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Hey Sutan, did you sleep well today? "I slept well." What did you dream about? "I held a baby in my arms." "It's a girl with a ribbon." "She's wearing a red, pink and blue dress." Wow, what's her name? "Pika-chan."

Pika-chan? Cute name! Where are you today? Sutan. "New York." Yes, come in.

Good morning. This is a little heavy. Come on in. Oh, there's someone here. Hello? Good morning. Good morning. Can I ask you some questions? Of course! How are you today? Sutan, how are you today? What's your plan today? Today, we're going to the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.

We will be exhibiting our umami sauce. How long have you been in America? How many days? Dad, how many days? Maybe day seven. Day seven. Day seven.

Cute! What is your favorite food in the US? We're staying at the Refinery Hotel. We went to a great American rooftop restaurant and a restaurant on the ground floor. We had a French dip sandwich and the blueberry New York cheesecake was delicious. Anything you want to see in New York? Oh, I want to go to Times Square. It's very close by, right here.

This hotel is very conveniently located. Let's go there later. And you've been liking America. What do you like about America? This is my first time in New York. Isn't it similar to Tokyo? The city is similar. The temperature and humidity are also very comfortable.

I feel like I can live here. It's only been one day in NY. Yesterday, someone from the Refinery Hotel here rang us up and said...

We must have been sleepwalking. Isn't it cute? Look at this! "Kimono in NY" Who ate this? She ate it for breakfast. I was so happy. Look, they were using our pictures. They put up pictures of the food. It's a big city.

I thought the distance between people might not be close but it wasn't like that at all. Everyone is very welcoming and warm. What are you going to do tonight? Tonight, we will be having a fan meeting. You can meet Kimonoko in New York. The venue is one of the restaurants in this hotel. We are planning to meet nearly 300 Kimonoko.

But, you know, people in New York, far away from Tokyo... I can't believe that people in New York are watching Kimono Mom, it makes us so happy. Who is this? "Sutan."

Oh, I think it's just down here. We just came around the block, so we are in Times Square. Wow, that's great. Shall we go? It's finally happening. Here we go. It's started.

I wonder how it will look like. This is the first time for us to have a product exhibition with the product in a solid state of completion. Until now, it was just samples, right? But this time, the taste is already decided, and the design has been fixed. I want to make sure we find something here.

I hope we have a good encounter. That's true. We might actually be able to get it placed in a supermarket or be a chance to actually be handled somewhere. Let's keep our heads up and do our best. We'll see you later. Be good now and wait, ok? Bye.

The space is a little bigger this time. Mr. Shibanuma opened half of the space, but we don't really know what to do. I'm getting used to it. You're getting used to it? Yeah totally. Finished? Looks great! Sutan, she was so tiny, wasn't she? "He hit his head." Did he hit? "He hit his head here."

Did he hit his head? "Are you a doctor?" I'm a doctor. "He hit his head." Are you all right? Well, we'll take care of you today.

We're on our lunch break. Lunch break with American fried chicken and Starbucks. From here, Erika-chan and Daddy will take turns, and he will watch over Sutan.

-Have a good time. -Thanks. "I'll fold this part like this." Yes, we'll fold it like this, facing this way. Wow, that's great. The elephant's tail is done.

I wonder if I can make a hole. Yay, it's done! Yay! You know how to use it? "I'm going to watch Disney." That's awesome. It's so retro and cute. NY is surprisingly nice and not just in a modern way.

Ah, here it is, Sutan. Wow, it looks so nice. It looks like there's an old railway line running all the way up here. Wow, what a beautiful place.

This is the venue for today's fan meeting. Did it smell good? -What a beautiful place. -It's so nice. Is this the restaurant at the hotel today? There were about 10 group restaurants run by the finery.

It's one of them. -They've lent us the best place! -It's amazing. How long have you been in New York? What's been your favorite meal so far? Three days. And I ate a french dip sandwich. I was curious so can you share your goal for Kimono Mom? Like you want to make more sauce or products or YouTube video? The reason why I am doing this activity is because I was saved by my mother's home cooking. I have a hope for my daughter to live strongly and be proud of her roots.

