Kalam to Kumrat Valley Road | Dhamaka Jheel, Blue Water, Utror Valley Kalam Swat | Pakistan Tourism

Kalam to Kumrat Valley Road | Dhamaka Jheel, Blue Water, Utror Valley Kalam Swat | Pakistan Tourism

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Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Rahim Assalamo Alaikum Friends, I am Hassan Sargana and you are Seeing of Pakistan Tourism Depression, waiting for the end of life sitting in a closed room, but taking a free breath in the open air and giving yourself a free breath of nature. How beautiful is the life of The Heart, how beautiful is this Salaam Alaikum or the oppressed of Syria enjoyed on the banks of the Swat River, but also sitting in the middle, what will you answer about Imran? What do you think because I am coming out now or away, I am not enjoying it, yes, now we are explaining in Insha Allah that there is a by-road off break. So what will be the meaning by loading the downloader app with BabusarTop Gold from Road Village to you kamrat and it is good to run sincerely in it, brother who has used it very little, what does navigation say how much distance is how much time it will take Hassan bhai, you are telling Gulshan one kilometer from here till Kumrat Valley and you will reach the radar of aviation, but no time will be more than four o'clock, but it is not ours that you do this and at five o'clock we will drown and on Sunday. We will support every day and from there the morning was big and we are leaving to show our four laptops, so you have to add your decisions from Kumrat Valley Kalam because there is a lot of information and the channel to support Pakistan. When star friends start their journey for you in the valley of Swat district, the first thing they will welcome you on this track, which is also known as Kalam Jungle. Political activities keep happening, you can enjoy the campaign with the hotel, this is the route that leads to Blue Water and Valley Kamrat, snow festival is organized.

It is said that the Valley of Atroor is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from Kalam, which takes one to one and a half hours to research. The area covers 170,000 acres and good friends, the area here is as beautiful as the mosques are also so beautiful, I do not like their mosques very much and do not like that I also go to pray Alhamdulillah. I'll show you the first set that comes to us, whether it's the children of the mosque or they've played on it. You know I'm telling you okay and it's with the slope starting Wow so amazing is very cute yaar car you are watching karola hai yaar hai bhai friends with him tell you this area which is as beautiful as it looks. Tell me that there is life here for six months and there is life for six months, and for six months, when life is yours, you will store everything because you have not seen it in almost closed rooms, brother for him.

Challenge and all this friend carpeted road has ended very close to Blue Water and the star of Iftar means your brother's change wall love has become the star mera yaar de yaar jaana hai ya mar jaana hai in my memory Urdu grammar has to be applied here. That it was also a challenge to see your beauty. Give up, we've come to this beautiful tower and show you blue water. Well yes, this is the bridge that the tractor knows from here, see that it is coming, long live it, it is power, which is what it is, it is the water that comes here.

Everyone has truck sport it's for about forty to forty-five minutes i.e. according to what water it is. Okay and look at the color of this water that is joining next, it is vegetable inclined, well it is blue water which is coming from V Sport that we are going ahead or some big work is going on in Swat. This is the destination to go to our house and looking up, the weather is part of bhaiya, do you know that we are going to get up, the ruler of the world, Valley hey brother, this is the track that no one has seen you but yours. The grief ended in the house and came down. And if you look at the stone pointed stone from one side, then what is the color of the mountain, a light velvet super this stone color is like this, while in its second picture, you see some colored G-friend in color change, as the day is passing.

The danger is also increasing, what is the reason for this, one is that we came out of the word at four o'clock, so we had to reach out and there we would night and then laugh. So it disappears from your sight and we are very quick, so it is very difficult to add on such a track in the dark darkness and what I think is the throat. Come and God willing, if I get something to stay there, the hotel will grow, otherwise brother John is yours, then Allah will do good. Friends, to show you this blog every day, so I will gladly accept because I want to show how your name can go to Kumrat on top of brother. Impossible but it's going to be impossible, it won't be possible, how will your support and support be needed for it that you've heard this channel, why have you had so much fun? The princess of this truck is fine and it is done right along the track to see that the glory of the river and Badria is such that it shakes you, then it seems that it has not come here and on the other hand it is the elders.

