Joy and Harassment Travel in Egypt | vA 1

Joy and Harassment  Travel in Egypt | vA 1

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bye thank you, morning my friends, let's go, and i am  leaving the resort, and i still wonder why did i   come here, i thought a ferry was  going to hurghada from here, i miscalculated that,   and now i have to take a bus to... because i'm  stuck in sinai and i cannot ride in the sinai   so i will take your bus to cairo,  so that's the plan for this video   go to the bus station, and see if somehow we can  put this bike in a bus, on the way to cairo,   and then start riding south, that's the new plan,  start riding south from cairo, but wow yeah, so i'm   leaving sharm el sheikh, well i'm still in the resort  area, and i have to say sharm el sheikh is probably   one of the weirdest places i've been in my life,  it's uh, there is no real city, it's just a resort and here i am in cairo, as you can see, i try  to be careful, look at that behind me you see,   mo salah, mo salah is behind me, i'm at the bus  station, i don't really know if i can film, you know   in cairo sometimes it's problematic, so i try to be  careful, but now my goal... i'm gonna visit cairo later,   when i will come back to do my  sudanese visa, now i'm just gonna escape from cairo   and head south immediately, let's go yeah,  i'm going across the nile river, look at that and the nile once again guys people are so friendly so far, a lot of hellos if you can see the pyramids awesome hello hi oh my god, so i am seven kilometers, six or  seven kilometers from the hotel i want to go   oh my god riding across cairo was one of the most  exhilarating experiences in my life   wow it was so thrilling, unbelievable you  had... well you've seen a little bit of it, wow  

cars everywhere, camels, horses, donkeys,  police everywhere, people everywhere yeah i just wanted to tell you that, the  experience was... i loved it, i absolutely   loved it, you have to be hyper focused, you have to try  to look everywhere at the same time, try to not   not run into a pedestrians, avoid  being run... avoid that cars run into you let's continue ok bye bye i overtake a camel, and i arrive at  what is supposed to be my guesthouse   good good, nice okay, exchange oh yeah yeah, he  wanted to exchange my bike for his camel,   but i think... my camel i was gonna say... my bike,  yeah i prefer my bike, ah yes, where are you from   france, from the uk, from the uk, okay nice nice to  meet you, you're staying here no we just came back from atv like quad biking oh quad biking, oh okay okay okay nice, so like  do you travel... you're traveling the whole of   egypt, yeah the whole of africa actually, i want  to do, oh okay, but i'm starting, for africa i'm   starting, that's amazing, it's going to be on your  vlog, yeah yeah, okay i'll say hi, hey guys welcome   to egypt, thank you, so you're also from the uk  right, no no i'm from canada, from canada okay nice   you're traveling in egypt, no we're currently  studying, oh you studying here, oh nice, cool how are you finding egypt yeah nice, i was in sinai before,  i just arrived from sinai   problems like traveling, in sinai  they you cannot ride the bike so here i am in my guest house, and i might  stay here, i wanted to stay here only one   night, i might stay two nights, so there in the  distance you have cairo and giza somewhere,   but we have the pyramids, just here, look at that,  they are not the big pyramids of giza, they are   other pyramids, look at this rooftop guys   so beautiful, and look at that, you can see the  limit just there between the very green and lush   valley of the nile, i guess the nile is somewhere  down on the left, and there it's the desert, so you   can see that the pyramids are really on  the edge, just at the beginning of the desert   very close to the valley of the  nile, to the lush valley of the nile and there is my food look at that for five dollars wow look at that guys, oh my god   i've got chicken, i've got kebab, no, kofta he  said, i've got rice, i've bread, i've got vegetables   and i've got some sauce, fantastic,  let's try the bread with some kofta oh oh the meat is very good   yeah i need a big meal today, a big  dinner, i didn't have lunch, so i'm starving oh let's try the rice always good, in egypt the rice is so good i was missing this, i was starting to  think, what what where the hell is my drink   it's here, hello a lot of sauce oh it's spicy actually very good, let's try the chicken for you very good as well what an awesome meal, for my only meal of the day how are you they love my bike now oh my god to finish the video guys, let's go to  see... these ones we keep them  

