**k, what’s going on! We’re laying together, on Ashwaganda. We’re laying and I said: Alright, I’ll open the tickets up. To see what’s going on. Because they remembered their numbers by heart. I enter these tickets and you begin reading. VGJ… I thought to myself, I remember something with VG, right? You read the “L”, I look at it and see “FM” – just as you read it.

Dude, the shock was like it all exit me. Such pressure hit me and the phone called right then, because of the livestream lag. The initial shock and phone call right after.

I pick it up, look over at Julka, she’s terrified. My hand was like this. When we talked on facetime, I asked Julka to take the phone, because of my hand shaking so much. I never experienced anything like that.

Like I said, these are the things that are difficult to be happy about. It’s difficult to jump around from happiness. I don’t know what I’d do. -F**k, it’s hard for me to say. -Like: Here, a car worth 1 300 000 PLN (291 000 EUR). You know, I’m experienced in front of the camera, but being in your place, I don’t know if I wouldn’t f**ing say: “Cool”.

I wouldn’t know what more to convey. I’d be analyzing each word thinking of the general public, if they’re gonna hate me. Saying that there’s something wrong. I wish everyone to go through something like this.

To experience a moment of life, when you feel such emotions. I’m sure there’s gonna be someone in my place in the future. Maybe we’ll do a similar event in the future, but the probability is very high that, you won the last one done by me.

There’s plenty of things I don’t like in this business at the moment and we aren’t sure if this isn’t the last one. Maybe not, but for now such things are happening, I’d lean towards that. So if you’re the last one to win, I congratulate you.

If I create such an event again, I wish each of you to stand here, like Mikołaj. I think there’s plenty of people like us, who simply bought these tickets to support you. Dude, I always wanted to tell you in person: Thank you as the community, for the work you do. I very often hear “thank you” when taking photos, but I don't think it should be that way.

The fact you participate in these events, dude. That there’re such numbers on the channel, that’s your “thank you”. Not the fact I high-five someone. When I hear the word “thank you” from someone, I feel stupid. No need to say that, because it doesn’t translate, you know? The first ride Did you drive an automatic before? Me, automatic? No.

You could say I didn’t. -You know, left leg is supposed to lay down and do nothing. -I do. Can I give it some? Yeah, give it immediately. Hold on, we’ll switch into sport here. Switch the traction control into R. That's fifty-fifty.

Now? You can do it, yes. Oh f… sheesh. You’ve given it about 40%, maybe.

Use the left paddle, to reach higher RPM, more, again. Now. Oh God. This isn’t a 2.0 liter diesel engine, after all. Question number one – tell me about the friends and family.

As long as I saw friends, because I assume they were that. But what about your parents? It’s always like so: Before father sees it on a driveway, he won’t believe it. Alright, so friends – they all watched the livestream. So they knew what was happening in real time. Speaking of the parents, the first thing I did was call my mom. I texted her on Whatsapp, telling her we won the GTR, right? So I call them, open up the camera.

My mom talked about a toy, small RC car. I told her: “No, mom. Not such RC car.” You later told them what it is about, the prize’s worth and so on – and what then? What did they say to that? They watched the livestream, in order to believe it, so to say. Because again, words weren’t always enough in such cases.

These are huge sums of money. -Who’s gonna believe something like that? -Yeah, I know what you mean. They wouldn’t believe it. Well, mom.

You do recognize Budda? And she’s like: “Yeah.” So… There was a draw where Julia and I won a GTR. Mikołaj what are you telling me, what GTR? Well, a car worth 1 300 000 PLN (291 000 EUR). She started watching the whole livestream, you know. She didn’t skip it, not knowing it could be done.

She tried watching it whole, but didn’t make it till the end. Dad woke up and couldn’t fall asleep after. But speaking of friends, lots of support. Of course, old friends texted. But new ones too, they all congratulated.

I didn’t really come in contact with the direct, you know, hate or anything like that. Similarly, reading people’s comments after the livestream. Ask yourselves a question, how you’d react, hearing such news. Well, this is something that sends chills down your spine. Tell me also, because the viewers will likely be interested in that.

What do you currently drive? Until now, right now and what do you study? My first car after getting my driver’s license was a BMW E91, imported from France. I still drive it and am happy with it, a 2.0 liter diesel. I study at AGH, mechanics and machine building. And also, if that draw wasn’t enough, because of great time, beginning of the vacation and so on.

Just like you said, great trips can be done, discover the world. Because of that, the best memories form. I think it’s more important than just collecting money. To begin immediately, either invest like you said or live for six years like a king. Because these memories from vacations aren’t just some. The memories stay.

And what do you study? I study mathematics, at the technical university. With the economics and finance major. Speaking of the car, I got a driver’s license, but don’t own a car. So getting to Cracow for example, we drive together. No, if you study economics, you won’t f**k this up.

You know, it’s easy to trip up sometimes. A million PLN is… And I’d also say it isn’t an environment know to us. We’re just entering life. So it’s got to be well thought through and have a moment to think.

So I also got another question which is likely very interesting for the viewers. Namely, even during the livestream you said, you won together with Julia. Now, truly, the paper says it’s yours, because the phone number was yours. But Julia is here with us.

Many people texted me privately, sent comments and so on. That such money is worth getting into a disagreement, and so on. But a few weeks passed and you’re still here together. Which I think is a great denial to what the general public has said. I always think that, everything that happens in life is meant to be that way.

I hope we’re gonna be together for the longest of times, but we’ll see what happens. We even talked about it: If something bad happens, we’re such people that even if we split up now… We’ll sell this car some day and share. So you’re publicly holding up to the statement, in front of a camera that, in case something happens in X years… This is your co-owned car. Yes, that’s correct.

I mean, it’s got to be held up by Mikołaj. Because he’s like the owner. So I’ll tell you Mikołaj, you now said it to the camera – huge respect from me. Let’s do a fist-bump, I’m sweaty already. Wish there’s more people like you, especially you being the year 2002.

This is a very young age and if you’re already saying such important things now… Besides just being very intelligent and clever, you’re very well brought up. And now I’m coming out as grandpa being 1998, who says such stuff. But when you’re even older, you’ll understand I didn’t say it without a reason. Do they keep or sell the GTR? Right now, am I to prepare over a million PLN for this car, like I declared? Or do you choose the car and keep it? Dude, the memories are the most important for both of us.

So the only thing I can tell you is that, we’ll get back to this question in a few months. F**k me, you said it in different words earlier on when we drove, after all. You said it’s important for you to enjoy this car now. Exactly. -So we’ll get back to the topic in a few months. -Exactly.

Or do you want the suitcase of money? You’re f**ing amazingly crazy. Just like all of your viewers. Alright, keep tight. Thank you very much and good health to everyone. And what will you say? Best regards to the parents. Alright, let’s have a group hug.


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