I do this with the hope that people around the world will also live strong lives. What is my more concrete goals? I would like to deliver more sauces like this. Making Donabe(earthenware pots), and so on. And I want to create an access network that makes it easier for people overseas to cook Japanese food.

A few years ago, I was looking for Japanese food/culture and I came across your video. A few years ago before you moved to your new home. And so I went back to and I saw a video and it was interesting food preparation So I saw that and I back to your first videos, where you make up on like you are getting ready for morning taking care of your daughter... Let's go, ready? Rock, paper, scissors! Ready? Rock, paper, scissors! Now the fan meeting is almost over and 140-50 people have come for us. It's almost 9 o'clock and the sky is so bright.

The sky doesn't get dark at all. Because it's summer. Because it's summer? How is that possible? In winter, it gets dark around 4 o'clock. What? Really? It's like this from 8:00 to 9:00. Wow! That's amazing! This hotel has its own media.

We're doing a photo session for them. We can take our own pictures. We'll be featured in the magazine. Actually, a hotel staff was going to take pictures and do the interview, too. But we were a little too busy and had too many things planned.

We didn't have time to stay at the hotel. They did the interview by e-mail. They told us that we could take the photos ourselves and submit them to the hotel if we could.

So this is how we did it. Aryana is a professional interviewer in New York. She gave us some direction.

The article Aryana wrote was the top article in my opinion. Can I say that? You are the person who wrote Good Morning America. Your article inspired many people. I am so happy that I was given so many opportunities from that. I am so happy that I was able to do that for you.

As a writer and reporter, I'm just here to tell the people's stories and help them get a voice out there in the world. Speak some Japanese I'm Aryana. Oh Great! Yesterday, Aryana and I had dinner and fell asleep right there. So I don't remember how I slept. Sutan slept after the fan meeting last night. She hadn't had any food or water.

This is called Mac ā€˜nā€™ Cheese and Erika-chan loves it. It's delicious, just like gratin. I was so happy that so many Kimonoko came yesterday. Isn't it amazing that more than 150 people showed up when we told them only one day before the event? I got many messages from the people who wanted to come but couldn't make it. "What?" I was so happy to see so many Kimonoko yesterday.

How was it, Sutan "I was happy too." You know, the people who watch my videos... I only know their comments, icon pictures, and names.

I can't believe that there are people who are watching from such a far away place like New York. It's amazing to know that there are people in New York who know everything about our family. It's so strange. The hotel staff are really nice to us, aren't they? The restaurant for the fan meeting yesterday opened just 5 months ago.

The staff were so nice too. They were all super nice, and the service was great. I was thinking, New York is the biggest city in the world.

When I was in Kansai region, I had an image of city people being cold. I had the same kind of image that people in New York were too urban and cold. Somehow, I didn't know much about it though.

But people in New York are very welcoming. They gave me a lot of recommendations. Where can we get fruit? Delicious fruit. Dad, I want to eat fresh fruit. Is there a food show today? What are you going to do with your hair today? "One." One? A pony? A bun? What do you want it to look like? "Elsa hairstyle."

Okay, just the braided one. "Do you have an outfit for Elsa?" I don't have an Elsa outfit. Do you want me to see if I have an Elsa-like outfit for you? "Please." Thanks for your hard work, Sutan. You've really worked hard.

Don't you think she's working really hard? She's working so hard. It must be hard just to keep up with us. In a country she doesn't know.

It's exhausting, isn't it? She doesn't know people around her. She must be getting tired of it. I brought a lot of drawings here though.

You're doing a great job, Sutan. You're doing a really good job. Dad, how do you like this exhibition? It was a great success. I was able to meet a lot of people at the right time. I feel that this exhibition has given us the opportunity to make more people enjoy Japanese food. Of course, I'm happy to see anyone who stops by.

I'm most happy to hear from people who are gluten-free and can't use soy sauce. Or because they're vegan. Or because they can't have alcohol.

