Japanese desert [Tottori Sand Dunes, Yokai Street]

Japanese desert [Tottori Sand Dunes, Yokai Street]

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Hello, I went to the desert called Tottori Sand Dunes today. Now that you've created a timeline, you can watch any part of the video you want! Thank you for watching The first video can be dizzy I'm running a lot I don't have much time, but the traffic lights ahead are blinking luckily i crossed the road I'm in front of Okayama Station now Today, I plan to go to Tottori Sand Dunes and Yokai Street You have to move in the morning, you can go to two places This is a limited express train to Tottori. (unreserved seat) This is breakfast strawberry milk The taste is just strawberry milk Transportation in Japan is privatized, so there are many companies and it is complicated. (JR West, Kyushu, East Japan, private railway, etc...) The staff told me to change the direction of the seat.

Most JR trains had the ability to change the direction of the chair. The chairs are facing each other Others were also overturning their chairs. It takes about 3 hours to reach the Tottori Sand Dunes.

Im here Stations without ticket gates are always staffed You can enter and exit by showing your pass. Now let's go to the Tottori Sand Dunes Weird buses Japan has a lot of special buses and paintings You can board the bus here there are many people (Bus fare 380 yen) a bit expensive Japanese prices are getting more and more expensive. (It used to be 360 yen) Arrived at Tottori Sand Dunes Sand dunes are called deserts created by the wind.

Exactly, it's a coastal sand dune It is said that pine trees were planted to prevent sand from going to roads and buildings. This is a good way to keep citizens from being harmed by sand dunes. If it wasn't for the pine tree, it would have been damaged It is the shape of sand created by the desert wind. When I come in the morning, it definitely feels good to step on the sand. There are pools that are different than you think Japan is a country with a good climate. But, strangely, there is a desert

I think there's something over there There is a place where you can experience camel riding. It is 1,500 yen per person (It takes about 3-4 minutes) don't touch the camel You can ride a camel like that guy I want to ride a camel It is not difficult to ride start that's interesting Someone took a GoPro to take a picture. I think you're telling me to gesture... That person seems to think it's a picture even though it's a video no way to explain sorry start riding camel I knew, but the ride quality was honestly bad. How did people in the Middle East ride bad camels? the scenery is fantastic I know this is a camel's fat bag It is soft to the touch I thought I would go to the sea, but I don't All you have to do is go around the circle This is a disappointing tour go back It would have been nice to have a camel tour in front of the sea.

tour is over There were more people riding camels than expected. Let's go to the sea now The only oasis in the Tottori Sand Dunes There were people who bravely climbed up there The hill seems to be the highlight It's hard to come up in the summer reached the hill the sea is like a picture It is said that there are not many deserts in Japan. I see a person going up a hill, it looks pretty daunting I hate to go down Footprints of countless challengers The desert is not as big as you think Unfortunately, there was a lot of trash on the beach. Garbage is believed to have washed up in the sea. There was a lot of garbage out there too. It's a pity It definitely looks like a desert The feel of the sand is that of the playground in front of my house.

It didn't feel special to be a desert. There were many people standing on the hill and watching the scenery. It's definitely a nice sight to see Even after 10:00 a.m., the crowd starts to increase. Oasis seen from above Sometimes the oasis disappears depending on the season.

Hey, are you going up there? he is brave let's go down I've been to the oasis The water of the oasis comes from here The amount of water doesn't seem to be much, but an oasis was created You may drink it, but you shouldn't drink the standing water. He's almost reached the hill It's a pretty oasis Beautiful Tottori Sand Dunes, it was a good experience Let's go to the next destination Everyone was drinking something. I can't stand it, I'll buy it too (500 yen) This is a place that sells souvenirs. Everyone was drinking this. It looks like melon slush Delicious There was also jelly on top of the drink.