for later, because i stay just here, let's go  to see the pyramids of dahshur and saqqara and i've got new friends they want to get money in my bag money, you give me give me wow i don't know if i ended up in a cemetery or  some stuff, something like that, wow what a place so now the trouble starts, i have some  guys who... i don't know what they want,   but they basically they just tell me you cannot go look at that and i'm stuck in the sand here just look yeah, why cannot take picture yeah, ticket there where is the door, i come from here, where is the door after i go there, and i buy a ticket i cannot... you follow me, if you don't trust me no photo here now i want to pay for the ticket, but there is  no... there is nothing uh, there is no entrance,   if you have a badge,  and you show me how much is the ticket, i pay, no problem tell me, how much where is the ticket there you see that's why egypt has a very bad  reputation, because nothing is organized,   i agree that they want to pay for a ticket,  but wtf, there is no entrance it's funny because, well now sorry, i need to  explain you, first i'm running away from the police   because i was at the entrance, then  they asked me to pay, so that's fine,   and then they told me, okay no but we need  to check your camera before you enter   so then i said okay, well, i said okay sorry  i don't want to see the pyramids, i don't   like the pyramids, bye, so i'm not gonna see the  pyramids of dahshur, i'm gonna try my luck in saqqara   and now i have a tuk-tuk who follows me, but as soon as  you turn on the camera, they stop following you and i don't know where i'm going   because i took a small road to dodge the  police basically, in case they follow me oh my god that's a complete mess so now i have one guy who tells  me i cannot go where i'm going saqqara video saqqara is this way no,  so i can go this way, no, yes okay okay i can go okay okay bye, it's very weird because as soon as you   turn on the camera, the behavior  of people completely changes like this guy obviously did not  want me to continue, i turned on   the camera and then he told me well just go on welcome, thank you ah exchange, no it's okay, thank you so those stones here guys, are four  thousand seven hundred years old,   here in saqqara, i managed to enter the  necropolis of this old city of memphis and look at that guys, wow built by djozer, the first  king of the third dynasty around 2700 bc, this is   almost five thousand years old, what the hell, sorry  i'm not very enthusiastic, i'm still sick from   sharm el sheikh, and well the struggles to get to  visit the pyramids uh, made me tired basically what a thing man wow and in the distance maybe it's too  far for you, but in the distance we   can see the two huge pyramids  where i was denied the entrance and that's the way to the tomb of  a king basically, it goes down inside   very deep underground, and another less  well preserved extraordinary structure can you believe that all the  carvings you saw inside there   dates back from more than 4000 years, wow it's  insane, it's so... and it's so well preserved   i guess that's thanks to the  dry air, the dryness of the air here camera camera yeah, good good yeah and i arrive at the site of the pyramids of abusir some huge, how do you say,  hieroglyphs hieroglyphs   i don't know how you pronounce that in english and i have the entire site just for myself isn't it cool the quality of  the stones is really impressive well those are different, ah but this is granite, i  think the guy at the guesthouse said   something about some pyramids around here  being built with granite, i think the black one   also the first one we saw today, when we were  kicked out, uh was built with granite as well   and he said it was very impressive  because i think there is no granite here,   in egypt you only find granite i think around  luxor, and uh not around here, and it's funny   because you have this huge pyramid wow, that's  amazing, and you have two other pyramids there and the view over the valley of the nile whoa guys, can you see the  desert and the horses there that's awesome, we can see the pyramids  of giza from here, so that's what i was told   apparently from each pyramid, you can see  the pyramids before and the pyramids after,   well the pyramids upstream and the pyramids  downstream, they are never far away from each other and there the huge pyramids  of giza, there in the distance see you for the next adventures, ciao guys

2022-09-29 15:57

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