Color write this you see It is very sweet and so far nothing has come to confirm from where you have also drank a cup of tea, if you are lost in the beautiful views of allegiance, then it is going up for a minute. Do not have to put the front brake with a little caution, both brothers will have to put it in the house first. Do it on one side, man, you have played the band of the car driver and go and dare and in the end the story does not die, but I know that this is not a sit-in, so soon I will have to get out and then came again. It's the month of July, but you still see a large amount of it, the full details of the full enjoyable adventure are going to be seen again and again. It's mountain from above and here's The Generator Poet, how are they coming from our brother? and And Rana Sahib is covered Rana Sahib.

If they take my life next, then first of all I will not have it here, then keep it at once, the existence of the world remains, it is argued that good people are also in this world now. You know you were two people and it was very difficult to travel with the statement of both the people in the natural lottery, so we met an Ali bhai, he was on his pocket and he is going for Imran Valley so we I have requested them in the light of their kindness, the lift, friends are seeing that it is ok that the car was being taken here and this is the town here because of which we are sitting on it. We are adding equal to and we respect the rupee Iranian citizens, the kind of traffic that we are patient on the traffic, writing this general is adding it going forward but it is very difficult dude my advice is that you do not choose the stack on your car.

In fact, it will be better on G Prize, whose fare was three to five thousand from Kalam and if you travel from Kalam to Kumrat, then its fare is from 25 to 30 thousand rupees. Is Ok bhai this is the driver's job to take it in such a speed, brother is slot, you will also see the blast jail before the market starts, which used to be a big lake in someone else, but now the devastation of the floods. Because of this, its existence has also been reduced, these friends and activities have reached the road here that the people who were going to murad, the first thing that was our target was Tariq Road.

It has started and the road has become a little better here, Ali bhai also took two or three things big, but he has taken out his car from there with great skill, no network is working in the mobile network lying here. Whatever it is, it is not working, i do not know such a nation, i have not seen any bike cd, i saw more from here, she was coming from the ruler while going to the word. Sheikh and the son of the hotel are enjoying seeing that the goats are enjoying the aqa kind of whistle because we have five people in this road friends al-Sheikh Tower Hotel, in which you also saw you, they told me that three thousand but these Please that he has rated you a little bit, yes friends are standing here on this road with the help of Ali bhai, who was considered to be a poor one, but on the way, sleep started a lot and took taxes. It cannot be reached with the help of tha, if I myself have been coming here for two or three years, then retire, then I mean, if anyone comes, contact us, then we will give the curtain ajwain-ul-muttalib grief and give the vehicles to the former prime minister. There is no other problem, we can do so much, if our faith comes from a long distance, then what we can do with us is not a problem.

I will give the number of Ali bhai, who comes to my friend Halana and Kalam to Kamrat Biad Kamrat, then you know that in Pakistan and Egypt, whoever's number you live in people, it is a table spoon and a good one. The owner happens and I have all these dreams in Ansar Ali Bhai because it is very stable, so his operation is definitely made with him and thank you very much Ali bhai I always tell friends that one solution to end depression is also wandering. Some ghazals of this wandering have to be done right now at your cost, which we did today, but by mixing it with it, we checked whether it was seen in you, if you hurt a little in my room if you add it at all. You will see and then on the stomach, this is The Hindu Kush Mountain and with it the clouds and what you look at in PK Mountain, there is not much discrimination, it is very beautiful. If you also want to be unconscious, then do it friends, of course, as many things as you need to do, if you should keep if you should do ironing at the hotel.

But they can operate on the rate of those who have a friend from about one thousand to four thousand, the rest of the food items will also be available to you. If you see you in Rome, then for the letter written in the state and society, there is an emergency of Pakistan Tourism and that is that by subscribing to the channel to support the Pakistani team to port to it, a little friendship is made. So click this link to see Kamrat Valley from Pakistan Zindabad Mera Network.

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