I can see why everyone is eating this Cable car not operating Is the ice cream famous? It's sold everywhere. It's a smoking camel you are sculpting Now I'm going to the ghost street This is Yonago Terminal. It is a chair with a cute cat concept There were various characters in the station. That character seems to be the main character here. Kappa, a water monster known in other countries as well. The monster train is coming the characters are cute inside the train The interior is also a monster theme.

This train is a yellow themed train This character is characterized by playing and eating. Let's go to another train Here is a monster with a blue background I think Japan is really good at designing this kind of thing. depart Ride comfort is the same as other JR trains It took about 30 minutes from here to Yokai Street.

Im here There are quite a few people even in the late afternoon. This is the Yokai Police Station (?) what is this place? warm Oh my god it was a foot bath It's a ghost street It shows the shops of Yokai Street. A distance of about 800M The streets are not lively (today is a weekday) Various statues can be found here. cute statues Like disciple and teacher I can't really hear you It is a fountain with moving eyeballs (?) I'm still in the middle There are many places I want to visit, but it's a pity If I had watched the anime, I would have enjoyed it a little more. What a peaceful place They sell alcohol here It is spirit-themed liquor (dry liquor) I can't see anything worth buying I would have enjoyed watching the anime (If you are not interested in animation) I don't know the anime, so I don't know the characters. (You won't find it interesting)

There are also places where you can stamp there are souvenirs souvenir shop There are cute souvenirs. looks like bread looks delicious It's a monster shaped bread. I want to ask you once One is an apple and one is another I'm going to buy an apple-shaped bread.

It is 800 yen ($8) Payment by card is possible I'm on my way because there seems to be a strange souvenir It is a Japanese design. It is a small house It would be nice to have a drink here This is where you can win prizes with games let's go in is what i was looking for It's called fish cake, but it's lighter than I thought. They say there is fish cake inside. Fortunately, you can pay by card around here. let's go back now there is a pump I'll try to make it work I'm not sure if water comes out Don't waste water I came to a strange place It is a wishing tree The line is very Japanese. way back home I was going to eat Ekiben, but it wasn't suitable, so I bought a bento at a convenience store.

Ekiben is a boxed lunch eaten on trains. We will discuss Ekiben formally later. It's gimbap The taste is just kimbap Lunch box, nothing special I bought this drink because it is low in calories It tastes like a combination of several fruits. Delicious It's nice to be able to eat while looking at this scenery You can see pretty mountains in the distance I'm out for dinner Today we are going to go to Matsunoya (pork cutlet restaurant) That's Matsunoya Most of Japan has kiosks Fortunately, I speak Korean There are quite a lot of varieties, I will eat anything. What I like about Matsunoya is that the price is the same regardless of the size of the rice.

Of course, refills are also possible Don't click QR, just insert money Just submit the paper to the counter and wait. my number is 206 When my number appears on the screen, you can take it. It seems to be coming out a little late When you finish eating, you can return it there.

Rice and miso soup are free Donburi is also available. Tonkatsu Grain Mustard Mayo Sauce (790 yen) Tonkatsu is not big, but reasonable Coke is 90 yen South Korea is 1.6 dollars It's good to serve with a glass of ice Coke is too expensive in Korea In Japan, Coke is cheap, so it's good. You can eat it with tonkatsu sauce. The atmosphere of the store is the atmosphere where you come alone and eat. Japan is definitely a good place to do things alone People don't care if you come alone to eat or drink.

The restaurant has separate counter seats and regular seats. I will make videos related to rice bowls later. Let's eat what we bought on Yokai Street It's like putting sauce on bread and eating it.

must be manufactured Sauce is under the bread there are 4 Just put the sauce inside and eat it. A bit cumbersome but looks delicious I feel like a dumpling The taste of the sauce is a bit familiar It tastes not bad It is canned fish paste Are there more than you think? It is eaten after 7 days. I don't know if it's okay ;;; It's a smell I don't want to smell I thought it was canned food, but I don't think so composition was ok The taste is not bad either. It tastes like oden sold in Japan. smell is not good

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