And then I say, "That's why I made this sauce!" I want to make Japanese food more accessible to people all over the world. I wish they would be more comfortable making Japanese food. I told it to the people. Some said, "Thank you for making it."

And the person I met today was in tears. I thought, this is a very happy job. You look like an actor with this angle of view. It's good, it's good! The exhibition will be over in 10 minutes. Yes, it's going to be over in 10 minutes. Then, let's go take it down.

Dad, Sutan is really working hard, huh? You did a great job, Sutan. Great job, great job. Ah, she's embarrassed. To you, Sutan, We have a present for you. Sutan, lately you've started to be able to read letters. You can read numbers now, can't you? What do you think it is? "I don't know." Look at Daddy.

Look. Why are you so shy? Sutan. -"I'm embarrassed." -You're embarrassed? I'm glad too. Are you happy? Sutan wanted a watch of her own. She was often looking at Daddy's watch.

Sutan, let's open it for you. Come here. "Open it, Mommy." Sure. "It says 008."

Oh, that's right, it's set to 8:00 right now. It's actually 5, 2, 9, so I'll set it for you later. That's cool. Show it to Erika-chan later. Is she coming, Erika-chan? We're going to a restaurant together.

"Oh yeah..." "I got this today." "If you see a person you don't like, tell me." Why? "Because Sutan is Elsa, and I'll make him disappear with magic."

So if I see a person I don't like, you'll cast a spell on him to make him disappear? Wow, that's so encouraging. Which magic? How will you do it? Can you say "magic"? But Sutan, don't follow anyone. Just Mom, Dad and Erika-chan, okay? Thank you very much. Thank you for today! The second day of the exhibition is over. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you very much.

Is this a motsunabe restaurant in New York? I came to a motsunabe restaurant, Hakata TONTON. I heard it is a famous hot pot restaurant in New York. They have a lot of Japanese food. There were all kinds. And the person we are with today is.... Mr. Abe, who is active as a chef in New York.

Hi, I'm Abe! Close your eyes. Which one? Which one? What do you want? "Earlier, there was udon noodles with shrimp on it." Yes, there was.

Udon tempura shrimp. Okay? "It's cold." How do you like it? Try to put your arm through. Why don't you try this one too? Yay! Tempura udon.

There it is, just one block from the hotel. Let's eat! Miso soup, teriyaki rice bowl, California roll, and so on. Let's show it to Mommy later.

Sutan ate udon. You ate it well with chopsticks. Isn't it hot? Oh, she's doing a live streaming right now. Oh, yes, she's doing it right now. That's why we're out now.

She's doing great, Mom. Mom is doing her best. Come again. I'm sorry for staying up so late. -Please come again. -Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. Thank you! Oh, my legs are painful, thank you so much. Come on my back too. "Okay, but you wear kimono."

She's asking if it's okay to come on that obi. She's asking if it's okay to come on the kimono. She knows she's not allowed to touch it. Try sitting on the obi. "Eh? I can't do that!" That's amazing.

That's because I'm always getting upset. Oh, my God, that feels so good. That feels so good! Thank you. You're on my feet without holding anything? "Yeah." It's a solid feeling.

Okay, the food show is over. Thank you for your hard work. It was long! -Even though it was only 3 days. -My legs are like sticks.

You did your best, too. Thank you for waiting for me. Let's go to Times Square now. Let's go! You wanted to go, right? Let's go! What? You couldn't get a reservation? I couldn't get a reservation, it was only open at 3:30. It's not dinner anymore, but it's nice. It's an oyster bar, so it's perfect.

Wow, sounds great! He says this is the restaurant he comes to every time he comes to New York. Every time I come to New York, I come here for sure. Is there any restaurant in the world you love more than this one? Oh, yeah.

It's his favorite restaurant in the world. I just saw the Statue of Liberty. Oh, it's true! The Statue of Liberty! "Is it sweet?" It's a little sour.

It's a little sour, isn't it? She wants french fries? So Aryana, I just want to know what soy sauce brand you use? So I use this one from shibanuma. Oh, my god! This is your manufacturer? Yes, Yes. That's crazy.

Umami sauce. Where did you buy? So, in the H mart. Sometimes small H market could have it, but sometimes it doesn't because it's small.

But there is a big H mart more north NY like West Chester area. And that H mart is big so they have the sauce so I buy it there. I never been the H mart so can you tell me what kind of store? H mart is an Asian owned and operated supermarket chain I'm not sure who exactly runs it. But it's full of different types of Asian products. Korean, Chinese, Japanese, every kind of thing in there. They have fruits, vegetables, meat and snacks, they even sell Zojirushi.

Say, cheese! Ok, ok! There are all kinds of people here. I'm a little nervous and scared. Maybe I'm one of them. It's amazing. We finally made it to Times Square.

Why did I want to come? Because I'm an Alicia Keys fan. This is the place. She used to perform here. "The door was closed in the train today, huh?" Right. Just you, Sutan, and Ariana on the train.

What? No. Only Mom and Erika-chan were on the train? "Yeah." What did you say when they disappeared? "I didn't say anything."

Oh, they're gone, aren't they? Now it's stuck to your nose. Hey, how are you? I'm so sorry we are late. Welcome to NY! Look at the dogs! We have a job walking other people's dogs. Look, it's amazing. Oh, wow. Oh, there's a swing too.

Sutan, look, a swing. "I'm going on the swing." Go ahead, go ahead.

Do you want me to tie your hair? Thank you. Cheers! What's this? It's a burrito. Beef burrito. -I don't know. I'll try it. -It's not spicy. "Spicy?" It's not spicy, you can eat it, Sutan. It's good! Oh, mmm, delicious.

Be careful. Sutan, look, it's a big pizza. -Huge! -Isn't it about the same size as Sutan? I'm glad I didn't order for two. Yeah, one is more than enough. I've never seen a pizza this big. Wow! That's amazing.

Isn't it a little too big? Sutan, this. How are you going to eat it? Wow, the cheese looks delicious. Isn't it bigger than your face? Sutan, put it next to your hand. You'll see how big it is. It's so big! It's really bigger than your face. On the last day, we finally had New York pizza. Everyone was asking us to eat it, right? Oh, it's so good, so good.

Yum! It's delicious! "Sutan's choice is delicious, isn't it?" Sutan's choice is delicious, isn't it? Pizza only has the things that Sutan likes on it. Tomato, cheese and bread. Wow, you're amazing, Dad! Oh, there it is.

ANA There it is. We are home. There's our ANA. We're going home. We're the last to leave.

The last one. We're going home, Sutan. Good job. It's delicious.

Edamame? Can you eat it? Yeah, I'm feeling a little better. I'm already sleepy. "I'm eating mama's food."

You're eating mama's food? We're still in America. What? Are you sure? I feel like we've been on it for about ten hours now. How big is America? Wow, you can see a lot. Interesting.

Alaska, Alaska. "Is it morning? It's not morning? No?" We're here! It's been a long time. Ah, it was a long time.

Good job, Sutan. You worked hard, really hard, Sutan. Great job, great job, really great job. We've arrived in Japan, finally.

We're here, we're here at last. We're taking a cab home now. We haven't been home for two weeks.

Yes, two weeks. Thanks for your hard work. Yeah.

What time is it? It's 4:30. I guess it's time to go home and have dinner. I've frozen some dried fish. -You can cook rice quickly. -I want to eat white rice.

Yes, let's cook white rice quickly. Shall we have rice, miso soup, and fish? Yes, that's fine with dried plums, too. Yes, that's right. Sutan, you did a great job on this trip, didn't you? Don't you think so, Daddy? You worked really hard. You worked really hard. Let's go home.

Shall we go back to our home? I'll take you home. I want to take a bath. Let's take a bath.

I want to soak in the bathtub. Soak in the tub. I want to soak in the tub more than anything. Well, I may have to clean up a little tomorrow. Soak in the tub.

I'll cook dinner while you and Sutan take a bath. -In that little chair. -Yeah, it was a long way. How could she sit there for 13 hours? She is wonderful.

Thank you to everyone we met in America!

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